Friday, September 30, 2005

30 September 2005: Heidi and Sarah do it in the dark which would make good old Billy Squier proud though he'd probably prefer a good stroking...

30 September: No time to talk. Running down a dark alley-way to escape-- that's what Heidi and Sarah are doing today. Heidi is a wildcat babe and Sarah is blind as a bat without her glasses. Luckily she has night vision and can hang upside down and loves to get caught in other people's hair as Heidi scratches, purrs and meows her way through life.

Heidi meows:
I'm a wildcat babe! wraaaaaaaaw!!!!!

Sarah bats:
See! I wanted to show you my face uncovered -- no foundation today or cover-up. Pimples aglow -- but again the camera is lying and my skin appears all right. You'll never believe me! Just ask Heidi -- my chin is the worst it has ever been. Rad, patchy and painful. They say that's an ovary thing. On my right side I only have half a fallopian tube and my ovary falls into a dark pit every other month. Maybe that happened this month and my chin is yelling; "help me, help me!" Who knows.
All I know for sure is that I was once a major fan of Billy Squier. I loved his: "Stroke Me" and "In The Dark" and I thought he was beautiful. I must have been 13 or something like that. He does sort of look like Eddie Van Halen on his website and lord knows I had my biggest crush ever on EVH. I had a Van Halen jacket and a Van Halen necklace and pictures of Eddie all over my wall.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

29 September 2005: Heidi and Sarah get all pissy and take the piss out of each other and pee their pants and pee pee poo poo ca ca...

29 September: There's Heidi again with the shirt that she stole from Sarah's daughter which was given to her by Sarah's best American mate ED, which came from ED's boyfriend's (NS) Belgian restaurant Petite Abeille on Hudson Street in New York City. Go there if you go to New York and tell the owner Neil that his Belgian pal Sarah says hello and that her kid needs a new shirt ever since Heidi stole it off her back!!!! If you happen to see Sarah's buddy ED there hanging about, give her a big wet kiss and a slap on the arse from SRA truly like the slap Heidi's going to get for robbing Sarah's kid of her lovely orange bee-shirt.

Heidi says:
what are we up to? Honestly, I have no idea. I'm tired but on the other hand am also full of energy and feel very naughty today. This weekend will be so great!!! Saturday it's the PDM Big Band CD-presentation with swingparty, and this lady is going to swing her legs and shake her booty! Talking about Booties, I'd like to tell you this story: when I was 16 I went to see Bootsy Collins perform in Bruges, and he came off stage to walk through the crowd, acting like some sort of Mozes, dividing the crowd in two. Me, already half asleep because Bootsy never stops, stood there and watched him come closer, but my little grey cells did not warn me that this huge man was walking right towards me and that I had to move out of the way. Result: Bootsy Collins stepped on my foot! Thank God for my retarded brains!
But I was talking about the weekend. Sunday, I will hardly be able to walk, and that's ok, because I'm having a lazy girls' day with my pals Sarah and Patsy (We decided it would be best not to use this friend's real name). Can life treat me better than this?

Sarah says:
This photo is such a big fat liar liar pants on fire! We took some others in a darker space which showed every blemish, line and dark circle on our faces. Of course those were deleted. Then we stumbled upon this urinal, drawn to it by the lovely smell of course, and snapped a few shots there. In the above photo you don't see all the crap on my face or the tiredness in Heidi's mulle. We look awake and good next to that toilet -- and the toilet doesn't look half bad either other than for that very yellow streak down the middle. If only Heidi and I could whip out a willy or two and stand up to pee. A woman's dream indeed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

28 September 2005: Heidi and Sarah put their mulle and tote together to create the perfect heart-shaped head shot...

28 September: Look closely at the photo and you'll see that Heidi and Sarah have put their heads together to form a heart full of love to channel towards you our faithful and/or accidental viewers. Heidi and Sarah love you. They think you're grand. When they're with you, they want to hold your hand.

Heidi says:
Did I drink too much this morning? Did a cat attack me? Did I have a wild night? Did my dreams make me even more tired? Did I not clean my early halloween make-up well? Red eyes Heidi looses herself today...

