Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday 30 June 2006: Sarah is HUNGRY and hates being on a diet!!!!!!!! If she sees you she may eat you! She did not eat her special guest BG though!

Sarah says:
I am a hungry hungry hippo! Don’t feed the animal! I may BITE you! I HATE DIETING!!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend and don’t forget to listen to Greyn’s 4 new songs on Greyn’s My Space page.

Look below! That's my buddy and Heidi's sister's boyfriend BG from De Kreun in Bissegem soon to be in Kortrijk! BG was one of Sarah's first friends here in Belgium. He helped Belgium to feel like home for her. BG even came to Sarah's wedding in New York and met all her family and friends.

Sarah says:
Thanks for being a special guest on Face The Day Bart! It's great knowing you! Even my kid likes you and your bald head! I hope I still know you in another 10 years! I hope you have a great wedding this summer! Can we do a Face The Day Exclusive at your wedding???

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday 29 June 2006: Sarah finds a way to bring the old Heidi back via the postman who only rang once…

NEWSFLASH: Stopped by Heidi's and took this shot of her in her home-hospital bed. She's decorated it quite nicely with animal prints and parrots. Even looks like our Heiditje is getting into a little bondage!

Sarah says:
So because I am sick of my dumb head on here and I probably won’t see Heidi in time to get a shot of her, I took a creative approach to welcome our Heidi back to this site today. The postman brought her to me. As you can see, it is the old Heidi – all dressed-up with no where to go or something! Now she’s dressed down everyday and only has her bed to go to the poor girl! Yesterday she and I were as bored as each other. It was just that kind of day.

You have to know that Heidi and I live right near each other, drive to and from work together, work together, eat lunch together and hang out a lot in between all that in the evenings or on weekdays, plus we do this site together… SO YOU WON’T MIND ME GOING ON AND ON AND ON ABOUT HOW I MISS HER!!!!!!

Can you believe it is the end of June already?! In three weeks I have a three week vacation! How very spectacular! I can’t wait!! It’s back to America – first to Miami and then to LA and San Fran in California to see some family!

On a final note, you can now hear better versions of Greyn’s 4 new songs by clicking on the following Greyn My Space link. Let us know what you think of the songs

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday 28 June 2006: Sarah saw Heidi last night – see pictures on yesterday’s entry! Today, Sarah is white as a ghost with slits for eyes – sicko!

Sarah says:
I’m a sicko still! Sick in the head, nose, eyes, back, belly. You name it, I got it. But I feel better than the last few days so there’s something!

Some things to report today!

Saw our Heiditje last night. She has fun news! Heidi made it onto the Vinyl sleeve of the new Devendra Banhart album! A year or so back she sent her photo in and yesterday heard the news that she might have been chosen along with many others. And she was!!!! Click on this link and it will take you to the site. See if you can find Heidi! Here’s a hint: she’s hairier than usual in the photo! Go Heidi Go!

Other funny stuff is this link that will lead you to the internet world of someone probably in high school somewhere in Ameriica who started a story about two girls named Heidi and Sarah! It's a story that everyone and anyone can add to. Have a look. It's funny and I SWEAR I didn't write any of it! Thanks to AS for the link!

Check yesterday's Face entry to see Heidi and her big belly!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday 27 June 2006: Sarah is faking her smile and pretending to reach out and hug you when really all she wants is her bed and Heidi!!!

NEWSFLASH: SAW HEIDI IN THE EVENING AND HERE ARE SOME SHOTS INCLUDING A GOOD BELLYSHOT! Heidi is in okay spirits! She's set up on a bed in her living room and basically rests all day long. She gets up to eat and use the toilet and then it's back into bed! She's sleeping well at night and reading and watching movies and listening to music in the day when not resting. Feel free to email her hotmail address and to call and visit her!

Sarah says:
Forgot to say the other day that on Saturday night I really enjoyed seeing the Unie der Zorgelozen play: Tijl. It was the best play of theirs I have seen. My daughter liked it too and she’s only 7 years old. From start to finish there was a lot going on visually that even though I sometimes couldn’t follow all the fast-spoken Dutch, I got the ideas I think and really was taken in by all of it. If you have the chance to see it before it ends Friday, go!!!! You’ll have a good evening I promise.

Next to that, all I have to say is the same old thing – I feel like crap today. Like I have been banging my body and head against a concrete wall all night! Need I say more other than I MISS HEIDI!!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday 26 June 2006: Sick Sarah overdoses on drugs just to breath. She sees Heidi briefly who says hello...

