Wednesday, August 31, 2005

31 August: Heidi and Sarah have skin problems it seems...

Hi all! Heidi and Sarah are still working some stuff out with this new Face The Day site. Everything should be back to normal by next week we hope! Please stay tuned.

Above is our photo from today. Nothing special other than slanted faces, twisted mouths and questionable skin.

More soon and thanks for bearing with us!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Heidi and Sarah welcome you to their NEW Face The Day blog site now that their OLD Face The Day site doesn't exist anymore!

Hi there old and new viewers of Heidi and Sarah Face The Day! We welcome you back and apologise for the way too long delay. Here's the deal: our old site-host got hacked and the owner of it has decided not to go further with it all. In simple terms: Heidi and Sarah were evicted, thrown out on the street on a cold night and forced to find a new blog home. Well, here we are, busy moving in and unpacking our bags. We have taken a photo every day that we missed so don't you worry! And -- we have been promised that we'll get all our archive pages and some rainy day we'll upload all of it so this project of ours continues as planned: a photo of Heidi and Sarah everyday possible for a whole year!!!

Please check back later as it will take us a bit to unpack and upload!

Here is today's photo for you! This first posting is sort of a test till we figure this new blog site out.

30 August: Heidi and Sarah face the sun in Belgium for once!