Sarah says:
I love you, you love me, homosexuality. People think we're just friends, but we're really lesbians... It's of course not true you know, just an old childhood classic song that is. Don't you worry. Have a day and spread the love people... It is indeed all you need.
p.s.: like a million others out there, I discovered a lot about Bob Dylan last night that I didn't already know and I was very impressed to say the least. I shall now read a book about him. WHo would have known how smart, absurd and funny he was? I want to know more...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

27 September 2005: Heidi and Sarah are sleepy today...

27 September: Heidi and Sarah are tired. Sarah especially and you can see it in her little eyes and big head. Heidi's blue-eyes shine nonetheless. And what is up with Sarah's hair?

Heidi says:
simple but good! (that counts for our picture, but also for our brains... Never change a winning team!)

Sarah says:

Monday, September 26, 2005

26 September 2005: Heidi is a wild hairy beast and Sarah is a pale pimple face freak...


below text is in reference to THE TOP PHOTO that finally uploaded!

26 September: It's Monday Monday. Once again Heidi and Sarah's colors match. It's like they know...spooky! Mondays can be black days, dark days, sad days. Today is one of those days. Just one of those days...

Heidi says:
We took heeps of pictures because we thought we wouldn't find one good shot, but apparently we have a good look-day, despite the zits on our faces and the tired eyes. Sometimes it's all in the head! I'm proud of ourselves!

Sarah says:
If this photo told the truth then you would know that I have three very large and painful zits on my right chin that could be mistaken for drool from far away. You'd know I am pale in one-light and orangey in another. You'd know my glasses are dirty with the grease fingerprints are made of. And you'd know that Heidi also has a zit on her right chin. I am just done with my monthly visitor. Heidi is about 2 weeks away from hers. What's going on? Just so you know, it's this time of month that I am supposed to look my worst and Heidi is supposed to look her best...

25 September 2005: Heidi waits at Sarah's door but Sarah doesn't hear the doorbell so no photo together today sadly...

25 September: Heidi rang the bell. Sarah didn't hear it though she was standing right next to it. Three minutes later was an sms from Heidi saying she had been waiting at the door. The friendship was almost over right there and then. They went on with their days apart. Sarah found a special guest who happened to be wearing the same color shirt as her. Heidi went at the camera alone whilst being a DJ and wearing her new dress as people danced the lindy-hop behind her. Sarah looked pale and sick. Heidi looked made-up and good. Typical Sunday...

Heidi says:
Heidi on a mission! This is pure fun: DJ'ing and dancing on a Sunday afternoon! Lindy hop rules!

Sarah says:
Please welcome my special gues MK. She was the perfect choice for today's shot because her shirt and my shirt sort of matched and she's like a smiley-face sticker, which is always welcome on a Sunday afternoon. I look pale and sick and pimple-faced! But what else is new! Sunday night I put a Lush mask on. This is what it says about the mask on that site: "Brazened Honey is a detoxifying mask to use when you are thoroughly ashamed of what you’ve done to your skin! Let’s face it, if it’s come to this, then you are probably ashamed of what you’ve done to all of your body, it’s just that your face is the place which shows it most." Just have a look at my skin! Yes I am ashamed. Let's see if the next day's photo is any better in terms of my skin after using that mask. I doubt it will make much of a difference. At this point, my zits have their own little brains! Wanna play a game of Scanners?

26 September 2005: Heidi and Sarah are experiencing difficulties! Please come again later...

Heidi and Sarah would like to say hello and to thank you for stopping by today. They are experiencing uploading difficulties so come back again later or tomorrow and hopefully by then their problems will be solved! Thanks for your patience and in the meantime, feel free to browse below!

Yours truly and everyday,
Heidi and Sarah

Saturday, September 24, 2005

24 September 2005: Heidi and Sarah go all green and Sarah welcomes all those with belly-button lint or a belly-button lint fetish to this site...

24 September: Don't Heidi and Sarah look fantastic today in green?! Well they sure think they do! This was a very quick photo morning but somehow, even after a late Friday night of little sleep, they look fresh, alive and awake as can be staring into the most lovely Belgian sun on this fine, fine Saturday! What a strange night for Sarah, filled with stories of belly-button lint (as shown above), toenail and fingernail-biters and the worst of all: TOOTH-BRUSH SHARERS!!!!

Heidi says:
Can't talk. In a hurry...

