Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday 28 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah do their best Ramones impression...

Heidi says:
1234! Hey ho, let's go!
Don't you think we look like the Ramones a bit today? I do! And if you would pull my hair away, you'd see that my face looks like I haven't been taking care of myself. Which is not true of course, I am taking care, but this weather is making it really hard to look good. Or maybe it's me. Maybe I'm lazy. And maybe I'm eating things that I shouldn't, like cheese. I'm allergic to cheese, did you know that? And to cats and dogs and guineapigs and horses, to milk, to hay, to dust, to soap (not soaps, or maybe I am but to one), to wool, to food in tin cans, to chips and candy, to make-up, to alcohol ... Yeah, that's me!

Sarh says:
Yippy -- it's haircut time on Friday and it's about time I tell ya! Woo hoo! I'm one hairy beast! I can miss my featherd hair days from the 1980s. One of these days I will scan a photo of myself with that sort of hair and my Van Halen necklace. I was such a rocker -- before I was a hippy -- after I was a metalhead. First gig I ever saw -- Iron Maiden and Accept. Last gig I saw Zita Swoon. Man have I come a long way. I still know almost every lyric to all those Iron Maiden albums I used to have. And I don't know all the words to all the Zita Swoon songs -- nor the name titles or CD titles or all of the musicians names. I must have been a bigger Iron Maiden fan that means than Zita Swoon fan. What I really was though was a major Van Halen fan. And let's not forget Living Colour. One of these days I'll have to post those photos too. Back in the good old days. Some things never change. So how should I get my haircut on Friday? Any suggestions?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday 27 February 2006: Sarah looks sour today as Heidi gives you her best sideways grin...

Heidi says:
I'm sorry! I did it again. I did not think about you guys while I was lying in my couch, feeling sick. You will not be a witness of how terrible I looked this weekend. Maybe, forgetting to take pictures of myself on moments like these isn't such a bad idea after all ;)

Sarah says:
I have no neck. I have no neck. I have no neck. Where is my neck. That's my I-have-no-neck face. Monday morning after a weekend full of gigs. I look the best I can under the circumstances. Have a great week! Somebody find me a neck, would ya?!

Sunday 26 February 2006: Sarah sees Zita Swoon yet again and Heidi forgets to take a photo yet again!!!!

Sarah says:
I LOVE ZITA SWOON! Great show in Tournai tonight at maison de la culture -- in the same hall Greyn played in last night by the way! Thanks to A+W who were also at the gig, I finally got to but some Zita Swoon stuff! A+W lent me money -- thanks guys!
Anyway -- I hated having to sit through most of the show when all I wanted to do was dance my arse off. Thankfully by the end there was place to dance and stand up. Stef looked like a funny clown last night to be honest. It was such a show. Almost a circus act of sorts but not really. It was very special. I'm glad I saw it! Zita Swoon never stops amazing me -- how they keep making their old songs into newly worked ones. How every beat and detail matters and is worked out with a fine-toothed comb. They are wonderful to watch and to listen to. I simply can't get enough of them! The show at La Grand Mix remains my favorite but this one was good too!

In other news, my camera seems to be dying somehow-- the pictures it takes are rarely sharp anymore -- I don't know what's going on! This could be a catastrophe! :-)

Saturday 25 February 2006: Sarah greets the (small) crowd at Greyn's gig in Tournai during D'hiver Rock and Heidi neglects this site again...

Sarah says:
Greyn's gig at D'hiver Rock in Tournai tonight at la maison de culture was fast and fun! As gigs go, it wasn't one of Greyn's best I'd say but the place was fantastic and the mix of people and bands around gave for a good atmosphere all around! Our sound was really loud on stage but I heard not loud enough perhaps in the audience. My voice was pretty good if I do say so myself but something was abit flat about teh show. The organization of D'hiver Rock is great -- very professinal! I'd love for Greyn to play at maison de culture again when our CD is out. There were so many alternative looking people around. Lots of punks! That was great to see. It was a good night but I wouldn't say a great one. I wish I had had more time to check out other bands and to connect with my own band. It was one big rush really. I couldn't stop to really enjoy it. Here are some photos from that night. There's one of my big fat head with some of the audience. And then there are some shots og Greyn taken by a kind audience member. That same person seems to have taken some close up shots of her and her boyfriend kissing with my camera! Good for her! I hope she had a great time. I wish I could have checked out the Rencontrez l'amour show in the other hall. Greyn was sound-checking then though. I heard their gig was good and lively! Those are a bunch of friendly, lovely and good-looking guys! I wish them all the luck!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday 24 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah celebrate Carnaval on their little island!

