Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday 30 August: Heidi and Sarah Face the Day is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!! Let's look back together...

So we sort of look exactly the same but in last year’s shot there was more sun but we were paler. We also looked more natural last year than we do this year. I think today we look like we are trying too hard to hold the same pose and expression as we had last year – hence our looking unnatural. I look timid in today’s photo – where as last year I was ready to have such a blog! Excited even. Our old blog had just been hacked and it was time to start fresh. It’s still fun though to this day. Heidi and I have no idea why. We just enjoy it. I know we said we’d do this for just a year and now it is a year and we show no signs of stopping! Heidi and I talked about that yesterday and we decided to just go on with it – why not! It’s ours and nobody has to check in with us here if they don’t feel like it so we hurt no one by this – other than perhaps ourselves, but that is our choice, right?! Soon there will be a baby so Heidi wants to document that I’m sure. Soon I’ll have some heavy back surgery and for some reason I’ll probably want to deal with that here a bit. There will always be a reason to go on for me and Heidi and when there isn’t, we promise (ourselves) we will stop.
DEAR FACE THE DAY VIEWERS – YES – THAT MEANS YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY NOT WANT TO ADMIT IT - For now, feel free to leave us a Happy Anniversary comment! C’mon! Every viewer out there – leave us a comment. Be anonymous. We don’t care. Just wish us a Happy anniversary please!!!!!! (we know only one or two of you will actually do this for us but that’s okay. We see that there are at least 16 viewers who come here every single day and a lot more on top of that who stop by every other day or weekly.) You are all welcome here always – but with you or without you Heidi and Sarah will Face the Day here for a little while more (maybe even a lot more)… Happy Anniversary Heiditje!!!

Heidi says: I think this picture looks great, and we don't look too posed or unnatural. Sorry Sra, I don't share your opinion on this! I also think that people don't have to send us a happy anniversary, cause I have learned that the more you ask for something, or beg for something, the less you're going to get it cause people don't like obligations. So people, DON'T send us a happy anniversary. I, nevertheless, wish ourselves A VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and still want to continue this, until I'm (we are) tired of it. Sarah and me both believe that we'll be tired of it at the same time. Let's hope that is true, or we'll have a third world war :))
I think this blog is mostly meant for ourselves, as something to keep us busy and also as the most healthy and clean way to show our self-obsession. And every one who wants to see us ever day, can see us here and can even learn how we feel that day. I like that idea. So yeah, we will continue!


Anonymous said...

Happy DADDYversary (TM)!!!!!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary, ladies! You may not look that different, but you still look great. Just think of all the changes this year has brought. Hope the next one is a whole lot better, too--with health and healthy babies on the other side.