Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday 31 May 2006: Sarah is back! Sarah is back!!

Heidi Says: Yeehaw! She's back folks! But I haven't seen her yet. So is she really back? I'll believe it when I see it.

Sarah says:
You see it?! There I am. Here I am. Asleep. Long travels. Jet-lag galore. I can't give you more than that... Night night.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday 30 May 2006: Sarah's a little too early today as she had to catch her oldest brother JM before he left. Oh heidi, where art thou?

Heidi says: frogface... (which means: something is irritating me)

Sarah says: That's my last and oldest brother JM. Do we look alike? I did it! I got all 5 brothers on here! Woo Hoo! It's been fantastic here in California with them all and with my dad, his wife, my mom and some of my brothers partners. I don't want to come home yet!!! I do miss my daughter and husband badly and Heidi too of course! But I want this time to last longer!!! Below is a photo of me and my pal CK who moved back to Cali from belgium and who visited me in Cali the first day I was here. There's also a photo of me waving to you all from a pretty plant. Tomorrow it'll just be me me me!!! And the next day maybe Heidi and I will reunite!!! See y'all later!!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday 29 May 2006: Heidi is here first for once! Where are you Sarah? I'm in SUNNY San Fran SILLY!

Sarah says:
Hi Heidi! I MISS YOU!!!!! This is my brother and his wife in Golden Gate Park in San Fran! What a lovely day! Do we look alike?

Heidi says: Yeah yeah yeah, no no no, yeah yeah yeah... Have to eat, am hungry. Yes, do feed me!

Sunday 28 May 2006: Sarah introduces you to her brother SM and Heidi is again where she belongs, home sweet home...

Heidi says: Bad day for this girl. Tired, depressed and tired... Only in the evening at 8, I kicked some life back into that heavy body of mine. Time for holidays?
oh by the way, Sarah, yes you do look alike...

Sarah says:
That's my older brother SM. Today he had a ceremony (don't say wedding) in Oakland, Califonia. He's a hairy beast. Do we look alike?

Speaking of family reunions (families are freaking odd and dynamics are generally strange - my family included of course) - here's my fave PostSecret entry this week

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Saturday 27 May 2006: Meet Sarah's second to youngest brother and his girlfriend. Heidi is right where she belongs... :)

Sarah says: That's my other little brother EM with his lovely girlfriend AB. So do we look alike? It's still sunny here in California! Hi Heidi! All my family says hello to you!

Heidi says: Yes Sarah you look alike! Say hi back to your family! Tell them I would like to be there and meet them all over again.
I had a great Sleater-Kinney concert today. Those girls have balls I tell ya! They played a lot out of their latest, the woods, and that is exactly what I wanted to hear, because that's what I know of them. Too bad they didn't bring T-shirts and records, because they would have earned a small fortune on us (a T-shirt for now, a T-shirt for later, all their records...).

Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday 26 May 2006: I'm singing in the rain and meet Sarah's littliest bro MM...

Sarah says:
I'm in California and that's my youngest brother. Do we look alike? It's sunny here!

Heidi says: Rainy and windy (oops) and I feel fine! The weekend starts and it brings: SLEATER-KINNEY!!!! Will I hear and see the concert of the year on Saturday?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday 25 May 2006: Sarah is without Heidi today as each pilots their own plane as the rain splashes down and everyone but Sarah is free in Belgium!

Heidi says:
I am truly sorry, but despite Sarah asking me over and over not to forget to take a picture of myself, I forgot it anyway... Nice and quiet day. Nothing spectacular.
Sarah is leaving tomorrow and I don't like that idea. She's leaving so often and you get used to it, but still I hate to see her go. But the good thing is, she will enjoy herself! you go girl! Enjoy yourself, it's later then you think...