Sarah says:
Oh my lordy, lord, lord!!!!! Trust me! You don't even want to know what I now know since talking to a bunch of very normal FREAKS last night! But I shall tell you anyway. Remember the old Heidi and Sarah face The Day blog when there was that mid-sneeze photo of me where I said that the smell of a sneeze has to be one of the grossest smells out there -- and then all those people from the sneeze-fetish forum ended up hitting our site and all that and then we even got visits from the pimple-fetish people when I mentioned my sorry spots. Well last night I discovered that there is also a belly-button lint obsession group and people out there who proudly collect belly-button lint in jars or happily flick it about and show it off! Not that I have anything particularly against that -- I mean, to each his own and all but I just never thought that someone would collect that stuff. Well I did go to school with a girl who collected her toe-nails in a jar so I guess I should not be all that surprised. Anyway -- that's not all. There is more. I actually admitted to this group of people that when I was young I would often pull out my in-grown toe-nails with my teeth -- but I only revealed that after another person told us that she had a friend who bit her own toe-nails and collected them and wanted to bite other people's toe-nails including those of her kids!! That is NOT NORMAL!!!! But the worst of all and the winner of the night were the not one but TWO couples who had no problem at all using each other's tooth-brushes!!!! That is really grosser than gross!!! That is way too far in my book. The compulsive lip-skin-picker, the constan cabinet-cleaner and use-by-date checker, the -got-to-vacuum-it-all-away guy, and the know-no-limits nail-biter and the secret scab-scratcher / pickers of this group were not even nearly as gross as those tooth-brush sharers. They win the prize hands down! Yeah, yeah, I know, you are thinking that it is way more gross to remove in-grown toe-nails with your teeth than to share a tooth-brush but I beg to differ. Big time! And anyway, I didn't know better back then and now I do and I no longer get near my toes with my teeth! Now I just scratch my upper legs and pick my scabs and bite my nails but you'll never catch me picking lint out of my belly-button or sharing a tooth-brush!

With all that said, isn't it great that we are all so animal-like but mostly afraid to admit it! That's what was so fun about last night -- hearing people's secrets. I love that stuff! I invite everybody to comment and to leave their body secrets and strange comulsions here -- we all have them! C'mon -- just admit it people. You do odd and gross stuff too!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

23 September: Heidi and Sarah have a feeding frenzy and get caught with spinach and blood between their teeth!

September 23: Heidi and Sarah are really blood-sucking vampires who have to clean their teeth 73 times a day with a heavy electric toothbrush so nobody sees the traces of their kills! Here, Heidi and Sarah offer you a special glimpse of their sad and evil ways. They cannot help who they are. They were not born this way. They woke up one day with two strange holes in each of their necks and their lives have been one big secret ever since. Today they have decided to come out of the closet, or more aptly the coffin, and tell you all of their bad, bad habits. Heidi and Sarah warn you all now: Watch your necks when they are around!

Heidi says:
rrrrrr. We like to show our teeth! We even bite if you ask us nicely! Fej, this is a tribute to you! Because you treat your teeth so well (I'm sorry, this was Sarah's idea...)! (but I like the idea...)

Sarah says:
There have been three people in my life who brush their teeth and manically floss around me, well actually 5 if I think about it deep. I have to come straight out and say that this is a habit that bothers me-- let's call it one of my three pet-peeves, the others being anything and everything having to do with chewing gum and belly-button things. I just don't want to see people busy with teeth-cleaning and I certainly never want to get an accidental wiff of that wretched smell that often can be released from a mouth being flossed. I just can't take that. It's too much for me. Makes me cave in. There, now you know how very weak I am. There were years and years that I couldn't even mutter the word "breath". I just can't stand breathy things. Especially bad-breathy things. I hate to smell those smells on myself but especially from other people. I just wish we lived in a world where nobody had rotting teeth and nasty scents coming from their mouths. If I were asked my goal while taking part in a Miss World contest, my answer would be: to free the wolrd of bad breath and bad teeth, but behind closed doors please because I really don't want to know what's going on in other people's mouths, thanks you. The last thing I'll note here is the one thing I am most proud of in the world: I, Sarah, of Heidi and Sarah Face The Day Fame, have never ever had even one cavity in my whole life so far! My dentist told me that I am one in 10% of the whole world's population that has the perfect balance of stuff in my mouth! See what I mean about too much mouth information?!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

22 September 2005: Heidi is not proud of her mulle today and Sarah's eyes are too little for her to even see what Heidi is going on about...

