Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday 31 March 2009: The sun is shining in Heidi and Sarah's world - outside at least and that's a start!!!! :-)

Sarah says:
I have been trying to wear colors all winter and now the sun is shining and I am back in black! I need to change that. Out with the old, in with the new! That's what spring is all about, right? I need to do a serious spring cleaning of heart, body, soul, mind and closet! A life peeling! Everything looks brighter under the sun, right? Say it and it's true, say it and it's true, say it and it's true.... Believe it and it will be, believe it and it will be, believe it and it will be...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday 30 March 2009: We love vinyl

Sarah says:
Indeed we love vinyl and are going to miss it when we're gone or it's gone. May it outlive us and survive forever!

Note the ugly nails on me! Red!!! What was I thinking. It was just a way to avoid biting. Man of man do I want to bite badly lately! I also want to eat chocolate and cookies badly lately! But I'm not biting at all and I'm not eating any crap either! This is me showing strength of character!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday 29 March 2009: Sarah has a new friend called Flat Henry hanging out with her for a while and her kid gets up to no good while daddy sleeps...

Sarah says:
Meet Flat Henry. He's my little paper buddy. He's my friend Rachel's son. He'll be in Belgium with us for a while. We want to take a photo of him in interesting places. Maybe you can take Flat Henry with you somewhere and take a photo and send it to me. Going anywhere interesting in Belgium in the next week or so? Let me know. Want your photo with Flat Henry? Let me know. This is for a school project. Flat Henry has to get back to The States by end of April. He's like a part of our family now. Today we took him on a walk with us. He also hung out in the guinea pig cage for a bit but the pigs refused to come out of hiding to meet him. He slid through our mailbox. He wore an abandoned helmet. He went on a see-saw. Flat Henry is having the time of his life over here in Belgium!

My kid seemed to also be having the time of her life when I caught her putting make-up on her dad who had fallen asleep reading!!! He can sleep through anything! :-) I think she needs to find better colors for him. He's more of a Spring I think and she's using Summer colors!
There above is a photo from our full house last night! Lots of kids. Lots of fun. I love how our house can hold so many people with all its weird twists and floors and all. It really lives and gets used. I hope we never have to leave this house. Sometimes I worry we'll have to. We have to get about 20 new windows in double glass and a new front door. That is a very scary financial prospect in these difficult economic times. But we have to stop throwing away energy and having such high energy bills! And without new windows, we'd never even be able to sell the house if we had to. So you will be hearing a lot about windows on ere for the next year I'm afraid! It is a big focus of ours. It scares me but I can't wait until we have new ones and we have a winter without the heat blasting so high all the time and the cold air blowing through the glass!
And last but not least, I have to say I truly agree with this Post Secret pick of the week. People do not always look better so much skinnier. I often wonder how I would look if I lost the 40 or so pounds I probably should lose to be a healthy weight for my height and all. I wonder if I will ever find out. I know for sure I look better when I have less bloat and fewer double chins and am a bit thinner in the middle. I have put on some puffiness in the last months and am closer and closer to perhaps doing something about it like cutting this or that out or just getting off my arse and moving more - walking briskly is what I would love to be able to do after work every day - if only I could get my kid to join me. Anyway - in the postcard below, the woman does look better fatter if you ask me. I'll just be happy if I get one size smaller. Since I was about 14 I have always been between a size 44 and 46 (14 and 16) and have never, ever been able to get down to a 42 (12). When I was younger I think I even reached size 48 /50 (18+) as I did in the fattest part of my pregnancy. I feel good at size 44 (14) - so if I can get there again, at least for a while, think I'll feel a bit better about myself. I just have to figure out the best way for myself to do that. Spring and summer always help and then fall / winter I put the weight back on... It's just now that I am getting nearer to age 40 I have to worry more about the health issues that can result from being overweight and all that. If a doctor said to me : you MUST lose weight - I am pretty sure I could and would - like before my back operation. But I'd be smarter to tell myself: you MUST lose weight. What stops me I wonder? For me to explore and figure out - as I (and millions of other women out there) have been trying to do for ages and ages....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday 27 March and Saturday 28 March 2009: Sarah has a talk with a wise owl, with Mary and with a music man about her future and spreads some love...

Sarah says:
There I am above on Friday the 27th having a heart-to-heart with a wise old owl, mother Mary and a famous classical composer. I am asking them what to do with my life to improve it from this point on - what steps to take in the future. Which closed doors to leave closed and which open doors to seek out. Study? Pray? Find a new band? Time will tell. Lots to think about. Sometimes it feels exciting but mostly it makes me feel like I want to jump off a bridge or have a very long sleep....

