Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday 30 November 2008: Party at Overleie!!!!

Heidi says:
Glory Hallelujah!!! We had a party at Overleie and it was fantastic! It was funny and free! See for yourselves...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday 28 November 2008: Sarah is not keeping up with anything let alone Face The Day and forgot photo yesterday but WE HAVE ONE TODAY!!!!

Sarah says:
I'm too busy when all I want to do is crash. I still haven't dealt with my jet-lag! I'm just pretending it doesn't exist and that I don't need sleep. But my body is saying no way Jose! I now have a head ache and sore throat and my eyes are blurry and my ear is clicking all the time. When oh when can I just sleep! Not this weekend! Too busy! One of these days..

Sorry I haven't been keeping Face The Day up to date with my usual efficiency! I even forgot a Post Secret one week! And a photo yesterday! I must really be falling apart! If those aren't signs, I don't know what are!!! :-)

So here is my favorite Post Secret this week. It speaks for itself!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sarah's New York week 15-23 November 2008. Many, many photos from the week...

Sarah says:
So many photos from my week in New York below. They are too hard to put in order on here and all the days drifted into each other anyway. Mostly I was at my dad's inside. I did get out to see my oldest brother JM and his kids AM and TM. I saw my younger brothers Matt and Erik and Matt's girlfriend Rebekah. I also got to see my great friends Erika and Mona and Erika's kid Oscar and her husband Neil. My other great friend MS took me to the airport and had lunch with me at a local diner on the way. It was a hard week. I remain tired from it. It was fantastic to see my family and friends though when I could. I am glad I went. The best thing was getting home and seeing my daughter as you can see in the above photo! A week away from that little sunshine is really hard! Glad to be home!
At the airport on Saturday the 22nd right before I boarded the plane and sun was going down.

There's MS above and below. She picked me up to take me to airport and we had a HUGE breakfast-lunch at local diner and ordered way too much but totally enjoyed every bit of it! So wonderful to see MS again. She always has lots of smiles and good advice and we had about 30 different conversations that we still have to finish.
Look at all that food above! The two of us ate almost all of it! Welcome to America! Time to go home!!!
Below you can see me with Erika. She won't like the photo but I think it is funny. We had fun. She has a kid named Oscar and man he can dance! We went to her husband Neil's Belgian restaurant and had a waffle. Then we went to her place in Riverdale and she made me great soup and dinner - for Rachel too who came later. I was so glad to see Erika and Rachel and Oscar and Neil of course too!
Above you can see Rachel who came to Erika's for dinner too. I was so pleased to see her and to hang out with her and Erika just talking and laughing. We were alll about Nyack that night! I can't recall a time I hung out with just Rachel and Erika only. It was so cool. It was a fabulous evening though very windy!

There wer are above on Erika's terrace in the wind -- major wind!! It was freaking cold. I couldn't take it anymore and went inside. I love the above photo though!
There's Erika's husband Neil. Good to see him as usual. He's always chipper (at least on the ouside! :-)
Above you can see what I saw of the New York skyline from the car when Erika picked me up! I was in New York for a week but didn't really get of the house! I drove with Erika from one side of the city to the other and was so carsick I closed my eyes half the time! I think I was just tired and hungry and stressed. But I relaxed as I hung out with Erika more. It was just what the doctor ordered!
That's Oscar above and below. He is a lot of fun. He can do this amazing dance for hours it seemed. If Erika gets a video of it I will post it on here. He likes Rachel a lot apparently from how he was acting and when she arrived he did this like love dance for her with moves and all. He just went on and on dancing in front of her. It was adorable.
Below you can see me induldging in PIZZA!!! New York Pizza! I wanted it and I got it and I really enjoyed it! Again - it was just what the doctor ordered!

Above you cqn't see my oldest brother JM because he is hiding behind a plate. I had a short night out and went to his place. We ate dinner and I met his girlfriend and saw his kids - my nephews. Onec again - just what the doctor ordered. I had great talks with my brother and was so happy to see him so happy. I drank some delish ice-tea as well. Great to see his kids AM and TM. They are more like men than like kids now. They are sweet and beautiful. I don't see them enough or know them anough. I wish there were more time!
Above you cqn see me with my nephewe AM. He's 18 now I think.
And there above is my other nephew TM. He's 21 I think. I saw their mom too but didn't get a photo. She lives nearby and I could say hello on the way out.
There they are again above. Such nice and good-looking young men they are!
Above you can see my crazy younder brothers Matt and Erik - 21 and 23. They came down the first Sunday I was there and we went to the diner for lunch and then we played scrabble for a while but first Erik and I went to Key Food and waled down every aisle as I looked at every single thing in awe. I have become so Belgian! Such a big shop with so many choices overwhelms me now! I had to re-learn choice!
Above you can see my youngest brother Matt with his girlfriend Rebekah at the diner. They seem really content together. It was good to meet her. She's very lovable.
There I am above at the airport the Saturday I went to New York almost ready to go to the gate. I had breakfast with my husband first at the airport. It was really early in the morning. By the way - it was the first time I flew Jet Airways and I really liked the airline. No complaints at all and I loved the movie, music and show selection and the choice of Indian food -- even a bit spicey. It was greay!Last but not least the 82 year old woman I sat next to on the plane who was more full of life than most of the people I know. She was a great flight companion. We spoke for hours. Her husband recently died and she wants to go on wth her life so she's moved back to New York (where she worked as a cook long ago and her Brazilian husband as a taxi driver) via Belgium (where she was born) and France (where she lived with her hsuband). She's starting over at 82 in New York and she'll work as a cook for a famous movie producer three times a week. Only in America!!!! She inspired me. I hope I see her again! She says we'll meet in New York or Brussels one day! I believe her!
That's all for the photos! Hope you got this far! I didn't get one everyday for the first time in Face The Day history. I think I missed a few days. But it wasn't a normal week and I couldn't help it! Now things will get back to normal on here though life is busy for both Heidi and me!