22 September 2005: Heidi is an unhappy mulle-face today the poor darling. Sarah is suffering from little-bitty eyes. The whole world has gone mad. At least the world around these two gals. Candy seems to be the only cure to these ills. Heidi and Sarah bought their candy at their favorite lunch spot in Kortrijk: Bio Planet:
Speaking of Bio Planet in Kortrijk, can Heidi and Sarah just let you all know that our buddy Katie at Bio Planet made us the best lunch in the world today!! Seriously, we never had it better than that! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kortrijk Bio Planet people!!!! For the candy too :-)!

Take a candy, please!

Heidi says:
I can't even think about this picture without feeling bad about myself. I know, I did it to myself, but no one deserves such a mulle!

Sarah says:
Now I know why everyone said I looked Asian as a child with my tiny eyes. But when I was in Spain, they said I looked Spanish. And when I was in Italy, they said I looked Italian. And when I was in Greece, they said I looked Greek. And when I was at a farm, the mistook me for a pig. And when I was in Egypt, they said I looked Arab. In fact I am just a nice Jewish gal with dark hair with Russian and Polish roots -- not even the Russian roots that almost look Asian sometimes. Unless that Chinese postman we had once happens to be my real dad. Or that Italian milkman? Or that Greek UPS guy? Hmm -- I need to have a chat with my so-called parents!
Heidi, you don't look that bad. I have seen you look much worse. Like that time I gave you a knuckle-sandwich? Just kidding my lovely! You are pretty from every angle and look great even when you feel like half of a person. Have a lovely day and eat a lot of Candy folks!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

21 September 2005:Heidi and Sarah have a little Misty Mountain Hops this morning in celebration of the first day of fall...

21 September: What a very misty day! Of course you can't see that in this photo of your friends Heidi and Sarah but look into their eyes here. Misty as can be. Heidi is hitting the bottle a little too early and might just have a drinking problem. Sarah is happy you can't see her big chin zit which burst this morning thanks to the soon arrival of her monthly friend. Heidi is looking good in that green and Sarah in that blue. Is that a moustache growing above Sarah's lip?

Heidi says:
The tiredness goes on. But I know what it is! They ain't fooling me! It's fall! It starts today! Doesn't it? Or is it tomorrow?

Sarah says:
We took like 25 photos this morning and this was the only ONE that was half-okay! Bad face day, bad hair day. Trust me on this. The photo above lies! This first day of fall makes me think back to my New York days and how fantastic the fall was and is there. I lived in New Paltz when I went to university. What an amazing place that was during the fall. I have to take Heidi there! She has to see it. She must come to New York with me. Everyone always goes to New York City! There are so many places near the city that are so worth a look and with such great nature. Minnewaska State Park for example. What a beauty! I worked there as a ticket-seller and a "greenie", cleaning up garbage, putting tiles on roofs, dragging dead dear off the road. I miss my days as a park ranger at Rockland Lake State Park and Tallman Mountain State Park. What a great life that was wandering around in nature all day and getting paid for it. I even got to work with good friends like I do now with Heidi! Those were the days. Have a great Fall!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

20 September 2005: Sarah finds an old-new look and Heidi takes on the look of a righteous babe even though she's no Ani Difranco fan...

20 September: Sarah woke up with very bad hair and was about to have a very bad hair day. So she grabbed it all and plastered it to her mulle and pinned some here and greased some there and it actually came out looking okay. Heidi tamed her mane by throwing on a bandana-thingy with her garage shirt from the 50's or so it seems. Just wait till Halloween! These two gals have plans in the works thanks to their buddy AS who pointed out how each of them could easily resemble a certain character from The UK soap-opera Eastenders. We challenge you to tell us which character Heidi could look like from that show and which one Sarah can have a go at.

Heidi says:
glowing healthy skin but tired eyes. zzzzzzz... Sarah looks young and beautiful like this!

Sarah says:
Why thank you Heiditje. You are ever so kind. Too kind at that. But yeah, I do look quite okay. My skin is clearing and has a certain glow about it indeed and I am feeling good today and rested so I guess it shows. I really need to get contact lenses. I shall do that soon. After the liposuction, face-erasing and arm-reshaping! That's a joke!!!!!! I shall not change a thing. However, if I were to, I would surely start with a face-lift to remove the chins and laser hair-removal to remove the... Too much information. Sometimes, one should not reveal all, or so I have been told and instructed...

