Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday 30 March 2006: Superhero Jade blast fights the weather and Sasquatch girl hides herself after a bad experiment

Heidi says: Another sad typical belgian weather day. I'm still not feeling well. My head is not fresh and my belly hurts, and yesterday I hit my little toe against the metal chair leg of our trendy orange couch. I was so angry at myself that I cried for at least 20 minutes. That is why today you will not see a picture of me. I didn't bring my camera. Sorry. (no worries -- Sarah saved the day!)

I hope Sarah will be back soon! I'm sure you do too!

Sarah says:
I'm back but just very quickly and you probably don't want to see me looking like this but that's how I look and feel today. Again no sleep. I'm sure this will all pass in a day or two and it'll all be back to normal again... Here Heidi and I look a bit in a rush and not that great - ready to head out into the rain!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday 29 March 2006: Heidi is in an unhappy mood and Sarah has left the building...

Heidi says: I'm in an unhappy mood because I have belly aches all the time and I am sick of it! It takes away all my new energy and makes me not able to do nice things! I'm really fed up! Does any of you have advice for an Irritable bowel syndrome patient named Heidi?

Sarah says:
Didn't sleep the whole damn night. A mess today! Well-- days are better than nights actually! Cough = worse back pain = feel terrible. Everything is hitting all the wrong nerves! Luckily cough medicine and pain killers exist :-(!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday 28 March 2006: Here's a blast from the Heidi and Sarah archives past - 2001/2 New Year's

That was a couple of months into the first year of Heidi and Sarah's friendship. It was New Year's 2001/02 we think.

My how Heidi and Sarah have changed in just 5 short years!

Let us know if we looked better than or if we look better now?!

Heidi says: I think better!!! better better better!
I vomitted this morning. That is a very unusual thing for me to do... That is why I need to tell everyone :)

Sarah says:
I have been ill and not around. After going to the doctor, I stopped by at one of my favorite people in the world's home for a yummy lunch and some TLC, which she always offers plenty of! Thanks TV for everything!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday 27 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah look up to you all with great admiration and respect and would never cheat on any of you ever…

Heidi says:
Europe has changed her clock to summer hour which means: cranky tired people with aches and pains who are wanking all day long about their tiredness and pains and aches... There is something very positive about summer hour though: it is light until 8:30 pm! And that is wonderful! wonderful! wonderful! ISN'T IT, JB?

Sarah says:
I am very tired today and am getting a bad cough! When I cough it hurts the bad part of my back bad. Wears me out I tell ya! But tomorrow I am free as a bird and can rest and revel in my free day and tonight Lost is on so I can escape into that! My dad left today. It always makes me feel a little blue when someone leaves. But a good time was had by al so I can’t complain! Check out my fave site Postsecret. Below is a goody from today! I don’t condone cheating or anything, not at all – but I hate bad relationships too and people who don’t treat each other with proper respect. So I’d say to the person who sent in that postcard: You go girl!

Sunday 26 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah turn into the superheroes they are as the sun sets on Sunday

Heidi says:
Another lovely and cosy day. Hanging out with N and my mom and my nephew J, and later a bike tour to Harelbeke and Stasegem. My first bike tour after a long while! I am so proud of myself. That might mean I am going to bike to work again soon! Olé!!

Sarah says:
Doesn’t it look like we are about to turn into our super-hero selves here? I the hairy beast and Heidi the green girly! That’s what happens at night. We won’t do you any harm. We might even save your life! We surely would if we could! Go to our friend Snowbro’s page (see link over to right) and name his superheroes please! Hey Snowbro—can I make a shirt for myself to perform in of Sasquatch Girl? I’ll give you credit.

Saturday 25 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah celebrate spring with Sarah's dad and a whole bunch of others...

Heidi says:
What a cosy day! I spent it with Sarah and her family and some friends. Actually, I felt like I was part of the family! (Friend A told me that I overuse explanation marks!!!!! I will not stop doing that as I do that to show my enthusiasm. But thank you A for noticing that!!)

