Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday 27 February and Saturday 28 February 2009: Heidi and Sarah polish up their look and Sarah eats too many waffles and too much chicken parmesan!

Sarah says:
There I am above today - Saturday the 28th of February - bursting out of my face because my eyes are way too big for my belly and therefore my belly is also way too big! Last night I ate a ton of delish waffles at my husband's parents' home and today I ate too much chicken parmesan! I am going to burst! It was all really good though!
There above you can see the chicken dish from today's lunch. We had visitors. Started with sweet baby carrot soup I made - then the chicken with salad and then an apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream and chocolate pieces and coffee. I am stuffed!

Above and below you can see various waffle photos! Tom's mom makes a mean waffle! It was cozy and fun! The kids of course loved it too. Ayla was there with her cousin Arne and Tom's brother Wim too.

And there above you can see me and Heidi Friday the 27th of February first thing in the morning just after we both applied some extra make-up to try to look like we were awake!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday 26 February 2009: Heidi and Sarah are in a new position today for once!

Sarah says:
We never struck that pose on here! Something new for once.

Can I just say that i wake up every day now with these two heavy lines shooting out from my upper lip. Age lines. It's weird. One day they were all of a sudden just there. They go away in the day but I guess I sleep puckered up or something. Odd.

See The Wrestler! GREAT FILM!

Wednesday 25 February 2009: Heidi and Sarah welcome Jock from The Bollock Brother's to Face The Day!

Sarah says:
There you can see Heidi and I with very special Face The Day guest Jock McDonald from the British punk band The Bollock Brothers! It was really fun and good to meet Jock and to hear some of his stories. There’s a new album ready called Last Will and Testament. It will be out very soon! I’m sure we’ll all be hearing from Jock again soon! The Bollock Brothers are back in Belgium!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday and Tuesday 23 and 24 February: We didn't forget this time! We're just late!

Sarah says:
There we are outside for one yesterday - Tuesday, the 24th of February...

There we are on Monday the 23rd of February.

There above and below is Tomske with the great food he made on Sunday. Look at all the fruit! It was like eating sunshine! And Monday night he also cooked - he made us grilled cheese sandwiches! Tonight we'll go to the movies as our kid is away all week! Can't wait! Hope Slumdog lives up to the hype! Tomorrow night if possible I hope we'll get to see The Wrestler! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday 22 February 2009: Sarah forgot to take a photo on Saturday the 21st!!! That's the 3rd time in a short time! And forgot Post Secret last week...

Sarah says:
Wow - I forgot to take a photo again. Why is that? Part of the slump I'm in I guess. I hibernated Friday night and went out Saturday night with two girlfriends. We saw the movie Two Lovers. I didn't like it because I didn't like any of the characters - especially Joachim's. I wish I had seen The Wrestler or Slumdog. I love movies though - even the bad ones. They just take me away...
Today I have tons of work to do. The great thing is that my husband has taken on the task of cooking quite an elaborate meal for us and his parents and brother today. I would love it if he started to enjoy cooking and started cooking more. It's such a treat to be cooked for. I can't wait to taste the food!
I forgot to pick a Post Secret last week. I went on the site and none caught my eye and that was that. This week there were a few goodies! I like the one below about getting laid-off because it seems to be such a fact of life these days for so many people and that sucks and is sad. With that said - there's always an up side to everything, right? Just see the Post Secret below!

Friday, February 20, 2009

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY, 20 February 2009: Heidi and Sarah are ready for the weekend and have rainbows on their rainbows....

Sarah says:
Week - end. Ready for it. No kid this weekend. Lots of work to do and to get through. Need to catch up on some sleep. Just want to crash and hibernate actually. Gotta get on with it. Don't know what is wrong with me. I need some mental energy back. Run down. Need the injection of spring into my head to put a spring back in my step! Can't wait to go to Floirda in March and to see people from outside my Belgian world. I love my Belgian world but I need a dose of my American family right now. I really can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday 19 February 2009: Is that Heidi's hair or an animal on her head and where did Sarah's neck and youth go to? It's UGLY day!

Heidi says:
Thank you, Sarah, for calling me ugly and calling my hair an animal.
I don't agree with ugly day!

Sarah says:
It feels like UGLY DAY over here at Face The Day! I feel so UGLY these days! Can't help it! Just do! Don't even know why! I have no neck. That might be one reason! And I see my self aging all of a sudden faster than usual. I am getting those brown aging spots on my face - or they have always been there but are surfacing more and more. And my hair is greying at a faster pace. It's just one of those weeks. My period is probably due and that's why I am feeling so rotten about myself. But it might also be from inside out. Who knows! This will pass!

