Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wednesday 30 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah want to get close to you and look you in the eye...

30 November: Heads, mulles, totes, faces, noggens, nuggetts, numbskulls...

Heidi says:
Merry Christmas.

Sarah says:
I like when Larry David speaks of numbskulls best. I love how Larry David walks -- he glides actually. Why is a cow-lick called a cow-lick and why do I have one? Will my pimple scars ever heal? When will I next look awake? I can't wait to sing tonight with my band Greyn. My band Greyn. My band Greyn. I like that we are busy making new songs. The other day I sang a new one into my GSM voicemail so I would remember it. But I forgot to save the message sadly. This morning I have had a new lyric in my head and have a small song around it: "just tell me before not after". I'll let you know what comes of it after tonight's rehearsal.
You may not be able to tell but I am writing this in a monotone...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday 29 November: Heidi and Sarah need a hug and some good lovin'...

29 November: It's a blue-black day for Heidi and Sarah. Not much to tell you. No particular thoughts to share. Not much going on up or down there. Googly, boogly, boo boo, blah...

Heidi says:
There is definitely a lot of Garrein in me! In this picture I see My dad and my aunt Marie-Anne. I even see pepe Henri in me! I don't see my mum for once. Am I changing? Is it because I turned 27 that my looks are changing?

Sarah says:
Heidi is changing. At 27, we all change. I changed at 27. I am also changing. As I get older, I feel like I look more Jewish or something or can't one say that sort of thing. All I mean is that I see more ethnicity in my face -- maybe it's the Russian or the Polish -- no idea, but I see some of my mom and aunts and dad and grandparents in me more now. Maybe it's just the chin hairs that do it!!! I don't know. It's really odd to see your face changing. I think I will grow old in a good way face-wise although I am blotchier and spottier and redder and more marked up and need more time to put my face on each morning. I guess it is par for the course. What's really wierd is having a kid and seeing other people in your family in your little kid's face and expressions and character. My kid looks so much like one of my half-brothers sometimes it's freaky. At other times she looks just like my mom. And yet at other moments, she looks like my mother-in-law. She rarely looks like me though. Not yet anyway. She wants to dress and be like Heidi by the way. Heidi is my kid's mentor it seems. My kid looks at stuff and says things like; Heidi would like that -- it's cool. Today I am wearing a skirt. I used to wear skirts a lot but stopped ever since back pain set in and sneakers were needed in place of heels. Anyway, today it's heels and a skirt. My kid almost fainted when she saw me. She made up a song about mommy wearing a skirt for once. She laughed. She danced. She gave me more kisses and hugs than usual. She loved me more for it. Very strange indeed...

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday 28 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah are UGLY due to Vitamin C deficiency and that's why they suck Clemintines madly...

28 November: Heidi and Sarah need Vitamin C badly to revive themselves. Yes, they readily admit that it's Ugly Monday and Bad Hair beginning of the week. They can't always do their best for you so here they are doing their worst. Can you still love them this way and with these totes and mulles? They need your love more than ever now. Do you love Heidi's new birthday sweater with white polka-dots? Doesn't she look like a mushroom? I think I'm gonna fry her up for lunch and stuff her with cottage cheese and garlic. Anyone hungry for a Heidi-mushroom surprise?

Heidi says:
Ugly druggies on a cold monday morning... Why do we do this to ourselves?

Sarah says:
I hate to admit it but I got a haircut on Friday and well umm I'm sorry but I just don't love it yet. It's really a mullet and maybe cut up a bit too much on top and well it kind of looks funny right now and I also have a bit of bed-head and hat-head and well it just doesn't feel right and I know it can't always be great and wonderful and so well yeah I'll just accept it and know that my hair will look good in maybe a week or so again after it's initial cut-shock. The hairdresser did her best. It's just not exactly what I imagined. Luckily my hair grows fast -- especially my damn chin hair sadly! But now it's my head-hair I mean and it will grow soon enough and I will be happy with it again I will I will I will. Monday bloody Monday! I'm gonna eat manderine's (clemintines) all day long and sleep on the toilet tonight
-- after watching Lost: of course! I wish I could watch Lost all day long on this rainy Monday.
Wanna cuddle?

