Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursady 18 March 2010: Sarah is really, really, really tired this week...

Sarah says:
It's all in the eyes as usual... At least the sun is shining! That makes a big difference in a day! I just love being on my bike to and from work each day in this weather. It clears my head and brings the wind into my hair. It's such an amazing freedom to be on a bike. Best decision I made was to give up my car! I think I'll feel that more and more as the weather gets even better in the weeks and months to come. I even look forward to getting on my bike each day!

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Judy Gail Krasnow said...

Dear Sarah,

You and your brother Sam seem to have discovered a secret regarding riding bikes. I think it is great. When you visit me in Michigan, one of the things we will do is go to Macknaw Island. You can't take cars there, and you ferry over to it. You either walk or rent bikes to ride. We will ride around the entire Island. I have not been yet, but I am told it is breath-takingly beautiful and also quite quaint. The Island is a major part of Michigan history. I haven't been on a bike since Nyack, as 26 years in Miami ended biking, for it was simply too dangerous with the traffic and bizarre drivers. So, Mackinaw Island will be a first in some 30-years for me, and I look forward to it. I am glad you are so enjoying your bike transportation to and from work each day. What you describe is how I feel when I swim, so I understand that sense of centerdness and freedom. I think it's terrific. I love you. Mom