Heidi and Sarah miss Het Eiland! In the spirit of Carnaval, they decided to bring Het Eiland back for the day. Please welcome back Alain and Franky!

Greetings to our new friend
Frosty The Snowman

Heidi says:
It's almost carnaval. I have been searching on the internet for the old carnavalsongs we used to sing when I was a child, at school, but I couldn't find any. That was a nice time. The whole class had to dress up and then we would all sing carnavalsongs and play our little intruments while walking through the classes of the other kids. We must have been younger than 6 years old, but I can remember the feeling so well, even the smell and the taste, of the candy and the wafers we ate. It was a glorious day, carnaval at school. I hope they still do this in kindergarten. It gives us adults such great memories.
By the way, if anyone is watching this site, and can send me the lyrics of the carnavalsongs they can remember, please send them! I'll be so happy!

Sarah says:
This photo sort of makes me feel a little better about my own double-chins! Have a great Carnival! Dress-up! Have fun! Eat bad stuff! Come see Greyn in Tournai on Saturday at 19u!

We saw Brokeback Mountain last night. I'd say it was quite a lovely and sad film. Made me think a lot about longing. How we all have some longing that we never share with others. A secret memory. A person we loved and longed for who we couldn't have or whom we maybe had one special moment or period with and the memory of that can still hurt and trigger that black and dark longing. Saddest thing about that movie for me is that though it took place in the 60s and 70s I bet the same must be true for cowboys today. Not just for cowboys but for lots of men who have an attarcation to other men but can't feel free to say it. Those of us who live in cities perhaps aren't confonted as much with this. But you can be sure that though we have come a long way, we have a long way to go in terms of tolerance. I bet you something like 1 out of every 2 people you know has a secret longing that you have no idea about. I'd even venture to say everyone does. Unfulfilled longings are miserable and lead to self-destruction no doubt.

This brings me back to
Post Secret
If only we weren't all so ashamed of all our secrets! There are two on there right now about the shame of being attracted to the same sex. Look fast because they change the postcards every Sunday!

Have a great weekend and I challenge you to tell someone close to you one of your deepest secrets. Release it! Unburden yourself!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday 23 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah are pastel hoodlums today. Check out Shoreleave's new site!

Heidi says:
I'm still feeling quite annoyed with my cold. It's been going on for 6 days now, and the cough isn't getting any better. Maybe today will be the worst and then it will get better... Anyway, I'm hanging in there (thank you Frosty for the nice words!). I think it's time for spring. Way too early I know, and I wouldn't like it if it would really come now, cause it's bad for the environment, but I also think we can all use some sunshine and a blue sky. See, even just that, with freezing temperatures would cheer us up. Oh my, I'm nagging. I'm complaining. I'll just shut up! And look at the little snowflakes falling down. Snow is nice too...

Sarah says:
Today I shall use this space to promote Shoreleave (see photo and link below), a band that Greyn's keyboard player Jan Dhaene is in. They have a new website that's up and running and that we have added to our links over there on the right. They are about to have a small CD out it seems. Look for them. Check their site out. And, to top it all off, there are naked photos on their website! Too bad they aren't of Jan. All we get to see are his muscles sadly.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday 22 February 2006: Heidi does some serious soul-coughing as Sarah shows off her new scarf from AS...

Heidi says:
I feel good!!!!!!!!!!
Never been better!

Sarah says:
Thanks for the colorful scarf AS! Don't I look like spring? Why is my face crooked in that photo? Heidi didn't want to use that photo because she thought it was ugly. I hit her hard for calling me ugly! We (me and KD) persuaded her that it was a good action shot of her coughing her brains out and that like a mid-sneeze or mid-yawn shot it had its place on our site here because it showed all too well a reality -- our dear Heidi is under the weather! What a bad cough! Between her and my husband man am I getting bashed with coughing. Next it will be me -- and before my concert on Saturday no less! I'll be sick as a dog. Heidi will have to take my place on stage in Tournai on Saturday the 25th of February at 19u. See Heidi sing for Greyn!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday 21 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah partcipate in AS's threesome...

AS gave Heidi and Sarah the challenge of participating in her threesome. Three questions about different stuff. Here are their answers...