Sarah says:
I am sick of being sick of being sick of being sick. Are you sick of hearing about sickness?
Anyway, the drugs don't work and all that!!!!
I saw Heidi today quickly and I feel badly for the poor girly! She will get bored so if you know her, call her, send her email. Keep our girl happy at home! She has to take it very easy. She's doing fine but she's stuck at home! Home isn't so bad of course. She just can't do much so it will get boring for her. Ups and downs I guess. But it is all worth it! Three months of rest is nothing in the long run and with retrospect eventually on your side! Heidi says hi but didn't feel like a photo today! All she felt like was a shower!

Here is my favorite Post Secret entry this week. I was torn between two so I'll post them both. The first one is uplifting, isn't it! There really are some GREAT secrets -- let's not forget that. Fun adventurous secrets. Things we can cherish and chew on! This Post Secret card captures that getting up to no good thing that can be so fun in life. You have to be a bad girl and bad boy sometimes and break the rules! I love this naked couple doing something they probably aren't allowed to be doing! Breaking the rules!
The below Post Secret entry reveals something sometimes one-sided about friendship! We all need to know what we mean to others sometimes. I'd say let everyone you love know it as often as you can - friends and family! It's so important to say it but also to hear it back sometimes. It gives life meaning!

Sunday 25 June 2006: Sarah welcomes special guests FDW and VD after eating their good food all up and feeding her soul...

Sarah says:
I'd like you to meet FDW and his wife VD. These were some of my first friends in Belgium and my husband's oldest friends. These two and their kids mean THE WORLD to me! They are some of my favorite people and I am so glad to know them! I felt like hell all of Sunday with this big, bad cold and cough of mine. They fed me well and entertained me all day long! FDW solved some of my computer problems! He helped me convert some music files to MP3s and to figure out how to get Greyn's new songs up onto Greyn's new My Space Music page. You are hearing it first right here! You can click on the this link and get to Greyn's My Space page and listen to our 4 new songs if you want! I still have to do a lot of work on the page and FDW says he'll help me with all that too and even Greyn's web page when the time comes because it is pretty out of date by now! The irony in all this is that I started Greyn with FDW the first years I was here in Belgium. Eventually he left the band and has moved onto to other musical projects. I miss being in a band with him! Those were some great, great days. But I sure am totally happy we are still such good friends! Thanks FDW and VD!

Saturday 24 June 2006: Sarah is strung out on the old Cod'ine thanks to her never-ending cough...and her missing Heidi!!!!

Sarah says:
Buffy St. Marie said it best in her song:

Cod'ine - Buffy Sainte-Marie
My belly is a-cravin', I got a shakin' in my head,
I feel like I'm dying, and I wish I was dead.
If I live 'til tomorrow, that'll be a long time,
But I'll reel and I'll fall and I'll rise on cod'ine,
And it's reel, and it's reel, one more time.

Well, when I was a young girl, I learned not to care
For whiskey, and from it I often did swear.
My mother and father said, "Whiskey's a curse."
But the fate of their baby was many times worse,
And it's reel, and it's reel, one more time.

Stay away from the cities; stay away from the town,
Stay away from the man pushin' codeine around,
Stay away from the stores where the remedy is fine,
For better your pain than be caught on cod'ine,
And it's reel, and it's reel, one more time.

You'll forget you're a woman, you'll forget about men,
Try it just once, and you'll try it again.
You'll forget about life, you'll forget about time,
And you'll live off your days as a slave to cod'ine,
And it's reel, and it's reel, one more time.

But, if I die tomorrow, still one thing I've done,
I've heeded the warning that I got when I was young.
My one satisfaction, it comes when I think
That I'm livin' my life without bendin' to drink,
And it's reel, and it's reel, one more time.