With all that said, last night I took the below photo and I really like it! I think I will grow old quite beautifully strangely enough. That doesn't worry be so much! It's just the process right now! I just feel it and see it and know I'll be 40 pretty, pretty soon and I don't even know what 40 means and I think women look best in their 40s actually - but these last years of 30 feel challenging for some reason!!! Oh don't even listen to me. I'm just one of many women who is freaking out of her mind and way too hard on herself!

Plus I wish I were skinnier! But you know that so..... Sick, sick sick!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday 15 February 2009: Check out Heidi's haircut!

Sarah says:
Heidi got her haircut! That would usually be headline news at Face The Day! Life is a rush, a blur, an ache, a panic and racing heart, an ear-flutter, a bad sleep, a racing mind and then some. No time to give ourselves to Face right now! I MISS IT! But please do note that Heidi did get her haircut! :-)
Heidi says:
Yes, I got my haircut! I need time to get used to it. In my head I have a bob with a short and straight pony. I will have that bob with short pony till the day I die (in my head anyway). I have had that since my 19th, and it always comes back. It expresses who I am. But now not anymore because it is gone! Anyway, this is not important! It really isn't!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday 17 February 2009: Today life is a blur for Heidi and Sarah!

Sarah says:
Blurry day! Blurry head! Would love to relax and be a couch potato tonight but that won't happen. Too much to do....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thursday 12 February - Friday 13 February - Saturday 14 February - NO PHOTO Sunday 15 February and Today - Monday 16 February 2009: FTD is LATE!!!

Sarah says:
Haven't had any time lately and forgot my camera this weekend! That's me above today - Monday the 16th - still with a yellow snaggle tooth! It's a new week. My daughter and I made a deal to look at the sunshine in everything that makes us sad or worried this week! That's what we are going to do! On the flipside of bad is good. Trying to teach that to a 9 year old is hard. So this week we are going to make an effort because that child carries way too much worry on her shoulders and is way too in tune with everyone's emotions. A little martyr she is and it's painful to watch. I can't always pretend that everything is great to protect her little worrying heart and head but I can teach her that generally things turn out okay and that people can get through just about everything.
There above you can see my husband an I on my phoe on Satuday the 14th - Valentine's Day. Can you feel the love? Man I LOVE that man! He's the greatest! We had a nice and relaxed weekend together. But I forgot to take a photo Sunday the 15th - which is the second time in a week!!! I'll get better at this again one day soon I'm sure!

And there above you can see a weird Heidi and me on Friday the 13th - creepy!!! Light and dark!

There above you can see Heidi and Nancy admiring the SNOW that fell here on Thursday the 12th! It was fantastic to see - even though it only lasted 10 minutes. Then it turned into rain!

And there above you can see Heidi and me mid-snow on the same day - Thursday the 12th of February. That SNOW made us so HAPPY for a second! I just wanted to be a kid again and throw snowballs and have a day off from school and get up to no good! But as I said above, since it melted in about 10 minutes that dream melted quickly as well!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday 11 February 2009: Heidi and Sarah (aka Peaches&Herb) are reuLIGHTED and it's oh so good, reuLIGHTED 'cause they understood...

Sarah says:
I have a painful growing throbbing red pimple right smack between my nose and upper lip. Good thing the photo is dark and you can't see it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday 10 february 2009: A NO PHOTO DAY AT FACE THE DAY

Heidi says:
I really start to long for spring now! It is so cold and grey and rainy here. When I was biking home yesterday, I was moaning because my hands were so so cold. I don't think I ever felt such intense pain in my hands. It felt like someone had hit them hard with a hammer. By the time I was home, I could hardly get the door open because my hands were so stiff... The good thing abut biking to work in no matter what weather conditions might be that I am sick less often. Maybe it makes my resistance better. I hope that is true!
Tonight fasciatherapy! I have been doing this 4 times already and I don't feel like it did much for me yet, but I won't give up. I think my shoulder and neck need movement and massage and so that is what I'll be giving it.

Sarah says:
No photo today. Just black. Or white. Depending how you look at it. And how your eyes work. And on what's between your head.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday 09 February 2009: Heidi is a wild and wet woman after a swim as Sarah tries not to get splashed!

Sarah says:
I really envy that Heidi swims during her lunch break. I just don't have that in me. I am a lazy fathead!
Heidi says:
I love that I swam at noon! I feel fresh (except for my eyes) and alive and it feels good that I did some exercising. I am trying to believe that my shoulder and neck will hurt less if I move a bit. I would like to swim once a week and I will start doing yoga in march. All this should help to get rid of my pain...

Sunday 08 February 2009: Sarah's fang stays as yellow as usual and her kid gets a haircut!