Sarah says:
I'll be on a plane to SFO pretty soon! Can't wait to get there. It's STILL raining here in Belgium! It's too much already. If last week's Greyn rehearsal was like good sex, this week's Greyn rehearsal was like bad sex. It's SOOOOO hard to make new songs. We just sort of stand there trying and waiting for it to happen. No way around that I guess but it is amazing how a good rehearsal can make you want to go for it and a bad one can make you dislike the whole process -- all within a week. I guess if I felt better I could handle more and be more inspired. I'm just tired. Everything seems like too much for the moment. I am so glad a small vacation is coming up. I need it badly! The GREAT news is that my bone scans came back and it looks like the joints under my degenenerative disc S5-L1 vertebrae are in good enough shape for me to qualify for the prosthetic disc operation. So now, it seems that I have to lose some weight ( a lot-- about 10 kilos perhaps!!!) and by the end of the year I can have the surgery. None of this is certain yet. I have to see another doctor. This time it will be a professor at a University hospital. After that appointment in mid-June I will decide what to do and when to do it. I will be more at ease then I think. Now I am just waiting and waiting. I so look forward to feeling better. I need a huge injection of energy put into me soon!
Heidi will be the captain of this blog until I am back though I will see what I can do from where I am. I hope to get a brother a day on here but one already said NFW so I'll have to get creative!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday 24 May 2006: Heidi has had it today so it's all about Sarah other than for the bellyshot so it's all about Heidi really...

Heidi says:
dead. angry. leave me alone. boo!

Sarah says:
This morning I woke up angry at my face -- well annoyed with it anyway. It's messy these days because I am tired and in pain. I am suffering through this sort of "diet" to lose weight in order to make the surgery I'll have to have at the end of the year safer (too much fat to cut through means more risk of cutting arteries which means more risk of bleeding). Anyway -- usually you see weight loss in my face first. I lose my chins. That has happened but because I look so tired, I still look puffy. I am fed up with feeling this way. Tired and puffy. Pain confuses the brain. It can make everything and evryone seem ugly sometimes. Today I thought I felt okay after a sort of good sleep without waking up for once! But no, the pain is back and I am so uncomfortable. It makes me nervous for the long plane ride ahead. I am starting to not really know what I can handle and what I can't. Well, I guess you just do suffer through this sort of thing. Other than all that I feel just fine. You?

Wow -- this news just in -- this article finally explains why I am sort of masculine-looking! Finally an answer from this article via BBC :-):
Unhappy home link to appearance
Girls from broken homes may grow up to be less attractive, research published by the Royal Society shows.

Two studies from a team at St Andrew's University suggested that women whose parents had separated or had a poor relationship looked more masculine.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday 23 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah find it hard to look bright under the weight of all this rain and yes they are caliing the rain fat!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi says:
Rainy rainy day. Thank you Belgium.

Sarah says:
Friday I will be in the non-rainy Oakland, California! I can't wait! I shall see all my brothers -- all 5 of them! It will be fun under the sort-of-sun! I'll see other family as well and some old sort-of friends! I hope each of my brothers will agree to be my guest here during those 5 days away! Each day a new brother! That will be great! Anyway -- that's all I can think of right now -- getting the hell out of rainy Belgium where it is cold and dark and wet for days and days already -- and spending some time in Cali with people I'll be so happy to see and have a lot of fun with I am sure! Counting down: 3 more days to go...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday 22 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah wish you well this week and Sarah tells you her secret...

Heidi says:
Is that me??? Sarah, your hair looks awesome!!!

Sarah says:
So this is what I am busy with. Now that all the people I needed to tell know about this I feel I can talk about it here if I need to or feel like it. I can't get into all the details right now because there are too many but suffice it to say that by the end of this year I will be having one of two surgeries on my spine: a fusion or a prosthetic disc implant. This is because I have degenerative disc disease on the L5-S1 area of my spine and this gives me tremendous pain and loss of movement sometimes. It seems as if it gets worse everyday. I can't live with it anymore so I MUST do something. Apparently you can be born with this sort of thing. So now I am trying to figure out which surgery I should and can have. I have a few more tests to take and a few more doctors to see. This link from NPR about the prosthetic disc gives a load of helpful information if you are wondering or if you have entered this blog through a search on this topic. Anyway -- that's whay I am so drained and tired and in pain a lot and why I feel I look rough so much -- because I feel rough. I also feel happy a lot so I'm glad this hasn't gotten me totally down!