And my belly is a-cravin'; I got a shakin' in my head,
I feel like I'm dying, and I wish I was dead.
If I live 'til tomorrow, that'll be a long time,
But I'll reel and I'll fall and I'll die on cod'ine,
And it's reel, and it's reel, one more time.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday 23 June 2006: Sarah has a very bad cold but wants to spread sunshine your way anyway and to share her body with you all…

Sarah says:
Can you see it? I am happy! I feel sick as a dog but sunny still! I can see I am losing the weight I need to to have the back operation at the end of the year. Finally all this non-eating and portion-halfing is kicking in! It will still take me months and months to keep on losing kilos but I am on the right track! I have to be! I want this operation to be safe as can be! The less fat in the way, the better and easier for the doctor to cut through my anterior, move all my organs to the side and put the prosthetic disc into my spine. More fat means more difficult entry and higher possibility of cutting arteries. So if I keep on losing weight then the operation and the recovery will perhsp go better than they would otherwise. I have always wanted to be thinner but I guess not enough to do much about it. I love food—eating it and the social aspect of it. I have never been a particularly bad eater or over-eater but still I have always been heavy. It will be great to see myself skinnier! I like it already. It feels good. So that’s why I am sharing not only my face with you today but my body too! Have a great weekend! I’ll add Heidi’s photo once I get one later!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday 22 June 2006: Sarah is in a lot of pain today and getting a cough and a cold! Heidi is getting rest at the hospital...

Sarah says:
Man! I have a cough -- a dry one - on top of my dang back. I'm getting run down. Gotta get some rest. Heidi is also getting needed rest. I'll see her again tonight. She has to have bed-rest for the next few months. She's okay. She says hello to you all! Pictures of her will come tomorrow again!

Saw Heidi -- she even wrote a message for you all but now I can't find it!! I just heard she'll leave the hospital today and basically have bed-rest for the next few months till that little baby comes! Heidi is in good spirits! She says hello (see below photo!) and she says this is the new her! I'll get a photo of her every day that I can!

Wednesday 21 June 2006: Sarah makes a decision about her back jack and is looking forward to finally seeing Heidi tonight! HEIDI SAYS HI!!!!

Sarah says:
Finally I'll see Heidi tonight after work! I miss that girl badly! It has been 5 days now that I haven't seen her. That is a long time for us!!! I will do my best to get a photo of her if she lets me. I'll give an update on her tomorrow if she wants me too and if she has anything to add to these pages.
UPDATE: Saw Heidi and she’s doing okay! She allowed me to take her photo as you can see – even a bellyshot! She says hello!
So after some thinking I finally have some concrete plans concerning my dumb back. I will go ahead with having a prosthetic disc put in my L5-S1 and I'll see what happens. I will have this done in Roeselare - mid- December 2006. I'll be in the hospital for 5 days and home from work recovering for up to 3 months. All the doctors I have seen are slightly concerned that the L4 disc above the really bad one is next in line to cause me problems. When you look azt the MRI done on my spine you can see that there is virtually no disc left in the lowest part of the spine - the L5-S1. That is where I have "degenerative disc disease" also known as "discopathy". Apparently the disc above it is on its way to the same fate. On the MRI you can clearly see that what should be white is turning black, which means the water has left the disc or is leaving the disc. It's not flat and gone yet luckily and may not hurt me for a while but eventually it probably will. If I were to have a lumbar fusion instead -- where they basically put a sort of cage with metal rods and screws in your spine and prevent any movement of that area - well, that could cause the disc above to degenerate even faster. No doctor seems sure that the prosthetic disc will solve my problem but they mostly seem to say begin with a prostehtic disc and if it doesn't work -- well there is always a fusion.

All of it sounds horrid to me. I hate that this is happening to me. I am afraid of such surgery. But I don't know what else to do. I cannot live in all this pain and be stoic by day and almost paralysed by night and early morning. It only gets worse and worse. I want to feel strong and able again. Now I only feel weak and challenged. I still manage to hide it well - but even that is starting to give. Right now it is so early in the morning. I have been up since about 4:30 am in pain. I couldn't stay in bed. It hurts too freaking much to lie down. I don't get any rest. I am amazed I haven't worn myself out yet and that I get through my days as well as I do and just keep going on. It amazes me how very much the body and mind can adapt to whatever comes its way. We all are survivors I guess and what i feel like I am doing half the time is exactly that - surviving. I want more joy - less pain...

It's BELLY SHOT WEDNESDAY!!!! Here Heidi is in all her glory!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday 20 June 2006: Sarah's back is back in the picture and it has got her feeling down... Heidi is doing okay getting some rest...

Sarah says:
So I have been to two doctor's in two days. One was in Gent - a new one - a 5th opinion!! And one was a doctor i had seen already in Roeselare. I have a lot of thinking to do. It's like the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode in which Larry David isn't sure if he should trust the doctor or the pharmacist. One hand represents the doctor and one the pharmacist and he keeps weighing the two against each other.
How does one make a decision with so many opinions to base it on. It is all very confusing but a decision must be made. If I could, I would really just crawl under a rock for a while and take a long sleeping pill and stop thinking about it all -- but that isn't a choice -- so I guess I have some thinking to do... In the picture above I am thinking hard -- too hard. Makes me nuts.