Heidi says:
Three Names you go by:
1. Haydee!
2. Hi-dee-ho
3. rot
Three Parts of Your Heritage
1. Belgian
2. Polish
3. I'm a viking!
Three Things That Scare You
1. spiders (I'm working on that)
2. fascism
3. death of loved ones
Three of Your Everyday Essentials
1. water
2. sleep
3. facial cream
Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. black T-shirts
2. black cardigan
3. blue Camper 'rainboots'
Three Things You Want in a Relationship (other than real love)
1. humor
2. love for music
3. same interests
Two Truths and a BIG Lie--In any order
1. I stole a lot of clothes and underwear when I was 18
2. I have been part of a fascist group when I was a child
3. I like to watch Neighbours
Three things about the opposite/same sex that appeal to you
1. humor
2. beautiful face
3. good dancer/sense of rythm
Three of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. collecting music/DJ'ing/listening to music
2. laughing
3. sleeping
Three Places You Want to go
1. Cuba
2. Siberia
3. Portland/Oregon
Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. learning to be patient
2. getting really good at something
3. have a child

Sarah says:
Three Names you go by:
1. SRA
2. Markebitch
3. Mommy
Three Parts of Your Heritage
1. Russian
2. Polish
3. Jewish
Three Things That Scare You
1. Heavy windstorms
2. Compulsive liars
3. Fire
Three of Your Everyday Essentials
1. Coffee
2. seeing my daughter
3. face the day
Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. Silver loop earings
2. black jeans
3. greasy glasses
Three Things You Want in a Relationship (other than real love)
1. trust
2. absolute honesty
3. home-life
Two Truths and a BIG Lie--In any order
1. I lost my virginity to Dolphins
2. I stole tons of money one summer
3. Opium is my favourite drug.
Three things about the opposite/same sex that appeal to you
1. humor
2. good talker
3. good listener
Three of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. reading magazines
2. singing in a band
3. watching comedy
Three Places You Want to go
1. Russia
2. Poland
3. Wyoming
Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. make a song with Stef Kamil Carlens from Zita Swoon
2. have a 5-day party with all my friends and family from everywhere
3. see my daughter grow into a well-balanced happy person

Monday, February 20, 2006

NEWSFLASH: UPCOMING GREYN GIG INFO - Saturday the 25th of February in Tournai at 19u

Hi Greyn watchers, listeners and wonderers:

This might be Greyn’s last gig for quite a while until our full-length CD comes out towards the end of the year, which is bound to lead to many more future gigs and to our unavoidable fame and then to our downward depressing descent into one-hit-wonders or cheesy has-beens!

Come see Greyn Saturday the 25th of February at maison de la culture in Tournai at 19u while we are still small, cheap and not-yet-spoiled by fame!

We’d love to have your support! Come a little earlier and check out another Kortrijk band : Rencontrez l’amour ! Come back Sunday and see Greyn’s singer Sarah’s favorite band Zita Swoon perform! Sarah is happy as can be just to see Greyn share the same poster with Zita Swoon! (indeed pathetic but true)

See below details for more info and click on over to the main site for details about all the bands that will play at the festival from Friday till Sunday.

For even more info and a new recipe movie (smash-in-your-face-carrot-cake) see : http://www.greyn.net

Pretty soon you’ll be invited to hear a few of the songs Greyn has been recording. Stay tuned for those !

See you Saturday we hope and remember to start saving money to buy Greyn’s CD at the end of the year – feel free to put aside Euro 0.05 per day from now until then and that should about cover it.

Thanking you for your eyes and ears,

Greyn’s singer Sarah


Samedi all accès: 9€ (moins de 26 ans) et 11€ (prix plein)
TIMING D’Hiver Rock - Samedi 25
Portes : 16h00
Salle B
Lauréat Open Stage
Prise 2 son and the choco pop’s
Rencontrez l’amour
Two Star Hotel
PPZ 30
Experimental TBB
Major Deluxe
Punish Yourself

Salle C
18h40 – 19h20 : Jigsaw
20h00 – 20h40 : Wahead
21h20 – 22h05 : Morning Red
22h45 – 23h35 : Vandal X
0h00 – 0h40 : Colonel Bastard

Monday 20 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah look pretty damn good for a Monday morning! Better than the weather as they say!

Heidi says:
Monday Monday...
Just another Manic Monday...
Monday, I could wait till Tuesday...

