Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday 29 June 2008: Sarah's kisses you all goodbye for two whole weeks!!!!!!

Sarah says:
See you all in two weeks! Keep Heidi company here! Good luck with everything Heidi! I'm off to the South of France!!!!!

Heidi says:
I had a wonderful sunday. See and enjoy!

And one last Post Secret note which is true, true, true for each one us ---

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday 28 June 2008: a relaxing, warm, nice, perfect Saturday for Heidi...

Heidi says: one tip: sauna Body & nature in Avelgem. One to never forget, and to treasure forever. I don't think I ever wanna go to another sauna ever again...

Saturday 28 June 2008: It's almost vacation time for Sarah. Counting down and packing, packing, packing - way too much as usual!

Sarah says:
We're almost gone! I'm getting happy and excited and giddy! Almost all packed. Way, way too much stuff! Trying to eliminate! It's hard! When you are driving somewhere, it's so easy to overpack, Jack! Anyway - time-is-a-tickin and I gotta get to it! Tomorrow morning I'll try to post one last photo for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!!! My, my, my! This will be the first time is years, years, years that I am not a slave to a computer! It's a good test! Also a good test of my going with the flow! I haven't planned anything. I have no lists at all! My husband has the maps, not me! Usually I am the control freak and need to have a plan! But not this time. For once, we aren't heading to The States so I don't have to be on top of everything and taking care of it all. It's pretty much in my husband's hands right now. And I have to say, it feels good to give up control but it makes me feel strangely sleepy!

Friday 27 June 2008: Sarah waves good bye to work for about three weeks and says hello to vacation!!!

Sarah says:
My last day of work for a while! Vacation is about to begin! Off to the South of France! I think it will be a wonderful time! It will be the first time in years that I do not use a computer everyday! Can you believe I won't be posting photos on here for two whole weeks as of Sunday!!! That's crazy! I don't know how to live without checking emails and blogging every day! It's a good lesson to learn! Hopefully my replacement for my addiction will be sun and fun! You can be sure I'll report back with a photo from everyday that I am gone - after the trip!

Heidi will hold down or hold up the fort in more ways then one - at work and on Face The Day!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday 26 June 2008: Heidi and Sarah are swinging high and low sweet chariot...

Sarah says:
Sunny! Almost vacation! My husband signed a contract and has a great new job! The secret is out! We are in the celebrating mood! All is well! I am so happy for him! He's worked hard at one place for 14 years! 14 years!!!! He's had a great experience and has done and learned so much but it's time to move on now and moving on he is - to work for one of the major newspapers / media groups / publishers in Belgium! I am so proud of him! He's a good one! A really, really, really good one! He'll start his new job in September. We start our vacation Sunday! Perfect time to get away and relax and have fun together and with our daughter. It's sunny today. I feel happy and excited! Exactly one year ago, Heidi and I resigned from our old jobs! It's funny that my husband is going through what I was going through a year ago. It's very nice. He never reads this blog, but if he did, he'd know how happy I am for him and again how proud I am of him and excited I am for him and how much I love that guy. He's such a GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!

Thursday 26 June 2008: no more - erom on

Heidi says:
please, no more. I need time off. A lot of time off. Just for myself. I feel like one big wreck. i am so so so so so so tired. SO extremely tired. It's that bad that when I talk to people, I can't remember what I am saying and I go all blurry in the head. I am such a wreck. And I feel like my bodyparts are blowing up: my face, my legs, my feet, my arms...

Do enjoy my ode to my daughter Yma! She's my angel...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday 25 June 2008: Heidiand Sarah are Heidi and Sarah are Heidi and Sarah are....

Sarah says:
We took a lot of photos today and the above one is the only one that came out okay. Heidi might not agree - but I swear - they were blurry or bad.
Heidi says:
this is possibly the worst picture ever taken of me. Or maybe it's just me. I look stupid.Ugly. Blown-up in my face. I feel blown-up in the face. What's wrong with me? I can't think straight anymore. I am so bloody tired. I'm a wreck...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday 24 June 2008: Heidi needs to calm down and Sarah needs to take a shower or cool down! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NSM!!!!!!!

Sarah says:
That's me right after an argument tonight. I need somebody to throw water over my head! It's warm tonight! Good night!


