Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday 26 October 2007: Heidi has a mad face as Sarah hides hers as promised...And tonight Heidi and Sarah will drink till they vomit in the sink...

Sarah says:
Friday! Party night! More photos tomorrow I'm sure if anyone lets us take his/her picture tonight! We will try! I'm still hiding my face as I (and Heidi) am wanted by the freaking FBI/KGB/CIA/RPC!!! - Most Wanted for crimes we didn't commit!

In the meantime, you Flemish speakers MUST CHECK OUT the below Bush speaking West Vlaams You Tube sketch! They have him saying he took a crap in his pants and that he's always ruining his underwear that way and leaving a stink in the car. It's priceless and so very West-Flemish!

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