Sunday 21 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah finally welcome their Brussels' buddy as special guest as they say goodbye on top of the Mim in Brussels...

Heidi says:
A perfect sunday! But A, you will be missed!

Sarah says:
So we went to the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels on Sunday and met up with our buddy AS to eat lunch and say so-long as she is off to a new land to hopefully live happily ever after! WE WILL MISS HER SO!!!! I will badly!!! Surely we'll stay in good touch but I will miss my little family trips to Brussels to see her smiling head! AS, I love you girly! I wish you all the best best best! We can't wait to see you in your new territory a year from now! Pity she's flipping us the bird in the photo but we know it just means she LOVES US SO!
In honor of this sort of sad so-long that happens all too often especially if you are an expat like I am and she is, here is a very telling Post Secret entry of this week. Actually there were so many good PostSecrets this time it was hard to choose but this one makes sense today for sure!

Saturday 20 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are nearly dead in the ticket booth at De Kreun. Sarah unmasks her other face...

Heidi says:
What's there to say? I had a typical pregnancy-hormones-day and that says enough ;)

Sarah says:
We were at De Kreun meant to be seeing The Ugly Papas reunion gig but we were both tired and worn out so I snuck in and took solace at the ticket booth where Heidi was working. I just look tired and pale and tired and pale. No way around it I guess when you feel like shit. No matter how hard you try the pain shows through the eyes I'd say. That's why below I have covered my eyes! I had a facial and body-scrub at Botee in Kortrijk. I was allowed to take my mask home! It was a great mask on and it is my new best friend off. I love my pet mask. Seriously though, Ann at Botee does a fabulous facial! Great products - in good hands. Give her and it a try!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday 19 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are the mad-hatters today as they do their best Shirley Temple while singing in the dang Belgian MOFO rain!

Heidi says:
I made some effort and put nice clothes on and some make-up. Because of that I feel much more alive and beautiful today. Or maybe it's the extra sleep...

Sarah says:
I am so glad I am going to California next week. I need sunshine. This Belgian weather is just a bit too much right now. I have had it! With that said, Heidi and I do look sunny and gay today. It is Friday after all and tomorrow for my pre-birthday-post-mother's day gift I will have hours of a facial, scrub, massage. It'll be grand! Stay tuned today for a belly-shot of Heidi. She is wearing an outfit that really shows of her big belly! On Sunday I'm going to check out (maybe with Heidi too) the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels! I have been wanting to go there since it first opened. You get headphones and walk around getting to hear a sample of every instrument there. There are so many instruments that I am sure I have never seen. I can't wait! And it is in an amazing-looking Art-Deco building. Tonight (also with Heidi!!!), my weekend will happily start at De Unie der Zorgelozen monthly dinner. Make sure to check out De Unie's upcoming play soon. It's called Tijl and it will be on between the 16th and the 30th June. Buy your tickets now!

Have a great weekend and hello to our new serendipitous friend, Lazy Haze, who somehow knew we were in a hazy-lazy mood yesterday. Check out Lazy Haze's music. I'm really liking that first song.
Check out Chad McCann's music while you are at it. Good stuff.

And here it is: Bellyshot Friday of Heidi's growing kid! For once we give you a frontal view. My oh my how Heidi has grown (everywhere ;-)!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday 18 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are doing some serious screen tests today. They are in hazy-lazy mode with big fat heads...

Heidi says:
Something different! Can you find Sarah and Heidi!

