Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday 1 November 2007: It's First of the Month Flashback at Face The Day with Heidi and Sarah!!!!

It's 1st of the month flashback over here! It just turned November 1st and you can see that in today's photo above. You can see that I am up too late for no reason other than I am not tired. I was tired but I missed that window to sleep. Like when you have to go to the "big" toilet and you don't get the chance and then it's too late - as happened in a Seinfeld episode so very long ago... Anyway - the 1st of the month is always fun for making comparisons! HEIDI - please post a photo of yourself today in similar pose to yours below from the 2nd of November last year - there was no photo of you from the first last year!
Heidi says nothing...

Sarah says:
There's my great, lovely friend MS from New York on a visit here in Belgium last year on 1 November 2006! That was a year ago! I can't believe it! Look how good we both look! I was so happy, as always, to see MS! Come again please!!!! Leave a comment! Want to know what we were up to that day? Follow this link...

There's Heidi a year ago today plus one day as there was no photo of her on the 1st. So we have to settle for this one of her on the 2nd of November 2006

And above you can see Heidi and me two years ago today on the 1st of November 2005! Check this link to see where we were at that day... We both have changed!

Today is a holiday in Belgium - All Saint's Day. It's the day to stop and think about the dead. When you think about people who have passed away it tends to bring you into reflection about life and living and how you live and the things and people important to you. Today, I have a lot of people on my mind and a lot to think about.

Wednesday 31 October 2007: HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM HEIDI AND SARAH!!!! Watch your back! They have scissors for hands! Heidi is Evil and Sarah is good!


Sarah says:
I am no match for Heidi's evil ways as hard as I try! Heidi and Sarah Scissor-hands Torture show!

Sarah says:
I am Jesus-like and Heidi is still evil!

I'm flower-like and Heidi is still evil...

Later that night...

We went to a fun park tonight with our kid and her cousin. It was Halloween night. Very dark. The kids had fun. So did we. My daughter dressed up as...your guess is as good as mine... We saw a 4D Halloween film. Water splattered on us! Mice ran across our feet. Our chairs rocked and jerked. It's the first time I ever saw one of those films. Very cool!

Marv was on fire tonight boy...

That's the guy I'm having an affair with. He actually makes me feel really fat. It's time to break up. He also scares me...

Well speak of the devil - isn't that the same skeleton there!!!! This is too small a poster to see clearly so y'all make sure to click right on it above and it should show up on your screen in larger form! Read the fine print, check out the logos! Cooooooooool... Anyone around Kortrijk that night - the 8th of December - should make sure to go to this Vlas Vegas event and to buy one of their 666 samplers!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday 30 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah love their plant so very much!

Sarah says:
Sometimes a plant can make you so very happy - and I don't just mean a marijuana plant ;-). Look how nicely our plant is growing. It's so wild and tropical. It's our good friend. ASG - I'll have you know I am wearing red today!!!! Maybe you only see the black but I wear lots of colors!!!

Time for the second bout of hair removal! I'll let you know how it goes. I must say I have been very pleased with the results of the first zaps!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday 29 October 2007: Heidi looses it... and Sarah transports herself to and from Paris just like that...

Sarah says:
Heidi - I take everything you said below personally. My bad! Wish I could help you out but you'll just have to learn to love it I'm afraid... It's a character-builder.
Can y'all guess where I was today? Public transportation is so amazing! Gets you in and out in a jiffy!

Heidi says: I have to get this off my chest! There is an electric device that I hate! I really really hate it! I would throw it down from the 50th floor of a high building if I could. I wanna kill it! It is the worst electric device I have ever seen and used. It is a Domo 7259s 2000w vacuum cleaner. This is a warning! NEVER BUY A DOMO 7259S 2000 W VACUUM CLEANER!!!!! It will destroy your life and make you furious and unhappy. When I use this mofo, I am not myself. I start to curse and yell (inside my head)! It probably makes my life shorter. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday 28 October 2007: Sarah is full of slime today and feeling very under the weather and out of it...