Monday 19 June: Just Sarah again! Are you bored yet?

Sarah says:
Thi has been a crazy day! No time for anything! News on my back tomorrow I hope as I'll see the doctor tonight. How I look in this ugly photo is how I feel today. I'm no good.

Sunday 18 June 2006: Sarah is lonely without Heidi...Whose little hand is that and what's up with that carrot?

Sarah says:
It just isn't the same without Heidi. I have to go see her soon and snap her mulle! That's my goal. My daughter had to get herself into this photo along with her carrot. Silly girl. I'd rather have Heidi be in the photo than that carrot. Pretend the carrot is Heidi!

It's Father's Day in America today. I found this Post Secret entry this week very moving. It must be hard as a parent to have no connection with your kids. I hope my kid will always want to know me and let me know her. I cannot imagine a fulfilling life without her in it anymore. This Post Secret card made me think of my dad. It sort of sounds like his tone. He has 6 kids (5 sons and one daughter)! That's a lot of children to keep track of. All of our relationships are pretty okay these days as opposed to how they were in the past. I can tell my dad feels happier in his life now and seeks more connection with all of his children and brings us all together when he can. I can't imagine a parent not wanting to see his or her child(ren). Anyway, all of the Post Secret entries this week are ode to Father's. Check them out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Saturday 17 June 2006: Heidi takes a break for a bit as Hairy Sarah goes at it alone for a while...

Dear Face the Day viewers:
Our Heiditje won't grace these pages with her lovely face for an indefinite period. I'll catch her on camera when I can and share her face and thouts with you but our girl has to rest for a while until her baby comes in a few months. You can be sure I'll be stalking Heidi and that belly of hers every chance I get as I will need my daily dose of her (as all of you do too!).
Heidi sends her hellos and wishes everyone well.
As for me, well let's face it, this site just won't be as fun without Heidi everyday so I'll really try to get her when I can. Not sure how I'll keep up and if this site will morph into something else over time -- but we are not quite ready to throw in the towel yet so keep popping in to see what we are up to. There will be reports on Heidi and updates on whatever I am going through with my back and all. And sometimes there will be blank pages as it may just be too hard and too time-consuming to keep this up every day. But who knows! Let's just wait and see. Maybe Heidi will need some distractions at home over the next few months and will spend each day looking for the perfect photo of herself and uploading it and all that. Maybe not. Tom will tell so stick around for a bit!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday 16 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah welcome the sunshine and wish you all a great weekend as they think of AS today on her wedding day...

Heidi says:
I am scared. I need someone to tell me that everything is alright. Somebody who knows what he's talking about. Sleater-Kinney whispers in my ear: "call the doctor!". I might do that.

BY THE WAY, congratulations AS!!!!

Sarah says:
I see it! I am losing weight! You can finally see that! Makes me happy and gay. I am thinking of AS today and wearing white for her as she is getting married! Wish I were there to see her off! Wishing her all the best!!!!! This weekend will be a quiet one I hope. I need some rest. Next week I'll see some doctors and will hopefully make some final choices about back surgery. I am afraid I am starting to go into denial a bit. I DO NOT WANT ANY SURGERY! I am so afraid of it to be perfectly honest. Terribly afraid I will be a back patient for the rest of my life. Everyone has a story about a person they know who had one back surgery after another and feel no better for it! I don't want to be one of those stories. I really don't.

It's BELLYSHOT FRIDAY! Heidi is growing by the minute. What will she look like in a couple of months? Stay tuned to find out!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday 15 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah are boring and bland today with nothing much to tell you... maybe it is due to the DARK and COLD weather!

Heidi says:
All I want to do is switch work with the gardening guy and rake leaves all day...

Sarah says:
Greyn's rehearsal was better last night than last week! Some good ideas thrown around. Our 4 singles are READY now! They will be put on our website and on our My Space soon! I am very happy with them. The music has come a long way and I am proud. I like the heavier stuff but also our song Arnica too, which is slow and moody. If anybody reading this wants to hear our new singles, let me know and I can send them to you as it may take a while to get them uploaded onto our sites. Lots to do today, lots to do. Have a good day!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday 14 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah are back together again after a short sebatical. Miss us? Didn't think so! Did you notice we were gone?