Sarah says:
My fangs are still as yellow as ever so that whitening product hasn't worked after 14 days!!!!!!!! A shame and a scam or those fangs are just rotten to the core!
My kid cut her hair short and straight! I love that girl you see wrapped around me up there in that photo! She is MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Above and belo you can find my fave Post Secrets of the week. The above one is just great and funny and a fab idea and the below one is sort of how I feel about life and death.

Saturday evening 07 February 2009: Sarah enjoys the Ansatz der Maschine gig in K-town and has fun seeing old bandmates Filip and Jan!

Sarah says:
It was fun and made me happy to see Filip (above and below) and Jan (below) again after so long Saturday night at the Ansatz der Maschine gig in Kortrijk. Jan plays drums and keyboards in that band. As you may recall, we three were in our old band Greyn together once upon a time. I miss the band. I miss singing the most. But I also just miss being in touch with Filip and Jan. Peter was of course also in Greyn with us and I miss him in a whole other way. He's on all of our minds still. I wish I could see Filip and Jan more since we are all alive still. It just made me really happy to see them both but also made me sad because it reminded me that Peter wasn't with us anymore.

The Ansatz der Maschine gig was really fantastic. It's a great album too. I have to say that because we made it at work - but still! It's really good and the concert really was fabulous. They ave come a long way and make some serious, well-worked out, beautiful sounds. I totally loved the whole horn section. Sometimes all that music just echoed right through me. I loved it!

You can see in the photo below just how much I love my husband! Look how I am looking at him! We were really in love this weekend for some reason and quite happy with what we have together. You have to stop and realize what you have sometimes because it is super easy to take a good thing for granted and it can all be gone in a flash!

I recommend buying the Ansatz der Maschine CD that just came out. It's a goody!!! The band can really be proud of what they have done. If you can, see them live because that's even greater than the CD if you ask me.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thursday 05 February, Friday 06 February and Saturday 07 February: Heidi and Sarah have a guest, they strike a pose and Sarah has great eyebrows!

Sarah says:
Hard to kee up with this blog every day but we do our best!!! That's Heidi and I above with an old colleague Vanessa (on Thursday the 5th of February) who popped in to say hello! It was great to see her and to catch up!
Above you can see us on Friday the 6th of February outside for once - it was sunny and 10 degrees!!! We have never had this particular pose on here so there you go! Something new on Face The Day! It was hard week for us but things improved as the week went on! All's well in Heidi and Sarah Face The Day land....

And there above is me today on Saturday the 7th of February showing off my freshly plucked eyebrows! I love them! She does a perfect job!
By the way - after hours of trying and failing, I think I ACTUALLY GOT MADONNA TICKETS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'll only believe it wehn I get the notification in the mail. But I really think I did it and I'l get to see Madonna perform in Belgium on the 11th of July!!!!! Imagine that! It's not that I am such a Madonna fan anymore - but I used to be and I can still enjoy the music and the show for sure - and I have always wanted to see her live!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday 04 February 2009: Sarah is surviving on just 2 hours of sleep today and it shows! What is Heidi's face showing?

Sarah says:
Because of something I was busy with for work I ended up staying up till around 6:15 am!!! I have not pulled an all-nighter like that in ages. I slept from 6:15 till 8:15 I think. I actually feel quite okay. I thought I would feel far worse. Maybe it will hit me tomorrow. Below you can se a lovely photo of me (haha) at around 6am I think without any sleep. Does it show? Of course it does! What's up with my mouth? I just look weird! Heidi has a weird face above too - as do I. I hope I can fall asleep fast tonight. I wish I had energy to clean up my bedroom because there are clothes everywhere and it's driving me mad. But if I go to my bedroom tonight it's to go to sleep!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday 03 February 2009: Is that a real smile on Sarah's face or a fake one? Can you tell?

Sarah says:
Can you see into my soul on here and tell how I am really feeling? Is that a real smile above or a fake one? What facinates me about life over the last several months is that deep down I can feel really awful and sad and yet not feel that way at all on the surface - and that goes for the other way around too. I can feel pretty great and unphased at the core yet bothered, stressed and annoyed at the surface. From my dad to work to home - there are so many things I can't or chose not to write about on here so how can anyone who "knows" me really know how I am feeling. Half the time I don't even know. I think my main feeling of the last several months below and above the surface is a strange sort of lonliness - the sort that comes from the whole "we are born alone and we die alone" idea. It's pretty existential lonliness I must admit (although "ass mit" sure had a pleasant ring to it!:-) - for which there's no cure. As I have sad before on here - generally for me it's disappointment and any sort of abandonment (real or imagined) that triggers this feeling in me. And the confusing thing for me is what I mentioned above - that though the feeling is quite a constant and not a really nice feeling to have tugging at my being - I still can feel really light and really joyful at the same time. So the smile above is both fake and real. Fake - because I am feeling very challenged and troubled and sad and torn and let down right now and Real because I am feeling hopeful and happy and excited and encouraged... Things sure can get confusing in this Gemini-head of mine!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday 02 February 2009: Sarah got boots that don't hurt her back so far so she can dress like a "lady" again. Heidi walks in the snow!