Sunday 27 November 2005: Heidi is worn out after tiring nights and Sarah is a master of puppets after a visit from the Sint and Black Piet...

27 November: Heidi and Sarah meet up quickly in the evening for a fast shot that shows a tired Heidi after a day of pulling paper off the walls and a silly Sarah after a day of cleaning shit up. Sarah was a good girl and had a visit from the Sint and a few Black Piets. They smacked her a bit silly for not behaving herself all year but said she'd still get a gift or two if she stopped making penis and poo-poo jokes once and for all.

Saturday 26 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah end the night with a small snowball fight after Heidi celebrates her birthday with drippy cheese and spuds!

26 November: Heidi has a grand old time celebrating her birthday whilst eating melted cheese slimed on top of big fat spuds and swashed down with MOINETTE beer and topped off by some last minute late night snow. She's a wildcat of course! And she doesn't look a minute older. Sarah takes Heidi from behind in the toilets rather than giving her the 27 slaps she really deserved and Heidi goes wild after a few too many sips of beer...

Friday, November 25, 2005



Sarah has a Scheve Mulle in the above photo because she's busy singing the birthday girl Heidi Happy Birthday. And Heidi really does smell like a monkey today!!!!

25 November: It's Heidi's Birthday from Heidi and Sarah Face The Day! Happy Happy Happy Day to you Heidi! You don't look a day older and you sure act like a sliily puber still! Enjoy!!!! Enjoy!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Sarah says:
Happy Birthday Heidi from we here at Face The Day! May your skin not crack and your teeth not fall out and may you never lose control of your bladder and bowels! Have a great great day my deary! I'll slap you 27 times in the head later and kick you hard once for good luck!

Look below: Heidi got fab new shoes for her birthday from JB! Dancing shoes! Woo-hoo!!!!What other lovely pressies will she get tonight? Sarah knows a couple of them. Heidi loves presents. Who doesn't? Will Heidi love Sarah's present to her? Sarah sure hopes so! We'll let you know...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thursday 24 November 2005: Happy Thanksgiving from Heidi and Sarah and Happy Henna Day yet again from our Heiditje who will be 27! tomorrow!!!!!!

24 November: Thank you, thank you very much...

Heidi says:
I'm a red-head! I'm a red-head! How did that happen? I'll tell you how that happened. I put copper henna on my head yesterday evening, and the intention was to sleep with it to make it very intense. Now, I went to bed at 10 and tried to sleep, but I woke up at 2:30 in the morning, and my head was so itchy that I had to wash it out! At 2:30 in the morning! Do you understand why I look so tired? Anyway, that is not the only reason why I look dead. I think I might have caught a bit of a darm-virus-asshole-thing (asshole not as in asshole, but more as a insult. I'm insulting the virus!) and so I have stomach-aches and feel very exhausted, especially in the afternoon. Oh well, as long as I'm recovered by tomorrow, because then it's party taaaaaaaam!
Party! Where's the party at? We're the party people! Where's the party at?

Sarah says:

now get me some turkey you turkeys or you'll have a pumpkin pie in your face!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday 23 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah are rotten on the outside but happy on the are the one for them FATTY!

23 November:Heidi and Sarah are burnt-out. Sarah was once a burn-out. Sarah’s house once burnt down to the ground. Heidi goes out a lot. Once she burned her finger. Sometimes Sarah pulls Heidi’s finger. Sometimes Heidi pulls Sarah’s leg. Heidi’s got legs and she knows how to use them. Us and Them after all we’re just ordinary men. Me, me, me ,me me, me, me and you, you, you, you, you ,you, you. Who knows which is which and who is who is who is who is who…

Heidi says:
Guess how we are feeling today! Happy!