Sarah says:
All this lack of self-loathing all of a sudden makes me want to let you know how good I think I look today :-). Heidi looks great too. Merry Monday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 19 February 2006: Sarah poses with a mouse that's been ripped apart. She also shares her biggest secret and later Heidi gives a surprise visit!

Heidi says:
A nice cosy easy Sunday, with a stop at Sarah's house...

Sarah says:
So I went to the nature and science museum in Brussels with my kid. There were a lot of potential Face The Day guests to choose from there. I got a shot with pretty butterflies, cro-magnum man, a big-fat cow's heart, a fish head -- but I had to go with this mouse shot. Despite being a bit over-exposed,I thought this mouse was quite cute and disgusting all at once. I also am taking a big chance here and showing you the results at the museum of a healthy weight and height test. I haven't gotten on a scale in ages -- since I was pregnant. I simply don't want to know. It hurts me to know my weight. Too painful. But with that said, I am sick of thinking I am too fat all the time. I hate that struggle! Two things happened this weekend to make me feel a little better about my weight. My doctor, when I asked him for a way to lose weight because I have been so afraid that my lower back pain also comes from my being too fat -- well my doctor just said that I am okay how I am. That I am healthy and that I'll never be a thin person. He basically said I should not be so hard on myself, should not go on fad diets and should stop blaming myself for my weight. That felt good to hear from a doctor. Made me less self-hateful for a moment. Then at the museum, I took this weight and height test and it came up that though I am overweight, I am not sickly overweight. So that helped me feel a bit better too. I have been very hard on myself lately because I don't feel great half the time because my back hurts a lot. All of that feeds into self-hate. I am sort of sick of self-hate. With that said, I still think I am way too fat and will always want to lose weight and be thinner. But at least today I can shara my weight (in kilos) with no shame and just think, oh well, that's me, I have to live with it and accept it -- and today I do. Tomorrow I might not again. But today I do.

In the past I would also never have showed anyone my face without make-up! And look above, there I am with tired eyes and no make-up at all! Heidi showed up and I was already ready for bed! We took a photo. Here it is and I could care less that you see me with no make-up! Maybe one day I'll also just really accept my weight and all and feel as comfortable and worry less about how fat I am! Starting with today maybe and the other photo above.

So in that way -- it's been a good day for my self-loathing!

Saturday 18 February 2006: Sarah invites two special guests to Face The Day while Heidi runs out of batteries and can't take a photo!!!!

Sarah says:
Heidi did it again! She didn't take a photo! One more time and you'll see a photo of her with a black eye from me! Just kidding Heidi! We can surely imagine what you looked like on that one day. Anyway, these are my special guest EV and WC. That's my bro-in-law and his girlfriend. She joined me to see Rheen on Saturday night (http://www.rheen.be). Then we met WC (ha ha -- nice initials) and went to GT for drinks and a chit-chat. It was a nice night after a lovely day spent with my daughter doing mother and daughter things for once. It's hard to take time out and just give your kid undivided attention. This is the first time I have done that in ages -- the whole weekend really. It felt good. My kid had fun and I had fun too.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday 17 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah want to feel your body...

Heidi says:
Red love

Sarah says:
I think I'm going to vomit. I feel ill all of a sudden. Excuse me.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday 16 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah can see spring coming and are blinded by the sun...

Heidi says:
I need spring! I need flowers! I need sunshine! I need trees with little green leafs! I need a blue sky! I need warmth!

Sarah says:
I'm blind! I'm blind! Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy! Sunshine on my shoulders makes me gay! A lot of things make me gay. Dry and gay Dave. Dry and Gay.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday 15 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah can' get it together today...

Heidi says:
Everyday Sarah asks me for comments to our picture. Is there a moment when you can just be out of comments and have a comments-writers block? I think it's possible, and in fact, I think I have one right now... no comment!