Have a fabulous day and I challenge all of y'all to write in to tell us what you LOVE about your looks! Of course none of you will answer this here no doubt-- but you can of course by clicking on "comment" and leaving one or a few. You can alos write to us directly by email and we'll post your comments (without your names attached if you so desire).

Monday, September 19, 2005

14, 15, 16 September 2005 for Sarah who was away in Berlin and had some very special guests taking Heidi's place...

Sarah's time was good in Berlin. She got lots of work stuff done and also checked out many good bands each night, including several Belgian ones. For more on those events, feel free to check out Sarah's Greyn Blog :
Although it will take Sarah a while to get that one up to date. Give her a few days and she'll get busy with it. She also has a lot to say about her band Greyn In time! She's pissed off that the other Face The Day and Greyn blogs got hacked and erased and she has to get her stamina back to start the Greyn one again. Anyway, at least there is Face The Day, right?!!!

14 September (top photo above): After Sarah sees An Pierlé, Sioen and Arsenal at Frannz Clup in Berlin for Popkomm Flemish night, she gets An Pierlé to be her special guest for Face The Day. Sarah does this not really for herself but for someone she knows at Baker Street in Kortrijk who is a big An fan. Sarah enjoys the An Pierlé gig because it's great to see Belgian bands having success! It's not excatly Sarah's type of music but it seems the audience really enjoys it, which is great for An Pierlé! Also on this night, were gigs by Sioen and Arsenal: and Sarah was of course shocked to realize that the female singer for Arsenal was none other than one of the three gals from Zita Swoon's recent CD and gigs! She seem much better placed in Arsenal than in Zita. Who would have known that she could be so vivid on stage. She certainly deserves a frontstage position rather than in the background. Not exactly Sarah's cup of tea but a good gig to see nonetheless. The Sioen show was okay. Again not really Sarah's thing, but surely a lot of people love it. Good voice -- very Antwerpy in that it's scratchy -- that Belgian vocal thing you hear a lot with many singers here. Good song structures. I think it wasn't an easy show for Sioen to do in Berlin.
I also saw a rather relaxed and amusing guy from Canada named Neil Leyton perform an acoustic set with one of his Swedish Ghosts at NBI: And I saw a lot of other bands in passing that I need not get into here but perhaps will talk about later on my Greyn site otherwise Heidi will kill me and chop off my head and have to pose with just my rotting body on this site each day, the poor dear.

15 September (bottom photo above): Today's special guest is Luc Weageman from the Gent record label Kinky Star: He's got a very friendly way about him and a good welcoming smile! Check out the Kinky Star site to see which bands they work with. One band Kortrijk is very proud of is Hitch: Sarah knew too many people who knew Luc so she just had to say hello to him in Berlin. He was good enough to step in for Heidi and be Sarah's Face The Day guest star! On this same day, Sarah sees other Belgian bands: Millionaire and Absynthe minded: and Millionaire's show was fantastic! What energy those guys have. Is it really all the cocaine, I wonder? Or are they just damn good! Or maybe both. Whatever the reason, what a freakin' show. Absynthe Minded are also great though this show suffered slightly by sound failures. Those guys are so very talented. I envy them all!

16 September: In Berlin, Sarah talked the ear off of today's special guest: Quinten from Flanders Music Centre: and He let her go on and on and on about how she loves Belgian bands and how she loves Stef Kamil Carlens from Zita Swoon and how she should be hired to promote Belgian music around the world! He was kind enough to listen to her blah blah blah and to stand in Heidi's shoes and be Sarah's special Face The Day guest.

Anyway -- enough said. Berlin was fun!

19 September 2005: Heidi and Sarah look good for once on a chilly Monday morning as the light washes away their facial flaws...

19 September: It's sometimes all about the light with Heidi and Sarah's mulle and tote. Take today for example. All that brightness makes them look clean, fresh and awake. Let it be known that the camera lies! What is very nice is now being able to wear Fall clothing!

Heidi says:
I guess this is the best lighting for us this morning; it washes away all signs of terrible mondaymorningtiredness!

Sarah says:
I do feel awake today which is unusual for a Monday! I think I look younger for once in this photo. No idea why but I do. I actually don't have much to say today. I'm am going to try to work on my Greyn / music Blog this week and get it back up and running. Have a great week!