Sarah says:
What a lovely and heart-warming day celebrating my daughter’s rite of passage through spring. We are so lucky to have so many good friends and family. I had a great day! My friend AS and I started Friday night by making great carrot-tofu soup. Saturday we saw my kid perform in a play about playgrounds. She was the mayor in a big black hat. Her first show. Her first lines. I got tears in my eyes when she marched on through the theatre with her classmates. Then we returned to my house and ate and drank all day with family and friends. I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all. My dad was here too visiting. There was a funny moment when all the Belgians were gathered, rather, stuffed into our TV room and my dad was on the other side of the room alone reading his book about Abe Lincoln. Amazingly, he allowed Heidi and I to take a photo with him for our site. Not surprisingly, he didn’t even put his book down during the photo and just kept on reading!

Look at the photo below on the same day. I’d say I look like a mother there –older and proud – certainly in my mid-thirties. Heidi also has a different and older look here. It’s strange. Maybe it was just the light. Anyway – it was a really lovely day.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday 24th of March 2006: We have nothing interesting to say!

Sarah says: Just another day in all the days. Got my eyebrows done this morning. Can you tell? Rainy freaking day here. I have nothing on my face in this photo other than eye make-up. I look rough. Usually I have a little tinted moisturizer and every now and then some cover-up. Today my face is naked. I need a facial. I have nothing interesting to say today. Have a good weekend.

Heidi says: I really really don't know what to say. I am having a writer's block, provided that that exists for people who write crap every day... :) Oh well, you know, for me it's all about the picture!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday 23 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah are angelic today even though Heidi is in a bitchy, bad mood and Sarah has a neck cramp all of a sudden...

Heidi says:
Sarah yelled 'we are so good' and this is the result! You would almost believe we are little angels. But hey, don't be mistaken, we can be very naughty. I am in a bad mood today. If I don't stop myself, I would snap at everyone who dares to speak to me. Why? I don't know cause the sun is out and usually that makes me happy! Anyone wanna make me happy? Give it a shot!

Sarah says:
We are good. As good as it gets. Goody-two-shoes. Pretty pretty pretty good (as Larry David would say). My dad just arrived here. He surely never checks this blog. I look like my dad and my mom. My mom checks this blog. Hi mom if you are checking this blog. Don't we look like angels?

We did it, we found the first flowers on this lovely sunny day! Heidi lost her keys and found them again so her mood is bad going on good. Good soup was had by all. Great bread. Hope you are all enjoying this sunshine on your shoulders. Hope you are all feeling gay...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday 22 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah are ladies of the 80s and welcome to our new weekly feature: Belly-shot Wednesday!

Heidi says:
The eighties are back! Long live the eighties! Well actually I'm not such an eighties-fan but I couldn't stop myself from dressing like this this morning. Since I am getting fatter every day, there are not a lot of clothes I can still wear and I hate to wear the same all the time. So luckily I found this checkered dress and combined it with my exercising pants and black boots. Not bad if I may say so myself! Actually I might look a bit sixties like this too! What do you think, eighties or sixties? Or an impression of the sixties that was done in the eighties? By the way, my belly is obviously growing! :)

Sarah says:
Yeah-yeah, I know, we're looking good again today! I don't know what's gotten into us! It's a world record! Isn't Heidi just glowing! She's getting fatter. My face is staying thinner. Life oh life oh life. Did you know I get drunk from being around drunk people and high from being around high people - who needs drinks and drugs, eh!. I love this postsecret card put on the site last Sunday. There is something very joyous about it. I am into joy right now. More joy, less pain! More dreams! Less nightmares!

Now it's time for BELLY-SHOT WEDNESDAY! Each Wednesday we'll get a shot of Heidi's growing belly so that we can document her pregnancy and Sarah can enjoy watching Heidi grow fatter for once! Here's the first one for you! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday 21 March 2006: Sarah drops the soap and Heidi takes advantage of life behind bars...

