Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday 30 January 2009: Heidi has a beautiful new coat and Sarah looks the same as ever on just any other day...

Sarah says:
I can't believe it is Friday again. Life just flies by! My daughter is sick and had a really high fever last night. Thankfully her grandparents here are taking great care of her! I can't wait to see her tonight. I missed her last night! When they are sick they are little babies no matter what age they are. Her little voice was so far gone today. I hope she gets better fast.

Isn't Heidi's coat beautiful there above? She got a majot bargain! Job well done. It's sp beautiful in person. When I see coats like that I wish I were 10 size smaller! I wish there were nicer clothes like that for the bigger girls like me out there!

By the way - to the pesron who made the comment about alternating clothes and all -- I am happy to be able to wear the same clothes here in Belgium a few days in a row here and not have to feel ashamed about it! The weather here keeps you pretty unstinky mostly so that's not a worry. That there are fewer smokers about helps a lot too! My clothes stay clean and I have to wash much less than I did in the past when I had to wear something different every single day. I do wish I had nicer clothes that looked better on me but that is something else all together...

have a nice weekend everyone!

Heidi says: yes yes, new coat, nice well done jippie hoorah... BUT... what you see below makes my weekend and my day and possibly my year!!!!!!!!! I did my first perm and it worked out so well that I want to do it again! And again! And again! The fact that I had a fantastic model helped a lot, so I thank Bieke a lot, for being so great and nice and beautiful! As for me, I am proud of my work. I had a fantastic time doing the work and I even felt happier when I saw the result. I can say that doing this really made me happier than I have been in a long time. Maybe being a hairdresser wouldn't be such a strange thing for me after all... ;-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 29 January 2009: Heidi and Sarah as usual...

Sarah says:
Another day in the lives of Heidi and Sarah... What a dumb face I have on up there. Probably holding back a dry cough! My kid is sick with the flu and a fever and now I am getting an annoying cough going on... I have the winter-needs-to-end-soon feeling! And my hair is looking really bad! Saturday I get it cut. Hope that freshens me up a bit. I need some spark again! I'm trying to wear colors to look more awake and that's not really working! I'm taking good care of my skin and that's not really having any effect. I try not to wear my lenses everyday because they give me tired eyes and that's not really doing the trick! So what will? SUNSHINE maybe! Though today was really sunny here so I shouldn't be complaining. Shlumpy describes how I feel right now. I'll get over it. Also have 100 million things on my mind. It's RACING around in thought trying to works some stuff through.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday - Wednesday 26, 27 and 28 january 2009: Oh my God, we just skipped two days on face the day!!! Luckily Sarah still took a photo each day!!!

Heidi says: yes it's true, two days!!!!! TWO DAYS! Amazing and unreal! Anyway, what I wanted to say is that Yma has been sick since last Friday and she still has a fever. That damn flue is bad. I want my funny and lively child back! She saw the doctor on Friday and I think we will have to take her there again this evening... My poor baby.

Sarah says:
It's been a long while since Heidi and I have been on here together. So here we are finally! We are totally out of the swing of things. Life is just too busy I guess! There we are above today - very colourful! I wish I felt colorful! I am still a bit ill and now my daughter is too, the poor bunny!

Sarah adds:
I'm still trying to take photos everyday even though I can't post them everyday anymore it seems. So I am sort of keeping up anyway! Speaking of sick, look at me above in the photo from yesterday - Tuesday the 27th. Man do I look SICK and TIRED!!!! Every time I have hair-removal I get this HUGE headache and my eyes hurt and a bad taste in my mouth. That can't be good. Is it worth it though? Hell yeah! Hopefully there won't be any bad long-term effects but only great results instead!

And there I am above with a nice backgroung (maybe too dark here). That was on Monday the 26th. I just got home from a reception in Gent and had to get a fast photo before going to sleep. That big Native American face is hanging on the stairs to our attic bedroom. Why is it that I looked alive and awake at 11pm in this photo and so very dead and horrid in the one the day after at like 7pm. Strange... Who ever knew hair removal could be so rough! Anyway - it was good to get out with my husband but probably a bad idea because the next days weren't so good for me cold/flu wise. I feel low energy and on the verge of the flu all the time...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday 25 January 2009: Sarah wants to have white fangs again and wishes her kid would stay young and smush-able forever and ever!!!!