Heidi says:
I can't say anything. I have been muted. One day I'll be back...

Sarah says:
I'll speak for Heidi. I speak for the trees too. I am tired man! Not up for band rehearsal tonight but shall wake up somehow. This weather is heavy -- even fat. The rain is obese today. It's dark. Extreme heat to extreme rain. I missed Heidi. Glad to see her again! She looks great pregnant. My how she is growing. Belly shot tomorrow maybe. It's time...
Here's my favorite Post Secret entry of the week (a little late) - It's not about me or my thoughts or anything but it does capture how the things we despise can sometimes be a big turn on indeed and how we can get stuff in our head -- missions and goals -- people are freaks -- wanting what they don't like, hating what they love and have...saying they are the kind of person that...

Tuesday 13 June 2006: Heidi freaking forgets yet again to take a photo as Sarah gets ready to leave London and get back to where she belongs...

Heidi says:
I'm dumb, ignorant and unworthy. :-)

Sarah says:
Nice colors, eh? I was AWAKE after a bad sleep somehow. Busy day ahead. Work day. Went well. Left London in style by air and touched down just as storm came, thankfully not later when it got worse. Glad to be back in Belgium. Had my fave meal (beef strogonof) at Funky Food in Kortrijk. Slept way too little due to heat.

Monday 12 June 2006: Heid forgets to take a photo the ding-bat and Sarah sweats it out in a bloody hot London hotel room...

Heidi says:

Sarah says:
Heidi's brain is really shrinking as her belly grows and grows so it is true what they say about pregnant women! London was hot as a mofo! Stinky even. Tubes were sort of nasty and wet all over. On one of them there was a nasty hanging gum thingy swishing about and making me want to vomit. Had a good day of work and some evening play. Ate good stuff. Wandered around. I love London. I want to live there for a year. People are very good to look at. Lots of beauties about! Great book shops and record shops and clothes shops and friendly people with great accents. It was damn damn hot though. I was melting. Above shot was just before I went to bed. I didn't sleep well as it was way too hot.

Sunday 11 June 2006: Sarah has a fat face in London and yes she's calling herself fat and Heidi????

Heidi says:
A perfect day to celebrate Katrijn her birthday! It is only tomorrow but one can never celebrate his/her birthday enough!

Sarah says:
More fun in London. God I love it there! So many people to watch! So many shops to buy in. I got a nice dress! I got great magnets! I had a fab day with ED from photo in yesterday's entry. We shacked up together in central London. Walked around. Talked and laughed and reviewed and caught up. Hated to have to say goodbye. Hated it!

Satuday 10 June 2006: Sarah sees her buddies NS and ED in Denham near London and has one hot day. And Heidi...

Heidi says:
comments later...

Sarah says:
That's NS and ED. ED is my best buddy, co-pilot, co-patriot, co-Gemini. She's what "we" is made of for me! I am so HAPPY I got to spend much needed time with her in London! It was fun! I miss E-rocker already badly! I hate that part of living abroad. I get a taste of the old life and never enough time to really savour it and I always want more and can't have it!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday 09 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah are sweetie-sweaty-pies today! Don't mention pies to Sarah. She'll throw them in your face. Sarah is HUNGRY!!!!!

Heidi says:
Call me Fej! I miss you!!! I miss you all!

Sarah says:
I miss you too Fej. For a long time already. And now I miss AS too! Once I went deep into Asse with AS. It was fun. Y'all come and y'all go. Ain't nothing can be done about it.
So the good news is, I am starting to see that some weight is coming off me. It shows in my face -- see -- look-- you can see it I am sure. But just as I suspected, when a face shrinks or even a body from fatter to thinner it can really make a person look older and that it has done-- look at me, I do look older. It's no big deal. I just find it strange. Fat hides a lot -- that's pert of the reason some people become fat -- to hide stuff. It's more figurative than literal but true just the same. I guess I have nothing left to hide. I'm really 35 now. I look my age. I wonder what I will look like skinnier. I have never been skinny in my life. I am curious. I am hungry. But tomorrow I go to London!!! Woo hoo! Can't wait. And it will be hot all weekend! This is a much needed get away with my husband to see my best friend from America ED. It's going to be fun! I may not be able to get a photo to Heidi to put on Face The Day but I'll take one every day and upload them later.
Have a goody and I'll be back in town by Wednesday.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday 08 June 2006: Heidi Goes Green with envy for Sarah's new lip-job...

