Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday 26- Sunday 28 March 2010: Sarah's weekend flew by way too fast with a not-so-great week ahead no doubt...

Sarah says:
That's me above today, Sunday the 28th of March, not looking so happy. It's a nice photo though. I like it. I was up half the night with stomach trouble and ended up sleeping downstairs - well hardly sleeping - because I didn't want to wake the rest of the house up. So I was pretty tired all day today. We went to the book fair (2nd day in a row!) and bought a few more books. Just couldn't resist! My daughter and I also did some cooking and baking, which was fun.
The above photo is from yesterday the 27th at Heidi's sister's house. We had a game night there and were fed lots of nice food. Too bad I wasn't feeling very well. It had been a tough morning and my stomach has been pretty bad the past few days. But Ayla and Tom had a great time and sometimes that's all that matters! :-)

And that's me Friday night the 26th while making some fresh carrot soup. It had been a long week. I just wanted to eat some healthy grub and watch TV with my kid and husband. Of course I fell asleep halfway through the movie. I never do that but this week and last I did. I guess I'm feeling pretty tired...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 23-25 March 2010: Sarah spys a Heidi and an Yma out her window and an Ayla inside even from behind her hair...

Sarah says:
That's me today - the 25th. I'm hiding. Man did I break my diet yesterday. I ate a Twix - my first one in months and months and months - maybe even in more than a year! Then I went on to eat two plane pancakes my daughter had made and I also had some fries my husband brought home. BAD! BAD! BAD! Binge! I just had to. I really did. Today I was back on the wagon luckily! No more of that bad eating! It was just one of those days. I am hungry. Really, really hungry.
That's me and The Lool above yesterday the 24th. My girl. The greatest love of my life. I got so lucky with her. I am so thankful...
Above and below pictures of Heidi, Yma and Matto were taken in spy-mode! I spotted them Tuesday the 24th from my living room window and couldn't resist! I saw Heidi a few minutes after. It was good to catch up with her and even better to see she posted on Face The Day Tuesday! What a great photo of Matto there below! He's really adorable!
And that's me below on Tuesday the 24th. I'm pretty up and down lately and I think I was feeling down there as you can see in my eyes. Just going through some challenging stuff but I'll be okay soon!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday 23 March 2010: Heidi shows herself and Matto for once

Heidi says: I feel barely alive the last month but I just wanted to show you that I AM alive!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday - Sunday 19 March - 21 March 2010: Sarah's head is all over the place and in every direction...

Sarah says:
Tossing and turning. This way and that way. I'm tired. I just need some good sleep. With that said, I did have a really nice night out very late last night at Nova Rock, where I saw some good bands play and met some nice people and had fun with Tom. Via this link you can check out some fun photos of last night. Today - Sunday the 21st - as you can see above and below, I am too lazy to put on make up and too tired to do much of anything. I have too much tossing and turning around in my mind. Time will solve that... And sleep. Deep sleep. I just don't want to think for a while. Shut down.

Above is me sideways on Saturday the 20th of March. Thinking. Resting. Tired.

And that's me above on Friday the 19th of March- just home from work and there was a big package waiting for me. In it was my aunt steffie's hat that she is giving to me. I love it! My daughter says I can't leave the house with it but I'll show her next winter!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursady 18 March 2010: Sarah is really, really, really tired this week...

Sarah says:
It's all in the eyes as usual... At least the sun is shining! That makes a big difference in a day! I just love being on my bike to and from work each day in this weather. It clears my head and brings the wind into my hair. It's such an amazing freedom to be on a bike. Best decision I made was to give up my car! I think I'll feel that more and more as the weather gets even better in the weeks and months to come. I even look forward to getting on my bike each day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th of March 2010: Sarah and good old Marv celebrate their 14th anniversary and sarah loses another 1.9 kilos (4lbs)!

Sarah says:
I was not expecting to have lost any weight at all! I got weighed today and it showed I lost 1.9 kilos! I was so surprised. Seriously! I feel like I am controlling my eating really well but not getting enough exercise! I guess whatever I am doing is working. I'm really happy about that! It made my day. I have plenty of other things on my mind and that news gave me a little bit of rest from my brain today!
Above you can see Tom and me yesterday - at night - on our 14th wedding anniversary! I'm really happy we have made it this far and I hope we stay together forever!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday 13 March and Sunday 14 March - Heidi and Sarah Face the Day together for once in a long while and with special guest Matto!!!