Heidi says:
We are trapped! Help us! This is such a nice spring day (happy spring everybody!!) and there we are, behind bars. I wish I could be outside, walking or biking, or doing whatever... Thank god it's almost weekend! :)

Sarah says:
Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage… or something like that. I too know why the caged bird sings. I want to break free. I wanna be your dog. Help – I just dropped a bar of soap and Heidi took advantage of me when I bent down to pick it up! Sicko! Psycho! I remember Vera Lynn. I’m flying over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Walking the Green Mile. I’ll show you my very own Shawshank Redemption. Where the hell is Tom Hanks when you need him! In a minute I’m going to be a dead-man walking. Call Sister Previn for me fast – connect me with Sean Penn. Throw me a rope. Get me out of here. I’m scared mommy!!!!

By the way, I just found out my prison bitch name would be “rump ranger” and Heidi’s would be “fudge packer”. This is a sick site with naughty links so be careful where you view it! Dang there’s something for everyone on the net. The Net is a sick place. It should be in prison. We all should!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday 20 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah are on a roll folks! Look how FANTASTIC they look once again! Pink or blue? Boy or girl? You would love to know!

Heidi says:
look how fresh Sra and me are looking today! You would almost think we feel fresh! :) (long live make-up!)

Sarah says:
Wow! Two good shots in a row! The strange thing is that I am sleeping so terribly lately but looking wide awake! I’m sure it’s only because my face got a bit thinner! There can be no other explanation.
Look at this fun site my buddy MS hooked me up with.
This is the definition of Sarah
This is Heidi
This is the definition of a word we use often: wanker
I think we have to make a definition of Face The day, don’t you?

Sunday 19 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah look GREAT today! Don't you think?

Heidi says:
I had a great Sunday! There was nothing spectacular about it, but it was cosy and sunny! And I used my bike again after a loooooong time. My energy is coming back! Almost time for swimming and biking again! I missed that badly!

Sarah says:
Man what a "good-busy" weekend of getting my attic bedroom in order! I love it as I said yesterda! It's wonderful! By the time Heidi showed up at my house for a photo, I was rushing to get ready to go out to dinner with the Flair bon. I think I look really good in this photo (if I do say so myself). Nothing like a rosey cheek to perk up a tired face! Have you noticed that my face is looking less fat again? I'm happy about that! It won't last of course but I'll enjoy it whilst I can! It was a great weekend for me too! I love room changes! My house is fresh and new to me. So much potential! Lovin' it!

Saturday 18 March 2006:Heidi and Sarah romp around in Sarah's new bed in her new bedroom!!!!

Heidi says:
exhausted, tired, feeling sick, almost fainting... but only went to bed at 2 am after a wedding party of my cousin. The day was nice, with a brunch for good friend Alexander's birthday, a visit to Sarah and this wedding party. It was all about food that day!

Sarah says:
That's my attic!! That's my new bedroom and my new bed-sheets and my porno-closet! I slept in this lovely room for the first time tonight and it's just fantastic! I really love it. It makes me happy. Finally, I have a room of my own and a room with a view! Heidi popped over to check it out and we took a bunch of photos. This one isn't that great but at least you see the room a bit! I love it!!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday 17 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah are green with envy, money, sea-sickness, spinach in their teeth and the luck of the Irish...

Heidi says:

My friend Katrijn and me used to celebrate Saint Patrick's day when we studied in Antwerp (and when I was an Ireland-freak. Yep, this girl was obsessed with everything that had to do with Ireland). We had such good times! I will never forget! So this day is a bit the day of our friendship! Trijntje, I love you!!!!

Sarah says:
All, well most, of my ex-boyfriends or shall I rather say bed-mates were Irish American boys. So I used to have a little Irish in me. No longer I'm afraid. those days are over I'm afraid, I mean I'm happy to say. Have a goody!

Friday afternoon NEWFLASH!!!!!

Heidi says:
great fun on friday afternoon, waving to a webcam in Kortrijk and calling our friend JB in Portland so that we can wave at him!