Sarah says:
This day this day this day! Not lovin' it. Too cold, windy and rainy! But last night I have to say I had a good rehearsal with Greyn. A couple of weeks ago I sort of tried to sabotage Greyn and quit it but it didn't work. I was fed up and emotional and sort of couldn't take it anymore -- it wasn't fulfilling me -- wasn't meeting my needs. But we had it out all of us Greyn members and I am happy to say came to some ways to maybe make things go a little better. We'll see. Anyway, one of the ways is for me to sort of shut up more I think. The metaphor here is that I need to stop being the nagging wife and instead be the serving wife who says nothing, cooks, cleans and gives blow jobs when wanted. Anyway, I can sort of live with that. It is my own choice. I just know it's one of the only ways for Greyn to work. We need to inject a lot of positive stuff into the band and keep all negativity at bay. Bands are tough places to be. Too many cooks spoil the pot and all that. Group and human dynamics!
Anyway -- to make this work I have to see it as a marriage with Greyn. I am married to the 4 guys in Greyn. We are one big happy Mormon family from now on. I am the serving wife! So last night, I had some pretty good "sex" with three of the members of Greyn. And hopefully it has lead to a new baby as we seem to have recorded "live" a 4th new song! Yey! Now I can also google search "sex with Greyn members" and there will be results!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday 17 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are having a good taam, a real good taam...

Heidi says:
Tonight I'm meeting two friends of mine, who I haven't seen in a while! I am thrilled! We'll have a real good taam, a good taam, a real good taam, good taam, a good taam, a real good taam, good taam, a good taam, ... (name the artist :-) )

Sarah says:
I'm losing some weight. You can see that in my face here. I need my eyebrows plucked. You can also see that in my face here. I have a secret. I think that shows in my face too. But what is it? I don't even know.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday 16 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are feeling unkind today. Please don't take their rude gestures personally...And so you know: Greyn is Belgian!

Heidi says:
I'm so happy and shiny today! Long live spring!

Sarah says:
Hmm -- I think Heidi must be joking. It is dark and dreary today. Grey is the word. Very Belgian indeed. Speaking of Belgian things-- apparently my band Greyn has made it into the "Belgian" music scene accoridng to the library in Kortrijk where a photo of me singing with Greyn's bass player in the background is hanging among many other photos of other Belgian bands! It was pretty funny to be at the BIB this past Saturday looking for CDs to borrow from their vast CD collection and to see my mulle hanging on a poster between the lovely faces of the better-knows Soulwax and Stijn. There I was on top of Mauro! I wouldn't mind being between the fucking De Waele brothers and Stijn and on top of Mauro. Not a bad dream... Anyway, check it out: Dit Is Belgisch from now until the 2nd of June (my birthday by the way ;-) - at the Centrale Bibliotheek Kortrijk. Also check out Greyn's blog site for another view from the exhibit.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday 15 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah can't stand the stink today so take a photo in a really stanky toilet - look at Sarah's nostrils. YUCKY STINKY POO

Heidi says:
Sarah thinks some belgians stink. I'm sure a lot of Americans stink too. Not to speak of the french...

Sarah says:
Everything smelled bad today. In the hospital. At work. The toilet. All of it. Yuck. Stinky people abound! I can't take Belgium on hot days! I'm sorry but there are some damn stinking people around and I can't take it.
Below is my favorite postsecret entry this week - all entries are ode to mother's day this time around. It's not about me and my mom but it sure reminds me of some friend's situations back from where I come from. My own mother-musing is that for some reason it just is easier to get along really well with your own mom once you are a mom yourself. For me anyway and a few others I know! Anyway - Happy Mother's Day everyone to all you mofo's out there.

Sunday 14 May 2006: Sarah shows off her hoodie with it's new thingy on the back in honor of her hometown NYACK! Oh Heidi, where art thou?

Sarah says:
My buddy from New York MS sent me a great Tee-shirt with Nyack's pirate radio station on it. I come from Nyack so I LOVED it! But the shirt was too small so I had to think fast! Luckily my mother-in-law is an ace with the needle and cut out the thingy and put it on the back of my forever-worn hoddie! I love it! Liking that naked stuff next to me too...