Sarah says:
Last night I was watching a Morrissey documentary from the beloved BBC and I thought one of his comments was so nice and funny. He said something along the lines of this: I like Latin people because they have good hair, great skin and nice teeth. What more could you want. Morrissey is my new best friend. I am his new biggest fan. I am sure he’d fit in on Face The Day. We at Face the Day are all for good hair, great skin and especially good teeth. They say Morrissey is eccentric. I say he is enlightened! :-)))) If I knew his number, I’d send him a fax right now telling him so.
This is one of the reasons I love Morrissey today from:

You're the One for me, fatty
You're the One I really, really love
And I will stay
Promise you'll say
If I'm in your way
You're the One for me, fatty
You're the One I really, really love
And I will stay
Promise you'll say If I'm ever in your way

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday 22 November 2005: Sarah is well-hung as Heidi laughs at her weak attempt at suicide...

22 November:Heidi and Sarah don’t know what to do with themselves today. Sarah’s eyes hurt and she had a lousy sleep with a constant buzz in her head. Heidi wants to laugh at everyone’s pain today, including Sarah’s. There are devils swarming about in these girls’ minds. Will they make it successfully to Wednesday? Will Tuesday end on a happy note? As happy a note as the happy head of Heidi and Sarah's special Face The Day guest DV below?

Heidi says:
It's a hard knock life, but Sarah and Heidi keep on having fun! In their own way, that is!
While Sarah is electrocuting herself or better, hanging herself with a electric wire, Heidi gets the giggles: 'haha Sarah, hanging yourself is so much more fun than to jump off the balustrade (balcony)!' Great fun we have! Why don't you all join us? :)) (no this is not a invitation to commit suicide all together, just to have some fun!)

Sarah says:
I wish I were as well-hung as Robert Plant. I was telling Heidi how I would love to come out on stage at a Greyn show with tight jeans and a prosthetic willy in my pants the size of Robert’s plants bulge from Led Zeppelin. I dream of being a chic with di/k on stage. But I sadly don’t have the balls to pull that kind of thing off. Hence, today’s hanging. Goodbye cruel world, there’s nothing you can say to make me change my mind. Good bye. See ya’ll tomorrow!!!

Below you can see a Face The Day special guest DV who wanted very badly to bless these pages with his lovely presence. Thank you DV for lending us your smiley face on 19/11 at De Schaduw!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday 21 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah are tired on this cold Monday. Also, here are 19/11 photos from the Greyn and DJ Haydee gig at De Schaduw.

21 November: Heidi and Sarah want to sleep with you. Really -- just sleep, that's all. They are very, very tired. They got home at 4:30 Saturday night and today drank too much coffee and feel drugged. Someone perhaps slipped something in their coffee. Was it you? See below for more photos from the Greyn gig where DJs Nice'n'Haydee! played records after and Shore Leave opened at De Schaduw in Ardooie on Saturday 19 November.

Heidi Says:
Don't mention it, I know I look tired! Heavy weekend... but a very nice one! Ask Sarah! And my other dear friends who were part of it!

Sarah says:
For more Greyn shots taken by Heidi see
Later we'll hopefully get all the photos up on our lomo site at:
There were a few people at the gig whose photo we took with us. When time allows, we'll place those on the lomo site. In the meantime, enjoy the ones below.
Damn diggy damn am I tired today and boy oh boy can you see that in the above photo!

Haydee with a cat? What's going on! She is a cat maybe. Cat eyes. Meow...
Sarah is so full of crap up on stage -- she talk a lot of bull. She has fun fun fun!

DJs Nice'n'Haydee!! pose for a pretty picture. Rough and tough they are.
Sarah tries to concentrate as she watches a pig roam around the front row.
There's the pig with the pig and Haydee -- I mean with Sarah and Haydee!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday 20 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah make friends with a pot-bellypig that belongs to the ever-so-kind Jonah at De Schaduw in Ardooie!