Heidi says:
Absolutely nothing! Too busy. She send you all her love and misses you!

Sarah says:
You like my new look?
So last night, Greyn's rehearsal was just okay. It's hardly great anymore. I don't know why. Making songs is strange. You get busy with it, jam, end and look around wondering what people think in the group. It's like everyone is timid about giving an opinion and then like everyone's opinion depends on what the other one says. Very hard to explain but it rarely feels right. And I always -- well mostly, feel at odds with everyone else. It's only slightly but enough to make things not very enjoyable always. I remember a time when a rehearsal would give me such a kick! It was so fun-- used to be so fun -- like a drug to me - a rush - a fix. Now I'm just sort of bored with rehearsals -- a lot of the time anyway. I also sometimes can't stand the group dynamics and all those men. It so often reminds me of being around my brothers. I just feel powerless a lot -- like I have to give in. It may very well be a false feeling but I do feel like I am fighting for my rights a lot of the time-- fighting for my feelings about songs. And then there is the taste issue. Bands are hard!!! I guess I so much prefer being on stage to making songs. When a song is made and I love it, I love that too of course-- and the moment you are on to something really good-- I love that. But I feel like the other band memebers get a lot of those moments musically and I don't get many of them vocally anymore.
Anyway -- that's how it goes. It can't all be good. It just sucks because it used to be a big fun kick for me and now it sort of bores me. I miss the fun! I miss the thrill. I miss being silly. I miss having a voice sometimes. I feel muted a lot in that environment at rehearsals Wedneday nights and Lord knows I do not like feeling muted! With that said, I do like the songs we have completed -- a few of them anyway -- and I can't wait to see what we come up with next -- so like all things, I have loads of double-feelings! Maybe it is just me. I hardly even feel like me anymore. I have a lot of pain during rehearsals -- pain in my back and maybe that makes me more sensitive. I don't know. I don't know what changed. I just long for those great feelings again. This feels like business half the time. Like negotiation. I just want to sing.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday 07 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah have sunshine on their shoulders and it makes them happy and it's BELLYSHOT DAY!!!

Heidi says:
Rough days. Tired. Busy. Cranky.

Sarah says:
See how Heidi's belly has grown? It's really happening! There is a baby in there! How very exciting. It's sunny today! I slept badly and it shows in my face but other than that it's just a day like any other -- nothing to write home about. I'll be in London seeing my best mate from home soon!! I can't wait!

Bellyshot Wednesday the 7th of June!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday 06 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah are devils in disguise on this beastly 666 day!

Heidi says:
Nah buddy nah ya busted ya busted...

Sarah says:
We are wanna-be devils today. Yesterday Heidi and the father of her child looked like real devils as they played music at Vlas Vegas for Sinxen (see below photo -- not a good one but the only one I have got!). Those two buddies of mine did a lovely thing for me and my band Greyn!!!! They played one of our new songs during their DJ set. They had asked me for the CD so I knew it was a possibility but when I heard them actually play it I was so happy! The song was Loose Canon and it’s a goody! If I do say so myself! Anyway – it was just great to hear it so loud and see that it sounded like a real song and that people were moving their shoulders to it a little. It made me really look forward to performing again!!! I miss that so much! So thanks Heidi and FOHC (father of Heidi’s child) for playing our song!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday 05 June 2006: Heidi has to sleep her long nights away as AMERICAN Sarah have to work on this bloody Belgian holiday!

Heidi says:
Comments will come later...

Sarah says:
I stopped by Heidi's today quickly and she was lazing-around on the couch as a result of her late nights. This little baby in her is tiring this gal out. With that said, I'm not pregnant and I would be tired if I stayed up so late each night. Anyway - she wouldn't even move from her couch so I had to get down on her floor by her side and take this shot! Tonight she and the father of her child have to DJ at Vlas Vegas for Sinxen. Will Heidi survive? Will her cat suit fit? Will she be alive for work tomorrow? We'll see. Today has been terribly boring for me!!! I took the below shot before I thought I'd see Heidi. It shows off my 1970's Charlie's Angels hairstyle and my reddening face. Please people-- use sunscreen!!! I am starting to get age spots under my eyes-- brownish ones-- from all that sun I used to bask and burn in! Don't make the same mistake as I did!! Use SUNSCREEN!!!!

