Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday 31 July 2006: A stressful day inside for Heid and a relaxing day outside for Sarah -- hope you feel better heidi!!!

Sarah says:
Look where I have been today and what I have seen! LOVELY! This is the life! Heidi -- tell Wout I took that Madonna photo for him. Hope Heidi's day got better! Mine was good and now I am at CK's house in Monterey. It's great to see her. Tomorrow she'll be a guest here. Time for bed after a lovely drive along the coast from Los Angeles to Monterey via Santa Barbara and Big Sur to name just a few glorious places!

Heidi says: My friend Wout just visited me and calmed me down after a morning full of stress. It's my own fault, I did some stupid things and it stressed me out so I had t deal with the consequences. I took my picture right after he left, and I can see that I am calm now. Thank you Woutie!
Sarah, I want that black and white striped bag with scull on it, behind that girl fom Llle! (just joking!) And I like your new hat!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday 30 July 2006: Here she is: Heidi!!!!! And here is Sarah in her new hat with a girl from Lille in a shop Heidi would love called RE:STYLE...

Sarah says:
Hi Heidi!!! EVERYWHERE I GO THERE ARE THINGS YOU WOULD LOVE! Seriously -- a million shops with a trillion things you would LOVE!!! It's hard not to buy you everything! Same goes for your future baby! Today in a shop called RE:STYLE in Hermosa Beach I saw a thousand things Heidi would die for but I bought myself something instead of her. See my new hat there? Nice, eh! The funny thing is that the woman in the photo with me who works at Re:style is from Lille France! Her name is Kati and she has lived in California for 5 years. It's a small world after all!

Heidi says: Don't worry! I'm not in the hospital yet! Sarah seems to panic when she doesn't see me for 2 days, and probably thinks that I am giving birth already, but I can reassure her right here right now. I am not planning to give birth too early; I hope my body follows my plans. :)
The heatwave is taking a turn and I am afraid we'll see a lot of clouds this week. Television time!
By the way, my sister Nathalie gave me the seeds for this very nice sunflower. The seeds were accompanied by a tiny little pot and some turf, and now we have huge sunflowers. I love that present. It gives beauty after taking care of it for a couple of months (Nico was the caretaker!).
Sarah adds:
Here's my favorite Postsecret entry this week about illness. Illness and pain suck! I am hating the limits my back pain is putting on me here! Yesterday just walking on the beach sand for just a little while hurt my back so I have had to be careful all day today! When you feel badly and you aren't alone -- when there are people around you -- you can sometimes wonder if they are wondering if your back pain or whatever is just an excuse! It makes you even ask yourself that question sometimes -- is this real, is it as bad as it feels, has this become something I use -- in the end the answer is always -- yes my pain is real -- yes it is what is making me tired and unable to do everything I want to and unable to always decide what I can take and what I can't take -- but it is a struggle to get to that conclusion sometimes. When you feel less than good, you feel guilty here and there and that sucks because it can make you feel worse. I really don't want my kid to grow up with an ill mom who has back pain all the time. Sometimes already she'll say her back hurts. Generally it doesn't actually hurt -- but it is what she knows and what she sees. It's complex but I have to get better! I have to get this operation and I have to hope and trust it will give me more ability to do the things I used to be able to do. I am sick of having to measure and think twice about everything so carefully!

Saturday 29 July 2006: Sarah spends the day at Hermosa Beach watching volleyball, waves and sand...WHERE IS HEIDI????

Sarah says:
It was a day at Hermosa beach for me today. Lots of sun and sand and volleyball. We also saw a famous person - that guy from The Cosby Show - Malcolm Jamal Warner
Check out this strange only-in America thingy! Americans can certainly overdo the germs thing! You find these Sanicart Wipes outside grocery stores all over this country!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friday 28 July 2006: Sarah sees the Wild West and makes a new friend...

Heidi says: This is my Saturday picture! This time difference between Sarah and me is way too difficult... Sunny and hot and holiday feelings... and not a lot to say either!

Sarah says:
Today we went to the American West Museum. Above is the friend I made there. I'm tired now and don't have a lot to say.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday 27 July 2006: Sarah wonders when Heidi will reappear to see her with blond hair at the California sea...

Heidi says: Hi Sarah! Too bad about the haircolor! I like it much more when it's dark. I hope you change colors before you come back to Belgium!
I am a little bored today. I don't know why, it just happens sometimes, I'm afraid...
Today I miss spinning and shopping and biking and going to my friends' and parents' houses and ...
Oh well, tomorrow is another day and probably a better one!