Which one is the fat pig?Hard to tell! Jonah is the smiley one. He runs De Schaduw!
Coming out of the closet can never be easy.
Haydee and Sarah allow the boys from Shore Leave
(yes that's Greyn's dashing keyboard player) to take a photo with them.

djs Nice'n'Haydee! not only can turn records, they can dance your pants off too!
Hey! Isn't that Mr. Belgium from Stanley's Way?!!! He's a nice friendly guy!
Filip, Greyn's drummer, finally found a friend who understands him. They shared a lovelymoment and a roll in the mud together! We've never seen Filip happier!

20 November: Meet Madou (spelling?) -- the big fat mascot of De Schaduw in Ardooie! How odd was it to arrive in Ardooie, get lost, have a police escort to De Schaduw, walk into De Schaduw and the first thing seen is this pig roaming around -- have a fun concert with Shore Leave as the opener and Greyn as the main act with Nice'n'Haydee! as the DJs afterwards, run into a former Mr. Belgium -- then drive home on fog-filled farm roads and come to a fallen electric concrete pole in the rode next to a scared girl whose car had just hit it. Very Very David Lynch night that started with a closet on top of a small car driving through Kortrijk.

more photos and comments to come later when time allows. Above are a few glimpses for you ;-)

Saturday 19 November: Haydee and Sarah (aka Greyn's singer) grab the spotlight on stage at De Schaduw in Ardooie and find love in a pig later...

19 November: Here is one photo from the Greyn gig / after-party at De Schaduw. More will come soon through a lomo link when time allows. Not a lot of people sadly but still a whole lotta fun! Thanks to all those who came! Here, heidi climbs on stage with Sarah during the gig and they bask in the spotlight as the crowd looks on....

Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday 18 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah look a little worried about something...Don't forget to let them entertain you 19/11!!!!

18 November: Heidi had a long but fun night being a runway model for her friend Wout (see yesterday's newsflash!) and Sarah had a sad night alone and major bed-head this morning to deal with. It's Friday, yes indeed, they should look a little happier. Give them till tomorrow. By then they'll look alive and awake and be there to entertain you starting at 20:30 at De Schaduw in Ardooie where Shore Leave, Greyn and DJs Nice'n'Haydee! will make music to your ears...

Check out this lovely picture of Heidi and the clothes Wout designed. Why isn't the crowd looking at Heidi!!! They should be looking at Heidi!!!!!!

Heidi says:
Yes baby, I survived the fashion show yesterday, and it was even more than survival! My companions and me did it with flair! We passed the test of the amateur-catwalk! I am proud of us! And of Wout of course, who put so much energy, time, sweat, into his clothes and made this a little fairytale! Fantastic!

Sarah says:
Sort of down and out and blue today. Nothing much to say. Forgive me. Have a great weekend! See you tomorrow night at Greyn's show. I hope Heidi and I can run around a bit and get our heads with yours for our lomo site! It's 'bout time. It should be a fun night. It's the first time that my band performs and Haydee DJs on the same night. Lucky us!

Shore Leave + Greyn + Nice'n'Haydee

2 concerten + party in de Cultuurkapel De Schaduw, Wezestraat 32 te Ardooie

Datum: Zaterdag, 19/11/2005 at 20:30

Prijs: 7 Euro (at the door); 5 Euro V.V.K.

V.V.K.V.V.K.: Café OPCD Ardooie – ‘t Walhalla– Roeselare; Cultuurkapel De Schaduw: 0479.80.94.82; Tinck – Brugge; Bakerstreet in Kortrijk

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday 17 November FACE THE DAY NEWSFLASH!!! GO SEE HEIDI model clothes made by Wout Beernaert IN GENT TONIGHT!!!!!!