Sarah says:
I GOT BOOTS AND I AM WEARING A DRESS!!! Imagine that! Since my back operation I have avoided all and any shoes that give me even the slightest amount of pain in my back. That means I have really only been able to wear my boring black sneakers, which has meant jeans, jeans and more jeans! I have a great pair of really nice and expensive black boots that I basically can never wear again because the minute I put them on, the thing heal gets my back hurting and I feel miserable and regret it! I hope, hope, hope these new "Clarks" boots don't hurt my back and that can re-discover all my nicer clothes again! Man how I have missed them! Maybe you'll finally see me in other outfits on here once again instead of the same old stuff as usual day after day - literally! :-)
Could be that I have a back ache tomorrow from these new boots and that all this euphoria is for nothing. But right now I am HAPPY as can be to be wearing a dress and boots. I have to say that I actually don't feel so great in this dress or in any clothes because I have gained some weight. On the other hand, I feel just fine. It's weird. It depends from minute to minute. I'd like to lose a fat roll or two and probably will come spring as that often happens without effort. Winter generally always means packing on some extra pounds. One day I'll be skinny and happy! HAHAHAHA - I'm really just joking. It's all down hill fromhere until a doctor tells me I have to lose weight and get fit or I'll have a heart attack! Anyway - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS! :-) That's progress!

Heidi says: walking in the snow at noon eases your mind...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday 01 Febuary 2009 - It's FLASHBACK FIRST OF THE MONTH AT FAE THE DAY WITH HEIDI AND SARAH - Take a walk through the last 3 years!

Sarah says:
It's Flashback 1st of the Month here at Face the Day! That's me above today, 01 February 2009. Hopefully Heidi will post a photo fo her today too if she has time! I think you can see me getting older if you compare all these photos. It's normal - I am getting older. I am getting closer and closer to 40 and the face really seems to change in the late 30s as opposed to the early and mid 30s. My hair is greying at a wild pace. My eyes are getting smaller as my lids get heavier. I just see it. I feel okay about it but I guess I just feel the need to name it all nonetheless! I am very tired in the photo above whereas not so tired in those below. I find that I can't hide the tiredness as well anymore. With all that said, I always have this feeling that maybe next to the 20s, women often look their best in their 40s - as the kids get older and all. That's not always the case but I have a feeling it might be with me. In the 40s so many women just look so self-assured and like they feel okay with themselves and like they have found the style that suits them best. Their faces are between youthful and more mature and it's a lovely combination so much of the time.

There above you can see me and Heidi exactly 1 year ago today on 01 February 2008. Via this link you can return to that day in our lives and see what we were up to.
And there we are above exactly 2 years ago today on 01 February 2007. Click here to learn more about what was going on that day in our little worlds...
And there we are above exactly 3 years ago today on 1 Feebruary 2006! You can return to that day with us by clicking here!

And here's my Post Secret pick of the week. I chose it because I can relate so much! There are so many things I really want to do and learn but I just don't. Half the time I hae no idea why not! Is it because I am too lazy? Too busy? Too much of a thinker and not a do-er? I wish I had more energy and time to do all the things I dreal of doing. There are just so many things that often instead of just trying even one I end up doing none! I don't like that about myself at all! My "bucket-list" is ├╣mega-long!

And last but not least - I am truly sad to say that the tooth -whitener that I have been using as instructed twice a day for 7 days has had very very little if any result as you can see in the photo taken today just below as compared with the one taken 7 days ago. Of course the light is different in each photo which makes it hard to compare - but still - it doesn't work! My fangs remain as yellow as usual and I am not happy about that! My dentist refuses to help me find a solution because he says I have no teeth problems at all so just to leave my teeth alone and not invite problems. Sometimes whitening products and procedures can weaken your teeth and make your gums more sensitive. I have found the sensitive gums part to be true this week and have noticed that I have had a bad taste in my mough since I started using this whitener - and that food doesn't taste as good! This is the second sort of whitener I have tried - both without results. I might just have to give up and accept my ugly yellow fangs after all. Unless anyone out there has any good suggestions?
Above photo shows yellow fang one week ago and below one shows just as yellow fang today - which means the tooth-whitener DID NOT WORK!!!!! :-(