Sarah says:
Heidi isn't here today I guess since it's bed time in Belgium already today. My day is about to end here in L.A. -- after a good afternoon of checking out Venice Beach and another beach as well. I SAW A SEA LION AND DOLPHINS SWIMMING WILD IN THE OCEAN! That was so cool!
I also changed my hair color to blond to fit in better here in California and I got a boob job -- 3 sizes bigger.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday 26 July 2006: Pffffff...and Sarah finally makes it to Hollywood...

Heidi says: pfffff...
Sarah says:
Hi Heidi! The doll indeed arrived. The question now is -- how do I get it home without damaging the box!? Saw the Keds too but have to buy them still if they have your size.
So today we went to the beach and saw some siliconed tatten about! We went to Hollywood -- nothing special there! And we went to Amoeba Music, which Heidi would go nuts in! Best record shop I have ever been in! L.A. is nothing to write home about yet. There's a lot of traffic and the hyped up things are no big deal when you finally see them. But it's good to be here and to be so close to the Pacific ocean. In the above photo you can just barely see the Hollywood sign up in the hills behind me. In the photo below you can see all my new Hollywood friends.
I hope it cools down for you Heidi! It's hot as a mofo here too!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday 25 July 2006: Sarah is a Southern Belle swimming her days away and wondering where Heidi is? Paging Heidi -- report please? All okay babe?

Heidi says: Hi! this heatwave in Belgium is going on and on! It's madness! Today is the first day in three that I didn't fall asleep every two hours. I read the last 170 pages of my book. Time for a new one! The tenth that will be! Glad to see that Sarah is doing ok! Hi Sarahtje! (has my barbie arrived yet?)

Sarah says:
Oh Heiditje -- where are you? All all right meisje? I'm having a swimmingly good time here in Miami! We are off to L.A. soon, where we'll be for several days till we head to San Fran. Hey SNOWBRO -- I'll be passing through your neck of the woods today. I'll send you some sasquatch girl brainwaves from above!

The above photo reflects something fun -- that my mom has loads of wigs and dress-up clothes that I can use for Face The Day shots today and when I return after California. Here I am a Southern Belle. I think I have found my look.
Below is less lovely though very lovely in a way -- swimming everyday in the hot sun is fantastic -- just wish I looked better in a bathing suit! Isn't my face just gross here? Well -- I love it!

By the way - woke up today and watched Capote -- another great thing about being on vacation -- swimmimg, eating, sleeping, sunning, watching movies. You can start to see healthy in my face again a bit. That's because I am finally getting some much needed rest!


Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday 24 July: Sarah and Heidi meet on a fridge in Miami!

Heidi says: good, I see I'm there already!

Sarah says:
Hi Heidi! See!!! You are here with me in Florida afterall!! Little did you know, but there is a big photo of you with The Lool on my mom's fridge! You were the first mulle I saw when I got here. I say hello to you every morning on that fridge and goodnight to you every evening. You are by my side my deary! Time for my morning trip to the pool! How's it going for W&A at mi casa?

Here's my favorite postsecret entry this week. It reminds me of my last week full of stress at work! That's how I knew it was really time for a vacation! I felt short-tempered and fake and would curse out the phone when it would ring and theh answer in a very friendly way. We all know that feeling -- the leave-me-the-hell-alone feeling!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday 23 July 2006: Hot!!!! - Even hotter in Miami though!!!!

Hot hotter hottest!
Sarah, let us know where you are!!!

Sarah says:
Hi Heidi! Here I am in HOT Miami! Jetlag got us up early so we went to the pool early -- at 8:30! Came home, ate lunch and sat on the couch reading magazines till noz -- around 16u! This is the life! I feel so relaxed and on vacation -- surrounded by palm trees, hot sun, frogs and lizards!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday 22 July 2006 There goes Sarah...

Sarah says: This is a qwerty keyboqrd so there will be more typos than ever I am afraid! HERE I AM AT THE AIRPORT IN MIAMI! I had a great flight. So happy to be here and to be on vacation. Saw famous people at airport -- Peter Andre and his wife Jordan. It was as if nobody knew them. They are big in The UK -- all over magazines there. I don't know why! Anyway -- having a great time here!

There she goes and here Heidi is. This time it is Sarah leaving Heidi. But she deserves it. She's been working hard, and she needs this break badly! But that doesn't mean Heidi won't miss her...

