Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday 31 August 2006: Heidi and Sarah Face The Day this year and last in their anniversary week special…

Sarah says:
So here we are again today and a year ago today as celebration of our Heidi and Sarah Face The Day One Year Anniversary! I like how we look better today than we did a year ago. My hair is much nicer now to begin! I think last year I had just had it cut and my bangs were all wrong. I’m sure you’ll agree. I also looked pale and my droopy eye was showing up big time that day. I look fresher today. It also looks like my frame is slightly shrinking – that I am less big shouldered than before but who knows – could just be the angle or could be a little weight loss! Thank you, by the way, to our two faithful viewers for leaving comments yesterday!

Heidi says: once again, I can't agree with Sarah. I think I look a lot worse than last year. My face looks puffy and I have an ugly expression on my face. And I hate the fat on my arms. Luckily I have all that for a reason, and I'll get prettier again! Long live my cheekbones and my skinny muscled arms, and my sporty body! It'll all come back, I promise you that (or actually, I promise myself that!)!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday 30 August: Heidi and Sarah Face the Day is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!! Let's look back together...

So we sort of look exactly the same but in last year’s shot there was more sun but we were paler. We also looked more natural last year than we do this year. I think today we look like we are trying too hard to hold the same pose and expression as we had last year – hence our looking unnatural. I look timid in today’s photo – where as last year I was ready to have such a blog! Excited even. Our old blog had just been hacked and it was time to start fresh. It’s still fun though to this day. Heidi and I have no idea why. We just enjoy it. I know we said we’d do this for just a year and now it is a year and we show no signs of stopping! Heidi and I talked about that yesterday and we decided to just go on with it – why not! It’s ours and nobody has to check in with us here if they don’t feel like it so we hurt no one by this – other than perhaps ourselves, but that is our choice, right?! Soon there will be a baby so Heidi wants to document that I’m sure. Soon I’ll have some heavy back surgery and for some reason I’ll probably want to deal with that here a bit. There will always be a reason to go on for me and Heidi and when there isn’t, we promise (ourselves) we will stop.
DEAR FACE THE DAY VIEWERS – YES – THAT MEANS YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY NOT WANT TO ADMIT IT - For now, feel free to leave us a Happy Anniversary comment! C’mon! Every viewer out there – leave us a comment. Be anonymous. We don’t care. Just wish us a Happy anniversary please!!!!!! (we know only one or two of you will actually do this for us but that’s okay. We see that there are at least 16 viewers who come here every single day and a lot more on top of that who stop by every other day or weekly.) You are all welcome here always – but with you or without you Heidi and Sarah will Face the Day here for a little while more (maybe even a lot more)… Happy Anniversary Heiditje!!!

Heidi says: I think this picture looks great, and we don't look too posed or unnatural. Sorry Sra, I don't share your opinion on this! I also think that people don't have to send us a happy anniversary, cause I have learned that the more you ask for something, or beg for something, the less you're going to get it cause people don't like obligations. So people, DON'T send us a happy anniversary. I, nevertheless, wish ourselves A VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and still want to continue this, until I'm (we are) tired of it. Sarah and me both believe that we'll be tired of it at the same time. Let's hope that is true, or we'll have a third world war :))
I think this blog is mostly meant for ourselves, as something to keep us busy and also as the most healthy and clean way to show our self-obsession. And every one who wants to see us ever day, can see us here and can even learn how we feel that day. I like that idea. So yeah, we will continue!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday 29 August 2006: Heidi and Sarah have owned this site for almost a whole year already!!! Tomorrow they'll look back for a whole week!

Sarah says:
It's going to be worse than the Oprah Winfrey show (which I love by the way!)and sexier than Doctor Phil -- tomorrow, on our 1 year anniversary of this particular Heidi and Sarah Face The Day site, we will skip down memory lane and post last years photos along with this year's! I wish I could say it will be exciting, but in fact we don't look all that diffferent and not that much has changed -- except of course that Heidi got fat all of a sudden and I am on the road to slimming down though what a long road it will be! Anyway -- join us tomorrow through next Wednesday on our look back...share your memories with us too... hahahahahahahahaha....
In the meantime, here's a bellyshot of Heidi for you -- 1 month or less to go and then there will be a mini-Heidi-head on here for you all to see!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday 28 August 2006: Heidi and Sarah are goofy today with not a lot to tell you…

Heidi says: Hmmm, I have to say that this is not a flattering picture of me at all and I kind of dislike it. When I see my nose like this, I don't like it at all. Here in Belgium, we call that a potato nose. If there is anything about my body and face that can give me dissatisfaction (and that has given me dissatisfaction during the years), it's most definitely my nose. IF I would ever change something about myself, it would be my nose. But I won't, cause in the end it is something typical about myself and the family I come from, and there is nothing wrong with it (except for the never ending allergies and the nasal voice I'm having because of those at least half the year). Also, there are great jokes about big noses. One of them: if you throw a loaf of bread at my face, you get it back sliced. That one still makes me laugh every time my friends Wout and Alexander use it to tease me.