Sarah says:
We were in Kortrijk together and decided to stand under the main church tower on the Grote Markt and wave to our friend JB in America! Technology is GRAND! We called him and he was just awake. He got on his computer and clicked on the Kortrijk webcam site where you can watch what's happening live on the square. And JB saw us!!!!! Isn't that great? We had so much fun waving to him and jumping up and down flying our scarves in the air. The funny thing is he could see my big Zita Swoon bag more than he could see us!
While we were standing there the guy in the below photo came up to us and said something like: "aren't you the girls with the daily photo site and arn't you in a band Greyn or something". We were all blushing and feeling "famous". We asked him how he knew and he said because my husband told him and was sitting in the cafe next to us! So we were tricked! The one day I am free to wander the streets of Kortrijk and I choose to jump up and down in one spot on the Kortrijk Grote Markt with Heidi to wave to the webcam at our buddy JB in America is the one day my husband happens to be sitting in a cafe watching me do this without my knowing it!!! Anyway, it was FUNNY! And the guy who tricked us let us take his photo. He's a writer named Jan Dheedene who wrote the book: "Fraude in Shanghai". You can find more info about him and his book at his site

Thanks Jan Dheedene for playing a good joke on Heidi and Sarah's egos and being our Face The Day guest! Good luck with your book!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday 16 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah slowly become hairy beasts as Sarah teaches Heidi how to be a Bigfoot-Sasquatch too...

Heidi says:
Let the sunshine! Let the sunshine! The sunshine in!!!!!
Frank (for those who don't know who this is: he is our weatherman!) said that the sun would break through. Well now, Frank, where is she?

And when is Sabine coming back? (for those who don't know who she is: she is our weatherbabe! Our friend JB loves her!)

Sarah says:
I'm a hairy beast. You should see my leg hair. I need to get waxed fast! I also need an eyebrow job again! What's up with that? And there is that bad colored sweater again! Do I never learn! I had a nice 10th wedding anniversary last night. We were cooked for! It was lovely! Nice meal! I am so happy we made it through the last 10 years. It's never easy, is it!? Marriage, relationships. Challenges I tell ya! But yee haw, we made it this far and them was some good years! :-)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday 15 March 2006: Heidi is unbelievable and wants to "sport" and Sarah imagines three-ways with Mormons on her 10th wedding anniversary!

Heidi says:
Still happy, it is unbelievable! Or maybe not. I am getting my energy back and that means a lot to me. I wanna bike and swim and exercise again! This body will not get fat where it doens't have to be fat! Bring on my superpowers!

Sarah says:

With that all said, I still can fully understand and agree with the feelings expressed in this Post Secret card:

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday 14 March 2006: Heidi isn't actually feeling like she looks here but Sarah surely is...

Heidi says:
This photo doesn't at all show how I really feel today! I feel bright and happy today, even though I have a belly ache that has been going on already for days and nights. I'm fighting against it! I wanna win! Those belly aches have started when I was 13 years old. That was the year that I had a belly ache every single day. Doctors diagnosed the very 'nice' irritable bowel syndrome, which means that nothing is really wrong with me but I can get belly aches very often because of several reasons like food allergies, stress, too little sleep... The good thing is: it's not dangerous. The bad thing is: there is no cure. So, since my 13th I have been struggling with those sometimes very bad cramps, and no doctor has ever been able to make it easier for me. Life is a fight, right? Anyway, I don't wanna complain about it, I just wanna tell you how it is. And that I feel happy today, even with my stupid pain! It's a new strategy. Let's see if it works!

Sarah says:
I'm blue today. Nothing much to say. Tired.
Here's a postcard from my fave site Postsecret
Spread joy. That's what I'm sayin...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday 13 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah see sun and look forward to spring and all the little sheep it will bring with it...

Heidi says:
Happy news for me and my dear N! We are pregnant!
Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if you were wondering why I looked so sick and miserable lately, you know the answer. If you were wondering why I didn't talk about exercising anymore, you've got your answer. From now on, I will only gain weight and look fatter day by day! But it's worth it! Completely!!!! :))