Sarah says:
Mostly I am full of comments but not lately – which makes you, our faithful readers – happy probably. I can be wordy. I enjoy wordiness in people. But not this week or these days. I can’t take a lot or give a lot. I’ve kind of had it on all levels. Here’s all I can offer you today: we took a bunch of photos—usually I take 3 and Heidi takes 3 – that’s our technique sort of – and we often through a bonus shot in too – which leaves us around 7 to choose from every day. Today’s first batch were really bad. Generally we never get rid of a whole batch. We agreed early on that we have to throw the ugly photos of ourselves on this site too. We have to show ourselves tired, bloated, pale, rough as well as shiny and glowing and happy and fresh. So you do get a real view and we don’t often misrepresent ourselves. We both view all the photos and then we have to agree on one. We don’t always agree. Heidi and Sarah certainly don’t always agree! So we often must kill our darlings and one will look ugly for the other one to be able to have the great shot for once. We are very democratic about it and diplomatic and don’t forget dynamic ;-). Today we threw out the first bunch and then took a new bunch later. In the second bunch there was hardly a photo with both of our heads (mirror shots are very hard to take) – so today we had to settle on two photos, one of each of our heads. This has been that kind of day. Today we are indeed cheating you and ourselves. You have to admit though that we have kept to this site very well so far! I’m quite amazed that we have been able to! How long will we keep it up you may wonder? I’m thinking we’ll either stop before the summer holidays or maybe at the end of September. It’s hard to tell! Maybe we’ll go on forever but just differently. We don’t know yet. Maybe you can let us know what you think we should do. WE miss comments!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tuesday 14 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah want you to be their Valentine!

Heidi and Sarah say:
We LOVE you! Happy Valentine's Day! Don't we look fresh and ready for spring today? Aren't we both glowing? Shining? Happy? Awake? And yes, washed-out too in that one photo -- but in a good way!

Here's a good thing to think about from that movie Adaptation that we watched the other night. The character of Charlie Kaufman's brother says:

You are what you love
Not what loves you


Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday 13 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah find Mondays tough! Heidi and Sarah look rough! Sarah looks puff-y and Heidi looks scruff-y...

Why are Mondays zo tough? Whoaaaa...

Sarah says:
Because they are Heidi. Just beacuse they are...

Sunday 12 February: Heidi forgets to take a picture and Sarah can only offer you a boring Sunday-sort of one! Just one of those days...

Heidi says:
Whoops! Forgot!

Sarah says:
Big whoop! Nothing to be said about this photo except that there goes that eye of mine again!

Saturday 11 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah turn a lighter shade of pale or rather a darker shade of red and black...Old hags they are...

Heidi says:
Friday 10/02/2006: before...
Saturday 11/02/2006: and after :)

Sarah says:
Man I can see what I'm going to look like as I get older. Heidi and I were looking like grannies Friday night into early early Saturday morning when she came over to watch the movie Adaptation and to put Henna in her hair with me. She went a red color and I tried to go dark. Neither result really came out glowingly but our hair looks all right I guess. My greys are a little less there. And look -- Heidi got her rat-tail cut off Friday! She's got a very normal haircut now. Very "braaf" :-). I am in need of a cut too pretty soon. Adaptation was pretty good by the way! Hanging with Heidi was fun!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday 10 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah do a head/mulle/tote switch-a-rooney!

Heidi says:
back to kindergarten... :)

Sarah says:
We're so dang dumb. It's Friday. We're in the mood for the weekend. Now I know what it's like to be Heidi for a day. To carry Heidi's head on my shoulder. She has a very, very light head. Makes me worry for her.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday 09 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah both need a haircut very very badly! Don't you think?

Heidi says:
I absolutely hate my hair. It's time for a total change!

Sarah says:
That hair doesn't even look like mine? When did that happen? When did it get so long? It makes me look old! I want rock&roll hair gosh darn it! What's with the winter flatness? The winter fatness? Spring had better come soon! That will force me to cut my hair, make some effort to dress nicely again, clean up my mulle, lose some of that lard! Have a great evening! :-)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday 08 February 2006: Look how much Sarah loves Heidi today!

Heidi says:
What a weird night it was yesterday evening. When I was sick I watched 4 episodes of 'Twilight zone'. Yesterday evening reminded me very much of those...
We were driving to Gent, to our weekly lindy hop lesson, when we saw a burning container on the opposite lane. No firemen had arrived yet, but as it was on the opposite lane of the highway, we could not do anything and drove on. Two kilometers further, a car was passing us on the second lane, and went on the first lane in front of us. I saw he was driving a bit weird but you see that more often so I didn't say anything. All of a sudden, the car hits the truck in front of him, and drives into the guard rails. We pass, try to avoid the car and the truck, and then stop and park on the shoulder two or three hundred meters away. We crawl out of our car, step over the guard rails to be safer, and start walking. When we arrive, we see that the driver has already escaped his car and is standing on the right side of the guard rails. His face is covered with blood, so are his hands. His breath smells of alcohol. He keeps on asking what happened. His car is total loss and he'll be ok. We are waiting with him, for the ambulance to come. When it finally has arrived, the impossible happens. On the opposite lane of the highway, a car hits a truck and then the guard rails. One friend and me start laughing, another friend starts to cry. Is this real?
We are 30 minutes late in the lindy hop lesson. We all have the same pale face with small eyes. Nobody can concentrate. We are five friends with a weird story. Once again.