18 September 2005: Sarah makes friends with a stone goddess as Heidi dances the day away and grows strange facial hair...

18 September: What is happening under Heidi's nose? Why is Sarah hugging a stone? Why aren't Heidi and Sarah together today as they are back in the same country once again? Your guess is as good as theirs...

Heidi says:
Swinging on a sunday afternoon! No, I was not dressed up as Hitler, but unfortunately the similarities are there...

Sarah says:
Don't mention the war! A nice and silly guy I met in Berlin actually forgot that The Wall came down and asked a German Berliner where The Wall was!!! Can you imagine that!!! Going to Berlin reminded me of the great film: Goodbye Lenin! Go rent / buy it now!
I was at a birth party of a good pal and wandered off into the garden to find a photo subject. The big and pretty white peacock would not stay still so I grabbed every chance with this stone figure. You can't see it, but my new friend Stone has great tetten!

17 September 2005: Heidi and Sarah two normal gals on just a regular sort of everday kind of day...

17 September: Heidi and Sarah finally meet again after a few hard days apart. On this non-spectacular day, Heidi and Sarah Face The Day in a very normal uneventful way...

Heidi says:
Sarah and Heidi, too normal, in a rush rush rush! (was I sick that day? I can't remember but I sure do look weird)

Sarah says:
I was tired that day. But then again, I am tired everyday. I need new clothes. New Hair. A make-over. It felt like winter that day. My house was cold. That's all I recall.

Friday, September 16, 2005

16 september 2005 enough is enough! Heidi goes crazy again!

No, I will not let myself go in total darkness!
No, I will not be a black sheep!
No, I won't be a melancholic Sylvia!
Time for colour, action, brightness and wacko me!
Enough is enough!
This is me! And Sarah where the #### are you???? :))

16 september 2005 Miss Melancholy (it's the rain that does it)

HENCE, all you vain delights
As short as are the nights,
Wherein you spend your folly:
There’s nought in this life sweet
If man were wise to see’t,
But only melancholy,
O sweetest melancholy!
Welcome, folded arms, and fixèd eyes,
A sigh that piercing mortifies,
A look that’s fasten’d to the ground,
A tongue chain’d up without a sound!
Fountain heads and pathless groves,
Places which pale passion loves!
Moonlight walks, when all the fowls
Are warmly housed save bats and owls!
A midnight bell, a parting groan!
These are the sounds we feed upon;
Then stretch our bones in a still gloomy valley;
Nothing’s so dainty sweet as lovely melancholy.
(John Fletcher)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

15 september 2005 Heidi misses Sarah on a sad rainy day

i'm looking for a mirror
to face my eyes
and realize
the beauty of youth
is the only thing worth having
i'm jealous of everything
whose beauty does not die
oh i'm jealous
of the picture the mirror
has painted
i beg for more more
than i can get
but i know i can't get by
with only a glance of my eye

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

13 September 2005 Heidi holds her head up while Sarah has a biting frenzy!!!

13 September: Heidi can barely hold her head up today and Sarah HAS TO stop biting her nails again since she fell off the wagon!

Heidi says:

Sarah says;
I won't be here for a few days because I'll be in Berlin. Heidi better do a good job on this thing. I MUST stop biting my nails! I did stop for a bit but now I bite, bite bite! Today I officially stop again! Mark my words.

Monday, September 12, 2005

12 September: Heidi and Sarah go all gold and brown on this dark and rainy Belgian day...

12 September: Heidi is rested today thanks to her new pillow and Sarah is complaining of back pain as usual and not feeling very alive.

Heidi says:
I bought a new pillow and it's a damn good one! I feel like I've slept enough and I'm awake. Can you tell?

Sarah says:
I feel brown today. Between black and blue and red. Dark and grey too. Not fresh. Not awake. Not of this world.

11 September: Heidi and Sarah do not meet today. Sarah goes blond. And Heidi?

11 September: Just a rainy Sunday. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Heidi says:
Swinging Hi-dee-ho!

Sarah says:
I want to get into wigs and be a wig lady. I like blond! One day I need to go blond. I have blond ambitions.

10 September: Heidi and Sarah get all twisted and turny with rabbit ears in the car...

10 September: Sometimes Heidi and Sarah have trouble making and finding time for photos! Today was one of those days. Sarah pulled up in her car, called Heidi out for a quicky and they both tried to find a position in the car to take a good photo. Car photos generally suck. This one isn't too bad and it does feature a hidden special guest. No kids allowed on this site!