Sarah says:
Sneeze! Cough! Slime! That's all I can offer and again no face for y'all today...

Above you can see my and Heidi's faces a lot, too much! We have protected the innocent and given everyone a disguise...

Rest is best and very necessary!

And last but not least, my fave Post Secret of the week. I can relate to this - not about the money aspect as that doesn't make me feel lucky, just secure when it's flowing and less secure when it's not - I would change the job paying very well part to a job that makes me feel good and challenges me and I would actually replace it all together with the fact that right now I and my family have our health. I am happy things are pretty good in my life right now. It hasn't always been that way and I feel super lucky most of the time for all the good stuff and great people that/who surround me. Even when things get bad sometimes, I feel super lucky. I feel guilty for that a lot because there is a whole lot of misery close to me and far away. Happiness is so very fleeting. When horrid stuff happens, it's quite incredible how fast we live with it and move on. I think we all can survive most terrible things. I just can't stand all these terrible things that happen. I will keep thanking my lucky stars but I am not so naive to think bad things won't happen to me. It takes less than a second for a whole lifetime to change. I savour the good stuff but fear the terrible stuff in the back of my mind. I can't freaking stand the bad stuff that I see happening to others. It's such a mixed-bag. Take the joy where you can I guess and eat up...

Saturday, October 27, 2007


We had to go incognito and undercover so much so that some people showed up in wigs and dark glasses... how very fun...That's me, KDW ad Heidi! We were such a good team. We'll miss KDW and had better stay in touch! GOOD LUCK KDW! Stay funny and dry ;-)!

Marv had no trouble being seen as he has nothing to hide but his real name. You can call him Marv. He was feeling shy though from all the female attention...

And Nico too. We tried to slip him some tongue but he wasn't having any of it. He came dressed as a prisoner in stripes. Arrested for being somewhere he shouldn't...Praying for his release...

Introducing KDW with a curly black wig...

Heidi with a curly black wig...

Sarah with a curly black wig...

Heidi and Sarah in disguise hiding from the KGB/FBI/CIA/RPC!

More photos from the party coming soon though the innocent will be protected...

Saturday 27 October 2007: Despite a bad, bad cold and too little sleep, Sarah is happy and looks happy after a lovely evening of hellos and goodbyes!

Sarah says:
Still not showing my face! :-) Had fun last night saying hello and goodbye to a whole bunch of my and Heidi's old colleagues! It was great to see so many of them again! My cold got worse than ever at that bar but I'm still in good spirits for sure! Heidi and I both had a happy time with our good old colleague KDW, who also said Au revoir last night.

Check out photos from our goodbye drink soon in their own entry above!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday 26 October 2007: Heidi has a mad face as Sarah hides hers as promised...And tonight Heidi and Sarah will drink till they vomit in the sink...

Sarah says:
Friday! Party night! More photos tomorrow I'm sure if anyone lets us take his/her picture tonight! We will try! I'm still hiding my face as I (and Heidi) am wanted by the freaking FBI/KGB/CIA/RPC!!! - Most Wanted for crimes we didn't commit!

In the meantime, you Flemish speakers MUST CHECK OUT the below Bush speaking West Vlaams You Tube sketch! They have him saying he took a crap in his pants and that he's always ruining his underwear that way and leaving a stink in the car. It's priceless and so very West-Flemish!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday 25 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah are mad hatters today and still love everything Borat and address ASG's FTD complaints! And funny videos!

Sarah says:
You see my face enough! I have that mid-season tired, getting pale, in-between hair-cuts, in-between hair-removals look. There's really no need for you to See my face. I will find as many ways to hide it and morph it until I feel a little more alive-looking -- at least today anyway! By the way, our faithful Face The Day viewer, ASG, has put in a few Face The Day complaints believe it or not! She says that I wear the same thing everyday and must therefore smell and that Heidi and I do not respond to people's comments enough and therefore should not expect comments from people - unless we interact with them and show them the love.