Above is an old photo of Heidi and Sarah with fashion-designer Wout Beernaert, whose clothes Heidi will be modelling tonight in Gent!
Below are all the details of this fun event:

Amusée Défilé
do 17 november om 22u00
Museum voor Industriële Archeologie en Textiel (MIAT),
Minnemeers 9 - 9000 Gent (1ste verdiep)

Face The Day’s very own HEIDI will be a model there tonight!!! You must go see her and cheer her on!!! And cheer Wout on too since he has been working so very, very hard on making clothes for Heidi to squeeze into and wear down the runway! Support well you are at it too. Marcel is always up to good things indeed!

Break a leg Heidi and Wout and KG and PD and all you Marcel-ers!

Thursday 17 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah have a right to know...

17 November: Heidi and Sarah are distracted...

Heidi says:
what is going on? Who's there? What is he building in there? What's happening? Who am I? Who is this person next to me? What's wrong with the world? Why are we turning around? Who are you? Why?

Sarah says:
Yeah all right, so I wipe my nose with my sleeve! We all do! You do it too! I'm sure you even pick your nose. You probably eat it sometimes too. Never eat in whilst in New York. Big black boogies I tell ya! Full of cancerous stuff I'm sure. Nasty. Makes your belly turn. Speaking of turning bellies, mine sure is today. When your runnin down the road and you feel a squishy load..diareah...plupt......plupt....diareah...plupt...plupt. When your climbing up a latter and you hear somthin splatter......diareah.......plupt.....plupt...diareah..plupt..plupt...When ur slidin into first and you feel a lil burst...Diarrhea....Diarrhea

I heard heHas an ex-wife in some place Called Mayors Income, Tennessee
And he used to have a consulting business in Indonesia...but what is he building in there?
What the hell is building in there?
He has no friends
But he gets a lot of mail
I'll bet he spent a littleTime in jail...
I heard he was up on the Roof last night
Signaling with a flashlight
And what's that tune he's Always whistling...
What's he building in there?
What's he building in there?
We have a right to know...

And last but not least -- don't forget:

Shore Leave + Greyn + Nice'n'Haydee

2 concerten + party in de Cultuurkapel De Schaduw, Wezestraat 32 te Ardooie

Datum: Zaterdag, 19/11/2005 at 20:30

Prijs: 7 Euro (at the door); 5 Euro V.V.K.
V.V.K.V.V.K.: Café OPCD Ardooie – ‘t Walhalla– Roeselare; Cultuurkapel De Schaduw: 0479.80.94.82; Tinck – Brugge; Bakerstreet in Kortrijk

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday 16 November 2005: Sarah stops listening to the voices in her head. Heidi keeps on smiling - sort of, sadly...

16 November: Heidi and Sarah have a very normal Wednesday. Nothing more than that. Sarah hears no evil. Heidi spreads solemn sunshine with her smile.

Heidi says:
We couldn't decide, happy or sad. It became happy sad (and yeah, now that I write this down, it does make me think of a Tim Buckley album! For those who don't know it, buy it, rent it, steal it, whatever you do, you have to hear this!)

Sarah says:
When I was a kid / teenager I heard voices coming out of my radio all of the time. When it was turned off. They were like humming and buzzing in my ears. It was freaky. They made me very sad. They were like voices of many old wise men all talking at once at a Jewish type of funeral ceremony. I have heard them in my adult life too. Perhaps they were the result of a little too much partying at times. Who knows. Anyway, I also dreamed of having powers like those in the movie Scanners and blowing up people's heads just because I wanted to. In my adult life, I no longer have that fantasy thankfully. Now I just want to ram into people with my car every now and then and scream "you fat-handed twat" at a bunch of them. I don't. Don't worry. I hold back and bottle it all up inside until one day my head will explode. I call that KARMA.

Don't forget:!!!!!

Shore Leave + Greyn + Nice'n'Haydee

2 concerten + party in de Cultuurkapel De Schaduw, Wezestraat 32 te Ardooie

Datum: Zaterdag, 19/11/2005 at 20:30

Prijs: 7 Euro (at the door); 5 Euro V.V.K.