Sarah says:
Here's the thing. My front teeth are white and good and nice. My fang teeth, on the other hand, are yellow and ugly! I HATE them! They make me not want to smile and I love smiling! I don't want to become shy about that. There is nothing like a big smile to spread good cheer! So I need to do something about those old yellers! I have to turn those yellow fangs white - and how - and fast! So I'm going to try a tooth polish this week and see what happens in 10 days! I hope there are good results and that it doesn't ruin my teeth. I don't want ultra bright whites or anything. I just want my fang teeth to match my front teeth a bit better. I have never had a caity in my life or any sort of tooth problem so I should be happy about that - and I am! I just want those yellow ugly fangs gone! So here begons the test! We'll compare in 10 days!
And last but not least - my Post Secret pick of the week. There weren't really any that caught my eye this week so I chose this one. I can really relate to wanting my kid to stay a baby forever. Not a baby because babies aren't really my thing - but young and innocent. Babies are really cute and splendid - don't get me wrong. But I just love the ages my daughter has been for the last 5 years or so and I see her changing and becoming older and I will love her all the same of course -- but the time does fly and I wish she'd let me smush her forever... but she won't so I'll just have to smush her now while I still can because when I can't anymore I am 100% certain it will hurt even more than I think....

Friday 23 January and Saturday 24 January 2009: Sarah gets better and gets curled!

Sarah says:
That's me with curly hair Saturday morning at my friend Carmen's house. My daughter and I had slept over the night before after having dinner out with Carmen and her daughter. It was so fun! I love these sorts of sleep-overs! So on Saturday Carmen and her daughter took out their curling irons and curled my and my daughter's hair. You can see the results above and below. My hair is way too thick for such delights. Just doesn't suit me! I could easily make a huge afro if I wanted to. Maybe I should. Afros are nice and are in!

I was surpised by how curly the back of my head could get. It looks so freaking gray though!
There's the sunny as ever Carmen above ascting as my hair dresser! I felt so happy and spoiled! I love hanging out with my girlfriends. So much fun!And there above you can see the results of the curls on my daughter. Made her hair look shorter. She looks so much older all of a sudden!
And there I am above on Friday the 23rd of January. Still feeling very under the weather and very ready for the weekend!

18 - 21 January 2009 - Sarah's trip to Midem in Cannes taking care of business and having some fun...