So about my wearing the same clothes - well, these days, it's basically just Heidi who sees me every day along with an assortment of people who need to impress me, not whom I need to impress... And as much as I love Heidi, I don't want to sleep with her so I don't really care if she finds me attractive on a given day, though it's always fun to feed each other ego-boosts! Anyway, why should I change my clothes everyday therefore?! I'm not dirty. I don't stink. I'm a terribly clean person. My clothes stay clean from day to day other than when I sweat too much at certain times of the month and when I spill stuff or run around too much or hang out in smoky bars. So why, ASG, should I change everyday? It just seems like a big waste! I mean, man, in these dark wintry days, I am not awake when I wake up. The last thing I want to be doing is choosing clothes all morning. It's easier to grab the clean clothes from the day before and just put them on again with fresh underwear and socks and some deodorant and body cream and all that. I save energy that way - my own and from the washing machine and dryer! Don't get me wrong dear ASG -- when I want to look my best or have meetings, I put effort into getting dressed. When I stink, I change clothes. I have plenty of pride in myself! But why bother otherwise except like every other day or two! In that way, I must admit I have become a lot more Belgian. I wash my hair less than before. I use soap a lot less. I change my clothes less. Something I learned from Heidi and admire in her is that make-up should really be used sparingly unless you are going out or doing something or seeing someone special. Heidi goes about so many of her days with no make-up at all! So when she does get dressed up, you really see the difference. I'm not there in terms of make up - I mean I just wear the same stuff each day basically because it is what suits me and it makes me look awake mostly. I wish I had the nerve to not wear make up. I hate being a slave to it. But if I don't wear it, I feel and look way too tired and people tell me I look sick every time without fail!

As for our not responding to people's comments. You have a point there ASG. We will try to do better because we LOVE YOUR COMMENTS ASG - we want more and more comments from everyone!!!

And now for something so funny! Heidi and I still love Borat. We repeat his jokes all day long. This You Tube video for Borat's Chair joke is fantastically funny!

While we are sharing You Tube videos, check out this one!!!!!! It's so great. It's from BBC Comic Relief 2007 Red Nose Day with Ricky Gervais. God he is clever and so are all the guys in this video!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday 24 October 2007: Sarah's father-in-law thinks Sarah has a screw loose and wants to fix it with his drill as Heidi looks on in fear!!!!

Sarah says:
Oh me oh my! Everyone wants to kill me this week! I am dead meat! My father-in-law was a great help this afternoon. Mr. Fix it! Thanks FC! And thanks to your lovely wife as well, my mother-in-law TV! Y'all are the best! Even if you want to kill me with your drill! Heidi and I still love red! It was another red-nose day! My nose is also red as my cold grows. But I feel A-okay!

Heidi says:
Oh No! Don't kill Sarah! I love Sarah! Even though I tried to hang her the other day that no good worthless piece of shi....!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday 23 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah love their new candy jar and noisy birdy from Heidi's sister! It's a red-nose day!

Sarah says:
Heidi's sister gives good red! She's a fab present-giver! She gave me that noisy little bird Heidi is killing and us that fun fun fun candy jar filled with candy for us and our visitors! We love RED! It keeps us in a good mood!

Even with all the good red candy bird stuff, I still am not immune from getting ill! GOSH DARN IT I am getting a big cold! My throat is sore. My head is pounding! It ain't right! But I will survive. Everyone around me has been sick so I guess it's my turn. My husband was coughing the freaking night away and my kid has been for weeks already. But the sun is shining, the bird is singing and the candy is flowing so who am I to complain...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday 22 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah are dumb...And Sarah looks old. And why won't those two dots you always see next to her nose go away ever?