V.V.K.V.V.K.: Café OPCD Ardooie – ‘t Walhalla– Roeselare; Cultuurkapel De Schaduw: 0479.80.94.82; Tinck – Brugge; Bakerstreet in Kortrijk

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday 15 November 2005: Heidi and Sarah want to invite you to their concert - party of sorts!

15 November: Heidi and Sarah are sort of having a party and you are all certainly invited and expected!!! Come to De Schaduw in Ardooie on Saturday the 19th of November and see Sarah sing her arse off with Greyn and Heidi turn records in her catsuit as part of the super-duper duo Nice'n'Haydee!! Come dance dance dance!!!!! We challenge you! Below you can get all the info you need! GO BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW AND SAVE YOURSELF 2 EURO WHICH YOU CAN USE TO BUY YOURSELF A DRINK THERE INSTEAD! If possible, Heidi and Sarah will capture you silly head in a photo with them Saturday night as well -- so put on your best face people!!!!

Heidi says:ooo-la-la!!!!!!! Big party coming up with Greyn and Shoreleave as our support bands and Nice'n'Haydee as top of the bill... Just kidding Sarahtje! Let's make them shake those hips!!!!

Sarah says:Heidi - you're gonna get hit biddy! I'll shake me arse in yer face Saturday night if you ain't careful woman! We're going to have fun fun fun Saturday night. See below for details:

Shore Leave + Greyn + Nice'n'Haydee
2 concerten + party in de Cultuurkapel De Schaduw, Wezestraat 32 te Ardooie
Datum: Zaterdag, 19/11/2005 at 20:30
Prijs: 7 Euro (at the door); 5 Euro V.V.K.
V.V.K.V.V.K.: Café OPCD Ardooie – ‘t Walhalla– Roeselare; Cultuurkapel De Schaduw: 0479.80.94.82; Tinck – Brugge; Bakerstreet in Kortrijk

Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday 14 November 2005: Sarah has cramps - again! Heidi is a lucky duck today. Free as a bird. Sarah+Heidi-Rabbit find each other later...

Above, Heidi and Sarah have a quicky and a carrot at lunchtime...

14 November: Heidi is off. Sarah has cramps. They will meet up later for a photo perhaps. In the meantime, these pictures of pain and bodily mis-function will have to hold you over. I think we can all agree that the human body is one fawked up being full of slime, blood, you name it, I'm sure we have all got it... May your teeth always be good and clean and your cramps minimal.

Heidi says:
snore, snore, snor, snork...crunch, crunch...

Sarah says:
Why oh why is it here yet again when I only just had it not so very long again. I am sick of cramps! I actually went into my bed at 20:30 last night, in fetal position. My skin is starting up again too. That's it, I may as well just become a man! At least I have all my teeth still, which is more than I can say for a little person I know! I miss Heidi! I have kidnapped Heidi's mulle as promised.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday 13 November: Heidi is blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche. Sarah welcomes special guest the lovely Wim Opbrouck!

13 November: Heidi and Sarah meet in the sunshine just as Heidi gets out of her bed. when they took this photo, Heidi had yet to brush her teeth -- just so you know -- maybe that explains the look on Sarah's face? Sorry Heiditje -- she'll perhaps slap Sarah silly for that remark. Sarah happily welcomes the funny, funny man Wim Opbrouck to Heidi and Sarah's Face The Day site!

Heidi says: (as Sarah imagines):
I'm gonna kick yer honky arse for that bad breath comment you mofo Sarah! I'm blind! I'm blind!