Heidi says:
Er is veel stress in mijn leven de laatste maanden. Er gebeuren dingen waar ik geen controle over heb. Gisteren kwam ik thuis van mijn werk, en ik was letterlijk stijf van de stress. Mijn schouders, nek en bovenrug zitten nogal vast en zijn pijnlijk, mijn rechterarm wil soms iets minder mee, mijn vingers doen pijn, mijn knieën doen met momenten pijn, ik heb behoorlijk wat last van buikpijn, gisteren waren mijn oren ook weer overbelast en dus hoorde ik de ganse dag de druk in mijn rechter oor (toen ik dat enkele jaren liet nakijken, zei de dokter me dat ik het gehoor van een baby heb, dus er was niet echt iets mis. Wel had ik water in het slakkenhuis, en dat kwam door stress...), soit, alles wijst er dus op dat ik behoorlijk onder druk lig.
Toen ik gisteren hoorde, na een rotte dag, dat ik ook nog eens de helft van de avond alleen zou moeten mijn dochter entertainen en koken tergelijkertijd, kon ik het wel krijgen. Op de fiets naar huis, dacht ik erover hoe ik mezelf kan kalmeren. Op deze manier kweek ik een hartkwaal of maagkwaal. Ik kwam thuis, haalde Yma op, en sprak mezelf toe 'kalm blijven, rustig blijven...'. Het lukte wonderwel.
Ik ben nu op zoek naar tips om minder stress te hebben en te voelen. Ik wil me niet laten kelderen door stress. Ik ga blijven zoeken. Ik moet.

Oh, nog iets: ik ben gestopt met koffie drinken. Ik probeer toch... Barbara heeft me Bambu van A.Vogel aangeraden, en daar ben ik dus mee begonnen. We zien wel!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday 23 June 2008: Sarah and Heidi do not consider today and great one or anything... As days go, it was pretty bad actually.... Be gone STRESS!!!

Sarah says:
Bad day! Just one of those not-good days. Nothing terrible. Just annoying things. Blockades, blockheads... Monday, Monday...
Heidi's day was perhaps worse than mine thanks to technical difficulties... Maddening really. Poor girl!
Mine was just bad in the non-good sort of way. Nothing to write home about kind of day...
Tomorrow is a new day thankfully!

Sunday 22 June 2008: Heidi is still at sea! With pictures!! And Sarah makes a graveyard for chicken, which tastes amazing by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi says:
I ran at the sea. I laughed at the sea. I almost cried at the sea. I was at ease at the sea. It was great at the sea.

(I will upload more pictures, with Barbara on them!!! Look at the one with Sofie! We could be sisters!)

Sarah says:
I made such a good meal Sunday, if I do say so myself! Doesn't it look like a graveyard for chicken in the photo below?! This food was tasty and needed and deserved! We finished painting the downstairs hallway and library thanks to my husband's parents! It looks so nice. I love it!

Sarah adds:
Something struck me about the below Post Secret. I was thinking about Peter again this weekend because we had a nice Mexican dinner with his wife/widow and their kids and her friend. Always good to see them and to see life moving on with joy and lightness... Anyway, when I think about Peter, I think about dying and death and cancer and last days and how one goes and how I hope to go.. That's why this Post Secret caught my eye. I really wonder if the moment you let go, you get some peace and quiet. The hardest thing about living is that need for control we all have. It's probably the biggest cause of stress ever. Needing to call the shots and make sure everything goes as planned and all that... Maybe when you give in to death and let go of life - maybe it is beautiful and calm and without pain. I sure hope so.

Saturday 21 June 2008: Heidi at sea and Sarah in a sea of blue light...

Sarah says:
Take me to your leader...

Heidi says: It was nice at sea! But damn, I have no pictures...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday 20 June 2008: Heidi and Sarah are anything bt cheery on this red cherry day!

Sarah says:
What a day! Thanks god it's Friday! Thanks god for cherries! Heidi and I had a scattered, frustrating, traffic-ridden, congested day! The cherries were sweat and good and red and made all the difference!
Why do the weeks right before vacation feel the most full of stress and chaotic!!!! I feel a bit mad in the head right now! But I have a whole bag of cherries and a weekend ahead of me!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday 19 June 2008: Heidi and Sarah are fruit eating fiber freaks with transit problems today....

Sarah says:
My intestines have gone mad. Seriously. Not good. Not good. Not good at all folks. I won't tell you more. You know enough. But Heidi and I are still enjoying fruit and had a good and sunny fruit break this afternoon.

Two interesting articles you should all know about!

This one is about feet that are washing up on shore in Canada! Six so far in sport shoes!!! It's a crazy story. So weird. I have to find out where these feet are coming from! Whose poor feet are these? The article says they could be related to: "organised crime, boating accidents - even the 2004 Asian tsunami "!!!!!!! Crazy!!
"Another human foot encased in a running shoe has been found on the shores of British Columbia in Canada, the second this week and the sixth within a year.
Like four of the others it was a right foot, a police official said. "
And this article my dad sent me from The New York Times about a guy in Mons called Paul Otlet who came up with the idea of the "web" in 1934!!!! There is a museum in Mons in Belgium called Mundaneum about all this, which now I really want to go visit. You can read further about it in English via this link as well.
"In 1934, Otlet sketched out plans for a global network of computers (or “electric telescopes,” as he called them) that would allow people to search and browse through millions of interlinked documents, images, audio and video files. He described how people would use the devices to send messages to one another, share files and even congregate in online social networks. He called the whole thing a “réseau,” which might be translated as “network” — or arguably, “web.”"
All very interesting!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday 18 June 2008: Heidi and Sarah are eye to eye today

Sarah says:
I have a big secret! It's not what you think! I am not pregnant or anything. It's not even my secret! But it's a good one! I am happy! Last year around this time some similar stuff was going on! Weird how history can repeat itself in different ways... Actually - when I took this photo, I wasn't aware of the secret. I only knew a few seconds later! If I had taken the photo right after I learned of this secret, I might have revealed more in my eyes... What am I talking about Willis? Don't mind me. I'm half joshing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday 17 June 2008: Sorry, no title today! Heidi edited Sarah's title out because it was too disgusting :)

Sarah says:
Lots of slits, cracks, cleaves and reservoirs for soup in the photo above! Doesn't Heidi's new haircut look great?