Sunday 04 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah pull their har back and head home for a break after day one of sinxenfeest...

Heidi says:
Comments will come later...

Sarah says:
I woke up at 5:45 am to meet up with the father of Heidi's child without Heidi to go to the flea market in Kortrijk to catch the first buys there. I didn't come home with a lot but I did find a few things to make my kid happy. At around 9 am I returned home and headed back to Kortrijk with my daughter and her 5 Euro, with which she could but whatever she wanted. She got a lot of junk for her money so she was pleased and she practiced her money-skills so I was pleased. We met up with Heidi and her clan and headed to the Vlas Vegas part of the Sinxen. I got to hear a bit of my brother-in-law "Tsjane's" set and hung out in the all-of-a-sudden sunshine. Anyway -- it was a good day. Man I love my child! She's so much fun to be around.
Here's my fave Post Secret entry from this week. I think we all can relate to how freaking awkward social intereaction can be! There often comes this point in conversations with people that you don't know at all or well where you are trying to find a good way out of the conversation. Silence can be a killer! Over-talking - spastic - can be deadly. Saying too little-- too much. Eye contact. Posture. All these things interfere!!! I am pretty social and not that shy yet still I can trouble my way through odd interactions and not know how to get into conversations or out of them. It's even more awkward in another country!

Saturday 03 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah welcome special guest KG as the clock strikes 12 and they are all about to turn into mice or perhaps camelions.

Heidi says: comments later...

Sarah says:
That's an old colleague of ours named KG! We were happy to see him again at the Kamelion (spelling?) in Heule with a bunch of other old and present colleagues. Thanks for letting us take your photo KG! I hope we'll meet you again and not wait so long next time! Don't I look like a grease-ball in that photo?
By the way, my birthday on Friday was okay! Heidi and the father of her child joined me and my husband for dinner at Miso in Kortrijk and then we happened upon the concertstudio in Kortrijk and got to peek into a fantastic concert by Absynthe Minded. This band is so terribly good! I have to see them again -- a complete gig. Every song is fabulous. I saw them in Berlin as well but in a smaller venue and was not nearly as blown away as this time. I have to buy their CD and get to know them better. I would love to be able to make songs like they do. What fabulous musicians!!!!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday 02 June 2006: It's Sarah's 35th Birthday and she's feeling old and crickety! Heidi feels bad about her hair today but DON'T let her cut it!!!!

Heidi says:

Sarah says:
So they say it's my birthday... I am 35 today. Mid-thirties! Oh by gosh by golly. Time is sure flying. Half-way to 40! I feel like much less of a birthday whore than I have in the past -- maybe because of my physical state -- not feeling so well and all -- feeling old with that dang bad back of mine which I twisted badly again last night and am suffering through today! So 35 will be a year of fixing broken stuff I guess. By 36 maybe I'll feel younger. Like my old self. I honestly can't say I look forward to this year of 35-ness as all I know for sure about it is that it will include a serious operation that in the long run may make me feel better but in the short run may make me feel worse. But with that said, maybe 36 will therefore be a great year so I just need to get through this one and grin and bear (bare?!) it! Yes-- I am being a party-pooper. For that I apologise. You reflect on these days. Can't help it. Had tears in my eyes this morning about it. Just not so much to look forward to right now-- the pay off is only later and the pain until then will have to be endured! However, I do still love a birthday so I'll try to make the best of it! I guess it just sucks to actually feel about 70 on this, my 35th birthday! I do look okay today though and really look forward to losing weight now to prepare for this operation at the end of the year. I can't wait till my birthday next year when I am a lot thinner and a lot less in pain I hope. Thanks for all and any wishes sent today! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday 01 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah are two little-red-riding-hoods not afraid of the big bad wolf with Sarah 1 day away from 35!!!!!!!

Heidi says:
I am happy because Sarah is back. Because the sun will shine in the weekend. Because I will see my child on Saturday. Because I have work to do. Because my parents are visiting me this evening.

Sarah says:
I went to bed at 20:00 last night and am still tired from missing two nights of sleep within 6 days! Travelling is a killer to the system but a feeder of the soul so... I had a great time with my family. I am sort of sad to be back though happy to see my husband and kid again and Heidi of course! Today is the last day of being in my early thirties! Tomorrow I will be in my mid-thirties! I am getting OLD!!!! I feel old but good. Wise. Wise-arse.