Sarah says:
I couldn't be friends with Heidi if she was stinky. Well, I could. But I wouldn't. It was fun chatting with Wim Opbrouck Saturday night. He's of course one of the funny ones from the beloved pee-in-your-pants shows:
He was friendly enough to let me take his photo. He's a good one! A fun one! Very pleasant guy! I was just happy to hear him talk about hemorrhoids during is concert. I wish everyone would just come right out and say - dang, my damn rhoids are burning me arse yet again! Why are people generally so precious about such topics? I think people should never be afraid to say what's going on inside or outside or on their body. As long as I don't have to smell it! I think November 13th should be: Be proud of your hemorrhoids day! Preparation H should be given out free to the masses on that day. Blow-up cushions and sitz-baths should be on every chair around.

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks WO and AV for being special guests on Heidi and Sarah's Face The Day site!

Saturday 12 November: Heidi and Sarah show off their lovely eyebrows again and Sarah welcomes special birthday girl Annabelle Vannieuwenhuyze!

12 November: Sarah JUST got her eyebrows plucked -- can't you tell? What a difference a day makes! Heidi looks on proudly. It's a happy Saturday for these two shallow gals. Nothing like an eyebrow job to perk up your face and your day.

Below Sarah meets up with special guest Annabelle Vannieuwenhuyze for her birthday. Sarah's husband thinks Annabelle is swell. Sarah had a grand old time at AV's get together and met lots of equally swell people.

Heidi says:(as Sarah imagines):
Wow do my cheek bones look like major-cheek bones! I'll never need cheek implants. Lucky me!

Sarah says:
Compare my eyebrows in the above two photos. The less hair on my face the better! I was 5 days away from having not only a uni-brow but a beard and moustache too! Freaking over-working hormones! Well, at least my zits are going away finally. Friday night was fun. Lots of nice people. Great food. Today is also a nice one. I feel happy!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday 11 November 2005: Heihi Barrhin and Vasha Dcrsubimg are up in arms on today, Armstice Day!

And that's it for today folks! Sarah and Heidi are tired and are going home for a nap!
It has been a long day and it will be a long night!

Later that day, Sarah and Heidi are yet again, up to no good. Do you see those looks on their faces?
Later that morning ABOVE things get a little Heidi and Sarah learn to keep their weapons still and make peace not war. Sarah looks like she fought a battle and lived to tell!

Here's my own name poem! :))

Her hair is her pride and addiction
Egomaniac as she is
Independant sometimes at least
Daring when it comes to change her looks
Irrefragable a bitch

Gross, most of the time
Affection, that's actually all she wants
Rough, is how she speaks
Rampageous, is how she moves
Evil is her mind and soul
In fact, she'd like to believe this but
Nothing is more true, she's just a wuss...

Sarah is doing Heidi a favor now and putting the Dutch tranlsation below:
Her name would have to be this though: Heihi Barrhin

Haar haar is haar trots en verslaving
Egomaniac zoals zij is
Independant soms minstens
Het durven wanneer het komt om haar blikken te veranderen
Irrefragable een wijfje

Bruto, meestal
Affectie, dat eigenlijk allen wil zij
Ruw, is hoe zij spreekt
Rampageous, is hoe zij zich beweegt
Het kwaad is haar mening en ziel
In feite, she'd houd van dit te geloven maar
Niets is waarder, zij heeft enkel wuss...

10 November: Heidi and Sarah have a cuppa and soggy mush for breakfast...

Heidi says:
Nothing yet --not awake enough.

Sarah says:
Here's my name poem I had to write about myself when I was 9 or 11, not sure how old. It still hangs framed on my mom's wall. On it, I drew a photo of me with a guitar and a cat I think. What was I thinking with W and with M and with S for that matter and with that last H!!!

Name Poem:

Hesitant, but talented

Monkey lover
Ability to sing
Kind to cats
Excellent in Music
Willing to participate in clubs
Courageous cat lover
Happy with life
Dutch translation: but then my name would be Vasha Dcrsubimg

Aarzelend, maar begaafd

De minnaar van de aap
Capaciteit te zingen
Soort aan katten
Uitstekend in Muziek
Bereid om aan clubs deel te nemen
Moedige kattenminnaar
Gelukkig met het leven