Heidi says:
too quick to be good... but bad is good too sometimes...

Sarah says:
I am not a fan of car pictures. This weekend pretty much wasn't so good so I don't think I felt very well in that photo. In any photos lately really. C'est la vie!

Friday, September 09, 2005

09 September:Heidi has a day off but meets Sarah bright and early then leaves Sarah all alone to Face The Day with "special" furry friends...

09 September: Heidi was a good sport on this, her day off, and got up extra early today to snap a quick corner shot with her pal Sarah to keep this site of theirs going without interruption. In fact, Heidi had an early morning facial scheduled so don't start feeling sorry for her quite yet. She looks quite sleepy in this photo, don't you think? Where as Sarah looks quite fresh for once and ready to cease the day!

As for the special guest shot, Sarah couldn't resist posting this photo of her bro No and his new puppy. They say you begin to look like your doggy after a while. It's starting pretty early for him so it seems. Some people love dogs. Others cats. Heidi, neither because she has allergies. Sarah neither because cat pee and poo and any sort of animal neglect make her have horrid flashbacks and convulsions. Heidi would like a skinny greyhound, whippit sort of dog though - no hair for sneezing on those types. Sarah would be happy with a pet rock - no bladder or intestines, you get the picture...

About above Heidi and Sarah photo:

Heidi says:
Sorry, can't talk. Too busy getting a facial...

Sarah says:
Heidi looks like my muppet today. My little- friend. My hand puppet. My midget-buddy. My hair is very karate-kid, Ralph Machio today, don't ya think? See that shirt I'm wearing? I forgot I had it. Was tucked away in the back of my closet. So it's a first for Face The Day. Heidi made me parinoid. She likes to wear something different everyday where as I wear the same old stuff all the time. Not yesterday and not today. So there!
My brother's life as a dog...what can I say other than he is by far one of the funniest people I know and he introduced me and Heidi to Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm and Wilco and for that I will be forever grateful...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

08 September: Heidi shows off her shoulders and Sarah finally has a new T-shirt, let-alone and Ani Difranco one!!!

08 September: Finally Sarah finds a shirt that fits her -- a music shirt that is. Mostly they are too box-like and manly or too small in general. She hasn't yet found, for example, a Zita Swoon shirt that fits her. They always have just small or medium as if there aren't any larger people out there - boo hoo! Anyway -- Heidi is sporting the off-the-shoulder look and a lot of people are checking out her butt today I assure you.

About the above photo:

Heidi says:
Good I'm having a facial tomorrow at 8 (in the morning yeah!!!).

Sarah says:
I had a facial not too long ago and it sort of made things worse, as facials can do sometimes. I even got a pimple in a whole new place -- right on my chin line, or is that an in-grown hair maybe? One never knows with my face. Let me just come clean here, yes, I get chin hairs and have to pluck them regularly. No beard yet but who knows what the future will bring. Maybe I'll morph into a man slowly but surely. One can never be too sure. Someone passed around some email with jokes and funny things to ask people -- or I saw it in a blog, I don't know, but one of the questions to ask people when you first meet them is: "What gender are you?"
HaHa -- that one makes me laugh every time! I think I'll try it one day soon on some unsuspecting person and test their sense of humor and sense of self. If you asked me that question today, I think I'd probably answer: "I'm a she-male." Have a great day!

07 September: Sarah vomits her brains out and is sick and pale at home whilst Heidi is as active and as colorful as ever

Welcome to Heidi and Sarah's Face The Day Blog, which seems to be up-and-running again after a month or so of being down since it got hacked and had to find a new home! One day we'll try to archive the old site and link it to this one but that will take time and we haven't got much of that.

The photos above are from the 7th of September. A bad bad day for Sarah and her toilet and a swimmy, sunny day for Heidi and her deep blues...

Heidi says:
That's me after swimming 1 kilometer. Feeling much better!!! (congratulations to my sister Nathalie for her birthday!!!)