Sarah says:
Things are getting repetitive over here at Face The Day. That's Heidi stopping me from hanging myself because I am sick of my zit scars. See, I told you we were dumb! I'm afraid that's all we can offer you today. It is Monday after all! I bet you are all wondering how it is going with my hair-removal process, aren't you? Well, worry not! I'll give you an update next week!

Heidi says:
I'm sorry babe, but you have got it all wrong. I wasn't trying to stop you from hanging yourself, I was trying to hang you! See the look in my eyes? That is pure evil! This Monday was great though! Don't know why I had this urge to almost strangle you...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday 21 Oktober 2007: Fun in the woods for the Haemers-family and outside in the sun for the Markewich (aka: Jew) -Christiaens combo!

Heidi says: what a lovely weather to walk in the woods this morning. I really love this fresh sunny weather. Yma doubted between fun and boredom this morning in the forest. Maybe she was just tired.
Heidi says: our rock'n'roll-Yma!!!!

Sarah says:
We too hit the outdoors but without child! I love that my kid is away every Sunday for three hours! It's my and Marv's time! Lovely! We took a long walk in this great sunny Fall weather and stopped at a few artist galleries along the way as it was open-gallery day or something like that. And then I played with the guinea pigs and one of them finally let me pet her and scratch her neck. I'm happy about this because I'll become bored of those little bunnies if they don't let me near them.
It was a good and simple weekend. I have been thinking about what my sister-in-law wrote, which is posted in yesterday's entry. This sentence stands out "to pursue connectedness and passionate engagement". That's very important to me. When life is busy you have to choose well or you waste time and walk away empty. I don't want to bullshit around too much with people and spend time doing a whole mess of stuff that doesn't hit me in the gut, heart and soul. What I find I miss most right now is singing so I need to get back to it and commit. I need to re-connect with that. I also need to not spend so much time worrying about the friends I have who I have little contact and connectedness with and focus more on those who really move me and matter and that I matter to.

As for my fave Post Secret this week, it's an easy one about giving my husband the food in the fridge that I'm not sure is still good! I hate to admit it, but I really do that sometimes because he is just so much easier about those things than I am. I am not a wussy with food - I mean if it's a bit over date I don't worry about it - no biggy, it's usually still okay. But my husband would eat something more than a week old without even asking and he's never ever gotten sick from any of it except once with oatmeal because it was left out of the fridge. But other than that, he just doesn't worry about it all and he's survived just fine. I have shaken a lot of my American obsessive-compulsiveness over the years and have become much more relaxed about cleanliness issues and food dates and germs. But I still won't eat food that's a week over the date so thankfully Marv does, sometimes without even knowing it (haha)!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday 20 October 2007: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNABEL! And Sarah loves her kid's school photo this year!

Sarah says:
So rare not to be wearing my glasses in a photo on here so there you have it. I am really tired. Beat. This darkness is doing that. It's so dark, so early. You just want to crawl into bed. It's also cold now. Winter coat weather. It makes the head change. Sleep is such a joy at this time of year. I am such a bad, bad sleeper. But last night I slept right through and I might tonight too! That's what the cold and dark does for me, it knocks me out and sucks any last energy out.

Today we visited a good friend of ours who is undergoing chemo for very serious cancer. We were so glad to see him and to be able to talk openly with him about a lot of stuff. This morning I was reading up on some blogs, including his wife's and my sister-in-law's.

My sister-in-law has a blog about her experience with breast cancer. She posted the following reflection last week, which is something to think about:

Because Cancer exists

Time for a check:

How have you spent your time today? This week? This month?

How often have you done things that gave you joy or were deeply meaningful to you?

How much have you been close to the important people in your life?

At those times when you had a choice, how often did you choose to pursue connectedness and passionate engagement, versus rote activity that bores or deadens you?

When you were working, how much of your work did you invest with commitment, and how many of your accomplishments do you look back on with pride?