Wednesday 26 November 2008: Heidi and Sarah have an intense look in their eyes for some reason or another. Maybe it's due to 30 and jetlag!

Sarah says:
Long day! Today I felt very, very annoyed and tired! Might be because it is that time of the month! It caught me by surprise and is no good with my jetlag. I feel like going on a killing spree and I feel too busy in my head and feel so tired and have a buzzing rage going on inside. I need to crash one of these days - as in fall asleep for a long time. I have been going and going and going for more than a week now on so little sleep. This weekend will be busy too. I can't wait till Christmas week when we go to Germany to spend a few days with ASG and TSG. Sounds like a dream!!!! Can't come soon enough.

Heidi says:
1 day after thirty. I am over thirty now. It actually feels ok, really!
Got very nice attention and presents yesterday, and even this evening my sister and Bart brought me such a nice skirt. I will wear it tomorrow!
Thank you everybody for the great feeling I got from you all yesterday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday 25 November: HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah says:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday 23 November 2008: A cosy Sunday morning... at Heidi's parents!

Heidi says:
Because it was snowing when I drove to Wervik yesterday (where the reunion was taking place), I decided to stay at my parents' house for the night. What a pleasure! What a nostalgia trip. When I woke up, this the view I saw after opening the curtains. I went downstairs, and as in the old days, there was a glass of fresh orange juice waiting for me. My mother came home from the bakery with fresh bread. We ate together and talked. It was so damn cosy! I am so happy it was snowing yesterday evening! I already had an early christmas feeling (my oh my, i'm a wuss!!!!)

Saturday 22 November 2008: Heidi has a school reunion

Heidi says: what a lovely idea: a school reunion with all the people we have known from school since kindergarten. Actually, all the people who were born in the year 1978. It was exactly what it had to be: cosy and open. There was a lot of talking... and talking. Maybe the nicest part was that we met someone who left Belgium, and so our school, when she was 10 years old: Sara Depoorter. She grew out to be the person everybody thought she'd become: an open and positive face and with enthusiastic energy. I was also very happy to see back other people I hadn't seen for a long time. When you are having a reunion like this, you see that people still have the basiscs of the character they had when they were much younger, but when you start to talk, you notice that they have also changed a lot. Everyone has their life, and some people have had it easy, others are struggling. For myself I've learned in the past months, that people have seen me as a kind of wild and very talkative person, somewhat different than others. Sara told me that she remembers that when I was nine, I brought a little chick to school and walked around with it for days. When I hear that, I start to think that I am maybe crazier than I think I am... :)
Anyway, such a reunion is a very good thing when you're soul searching. I am very happy this happened!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday 21 November 2008: THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!

Heidi says: another night of too little sleep. I am so tired and my headache and bellyache aren't gone. I need weekend and rest.
Yma was diagnosed with spastic bronchitis yesterday, which means: taking a lot of medecin. She is sick but still a bit wild. That child is amazing. She has so much energy that she has to use, even when she is sick and has a fever.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

20 November 2008 - remembering Peter Dewilde who died one year ago today...

Peter Dewilde died one year ago today and he's very much on my mind.

Via this link and this one I find some comfort in looking at photos of him.

He was such a lovely person.

Here Peter is kept alive on video.

Thursday 20 November 2008: Heidi is exhausted

Heidi says:
I am really tired and I'm feeling worse every day. Yma woke up after midnight and she didn't sleep until after 2. She has been coughing for says now and she has a totally stuffed nose. I have a terrible headache and a belly ache and I could sleep at my desk. Luckily there are painkillers and coffee and showers. They will keep me awake this grey day.
Yma will see a doctor today and I hope that he will give a solution, make Yma better and give our sleep back...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday 19 November 2008: Heidi is tired (again)

Heidi says:
I finally got the chance to sleep 8 hours, but of course it didn't work... At 3, I woke up form a little noise in Yma's room and once I am awake at night, it's hard to get back to sleep... So again I was up at least 1 hour... I feel reasonably ok this morning, but not sure I look that way too. Whatever!

Sarah let me know that she is doing ok in New York but that it is tough to see her dad suffer. I wish her dad and her all the best.

Tuesday 18 November 2008: Heidi didn't get enough sleep and is wasted...

