Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th of March 2010: Sarah and good old Marv celebrate their 14th anniversary and sarah loses another 1.9 kilos (4lbs)!

Sarah says:
I was not expecting to have lost any weight at all! I got weighed today and it showed I lost 1.9 kilos! I was so surprised. Seriously! I feel like I am controlling my eating really well but not getting enough exercise! I guess whatever I am doing is working. I'm really happy about that! It made my day. I have plenty of other things on my mind and that news gave me a little bit of rest from my brain today!
Above you can see Tom and me yesterday - at night - on our 14th wedding anniversary! I'm really happy we have made it this far and I hope we stay together forever!

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Valerie vanuit haar hart. said...

Nogmaals proficiat! Een mooi koppel en een vertederende foto! x!