Sarah says: Yeah -- all right, you're probably wondering if I really took that photo whilst I was mid-vomit, pre-vomit or post-vomit. Of course not sillies! There is no way I could have taken a photo of myself at 2am vomiting my guts out. I was so dizzy. That was followed by a sleepless night of chills and a morning of sweat and fever. But I am fine now. It has passed through me. I got the dang bug from my friend the florist AVG! She had the same a day before and hung out with me. I wonder who will have it next, the poor dear. I hope none of you. Anyway, I posed for the above photo in the evening when I was feeling a lot better. By the way, I haven't told Heidi yet, but the lovely lunch she fed me on Wednesday, the really hot and spicy one, well, let me just let you all know that man oh man did that mofo burn coming up and out. My throat felt it bad! With that said, it was very delicious at lunchtime going down. Have a great and vomit free day people and we all have to admit that vomiting is one of the least fun things out there.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

06 September: Heidi and Sarah lose their features to the light...

Heidi and Sarah do indeed plan to get this site up and running better than ever when time allows but for now, they are happy to at least present their few viewers with a photo everyday, which is what this site is all about anyway so they are actually doing what they set out to do. Heidi and Sarah thank you for visiting them here everyday. In fact, special new technology allows Heidi and Sarah to see you looking at them so please refrain from eating your boogies whilst checking these two gals out and viewer number 2, please go brush your teeth? Thanks and good day...

On this fine day of the 6th of September, Heidi and Sarah shall give you their own comments on the above photo as they did before with their other blog before it was hacked:

Heidi says: woosh... wookie... whaaaaam!

Sarah says: Ouch -- someone has gone and cut of my nose and my lower legs! I've gone all pale. I'm shrinking. I look very very young here. Heidi is all eyes and no face. Perhaps we should lose a feature or a limb everyday! At least you cannot see my pimples and fat chins for once!

Check out Heidi and Sarah's fave links to the right...

Monday, September 05, 2005

05 September: Heidi and Sarah have fun in the Belgian sun after a great lunch...

Heidi and Sarah are going nuts trying to restore their blogging super-powers!!! When the evil hacker flew in and took away their capes, they lost some of their blogging umph! and are trying as hard as they can to get it back with more power than ever before! Like all things, those good, come to those who wait. Keep waiting our dear, dear three or four or maybe one reader/viewer and we promise you more umph than ever before... Heidi and Sarah thank you with 4 kisses and a slap on the arse today...

In the above photo, you can see that this has been a fine, fine week weather-wise in good old Belgium! Heidi and Sarah are soaking up the sun and had a fabulous time playing Kolinisten in front of the church yesterday with the sun beaming in on their various exposed parts. May all your days be sunny and all your parts exposed and warmed by the lovely glow that can only feel this good in a country that seldom knows such rays...

04 September: Heidi and Sarah didn't scew their heads on correctly today. Something is not right in today's photo.

Heidi and Sarah tried to make an appointment with each other to work out this blog site in a good and complete way but have yet to find a date they are both free so please continue to bear with them and their silly heads and they promise they will make it up to you by all means and offer something newer and better and bolder soon -- perhaps one of them will go so far as to decapitate.... Scanners anyone????

03 September: Heidi and Sarah meet quickly on a corner in K-town for a short hello and a long goodbye...

Heidi and Sarah thank you for visiting their Face The Day photo site and appreciate your patience. They promise they will be up and running again soon. When their other blogsite got hacked and it was basically swept out from underneath their totes and mulles (aka: dumb heads), they lost some stamina as you can understand. Now they are working to find their old glory again but it may take them some time. They thanks you for bearing with them...

In the above photo you can see that Sarah is wearing too much foundation and has way too tiny eyes and Heidi is in a new and lovely shirt compliments or her friend and Sarah's and originally our gal AS's -- JB from PDX...

02 September: Heidi and Sarah are in different worlds today...

Heidi and Sarah are still working this new blog stuff out and apologise for not exactly being up-to-date. Heidi and Sarah welcome your comments and viewing. They promise more for later and bigger and better. Just give them some time... They thank you for your time.

Above you can see Sarah late at night after returning from London, tired and worn out with backpain and Heidi looking as fresh as ever in green...

the first of september: heidi and sarah take a quicky

Heidi and Sarah are still busy getting this new face the day site up and running. Please bear with them and view their photos for now. Their comments and musings will indeed follow later. Of that you can be sure! Heidi and Sarah thank you for stopping by and welcome your comments to get them going.

Above you'll see Heidi and Sarah on Thursday the 1st of September just before Sarah went to London. They had to take this one quickly -- in a flash, so-to-speak.