Heidi says: I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so tired... Going to bed!

Saturday 13 May 2006: Heidi looks great and Sarah looks rough today. And it's BELLYSHOT SATURDAY!!!

Above, Heidi stops by for a quick photo and to fetch her strawberries and pale, worn-out Sarah suffers through this photo with worst-day-of-pain-yet as her middle name...

Yee-haw! It's BELLYSHOT Saturday! Check our lovely Heidi out!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday 12 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah both have wedgies and take a photo whilst removing them from their arses...Happy Friday!

Heidi and Sarah have underwear problems today...Please excuse them as they solve the problems during today's photoshoot!

Heidi says:
BIR (broek in reet)

Sarah says:

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday 11 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah want you to take them seriously...

Heidi says:
We will find what you are hiding from us! You will not get away with that. We promise you.

Sarah says:
Stop staring at me. You are freaking me out. Yeah I know -- not the best hairstyle. I look older. I know I know. Bad-hair day merits it. You look GREAT by the way! What's your beauty secret? Yes you-- kind viewer! You! You are perty! I think I love you!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday 10 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah go lip to lip with a beautiful and mysterious man - can you guess which one?

OKAY PEOPLE!!!! READ THIS AND PLAY ALONG PLEASE FOR ONCE!!!! -- we know you are out there -- we see we get a lot of hits each day here so we know you check in on us, which is great! That makes Heidi and Sarah terribly happy as we love attention so very much! So be a sport now and play this game with us. Guess whose lovely lips those are between Heidi and Sarah! Leave a comment by clicking on "comments". Write your comment in the box and then choose if you sign in with a blogger ID, other or anonymous. Then fill in the letter code which helps us avoid getting spam. C'mon! Play along! We know you are there! We don't have to know who you are! Just show us you are there and tell us whose lips those are!

Heidi says:
I didn't sleep well this night and I owe it to the movie Sarah and me watched yesterday: The constant gardener. It made me think of something I've heard in the news two days before. About Pfizer that tested medication in Africa on human beings, and five children died because the medication wasn't safe for humans yet. That was what the movie was all about. I think everyone should watch it, just to see what evil things are happening in this world. Sometimes a movie can make you think more than the news, cause the news has become so normal in our lives. Every day you can watch real images of people being shot, or beaten or burned to death, and you hardly feel anything anymore. The fact that we are used to those images makes us almost accept what is happening in the world. Seeing a movie, with a love story involved, makes you feel along with the characters, and makes you understand things more.

Sarah says:
Those are some nice lips - wish I could get that close to them in real life! Good movie last night. Hard movie. We live in a very fucked up world and there is so much shit we all know nothing about.
Anyway, to be shallow again, here's an article from the BBC about how the face gives away a lot, especially to women looking for lovers and for fathers for their future kids. Nothing new, but interesting. Check the article out by clicking here.

Tuesday 09 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are fed up with technology that doesn't work for them!

Tuesday there was no way this site was going to let Heidi and Sarah upload their daily photo. That annoys Heidi and Sarah. So here you are, a day late. No comments other than these and that Heidi and Sarah love you madly. Oh yeah -- and have a nice day. Catch y'all soon with another photo.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday 08 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah are just barely alive on this particular Monday. What about you? How do you feel? Leave a comment and let us know.

Heidi says:
what a weekend! Busy and full of good news! It makes me happy! But today I'm a little stressed out. It'll be okay, I know it will, but I have to calm down. I'm calm... I'm calm...

Sarah says:
I'm sleepy. Slept bad. Aches and pains. New week and all. Rainy. This past weekend was all for my daughter but once again I have to say I have GREAT friends and people in my life and in my daughter's. It's nice to keep on seeing all the same people who really really matter and to have this extended family here in Belgium. I am so happy to see that my kid has a good life and gets so much love from so many people.