Sarah says:
I have almost nothing to share with y’all today. It’s Monday. The weather is crap and I have a cold. The weekend was a good one. Had a fun Greyn rehearsal last night – the first one in ages. We are working through some good stuff. Can’t wait to share it with you all eventually. Heidi and I look bored and boring above. It’s sort of that kind of day I’m afraid. So let me refer you to my Post Secret pick of the week. I hope I’ll feel so strong after my operation in December because right now I just feel weak. I can’t wait until I feel back to my old self again or rather like a new self but not this middle-in-pain self. I hope with all my might that this replacement disc helps me. I hope I can say yay! I hope I end up being stronger than I feel right now.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday 27 august 2006: Wedding of the century, part two

Heidi says: and here is my brother in law Bart! Isn't he looking happy and bright? Applause! They did it! Hooray!!!!

Sarah says: Congrats Bart and Nathalie! I hope the cookies didn't give everyone diarreah as I put 3 laxatives each in them. I also hope they didn't get everyone stoned-- or rather that they did, as I put 8 large pieces of hash in each! And you thought that was chocolate!!!

Heidi says: We HAD to take this picture! One of Bart and Nathalie's nice and famous guests - Ayco Duyster from Studio Brussels.

Sarah says:
Ayco was a sport and let us take her photo. We thank her for that. She's swell!

Heidi says: A Sunday night game with bad ending for Heidi...

Saturday 26 August 2006: The wedding of the century: Sarah and Heidi were there!

Heidi says: my sister Nathalie, looking great on her wedding party

Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday 25 August 2006: Sarah is a bit greasy today and shiny. It's Friday! It's going to be a good weekend!

Heidi says: Yeehaw!!! I am outside, I am fresh, I am part of the world, I am part of my sister's and Bart's wedding party (tomorrow again!!)! Life is sweet!

Sarah says:
It's Friday! Can't wait for the weekend. I need something fun right now and tomorrow night at Heidi's sister's wedding should be really fun!!! I look forward to it. Also to just seeing Heidi out of her house and dressed up! We'll get a bellyshot of her all dressed up for once! It's time!
Sunday there is actually a LONG Greyn rehearsal for once!!! You cannot imagine how long it hs been since Greyn got it's act together enough to rehearse with all 5 members. This Sunday it will be from like 14:00 until 22:00! Imagine that. I can't wait because I miss it and I WANT TO SING!!!!!
We are slowly updating Greyn's site. Only the intro page has some new items on it but over the next month hopefully the songs will be on the site, etcetera! Greyn needs some new life pumped into it.
Happy weekend to you all!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday 24 August 2006: Sarah and Heidi don't meet today -- maybe tonight -- but will meet Saturday -- out --woo hoo! Dang it's raining in Belgium!

Heidi says: mommy and me! And my clean house!

Sarah says:
(while ordering coffee at Starbucks)
Larry David: I'll have a vanilla... one of those vanilla bullshit things. You know, whatever you want, some vanilla bullshit latte cappa thing. Whatever you got.
Larry: What's in this latte?
Starbucks employee: Milk and coffee.
Larry: Oh my god. Milk and coffee. I never would have thought of that. That's so brilliant.

I LOVE LARRY DAVID AND I LOVE COFFEE WITH MILK!!! It's raing like a mofo here -- it's CRAZY!!!!! Hope you are having sunshine wherever you are! By the way -- I rented Napoleon Dynamite last night. Strange but absurdly funny. Tonight I'll lend it to Heidi. I think she'll like it sort of but also be sort of annoyed by it. Isn't this very, very interesting?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday 23 August 2006: Sarah and Heidi meet again

Heidi says: I met Sarah yesterday and I met her today! What a treat! I'm taking it slow here, doing not much more than before the great news, but that is ok. I shouldn't do more than my body can take. The fact that I am free and not bound to the bed brings me joy and happiness.

Sarah says:
I’ll have you know – Heidi was up and wearing jeans and she made me coffee! Imagine that! It’s good to see her out of bed. Her eyebrows are done now – take note – compare photos – she walked down the street to get them done!!! You go girl! I am very happy for our Heidtje. I can’t wait to see her out and about this Saturday night!!!! It’s going to be a PARTY!!!!
As for me, I’m not going to complain today. Gotta be positive, right? I’m doing my best. So if I go to the movies tonight with few choices of what to see and my only choices are United 93 and The Lake House, really – what should I choose? Please comment!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday 22 August 2006: Heidi has got great news and Sarah thinks Heidi's news is GREAT!!!!