Heidi says:
No picture today ' cause I look wasted. (not really, I just forgot to take one)
This night I only fell asleep after midnight and Yma woke us up at 3 at night and kept us up till at least 4h30. Needless to say I didn't have enough sleep (4 hours) and feel like a walking corpse...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday 17 November 2008: Another Monday

Heidi says: not much to tell here... Had a nice visit at noon!
And I look fatter in the picture than I really am :) Honestly!!!

Sunday 16 November 2008: Dancing in De Vooruit with Wout, Alexander, Katrijn and Nico: is there a better way to pass your time?

Heidi says: There can never be too much Katrijn in my life...

Saturday 15 November 2008: A nice but also scary Saturday for Heidi

Heidi says: A fine and cosy Saturday... Or maybe not completely... This evening I was holding Yma's hand while standing in front of a shop and she let herself fall down and tried to pull her hand out of mine. She started to cry. We thought she was angry and so let her cry. But after a while, we started to think something was wrong. I asked her if she was in pain and she pointed at her left wrist. Once we were home, we took off her clothes to see what was wrong and called a doctor to ask what we had to do. He advised us to go to the hospital, in case a picture had to be taken. Once arrived, the doctor touched her arm and knew what it was immediately: one of the bones in her elbow was out of its place... The doctor put it back in place and said: now wait for 5 minutes and when she starts to use her arm again, you'll see that all is ok again. After five minutes Yma started to build towers with building-blocks, with her two hands. We went home with a fully recovered Yma. At the table, she looked in my face and said: mummy, I am in pain and she showed her right arm. The little devil...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 14 November 2008: Sarah gotta run and Heidi takes her time to show her Lindsay Weir with a Marilyn Monroe...

Sarah says:
More fast photos! That's my ugly ne haircut! I'm off to New York first thing tomorrow! If my plane crashes those of you I love know how much I love you! Bye!!!!! No idea when I'll be on here again! Depends on computer situation at my dad's among other more important things!
Heidi will hold down the fort as usual!

Heidi says: Lindsay Weir got a Marilyn Monroe hairdo and it becomes her! The teacher gave me an 8,5 for it! I am proud!!!! We think the high marks have something to do with the fact that I was wearing fake tanning on my face, Chanel brownish lipgloss and my leopard fake fur jacket... in other words: I looked like a hairdresser and that made the teacher give me higher marks. Oh well, if that is the game ;-)... I do want to add that I do my best and I really want to succeed because hair really interests me. I will work hard and I will deserve good marks! neh!

Thursday 12 November 2008: No time to chat!!!

Sarah says:

Just a fast photo for you today! Busy, busy busy! (as usual)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday 12 November 2008: Heidi and Sarah forget to take a picture together so Sarah's nutty kid steps in as Sarah has dirty glasses and teeth!

Heidi says: cleaning up my face...
Sarah says:
My daughter just popped right in there looking crazy and cold. Our hose is a cold one! Winter in our house has begun! My glasses are really dirty in the picture and there's something stuck between my teeth. A typical night at home with the kid I guess! Actually - it's a great night because it is Wednesday and that means Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, Project Runway and Top Chef! Those are my and my husband's fave shows!!! Happily - as my daughter would say - my husband is quite in touch with his feminine side and anjoys these shows as much or even more than I do!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday 10 November and Tuesday 11 November 2008: It's a rare day at Face The Day with no photo for Monday... Tuesday we are okay!

Sarah says:
Unless Heidi took a photo Monday, there will be none for Monday on here sadly because I actually forgot to take one! That's a rare happening. Once I have my kid's passport, I can show you the one photo taken that day in my life of my kid looking all mature for her passport photo.
Today you get a photo of me in our downstairs guestroom where we moved our computer to again. It's getting comfy and cozy in there! There's a new bed and the books are all over the walls. Very red. Loving it so far. The room is aclling our for visitors!
As for my dad - well, I'm waitong for today's report. He's doing okay from what I know though he has some discomfort obviously. He should be home soon. I look forward to seeing him when I go to New York on Saturday.
Heidi says: This is my 11/11 picture. We went to the cinema in the evening and we were surprised by a rainstorm. It was fantastic!!
Heidi says: Just need to share these pictures from Yma with you. This was 11/11 in the morning. Yma and me had a walk to the park, played in the rain and then in the sunshine and had a great time. She looks happy, doesn't she?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday 09 November 2008: It's the YMA Haemers' show featuring special guests ASG and Heidi and Sarah!

Heidi says: I was feeling a little nervous when the picture was taken, I think :)...
I heard 'bok' and I thought Yma hit Aimee with her head... that's why I have such a 'mulle'...

Sarah says:
Yma is just WAY TO FREAKING ADORABLE! ASG is pretty cute too! Nice to have them both over for brunch with Heidi there as well of course!

Fave Post Secret. Can't explain why right now. Not feeling very positive about anything related to cancer or chemo but I guess it's nice to see something positive written about chemo in the below post card. I almost can't believe it. I wish nobody ever had to deal with cancer or chemo. I see nothing beautiful in it at all. Vivid dreams? All I can imagine are nightmares...