How much have you moved your body, felt your muscles and bones equal to the challenges you set for them? How well have you guarded your health and made choices to exalt your body?

How have you loved? How have you been loved?

If you felt bad, did you embrace the experience and live with it?

Who knows how much life any of us has. We have right now. One of my lessons from cancer was to live right now, and not wait to live years later.


Sarah adds:
In totally unrelated news, my daughter's school photo is great! Don't you think? What a cutey!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday 19 October 2007: Sarah and Heidi forgot to take a photo together today even though they were with each other all day! FTD will get normal soon!

Heidi says: I have a new bonnet!! I love it! Besides that I feel a little worn out and I look like shit! haha! Actually, I don't really feel like shit, only when I look at myself on pictures or in the mirror, I see that I am not looking my best. Can't have it all. I had a great week and that counts more right now, than looking awake and beautiful :)
By the way, what would 'little hose on the prairie' mean?(see below in Sra's comments) Why not 'little dress on the prairie'? It is a little girls' show, isn't it? :))

Sarah says:
One of these days, face the day will get up-to-date daily again and things will get back to normal. Or it will change... Either way is fine! In case you are wondering, Heidi and I are fine! All is very well! Life is good! But it's time to see my daughter and watch "High School Musical" with her. Tomorrow it will be "Little Hose on the Prairie" night. That all sounds great to me. It makes my daughter very happy too... More another time! Have a great weekend!!!!

Sarah adds:
Heidi dear, it's not a bonnet my friend. A bonnet is what a baby wears. But if you want to call it a bonnet, that's okay with all of us.

I actually meant to write Little Ho's on The Prairie above not "hose" - it's the porn version where little whores use hoe's to farm the land among other things... My bust! WORD!

Thursday 18 October 2007: Heidi needs to upload today's photo from her camera along with some other old ones to bring Face up to date!!!!

Sarah says:
Your bet is as good as mine? Will she ever do it folks? :-)

Heidi says: Am I loyal or what??? Am I great? Am I the greatest? Am I the best?

Sarah adds:
You may be good but you are late bitty! Late, late, late!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday 17 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah head back to Home Sweet Home land after good-busy, sweaty, clumsy days in London...

Sarah says:
So that's us on the Eurostar back to Belgium tonight, reading women's magazines with exactly the same ads and chilling out after a few long but good days in London. London is GREAT! I could go back and back and back and I think Heidi has the same feeling. And we travelled well together and it all worked out well together so that's good too. I don't know what it is about freaking London and London Bridge station, but every time I am there I seem to get my period and I am always too warm and a sweaty mess because it is that time of the month and my hormones are going crazy on me and I don't feel normal and it's always hot, cold, hot, cold, hot cold. London is like that - cold here then warm in the underground stations then rainy then damp. I had the same feeling at London Bridge station this time as last, dirty, slimy, hot and cold!!!! I need to plan my London trips better or get my reproductive organs removed! (haha). Heidi was also in bad shape today though. She was hitting into everyone with her suitcase and knocking stuff over. We are a pair!

And last but not least, it's Post Secret time as I missed it Sunday! Below you can see my favorite one this week. I totally get this card about feeling bad for the clothes hangers that you don't hang your best clothes on and bad for the clothes you hang on your worst hangers. I look at objects like that a lot. I feel sort of sorry when I choose one hanger over another. It's weird. It's with other things too. I guess it's sort of an all for one and one for all feeling but with things. I have it with people too and it just transfers to objects. You know how objects can take on their own personalities sometimes. Well I love certain hangers I have and get angry at other hangers I have for not cooperating with the clothes I want to hang on them. People are strange beasts....

Tuesday 16 October 2007: Heidi and sarah visit a terrific Tiger show in London!

Sarah says:
After a long day and night, Heidi and I were ready to crash and looked tired as hell! We had fun going to a gallery in Shoreditch, London to see a collection of everything having to do with tigers. Check out this link to Tigerrific!!! They have some great posters and shirts for sale! Befriend them!