Sarah says:
NO!!!! I AM NOT THE FATHER YOU SICKOS! And stop calling Heidi fat! By the way Heiditje, in English the whole "we" are pregnant thing sounds funny! Maybe you can see, "we are expecting". :-)
It's a bright and sun-shiny photo today but there's no brightness in my eyes! You can almost see my pain. I can anyway. Saturday morning this half-alive superhero had an MRI to see my slipped disc more closely. I actually enjoyed the experience of going into that machine. It took about 10 minutes and it was very noisy. There were all these DEVO-like beats -- I was writing songs in my head to pass the time inspired by the MRI sounds. So by the end of the week we'll have a clearer view on the state my disc is in. I don't want to live with stupid tiring pain anymore! I get through my days all right but sleeping is always hell and it's not getting better but worse. And I can see it in my eyes in this photo. I am a bit drained and worn out! I need real rest but don't find it! Today I am pretty achey all over due to bad sleeps and climbing up and down to bring everything to the attic. By the end of each day I almost can't walk. It's scary and freaky. I can easily imagine my legs falling out from under me all due to some screwed up nerve reaction and some short circuit in my brain that tells my legs to stop so as not to cause me pain. I hope I find a solution to this. I don't care what it is. I really don't want to be in pain anymore. I have almost had enough of it. Again, I easily get through my days and get energy from somewhere and feel okay and try to have a good attitude but right now I am tired. My back is really tired. I want the MRI results and I want to get on with this so I can feel my age again and not get my spirit down! It sucks to feel old at age 34! I have so much to do still and so much mental energy to use up! I so look forward to the day I feel great again and can run around again and dance around again and throw my kid up in the air again! It will come. I am sure of that. I am a superhero after all!

Sunday 12 March 2006: Sarah simply passes the time on Sunday. Is her smile real or fake? Heidi has news and will tell you on Monday! Can you guess?

Heidi says:
Guess guess guess. The picture says it all... :)

Sarah says:
Just a regular Sunday really. Family meal at a restaurant -- that's not so regular but anyway, the day passed, the weekend passed. The best part of the weekend was getting my ATTIC ready!! I can't wait! You know, this Wednesday I will be married for 10 freaking years already! I think it's a great thing that the week of our 10th wedding anniversary that we are moving to a new bedroom. Perhaps it's just what we need! My attic is the perfect place for a superhero to sleep. If trouble calls, I can hop out of my tower and climb down the electrical wires and save all the people in need. I can jump from roof to roof and put out fires. I can swing from tree to tree (I am a hairy superhero beasty thing afterall). I can see the whole neighborhood with a bird's eye view and make sure that there's nothing really bad going on! See how seriously I take my new superhero status? They don't call me Sasquatch Girl for nothing!

Saturday 11 March 2006: Sarah uses her superhero powers to move clothes from one floor to another all day and Heidi can't decide: out or not?

Heidi says:
Will I or will I not open this door and leave the house? No, actually this is fake. I did go out and saw my friends Barbara and Sofie play and I was surprised! It is not the style of music I like, but I think they really did great and have a future in the folkworld! Congratulations darlings!!!!

Sarah says:
This is one of those "shoot-I-forgot-to-take-a-photo-today-I-had-better-take-one-fast-in-the-bathroom-in-front-of-my-red-shower-curtain-before-I-wash-off-my-make-upand-go-to-sleep photos!" It was an average Saturday full of clothingreloaction and broken backs therfore. Friday night I watched Crash with Heidi. Not much to say about it other than I don't think it deserved the Oscar. It did make me think about a few things and the acting wasn't half-bad or anything but why all the hype? Hey -- this photo captures my wandering eye perfectly! See how it goes up when I don't have my glasses on?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday 10 March 2006: Sarah and Heidi show off their new superhero status!

Sarah and Heidi can't get enough of it! They are training their muscles, trying out their new superpowers, starting to feel masters of the world. But the most important thing right now is that it is almost weekend! What are their plans? Who will they save from boredom and frustration? Themselves maybe?

Sarah says: I am a superhero! I am a superhero! I found the Bigfoot within me! Maybe Snowbro can make me turn into Nessie the Loch Ness Monster sometimes too! Maybe I can be the superhero who becomes all those things people have wondered about but never really seen! And on Halloween and Carnival I can be the superhero who dresses like the tooth-fairy or Santa Claus. I want to be a superhero with a sick sense of humor! I want to mess with people’s minds. I want to be the Larry David of Superheroes and have a sceptical stare I use to seek the truth from all the bad liars out there! Can I, Can I Snowbro? Can I be a funny truth-seeking powerful hairy and slimy monster-superhero?