Sarah says:
There's me above today - Sunday the 14th- hanging out at home with three hours all to myself for once! Tomorrow Tom and I will be married for 14 years! I hope we celebrate a little this week and do something nice together like go out to dinner! I think 14 is a big number! They say 7 "fat" years, 7 "thin" years... So that means we are about to start 7 fat years again! Yippy!
There above you can see me and Heidi yesterday on Saturday the 13th of March - finally together on here! It's been so long. It was nice to see Heidi yesterday - even if just briefly - and to see the lovely Matto!!! He's lovely.
Matto above, Matton below!
It's been a long time since I posted a fave Post Secret on here. So today I am happy to post one. I chose this one because I used to use fake tanner and now I do much less and I'm glad! It's amazing how you can come to think you look better with this fake glow. Sometimes it really can make you look more awake and brighter in the face - but it can also make you look orange and unnatural. In the winter, it has no place! Not on this so very white skin of mine. I look at my daughter's pale, pale skin and I think she is so beautiful. I just have to learn to accept my pale skin and see the beauty in it! Not that I don't look forward to haveing some sun on my skin and getting a natural tan - and not that I won't even use fake tan again - but I have been using it much less and I'm glad about that!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday 06 March through Saturday 13 March 2010: Sarah has not been keeping Face The Day up so now she's catching up and blames Facebook! :-)

Sarah says:
Just can't keep up with Face The Day and Heidi obviously can't either! For me it's due to Facebook I think and just being too busy to keep up with too many sites and with work and life in general! Facebook kind of covers it all - status reports, photos, links - plus it has so much interaction! That makes it more fun than blogging. But I still love the idea of the whole taking a photo almost every day for years and years - and that would just be annoying to do on Facebook. So - I think I'll try to stick with this blog and just see these recent weeks as falling behind with it all. I guess sometimes I and hopefully Heidi will be active on Face The Day and sometimes we won't! But I guess we knew that would happen one day. Now that we see each other so seldom it just makes it hard to keep this site up as well. It's always more fun with the both of us so... Anyway - the above photo is from today - Saturday the 13th of March...
That's me above yesterday - the 12th of March, hiding behind the flowers Tom gave me! On Monday it's our 14th wedding anniversary so he came home from work with a bunch of roses to start the weekend off! It was very sweet of him. Before he got home, Ayla and I went to Kortrijk's new mall together to check it out. It's kind of okay. I don't mind it's being in Kortrijk but a lot of people do. Time will tell if it increases the raffic here or not. Anyway - Ayla and I found it kind of cosy... And we can hop on our bikes and be there within minutes...

Above is a photo from Thursday the 11th of March... Long day. Was at conference in Brussels. Started early. Ended late... Tired.

I think I forgot to take photos on Monday and Tuesday so the above one must be from Wednesday the 10th of March. The sun was beaming through my office window. It felt fantastic!!! I can't wait until spring!
The above photo is from Sunday the 7th of March I think. The sun was also beaming in the window on that day and it felt great! We were at a family party here in Belgium that day.
Above photo must be from Saturday the 6th of March. Was ready for bed! I started the weekend tired and ended the week tired!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Monday through Friday 01 March to 05 March 2010: Sarah is back from Hannover, Germany and has a lot of catching up to do...

Above pic is from today - the 5th of March in my new hat - found on the window sill outside our house. Anyone know whose hat it is? I got back from CeBIT in Germany yesterday. It was a good week with students and colleagues. I am glad to be back though as I feel like I have been on the road a lot lately and want some time with my little family! I also want to start exercising again! I feel like I am not losing anymore weight. I am not gaining either but I want to start seeing results again. I am convinced that exercise is what I need most!
I still have to catch up on Face The Day and do the Flashback 1st of the Month from the 1st of March. I will do that!
You tell me what you see in the photo above? I see it. It's kind of odd. Do you see it? :-)

That's me and my colleague Klaus above on the way home yesterday - the 4th of March.

That's me above on Wednesday the 3rd of March bringing in Easter and Spring with some German rabbits...

That's me on Tuesday the 2nd I think - though I'm not sure anymore - it could be the 3rd as well - above with my colleague Jamie from Norwich, The UK and below with my colleague Klaus from Belgium.

That's me below on Monday the 1st of March with one of many stuffed animals at the hotel we stayed at in Germany. There was even a Grizzly Bear - a huge one - in the lobby among other stuffed beasts. And there were photos of the fresh-kills as well!