Sarah adds:
There above you can see a photo from today - Saturday the 28th of March. By the way, we forgot to take a photo on Thursday the 26th of March I think. We are getting worse and worse at keeping this up daily but oh well! Anyway - I'm supporting a good cause above and letting you all know I love you and am against the freaking right-wing parties here in Belgium and against racists and narrow-minded people who spread hate. Feel the love people and spread it!

Here below I am proud and happy to present you with the video my husband made of my 90 year old aunt Pauline Mirkin's skydive in Florida last week. She is one hell of a woman and role-model! May we all grow old (stay young!) like her!!!

And last but not least: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAGS!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday 25 March 2009: Heidi and Sarah are up and down and manic and depressed and all over the place with their emotions and anything but stable!!!

Sarah says:
There we are above - manic and feeling slightly crazy!
And there we are above feeling down and depressed and in the dumps.
Shadowpuppets? Secret code? How ever we look and how ever you look at it, suffice it to say that Heidi and I are having some crazy and very unstable days these days... Not all bad but not all good. No idea at all if the glass is half full or half empty. Feeling both comatose and/or crazy depending on the moment...
By the way - the most important thing to note in today's post is the length of my fingernails! Aren't you proud of me? Even under tons of stress I have not given in to biting again! Go me!
Next life task as I can hardly write what's really going on in my mind on here so need to keep it shallow at least to keep it up -- to finally get rid of those yellow snaggle teeth of mine somehow!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday 24 March 2009: Sarah is back to life and back to reality with Heidi... Vacation is over!!! Photos of Florida to come one day soon....

Sarah says:
I'm back Jack! This might be the longest I have been absent from Face The Day - no wait, that was this past summer I guess. Anyway, I can't say it feels good to be back because it 100% doesn't. Not one bit. Great week in Florida but way too short! Photos to come on here soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday (already??) 19 March 2009: Heidi likes spring

Heidi says: I do I do! what a great season spring is! It's sunny and nice outside and that almost makes me forget my worries. Thank you sun!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday 18 March 2009: Heidi lives

Heidi says: Still feel sad but I also try to relive a bit. That's why I put two pictures on. They both show a different side of my feelings. The first is sadness, the second is relief (trying to live with the situation).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday 16 March 2009: what's there to say?

Sunday 15 March 2009: The Ex saves Heidi

Heidi says: Yma, Nico, Alexander and me saw a short concert of The Ex yesterday. They made my day. The Ex is power, rythm, heat and steam! The Ex made my day!

Saturday 14 March 2009: Heidi feels down

Heidi says: sick, tired and depressed... where is my energy and my spirit?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 13 March 2009: This feels like Friday the 13th for sure!

Sarah says:
I need a vacation. This might be my last post for a while until I return from Florida on the 23rd of March. I am off to have fun in the sun! I hope it's a true vacation and that I can escape a bit from the daily grind. I'll probably come back a bit less pale and with a smile on my face. This week there haven't been too many smiles...

Hold the fort Heidi!

See y'all when I am back and sooner if I have access to a computer in The States, which I probably will. I'll surely post a video of my 90 year old aunt parachuting out of an airplane when I return! This will be so fun!! I can't wait to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi says: what fort?


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday 11 March : Heidi and Sarah say: talk to da hand, because the face don’t wanna hear it anymore!’

Sarah says:
Heidi and Sarah are righteous babes ready for action, ready for protest like Ani D! And they really only mean to show you their matching shirt sleeves upon which they are wearing their hearts!

Heidi says: I had a lovely noon break with my friend Sofie.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday 10 March 2009; What really matters in life....

Sarah says:
In times of crisis, this is what truly matters...

Monday 09 March 2009: Sarah is happy her daughter sees her like this even though for the moment they are both feeling pretty rotten on the inside...

Sarah says:
Today was one of the roughest I have had in years. Can't talk about it but not good, not good. It was nice to receive this beauiful drawing of me that my daughter made for me for Women's Day! Before she gave me this picture, she vomited in the car in a bag. She felt off when she arrived from school. I picked her up at a friend's home and she was already looking strange. I hope, hope, hope she's not feeling my stress. That poor bunny - she carries the weight of the world on her little shoulders so much of the time. I am glad she sees me as this great woman and role-model. I hate for her to see me fail in any way. But I guess she has to. That's life, isn't it!? I wish I could hide all my struggles from her but I simply can't. I also feel like throwing up today.
Heidi says:
Yma felt that I was feeling bad from the moment we picked her up in the evening. When we put her to bed, she hugged me for a long time and she caressed my cheek. She took care of me.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday 08 March 2009: Sarah shows and Heidi shows off with Wout!