I know you are thinking that might be Heidi above in that cat suit dressed for a DJ session, but I'm afraid to disappoint you, it's not, though it could be... Of course Heidi liked seeing all this tiger stuff. She was, however, carrying a panther bag, which was very uncool! (haha). I saw here taking notes for her next DJ session!

My very cool moment was when I was talking to a guy from the Tigerrific and I told him I had heard about the exhibit from My Space and he asked what my name was on My Space. I said "Sarah Got Taller" and he freaking knew who I was and even mentioned my band Greyn and told me that Greyn had broken up. He knew that! It was so funny to be in London and meet someone who knew me from My Space! Now Heidi will be his My Space friend too. It's a smaller and smaller world!

Monday 15 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah spend another day and night busy in London shopping around and working their butt muscles walking all around..

Sarah says:
Man if I lived in London I'd be in great shape walking up and down and all around everywhere in the Tube stations. Heidi and I were trekking all over the place. She got to see Topshop for once and a few other shops she's seen in magazines but has never visited. London at night is fun. So many different looking people all over the place. So freaking colorful and lively.

There we are again on our way to more public transportation. We determined that we must be nuts. We are both lovers of public transport and infrastructure. We love how it all works and all the planning that has gone into it and all the tunnels that have been dug and how convenient it is. I would chose a tube over a taxi most any day really! It's another great place to people watch, though I would do without the smells and heat and cold and warm winds and all that!
By the way, Heidi and I shared a hotel room and it worked out great! We were a bit afraid of how that would be with snoring and farting and toilet use and sleeping habits and all that - but it turned out fine! Like in most, maybe all, situations, we got along great and didn't bother each other. Everything was smooth sailing, though I was a tad bit too slow in the mornings for Heidi perhaps and she was a tad bit too fast for me! But it was fun! And luckily we know how to make fun of each other without all that passive-aggressive bullshit! We had a lot of fun Borat moments because everyone in the hotel sounded like Borat when they said "thank you". Heidi and I basically have Tourette's syndrome when we are around each other. We just keep on repeating the same old jokes and saying "thank you", "cheese, cheese, cheese" and "bring it around town". We are retards!

Sunday 14 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah act like two lushes in London and see ASG's friend and now theirs too: ANDREA!

Sarah says:
So Heidi and I went to London and met up with ASG's buddy Andrea who lives there and who we met in Scotland and ASG and TGS's lovely wedding. This is the second time I have seen Andrea in London and Heidi's first. This was the first time Heidi and I went to London together and the first time Heidi and I went away together without Nico and Marv. It was great to see Andrea. We went to Wagamama, where I love to eat because it's busy and loud and good, healthy food and the waiters are often cute and you can do a lot of people-watching and listen in on people's conversations! I wanted to bring Heidi there because she knows I go there every time I am in London. To people living in London it's probably not considered a great place to go, but I just love it. Always have and always will. Usually I go alone and sit in the table for one place against the wall and people watch the whole time. This time, however, it was just great to keep on getting to know Andrea. ASG sure has nice friends! Before Heidi and I met up with Andrea, we spent a bunch of time around Covent Garden. We did a bit of good shopping and spent too much money of course, but how can't you when there. London is crazy expensive, it's depressing! There's so much you see and want and can't have!!!!

So who knows what that building in the background is other than NSM? I just love seeing that building when I am coming into London on the Eurostar. I just wish there were a pig floating up above it! In my head there always is!

I think Heidi and I agree that the smell of the shop Lush is pretty disgusting and overwhelming and sticks to you like glue for hours, BUT, we have never been to a Lush before and just had to go of course. ASG introduced us to it so there's her name mentioned again... I did pick up my favorite shower gel called Tramp and a few other little goodies!

And there you can see us deep in the tunnels of London after our fun night out on the town!