Sarah says:
See! I had to put two photos today -- one where you see how much I love our dear Heidi! Another one in which you see how much better I look in today's pink than in yesterday's pink!! I love it when I prove my own point to myself!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday 07 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah need their beds...

Heidi says:
nice and warm and fluffy and soft... my bed? No! Let's not think about my bed or I might fall asleep right here, right now...

Sarah says:
Why do I look that way to myself? Is it because I am at the end of my monthly visit and see myself as a big ball of yuck? I look and feel fat. I am getting fatter! There’s no stopping me! I wish there was a way to stop me but right now there isn’t. Viva spring! That might help eventually! It’s always the same. Same old cycles. And that color pink!? I liked it and bought it, but in the photo, I see it is the wrong color for me! It’s all wrong! I know, I know, I should be kinder to myself and love myself more! Yeah, yeah! But not today! Today is a blah day in every way! Tomorrow may be better! My hair is also flat! Did I mention that? And I am getting ruddy redness on my face in several spots! Damn period! Worst cramps in ages this time around! This day just needs to end.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday 06 February 2006: Heidi is back!!!!

Heidi says:
I'm back!!! I'm back!!!
I look normal again!!!! :)))

Sarah says:
She's back!!! She's back!!!
She looks normal again!!!! :)))

Sunday 05 February 2006: Sarah welcomes special guest CK back! Heidi has gone missing! Where's Heidi? Come back Heidi!

Sarah says:
That's my pal CK with me - she's back from CA for a bit and staying with me - it's great to have her back! It was just before bedtime and that shows in my face for sure! I found out I can get contact lenses covered under my insurance -- so now I can really get them if I want to. The question is, do I really want to? My eye balls are odd. One goes up and one is off-center. Will lenses correct that as glasses do or will I have a lopsided eye-thing going on all the time? What do you think? Fellow-lense-wearers out there who are willing to give me advice?

Oh Heidi, Heidi, where are you Heidi? Come out and play Heidi!

Saturday 04 February 2006: Sarah gets caught in the headlights...And Heidi? How does Heidi feel today?

Sarah says:
That's our new stairway lamp shining on me. I like our new lamp -- but not nearly as much as I love our new little pink laundry basket with handles. I love how little stupid things can make you feel so happy... Where's Heidi?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday 03 February 2006: Thank God It’s Friday! Heidi and Sarah celebrate Friday even though Heidi is still sick! Sarah has face work done...

Sarah says:
My brother did me a favor and gave me clear skin, no double chins and green-blue eyes. Here are the before and afters for you! Maybe I should consider a face-job after all!

There's Heidi and me today. Pale but sort of glowing -- wouldn't you say? I hope Heidi is back for good by the weekend -- feeling better I mean. I miss that silly head!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday 02 February 2006: Sarah is counting the days till Friday and hoping Heidi will be back with her and feeling well again by Monday!

LOOK! HEIDI IS HERE! She chcked in later! Hi Heidi! Come back!!!!

Sarah says:
One more day to go! Yippee! I need the weekend. Too stressed out this week. Too busy. Too tired. I want to veg out for a while. I can't wait for the spring to show its sunny face!

Last night I had a good rehearsal with Greyn. We almost have three new songs ready to record in two weeks! I can't wait for those to be ready so that we can let people hear what we have been up to! Check out Greyn's website; http://www.greyn.net

There's a new little recipe movie and you can see details of our upcoming gig in Tournai on the 25th of February at 19u!

Have a goody! Heidi will show her face here later in retrospect.

By the way, anyone have any good pimple cream I can borrow? I need it bad man!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday 01 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah look bad...But at least they are together again!

Sarah says:
Man we both look bad! Crazy days! Crazy days! Usually I have a lot more to say but time is not allowing for that at the moment and without Heidi, what can I say?!

Oh, I know
go to: http://www.greyn.net
and click on Food and then on the carrot and make sure your speakers are on!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!