Heidi says: Sarahtje! Sarahtje! Sarahtje! As long as you don't become the mean hero, it's all ok! Do you know that X-box-game Fable? You can become the superhero, the person that everyone likes and wants to marry and have kids with, or you can choose to be the vilain, the asshole, the monster. What will it be Sarah? Will you choose the bad path? It's all about the choices we make!
This weekend I am going to make myself happy, and some friends. Tomorrow night, two of my best friends from school and my youth are performing live with their band in Heule. I wish them all the best and hope they win the contest! I'll be there to support them (and I will use my superpowers to make them win, although that will not be necessary, I'm sure!). Stay tuned for a premiere on Monday! ;)

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Heidi and Sarah Face The Day's best friend Snowbro
made us SUPERHEROES!!! Heidi and Sarah's DREAM has come true!!!
Please go to Snowbro's site and tell him what a good job he has done! He's the best! Sarah's dream of being closer to Big foot and Chewbacca has come true thanks to Snowbro! Heidi is one cool GREEN superhero!

Snowbro -- we have added a link to the right to your site that will stay here always -- THANKS FOR DOING THIS FOR US!!!! You have ended our fight! Heidi and Sarah are in love with each other again!

By the way - here is what Snowbro wrote along with the photo:

They were going to call their blog, "Heidi and Sarah SAVE the Day," but they figured that would be too cliche.

Resident heroes of Earth-H, they have fought along such great heroes as Overtaker and The Mountain. Heidi becomes Jade Blast, capable of firing powerful green energy blasts and also having the ability to transform the energy into solid shapes, like bubble containments and energy shields.

Sarah can transform into Sasquatch Girl. Super Scientists have been trying to figure out HOW she can become this powerhouse at will but they are up in air as to whether she was always super strong and was bitten by a werewolf or perhaps her dad was the superhero called Mammoth and she just simply inherited his abilites.

Regardless, they are always welcomed heroes of New Power City.

Thursday 09 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah have a têtê-à-têtê and try to work things out by putting all their hate for eachother on the table...

Heidi says:
my skin is burning! It burns burns burns...
Sarah and me are trying to be friends again. It's really difficult after all she's done to me (she hit me with a stick, pulled my hair, set fire to my face, put my head in the microwave, strangled me, attacked me with a knife, kicked me and almost stabbed me with a sword) but I'll try. Eh Sarahtje? We'll try huh? For our peeping Toms' sake...

Sarah says:
Lies! Lies! Lies! All lies I tell ya! And leave Tom out of it Heidi! Heidi spat at me. Stank up my car. Stole my coffee and poured it onto my lap. Pinched me hard all over. Slapped me silly. Gave me a wedgie. Hit me with a rat-tail. She even pied my bed. Then she scratched me in the eye. Stole my kid and pretended it was hers. Called my husband fat and shredded my blanky.

With all that said, we are about 17 minutes away from working this little spat out...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday 08 March 2006: That's it -- Heidi and Sarah are gonna rumble - it's 3:00 high all over again. Knives, chains, you name it! Kill or be killed

Heidi says:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! .............

Sarah says:
The Warriors! Come out and play Heiditje! I'm gonna get ya, I'm gonna get ya! First I'm going to cut your throat. Then I'm going to eat your heart because I am hungry and need love. And Heidi -- How's AS going to feel now that you have broken her necklace! I mean that's pretty dang rude of you. Say you're sorry! C'mon! Say it!!!! Mean it meany!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday 07 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah continue their fight with Sarah sneaking up on Heidi from behind to bite off her shoulder...

Heidi says:
Leave me alone Sarah! Get off my back! Weirdo! Freak!
What is she doing there behind my back? I don't trust this situation. Gotta get out of here! Gotta get away! Help! Help!!!