Heidi says: yesterday, the gyneacologist said: 'from now on, you can start doing all sorts of things again'. I can do all sorts of things again! I can do all sorts of things again. Will someone pinch my arm? The first thing I did when I was back home, was lying down in my bed. I have to get used to my new situation! It is like being in prison for two months and then being released without a warning. But I'm happy! I AM HAPPY! So happy!

Sarah says:
I am so happy for you Heidi! This is the great news indeed! Can't wait to get some daily photos of you outside your house again!
Here's my favorite Post Secret entry this week. I have an only child so through her I can relate. There's always this underlying pressure to make a brother or sister for her -- but I can't and I won't so she really is on her own and always will be an only child. She seems okay with it but you know what they say about only children... Anyway -- I hope she has invisible friends that make her very happy and make her feel not so alone.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday 21 August 2006: Sarah is now looking for Heidi... Sarah has had it with pain!!!

Heidi says: I know I know, same boring picture of a same stupid face everyday. I'm even getting bored of seeing myself every day. But what doesn't bore me these days? When I wrote that I had a better day yesterday, a couple of hours later, I bursted into tears. I guess it wasn't such a good day after all. Damn, this site is turning into a selfhelpthing for Sarah and me!Oh well, at least it has a purpose then! :))
Sorry to hear, Sarah, that you are in so much pain... This has to get better, soon!

Sarah says:
Please, please please make this pain stop!!! Please make this day get better! I am about to cry. Maybe it is because it is that time of the month again or because I am in such pain and have so much to do and feel incapable. I don't know but I want to shut down and crawl into a ball and sleep until next March right now...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday 20 August 2006: Heidi's own personal face (the day)...She wishes -- but alas, Sarah is back... even if very fast...

Sarah says:
I am in so much pain. It's as if it's getting worse this back pain. I feel awful. It makes me afraid. I long to feel good. Tonight I felt lost in all this.

Heidi says: don't ask me where she is... I have no idea! Sarah has disappeared, so it seems. So here is my new face, nice and white. This day is really different than yesterday, luckily!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday 19 August 2006: Heidi is a little bored and Sarah forgot to take a photo today - whoops!

Heidi says: It's a bit of a boring day so I decided to change my nailcolor. I like my new color. It is fresh and fruity and it suits me fine!

Sarah says:
Hi Heidi -- I forgot to take a photo today. Good thing you took so many! Bad thing you were feeling bad. Friday night was fun though! Wasn't it? Hope you are feeling better.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday 18 August 2006: Sarah's eyebrows have JUST been worked on and Heidi celebrates Nico's b-day again!

Heidi says: look at this handsome youngman in his beautiful new Sleater-Kinney-Tee! Isn't he a looker? He turned 34 yesterday. Happy birthday!

Sarah says:
You likey?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday 17 August 2006: Sarah has nothing to offer you today as reality has set in and vacation has ended... Same for Heidi, except the holiday stuff

Heidi says: Heidi = tired, emotional wreck
No, not that bad. Just sleepy and somewhat emotional...

Sarah says:
Back on a diet of sorts so watch as my face grows thinner again after three weeks of pretty much not watching what I ate -- now I am being careful again. Very careful. I have to be. I only have until the 14th of December when the operation is to lose that fat around my belly! That's not a lot of time! Let the race begin!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday 15 August 2006: Did Heidi see Mary climbing up to the sky? And YES it was a mouse in Sarah's house and now it is a DEAD mouse!!!

Sarah says:
It was a mouse and it's dead now. At least one is dead. Might be more of course. Will keep you posted!
Heidi says: Maybe it was just my camera lens... Anyway, this is a free day! Enjoy it, all you lucky Belgians! One week and a half to go and I will have a free day from my bed, celebrating my sister's wedding! Olé!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday 14 August 2006: Sarah is sleep-walking on this horrid rainy Belgian day and ready to chop her head off and Heidi is crazy!

Heidi says: Yeah yeah, Belgian weather... Oh well, if that is the only bad thing about Belgium, we have nothing to complain about, right?

Sarah says:
Man I am tired. Here we go again!!! Back to life and back to reality and all that. And of course it's an awful rainy day in Belgium -- makes me want to fly back right away to Miami and L.A. and go swimming in the sunshine!!!!