Sarah says:
That's me above on Thursday the 22nd of January I think. I was SICK that day. Belly problems galore. Small fever. No sleep the night before. I stayed in bed all day. I think after running around at a tradefair where you are shaking hands all the time with people who have just blown their noses and the like you are bound to pick something up along with the general exhaustion that is just one big part of it no matter how early or late you get to sleep... One day of rest is generally needed after such a fair.
There above is the only photo I took on Wednesday the 21st of January in Cannes, France as I was leaving on the bus to the airport in Nice. As you can see, it was sunny! We were lucky to have semi-nice weather on two of the four days there - even had lunch almost on the beach as the crazy waves crashed around us.
There above is me in my hotel room on late Tuesday the 20th - early Wednesday the 21st watching none other than the great Obama! I think I got back to the hotel at a reasonably good hour but stayed up terribly late watching the Obama day reviewed and reviewed. I did get to see the speech live on TV at the tradefair. It was nice to stand there with people from all over the world witnessing this amazing man making history and change! There was an Obama feeling of joy in the air!
The photo above was also taken on Tuesday the 20th (or early the 21st). We were on our way back from a night out and there was this weird window dispaly of very ugly shorts in very ugly colors. This one was like for a gay couple and their adoptive son or something. Salmon orange. Very strange and photo worthy I thought.
The photo above must be from very, very late Monday night the 19th or rather early Tuesday the 20th. It was like 3 am and we were in some bar in Cannes. It was pouring outside and my shoes and pants were totally wet and cold but the night seemed young and it was nice to be out with colleagues (the happy Russ above) and our boss (Chris aove) from The UK office. I don't get to see them a lot so it was cool to be able to spend some time talking to them...
There above also very late Monday or early Tuesday you can see me and my colleague Dina. She's from the London office but works at the New York one. It was good to meet up with her in Cannes and trade ideas a bit...
There above you can see Russ again an our new friend Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan. We met him on the boat we were on Monday eveing the 19th. He was there with his manager promoting his upcoming new CD. I ended up going to a bar where I wanted to see a gig, which was already over - so instead I ended up hanging out with Raekwon and his manager for a bit. It was kind of funny. I got some parenting advice from Raekwon as he's got a 12 year old kid. And I was talking to his manager Mel about Nyack as he went out with a girl from my hometown back in the day. Small world! It was a funny night...
There above you can see my buddy Richard from South Africa who I met on the same boat exactly a year before at the same little gig party for Ella Yana who you can see between us above. Last year we had a super crazy time on the boat. It was out of this world. Full of laughs and weird stuff. This year it was more tame but good to see Richard again and to meet someone from the Wu-Tang Clan of course. I also have to add that Ella Yana has really improved since last year and is backed up by a band now. It was a hospitable boat to say the least...
Before I made it to the boat Monday night I met up with CHEWIE!!!! I just love him! Was so glad to get my photo with him!
There above you can see me on my second day in Cannes with the famous Belgian face Maurice Engelen from the Belgian bands Praga Khan and Lords of Acid. He also was busy with soundtracks for some famous American movies. He has a very memorable face and I just had to have his face on Face The Day! He was very friendly and let me take a photo without a problem!
And there's my only photo from Sunday the 18th of January when I arrived in Cannes and went out for a few drinks with some old and new colleagues from The UK office. There above you can see me, Dina and Kate... I went to bed pretty much right after I took this photo. Needed to be fresh for all the business that needed doing the following days... It was a good Midem this year! Fewer people so less quantity but a lot more quality...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday 22 january 2009: Heidi listens to Vampire weekend and the world becomes a brighter place!

Heidi says: Aaaah, thankfully there is music. Music can change my mood so fast. Outside it's raining and it's grey and cold, but inside there is a party going on (in my head) with Vampire weekend.It reminds me of running, and it makes methink I have to do that again! It gave me a very good feeling about myself, and not only because it whipped my body into shape but also because it made me feel free! Running with Vampire weekend on my Ipod made it all even better!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday 21 january 2009: what a depressing day...

Heidi says: It's dark and grey and cold out there and it makes me slightly depressed... I can't wait to make and have a good warm meal! That will bring me up two levels... I hope. And then a bit of Sopranos and maybe a bit of Betty and I will be cured!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday 18 January 2009: Sarah's off to Cannes, France for tradefair and can't wair for Obama! And Heidi parties!!!!!!

Heidi says: Lovely afternoon in De Handelsbeurs in Gent, with Ray Gelato at Radio Modern! If you ever want to see what Radio Modern is all about:

Sarah says:

Bye! Offe to Cannes in France till Wednesday night! Hope I get to see Obama day on TV on the 20th! I'll post photos when I'm back! Rushing out the door now!

Saturday 17 January 2009: Heidi and Sarah and Vredeseilanden

Sarah says:
No time to write.Photos can speak today!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank God It's Friday 16 January 2009: We are ready for the weekend!

Sarah says:
Rushing along. So much to do! No time to talk! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday 15 January 2009: Sarah can not believe how fast the hours, days, months and years are racing by...

Sarah says:
So busy right now with no time to stop and chat! Leaving for Cannes, France for a tradefair Sunday and have so mega-much to do before now and then! Gotta get to it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday 14 January 2009: Heidi and Sarah look darker than they probably feel... It's the camera folks! AND SARAH'S YOUNGEST BROTHER MATT IS ENGAGED!

Sarah says:
In the above photo both Heidi and I have headaches. Other than that it's been a perfectly good day! Notice I am wearing white, which is rare!

My little brother Matt is engaged to be married. You don't know how old that makes me feel as I am 17 years older than he is I think, which makes him 20 years old I think! My oh my! I can't believe it! I do look forward to the wedding!

Since watching the series Brothers and Sisters so much, I have been longing to see my 5 brothers again in one place. As strange as all our relations can sometimes be, I really do miss the whole lot of them sometimes and lately more so!