Heidi says: In this picture I have my mother on the phone. She visited me this afternoon, and staid for two hours. Then later, when she was back in Wervik, where she lives (and where I grew up), she called me to tell me that she met my dad on the road, and he proposed to have a coffee in a tea-room. That was a little nuts but that is how I like her! :) And the telephone conversation we were having in the picture, was about the huge thunderstorm that is raging over Kortrijk right now. She was calling me to make sure I wasn't too scared. That is my mother! She is so concerned and loves her children so much, and shows that in any way she can. I love her too! Very much!
By the way, Sarah, speaking of mothers, please give your mum my very best regards!!!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday 21 July 2006: Heidi and Sarah meet quickly and say hello and then say goodbye for three weeks...

Sarah says: Bye Heidi! See you in three weeks when you'll be even bigger and closer to having a baby. I'll also be bigger after a trip to America no doubt -- but won't be expecting a baby! One more day and I am so very OUTY!

Heidi -- I'll meet you on Face The Day whenever I can over the next three weeks if I have a computer available to me! You do the same! Take care of yourself and that little baby in there! I'll miss you!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday 20 July 2006: Heidi and Sarah meet outside on a stoop full of sunshine and BELLYSHOTS!!!

Sarah says:
Two more days to go till I am in Miami and then in LA and then in San Fran and then back in Miami! I WANT TO GO NOW!!!! One more day of work! I have to work on the Belgian holiday the 21st of July – which is obviously LOUSY!!!! I have so much to do at work and at home. I am running around like a mad woman. An 80 year old mad woman with a limp! MY BACK HURTS!!!!!!! Vacation will do me just fine!
I popped in at Heidi’s and even got her to come outside on her front stoop for a fast photo. I know you don’t really see her face here but her face doesn’t matter anymore, does it. All anyone is interested in now is her BELLY!!!! Just kidding Heidi!

So please see below BELLYSHOT of Heidi! I am sure you’ll agree with me about how wonderful Heidi looks with that big ball of a belly. It suits her. It gets easier and easier to imagine there is a little person in there. Man I can’t wait to meet that little person.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday 19 July 2006: Sarah sweats and sweats and meets up with Heidi's buddies W&A who will take over her home soon!!!

Heidi says: For now, I'm glad to be home, because I cannot sleep at night, but I can rest in the daytime... A real heatwave, and it won't stop. It is amazing, yes Sarah!
I am truly happy that my good friends W&A will be so close for three weeks. I wonder if I will see them a lot...:)

Sarah says:
Three more days to go and I AM OUT OF HERE!!! I can't believe Belgium is having a heatwave now! It's kind of nice other than sleeping (not sleeping) and ANTS!!!! Ants have taken over a bathroom in my house. Everyday I go on killing rampages but they come back!! You can't kill ants! They have amazing staying power!! But I have to kill them because we are leaving in three days and those two guys in the photo below are taking over my house while I am gone and they can't have ants bothering them!!! So this is my mission! KILL THOSE DAMN ANTS BEFORE SATURDAY. I have so much to do before I go away! I am so stressed out right now!! So very stressed! I NEED VACATION!!!!!!!!! Can't you see it in the above photo? I am hot and tired and cranky and stressed!!!!!!! By the way -- I LOOK FAT IN THE BELOW PHOTO!!! It's as if I haven't lost any weight at all!!! I don't understand it! It sucks! I try and try but NO!!!!! Nothing anymore!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday 18 July 2006: Heidi and Sarah heave lunch together but are so NOT up-to-date with each other it’s not even funny!

Sarah says:
So I saw Heidi and we had a fast lunch together but didn’t really get to talk a lot and realized how very behind we are with talking these days! I am way too busy! She’s way too not-busy I guess but actually very “good-busy” keeping that baby of hers safe! She sent me a text message that we must be really out of touch because we haven’t even had a conversation about Syd Barrett’s death yet! She’s right! I mean his death isn’t as newsworthy perhaps as some of the other horrible crap in the news these days, but it should be addressed nonetheless. I will always relate Syd Barrett with those good old days I used to smoke way too much pot whilst listening to the Mad Cap Laughs. I can’t believe I gave away all my records before I moved to Belgium, including that one!!!! I had some really good Pink Floyd bootlegs too! Oh well – we must let go of the things we have given away, right?

I put two photos here today! One normal Sarah and Heidi one and another sort of belly shot because I liked the angle and how it shows just how big Heidi’s belly has become.

Heidi – we’ll catch up one of these days – probably in August I’m afraid!!! Or maybe when you are home and I am home after my surgery. We can take your baby for a walk around the block everyday as my spine clicks back into place from daily walking! We’ll talk a lot then, I’m sure! And you’ll have a baby out of your belly by then!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday 17 July 2006: Sarah is without Heidi again today and very very tired...