Heidi says:
Look how assorti Wout and me are!

Sarah says:
I got my haircut and guess what - it looks the same as ever of course! It's very thinned out this time though. I'm okay with it. Same old same old!

Another view above. Can you even see the difference?

And below - my Post Secret pick of the week. It's sometimes good to remind oneself that things don't always have to feel great and good and fine. That life does suck from time to time and is painful and a drag. But it gets balanced out by the good times. It can't all be good! I think I get down - sad - dark - when things aren't going well. If only I could remembe that life is just like that. Very up and down. The good becomes the bad becomes the good becomes the bad. That's how it goes. It's just impossible for it all to be good all of the time. Note to myself: Relax - these are not necessarily the best days of your life and that is okay!!!!! Things always get better and then worse and then better and then worse and then better....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday 07 March 2009: Sarah does a before and after and enjoys a facial and haircut today! Happy birthday Barbara!!!!!!!!

Sarah says:
Above is before the great facial I had this morning and below is after - with makeup of course. Man am I one of those people who REALLY needs makeup badly! I also got my hair trimmed and thinned today -- I want to be ready for my trip to Florida!

Heidi says:
Happy birthday Barbara!!!!!!!!!

Friday 06 March 2009: Sarah and her kid watch the last Little House on The Prairie ever and end years of watching the series together sad, sad, sad...

Sarah says:
Watching the end of Little House truly made me sad and made me cry. I will miss it! My daughter and I have so enjoyed watching it for several years now. We need a new series now. Maybe The Gilmour Girls?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday 05 Maarch 2009: Heidi and Sarah get outside for a sping break! There was some sun and all!

Sarah says:
Free as birds we were for those 5 seconds of a spring break! The sun started to shine today! Spring is in the air. All the animals will soons start making babies soon and there will be little sheep in fields we'll see out of every train wndow! Our house will begin to smell like the gutter as what's underground them starts to heat up! It will be lovely because it will mean warmth, sun, FUN!!!! There's hope people! There's hope!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi says:
This is so wrong!!!! What an ugly picture of me! I have a sjkeve mulle! And what kind of skin is this? And how deadly pale am I? Haha, it's awful! Time for a deep facial and some colour!
I think I am so tired that it's visible in my face every day... I also miss my bangs a bit. My old typical Heidi-hairdo... one day, I'll be back with that hair! You watch and see!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday 04 March 2009: Heidi and Sarah are a little brighter today even though the weather isn't and they are like JACK White and matching!

Sarah says:
Check us out! We match! What a team! We didn't plan that. It just happened! Great minds think alike maybe? The color of the devil? Jack White? The Black Stripes maybe? What's black and white and RED all over? Heidi and Sarah of course!
Heidi says:
Woohoo! Look how pale I am compared to Sarah!!!! Good work Heidi!! :)
And for the rest, when I look in the mirror, I see an older woman but when I see myself on picture, I don't look too bad...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday 03 March 2009: Sarah is getting more and more tired... and Heidi too...

Sarah says:
I need some spring to get some spring in my step and sun in my head. Florida can't come soon enough! I have never needed some sun so badly! I don't know what it is but I feel lifeless as hard as I try to be alive and kicking. I get to bed early. I read instead of watch TV. My mind is restless as can be. I think I am depressed. I think I probably have been for a while. I hope it passes soon. I don't like it.
Heidi says:
It's no wonder people start to feel depressed with this long winter and dark cold weather. I am also more tired than I should be. Spring will come, will be happier!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday 02 March 2009: Heidi and Sarah are up close and almsot washed out. They have their eyes on YOU! YES YOU!!!

Sarah says:
There we are again. What are we saying with our eyes to you today?

Flashback 1st of the month or in this case last day of February at Face The Day - February-March is always confusing!!!

Sarah says:
There above you can see me the last day of February 2009 or was in the 1st day of March because last year there were 29 days and this year 28. I don't know anymore! It must be that! Anyway - the March / February 1st of the month Flashback never makes much sense!
There above you can see Heidi and me a year ago at the end of Feband start of March in 2008 and below you can see us in 2006 I think.

Via this link to last year's entry you can figure all this February / March flashback nonsense out! Come the 1st of April it'll be back to normal!