Tuesday 13 January 2009: Sarah relaxes a bit after work...

Sarah says:
Mmmmm - made a good spicey dinner with some Indian food stuff. Loved it. Watched rest of Karate Kid 2 with my kid as promised the night before. Spent some nice time with my husband when he came home. Relaxing. Now if I could only learn to sleep...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday 12 January 2009: Sarah has that Monday evening tired feeling after rushing from work to go food shopping to cook to clean to do the laundry ...

Sarah says:
Sometimes I get annoyed at my husband because he gets home from work so late these days. He can't help it. That's his job. I can't complain at all - at least I shouldn't. We bought our ticket. We knew what we were getting in to! It's just those days when I rush from work to pick up my daughter in the nick of time and then have to go food shopping - big food shopping -- totally empty fridge shopping! And then cooking. Keeping my kid up late because we still have to eat and she deserves a little down time but she's running around trying to help me saying she doesn't want me to have to do everything. And then cleaning up because the kitchen is a mess. Then doing the wash and the laundry and spending time showing my daughter how to clean her face properly as I promised I would but not getting to read to her because there's no time and not getting to finish watching Karate Kid 2 with her as I promised - because there's no more time. And then it's 9pm - she's in bed way too late and I start doing the laundry because we have night discount so we have to start at 9pm. And then finally having a moment on the computer - which is the last place I should be as I have been on it for work all day but need some time at night to do some private emailing, etcetera - and updating this blog and all that. And now I am pooped and want to sleep but Marv just got home and we want to hang out a little... So it will be late to bed. Early to rise. Are we healthy, wealthy and wise for this?

Anyway - my whole point here is not that I find this rough. I do sometimes indeed like today mostly only because I had to break promises to my kid and I hate doing that and I hate seeing her rush around with me when she's stuck at school till 6pm every day and she has the right to shut down after her long kid days but she ends up getting swept up in my end of the day...

And all I wanted to say here is that where as I sometimes feel annoyed with my husband because he's no longer here in the evenings with us. Tonight I felt sorry for him because even though I am running around doing all these things - at least I am at home with my daughter enjoying moments with her in between the rush of life. My husband on the other hand isn't. He's in a car or in traffic or stuck at work. He gets up at the same time as I do yet his day at work ends at like 9pm. And it must be really hard for him to miss out on family life at night. So I shouldn't complain - though sometimes I still will and still have the right to. My perspective today is that I felt a little bad for my husband and felt happy to make him a steak in the midst of all the busy stuff!

In summary because the above is the mess - right now I feel like I am the lucky one and my husband has it the hardest and I should stop complaining. At least tonight.
And last but not least - my Post Secret pick of the week, which I dedicate to my husband and all wives and husbands and all couples and everyone who is on different wavelengths in the bedroom or wherever you do it! :-)

Friday 09 January, Saturday 10 January and Sunday 11 january 2009: sunny Friday, sleepy Saturday, icy Sunday

Heidi says:
What a beautiful icy day! What a joy!
Sarah says:
Above is my Sunday 11 January photo. It was a good Sunday! Got a lot done at home and that made me and Marv feel happy. It seemed like there was more light than usual these days, which made the day seem longer. More time to do stuff. I enjoyed that. I didn't leave the ouse at all. Slept a bit late, had a long breakfast with the family, stayed in comfy clothes, skipped make-up, organized, did the wash, made food. All good and relaxing stuff that got me more ready for Monday than usual!
There above is my Saturday 10 January 2009 photo. A sleepier day to begin. I got a bit spoiled though with a waxing and pedicure and brow job. Then we went to the shoe shop Devolder that we go to whenever there are sales. I didn't buy any shoes but Marv and my kid did so that was good. And then we went to Roeselare for clothes shopping. I found a greenish sweater and shirt and a white shirt. That's right - white! So far, I have only bought one black thing. The rest -- all very colorful. I am seriously trying to put some color in my life!
And there above is our Friday 09 January 2009 shot. It was so sunny and cold. The sun felt great on our faces. We soaked it up! I am loving the wintery weather. I'll miss it when it is gone. I hope that I'm once in New York with my daughter whne it snows like crazy! There's nothing like that.