Heidi says: Warm, warm, warm!!! No: hot, hot, hot!!! But I like it! But yes, the nights are terrible! For me, because I'm heavy and have a lot of extra curves I can't get used to. But I sleep, even if it's only late at night or early in the morning... Lucky me, I must say...

Sarah says:
I'm tired! It's Monday. I am always tired on Monday. Last night was another hot one and I couldn't sleep at all! I love these warm days, don't get me wrong -- I am NOT being negative! Just stating the fact that it is DAMN hard to sleep in the heat! The weekend was a good one. I am now counting the days until Saturday when I leave for The States finally! I can't wait! Man do I need this vacation badly!
Here's my Post Secret pick of the week. C'mon! We all do it at least once! Admit it! You have done it too! We all blow our nose in the shower from time to time! Don't worry W&A -- our house and our shower will be cleaned before you take it over Saturday!!!

Sunday 16 July 2006: Heidi and Sarah and Heidi's belly finally get some time together on this SUNNY Sunday!

Check out Heidi the bathing beauty with her big belly! What a life! Don't feel sorry for her that she has to stay home for three months and have bed rest! She gets to read and to be in the sun all day the lucky girl!
Heidi and Sarah are trying to look cool above. Really they are just a bunch of uncool losers with nothing better to do than take photos...
Wow! Check that belly out! Can't wait to see who is inside of there!

Saturday 15 July 2006: Sarah forgets to take a photo but finds herself in the new eyes of her husband... Heidi has nothing for you today!

Sarah says:
I'm sorry -- I forgot a photo today so I offer you this one. If you look closely you can see me in the left eye of the glasses above. Had quite a nice Saturday! First the outdoor swimming pool in Kortrijk and then a long evening in Kortrijk watching people and hanging around in great weather with nice company during Kortrijk Congee. Saw the Unie der Zorgelozen play and once again was very impressed. The setting alone was fabulous. Too bad that courtyard and the whole rest house is going to be torn down. It's the first time I saw it and the last I guess. Eventually there will be a big and ugly mall in its place! Welcome to commerce and to America! Does Kortrijk really need a big mall there? You tell me!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday 14 July 2006: Sarah did not see Heidi last night. Sarah is a bad girl. Sarah's eyebrows look great though! NEWSFLASH - HEIDI!!!!!

NEWSFLASH: Saw Heidi at lunch when I dropped off her Turbo Red nailpolish. She's got plenty of time to polish her nails and pregnancy has certainly made them grow. Her belly has also grown as you'll see. Heidi looks great actually! Really really great. Her face looks like it did pre-pregnancy in this photo. It was good to see Heidi even if quickly! Have I told you all I miss her?
Sarah says:
No time to see Heidi!!! But I did buy her Turbo Red nailpolish today so I am thinking about her for sure and she knows that!! Right Heidi!! You know that!!
I got my eyebrows done this morning. Nice ones! Tonight I get waxed. I am so very shallow. I apologise but I am also very hairy so...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday 13 July 2006: Sarah is a jackass. Sarah hasn’t seen Heidi for 5 or so days! That’s just nuts! Heidi, I will see you tonight girlfriend!

Heidi says: long live the sun!!!!!!! long live the people who care!!!!

Sarah says:
It’s Thursday and that’s a good thing because it means tomorrow is Friday and that means one more week until vacation! I need a vacation. I can’t wait to be in Miami and then Los Angeles and then San Francisco! Can’t wait!
I can’t believe I haven’t seen Heidi for so many days in a row! That sucks! I have to see her today! I must!
Do you like my donkey ears? I feel fat today. I am having a fat day! My “diet” is still going fine but some days you just wake up feeling bloated and fat. Today is such a day and I hate it!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday 12 July 2006: Sarah wants Heidi to come back! Sarah is not happy without Heidi here! Sarah misses Heidi! Sarah is tired of it all...

Heidi says: I miss you too Sarah! But time goes fast, and before we know it, I'm back on the track! Although I honestly don't want to think about that right now. The sun is shining, I have my books, I'm doing fine. For now.
Have a nice summer everyone! Enjoy what you have!

Sarah says:
I'm tired today! Man am I sleepy! Yesterday too! I just don't sleep well at all anymore for ages already! At least I look good, right!? :-)I apologise for my unshaven underarm pit. But I don't smell, I assure you.

One and half more weeks until vacation!!!!! Yippy yahoo! I cannot wait!