Below my weekly ode to the fantastic Post Secret site -- my favorite card on that site this week. At moments you get so thankful for the choices you make. There are so many people out there to fall for. So many ways to stray. Thankfully, we often make good choices rather than bad ones. I am glad I have made good choices so far. I hope I remain true to them.

Sunday 07-06-05: Heidi and Sarah get hairy and scary with whipcream...

We only took this stupid photo because there happened to be wome whipcream hanging around and it needed to be done once. Now that we did it, let's just forget about it. Thanks you and have a nice day...

Saturday 06 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah run into each other by accident in Hema and snap a silly quicky...

It wasn't planned by-ut we happened to run into each other at the Hema Saturday. Luckily with camera in hand. Above is the result of a quicky in the aisle with Heidi and Sarah... Doesn't Heidi look like Sarah's mommy here?

Friday 05 May 2006 continued at De Kreun at the Rencontrez l'amour gig with their cute drummer + the one and only Tom Vangheluwe and Heidi Belly Shot!

Check out Haydee Madcat above with her growing BELLYSHOT!
Above you see Heidi and Sarah with the looker of a drummer Bert of Rencontrez l'amour They played a grand show at De Kreun on Friday. Make sure to check out Rencontrez l'amour's new CD produced by Filip Tanghe, Greyn's drummer. You can see on their sites how and where to buy their new CD. That whole band is a bunch of lovely-nice-to-look-at guys. Usually when you watch a concert you tend to focus on the singer. In this case, there is no singer so it's a good thing these guys are all good to look at. Yes, this Face The Day site is shallow as ever but we love a good face so...
HEIDI AND SARAH FINALLY FOUND WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR - MR. TOM VANGHELUWE!!! We searched and searched and there he was, right there in front of us and was kind enough to FINALLY let us take a photo with him. Thank you Tom Vangheluwe for gracing our Face The Day pages. We will no longer search for you now. If you too are in search of Tom Vangheluwe, check out his band Galatasaray. It's a goody!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Sarah says:
There’s Greyn’s guitar-player Peter De wilde with his and his wife Valerie’s brand new baby boy Fré born on the 23rd of April!
Congratulations to Peter and Valerie and their family! Check out Greyn’s blog for more photos of the baby with his parents.

Friday 05 May 2006: Heidi is free as a bird now and Sarah strikes a pose and shows off her kid's 7th lost tooth...

Sarah says:
I feel good today! Slept bad but feel good! You can see it in my pose. All is well.
Heidi is free today the lucky girl but tonight I'll get a big-fat belly shot of her as she DJs at De Kreun.

Here's where you should be tonight at Rencontrez l'amour's CD-release party:

Cd releaseparty
De kreun
Vrijdag 5 mei
20:30 - support
21:40 - Rencontrez l´Amour
22:50 – Haydee
5 euro inkom

Below is a photo from last night just after my 7 year old kid lost her 7th tooth on her 7th birthday! What a crazy mouth that is! She's very white-trash right now. It's scary, isn't it!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

04 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah simply face the day today the day The Lool was born 7 years ago!!!!

Heidi says:
I slept slept slept this night and it was good for me! I'm not totally cured but it feels more normal again. Tonight, if all goes to plan, I will see Archie Bronson Outfit play! I expect wildness and dirt and grit! And bearded men! And fat cherry lips!

Sarah says:
All that matters today is that my daughter is 7! I can’t believe she’s been alive for so many years. She is the love and joy of my life and she is terribly happy today so I am too! I’m also happy because my little girl isn’t so little anymore and she is bright and joyful and light. Thankfully any heavy feelings I might be having due to this and that and that and this get lighter just by looking at this lovely daughter of mine. She sort of makes nothing else matter – at least for now. At least for today. She was so happy that it’s a nice sunny warm day here for her birthday. She actually saw that as gift to her. She’s wearing her new polka-dot birthday shirt which is so very her.