Heidi says:
ok, yeah, it looks a bit weird because the position I am in is weird. That's it! For the rest it looks like I am in pretty good shape. Happy happy juij! Now all I need is ten years of rest and sweet italian life (think of great landscapes, wine and food, outside parties...) and maybe my healthy and rested looks will come back...

Monday 16 June 2008: The Guinea Pigs are damn cute!

Sarah says:
There you see our special Face The Day Guests today - three out of four of the very cute guinea pig babies!!! They are hard not to love already! Their mom sits up on a brick to get a break from them as they hang all over her all day long. But they find their way to her anyway! Doesn't the white one look like a rabbit and the one with the black eye like a panda?
That's me below all jolly from the pigs!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday 15 June 2008: Sarah feels anything but grey painting her downstairs walls....

Sarah says:
Yippy! We are getting there! Finally cleaning up our downstairs hall and library rooms! We chose grey and it's looking good! Saturday we spent all day cleaning the dirty walls, taping up stuff and getting everything prepped for today! My husband and his dad and I all had our roles and rolls and we went for it! Next weekend, we have to do the 2nd layer and then eventually after that we'll start sanding the floors and varnishing them! It's about time we cleaned this place up a little! It makes me so happy! And I love painting! My arm and wrist hurt a bit but it's all for the good! It was a great weekend because we got stuff done! We also had a lovely night Friday at and old friend of my husband's home. So the weekend started off and finished well!
As for Post Secret well - I was uninspired really. I don't have too many issues with my dad these days. All is well. So when I see these post cards in honor of Father's Day (today in The US), I don't have any real feelings about them. So I chose the blow card because in the past I guess I did have some issues with my dad. Happily - things change, people change, life goes on, we all grow up and good relations become possible and contact becomes enjoyable!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday 14 June 2008 : The Guinea Pig had 4 babies and man has she been busy breastfeeding all of them ever since!!!

Even Kortrijk is celebrating the birth of my daughter's 4 guinea pig babies by splurting pink liquid out of the fountain! It could almost represent the birth itself! 4 BABIES!!!
We arrived home from work on Friday the 13th to find these little creatures just born. One looks like a bunny and one looks like a panda bear. They are much smaller than the first baby - probably because there are 4 of them! That explains why their mom was so fat! They are cute but w won't be keeping them! This is the last of guinea pig babies for us we hope! The poor dad-brother has to be in another age again because even though he is castrated now he was still madly trying to hump the mom who is busy enough as you can see below trying to feed her 4 new kids!

They sure are cute! They can stay for 6 weeks and that's it! Anyone want one? They are up for grabs! Their names are Cato, Coco-Rosie, Cleo and Cookie! They are also known as The Keeks along with their parent-siblings!

Later I'll post a movie of the little rodents so you can see them in full swing bothering their mom all the time. She's a great mom for being only 9 months old!!! Guinea Pigs are Freaks!!!

Here's the movie of the new guinea babies and their hard-working mom! It starts slow with milk-giving but picks up a little when you can see the little bunnies running around and the mom pig trying to guide them.

Saturday 14 June 2008: baby Stan steals our heart

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2008 - Heidi and Sarah are honkies today!

Have a nice weekend from Heidi and Sarah!!!!!

And later that day... with my new dress...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Heidi says: Een heeeeeeeel gelukkige verjaardag gewenst, Katrijn!!!!! We genieten ervan he, vanavond!!! Het wordt gezellig!!! This blonde girl is turning 32 today. You wouldn't tell!!! A beauty forever!

Sarah says:
There I am above just after Pilates lessons tonight. Make-up stripped off and almost ready for bed. I love Pilates. It is so good to be moving my body again! And I still get a small joy of seeing my photo with no make-up on here. Just reminds me that I have come a long way in learning to like my face... Heidi and I were talking about that today because of a news report about a study that says that women between 25 and 30 or something like that hate all photos of themselves. I am so glad to be past that. Heidi and I agreed that Face The Day has helped each of us with that. If you see your self in a daily photo your flaws and beauties start to mix up and you just start to kind of like yourself however you look because it's just you and who you are. Of course that's not totally true because we don't always pick the ugly photos to put on here - but the fact that we sometimes do is already a big step for each of us I'm guessing.

Below you can see my daughter in the Little House on the Prairie outfit my mom got her hndmade for her birthday! She's little Laura! I want her bonnet all for myself!