Here's my favorite Post Secret entry this week about summer in the past and summer now. Sometimes I long for the good old days of summer and all that. Three weeks is long for a vacation -- I know I know-- I shouldn't complain at all but I can't help it. I could use another whole three weeks like back in the day -- I mean I has summer jobs always but it was like camp -- easy stuff, fun stuff. With all that said, I'm sure I'd get bored very fast of always being on vacation so...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday 13 August 2006: ...Sarah's jetlag is no good and making her see night critters -- AHHHHH!!!!

Sarah says:
Last night or this morning rather - I -- and my family woke up at 1:00 in the morning and stayed up till around 5:00 in the morning! Jetlag at its worst I guess! We got out of bed and qte at 3:00 - hence the clock photo! The other one is of me earlier in the day. I am very very tired today. AND -- last night we learned that we aren't at all alone in our home!!!! There was a creature running across the kitchen floor! Yuck!!! We hqve to get rid of this creature and the other ones that surely are lurking in the walls; when we left -- it was ants and now THIS!!!!! Arghhh!!!!! Anyway -- we'll survive a few night critters if they GO AWAY SOON!!!!

Heidi says: ...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday 12 August 2006: Something different from Heidi to celebrate the homecoming of Sarah!!! Yippie!!!!

Heidi says: SHE IS BACK! FINALLY!!!!!!

Heidi says: this photo is from exactly one year ago!!!

Heidi says: She's coming back! She's coming back!!! Yahoo!!!! Sarah is coming back!!!!! Happy happy happy!!! Celebrate!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday 11 August 2006: Sarah hangs out with Cheech and Chong at a sing-along in Miami and Heidi got a nice present!

Heidi says: Look what my dear friend Katrijn brought me today! It's so cute! This one is cominng with me to the hospital, so it will be one of the first pieces of clothing my baby will wear. She will be adorable! Thank you Katrijn!

Sarah says:
Meet Don Hyink and Josh Aberman -- two friends of my mom's in Miami -- both musicians, both fun to hang out with and have a sing-along-jam with on my last night in Florida. Don has a studio called Blackstar Studio here in Miami. So if anyone out there neeeds to make a recording in a Miami recording studio, contact Don. He's your man! He's a whole lot of fun and a good guitar-player and singer at that! He and his partner Rosa will come to belgium next year perhaps so some of you Face the Day viewers will meet them.
On the other side of me in the photo above is Josh Aberman -- a bass player in a classic rock-blues coverband called Outta Nowhere along with his wife Susan, whom sang along tonight. Their band plays in Miami so contact them if you are looking for a classic rock and blues cover band! They sound good!
So that is it from Miami I think though tomorrow's photo will take place here I suppose as all things carry-on now have to be in stowed luggage on the plane, including cameras and more importantly all things liquid! It will be a busy travel day tomorrow due to all the stuff going on at airports. I wish I could just snap my fingers and just be back home!!! Time for bed!!! It's 2:14 in the morning here!!! I need some sleep fast.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday 10 August 2006: Viva la mama! Viva la Fej a.k.a JB a.k.a our man from PDX

Sarah says:
JB!!!!!!! You are amazing! You sent me what I was going to buy tomorrow on route to the airport! The new Ani Difranco CD that just came out!!!!! Woo hoo! And I got that from you without even having called you yet for a chat! You are the best and I suck Fej! Well I don't suck Fej I just suck! I'm a bad friend! I haven't even called any friends since I have been here for three weeks!!! None! I am like hiding out -- just soaking up all the rest and the laziness and the shutting down that I can to get me through the next months... It's not dramatic or anything and I admit it sounds like one big fat excuse as usual but I just take my quiet and alone time for what it is where as I would have filled it up with phone calls to friends in the past. Can't really explain all this well. but thanks so much JB for thinking about me and knowing what I like and sending it to me -- that's really really nice of you! You are swell!

Heidi says: My mother cleaned our house today and she also brought us meals for two days. And she invited my friends Wout and Alexander to have coffee and cake this afternoon! Ain't she purrrrrfect?
Here she is! Applause!!!!!

Sarah adds:
Here's my favorite Post Secret entry this week. I have eaten so much this vacation which contrasts big time with what I was eating before I started vacation -- when I was sucessfully dieting because I HAVE TO before my surgery in December for my back. I was on a good track but went way off track whilst vacationing. I have to start dieting again as soon as I return. Body image is so screwed up for a lot of us. I know it is for me. The strange thing is if I see pictures of me in my bathing suit from the last few days, I am surprised at how non-fat I appear. Why do I see myself as okay today after eating so badly and so much for three weeks and often see myself as really fat when hardly eating anything! The mind is so odd. I hope for a healthy body image one day. This postcard from postsecret has some of that in it I think...