Sarah says:
Heidi is my new enemy. I'm going to eat her. I'm hungry. Heidi tastes bad. Heidi has no taste. Heidi and I are a good lesbo couple you know. We even went to the Colruyt together last night and she picked out a good cleaning de-dusting thingy for me to use in my attic -- my NEW attic. I love my attic. Heidi is not welcome in my attic.I had such a good dream last night about old friends. I feel nostalgic today. I was hanging out with my 4 male friends from back in the day. It was a blast. I hated to wake up! I have nothing of any interest to say to you today. Leave me alone. I'm still on the rag.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday 06 March 2006: Sarah gets blinded and trapped by her necklace as Heidi just stares into the camera and doesn't help her at all!

Heidi says:
Sarah is going maaaaad! And I feel and look better and happier every day! woopeee!!!!

Sarah says:
Yeah -- mad AT HEIDI!! That's it! Heidi and I are in a fight! That's it! It's over! Heidi and I are over! (please excuse me-- I have my period right now and am in NO MOOD for ANYTHING!!!!! Arghhhh!!!!! Growl!!!!! and all that. Be warned: don't come near me today or I might bite your head off. Actually, I feel fine and happy and perky. I'm just bored so I am pretending to be annoyed and annoying and angry at Heidi. Nothing better to do right now! I had a great great weekend. Feeling good. The photo above, by the way, is real! My necklace was stuck in my galsses because before we took the picture I flipped my hair and then that's what happened. Heidi really didn't help me get it loose. I was trapped. I had no air in my lungs. It was awful. She just sat there and smiled and took invasive photos the bitch!

Sunday 05 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah take pictures of themselves with Jan De Smet taking pictures and the take a lot more pictures...

Heidi says:
I had a weird experience yesterday! I was sitting in a music theatre, with Nico and Alexander and Wout and ten thousand parents and children! OK, I'm exagerating! I don't know how many there were, but we were definitely the only people without children! We were there to see Arne Van Dongen and Jan De Smet play their Dutch versions of Woody Guthrie songs for children. (oh, maybe that's why there were so many children! I finally get it!) They did well! They were really funny and musically it was very entertaining. I would really like to go see De Nieuwe Snaar play now! That's Jan De Smet's band! They made a very beautiful song about Bob Dylan and I really want to hear them perform it live! By the way, I saw that Jan De Smet and me have more in common! I found his CV on some website in which he says he is fond of the fifties, Pin-ups and vinyl records! Me too, Jan, me too!!!!!! Long live Betty Page and fifties Rawk'n'roll and heavy vinyl!!!

Below photo: my headache is killing me...

Sarah says:
Greyn's drummer Filip Tanghe and his partner Els had another baby girl Saturday at around 5:35 in the morning. Her name is Oona. She's now the little sister of the lovely June. I love this silly photo of me at the hospital with Oona! I needed a special guest and she was all there and being all cute. Look, she's just a day old and I have little OOna smiling already for a Face The Day photo! She's destined to be the singer of the "Mini-Greyn's"! All these Greyn babies mama! Woo hoo. For a lovely photo of Filip, Els and Oona without my big dumb head in it, check out my Greyn blogsite now!
Greyn's guitar player is next in terms of babies! Me, I'm done with babies so don't even ask!

Heidi and I also decided to include a photo for you of our taking a Face The Day photo. Here we give you a special glimpse into the making of Face The Day! (haha!:)

Saturday 04 March 2006: Sarah shows you her haircut and introduces you to her special guests LE and EK. Heidi goes all whacky-eyed and sees spots!

Heidi says:
Me and ducky...

Sarah says:
Do you like my haircut? Nice, eh? I love it! Thanks Kapper Sonny in Harelbeke. Good work! My kid is happy too! Very happy.
May I introduce you to my special guests LE and her husband EK. They live in France. She's from The UK and America sort of. He's half American sort of but trés French. They are fab people who showed me and my husband a lovely time and their amazing house Saturday night! Man could I have a lot of fun on their stairs if only they'd let me! In my childhood home we used to put a mattress on the stairs and slide down over and over again! I must return to their house and do that one day. Can I? Please can I? I hope my kid marries one of theirs and that she spends hours upon hours sliding down the stairs there!