Monday, August 30, 2010


Sarah says: The above photo is the start of the 6th year here at Face The Day so it's time for First of Face the Day Flashbacks! Below you can go backward in time with us. Though we don't really keep the blog up to date anymore - at least not together - it's fun to be able to at least get a photo on the 30th of August every year and some other days together in between. We enjoy being able to look back. It's a bit of a project - not one we take very seriously - but it's good to still be here in blog sphere sort of sticking with it... We'll see if we make it to the next 30th of August! Notice how our hair styles change along with each other from long to short to long and so on.
There we are one year ago today, 30 August 2009 starting our 5th year at Face the Day with Heidi and Sarah! We may not keep it up as much as we did in the past as life has changed a lot for both of us but we do our best to update it now and then. Via this link you can go back to that day a year ago with us!
There we are two years ago and one day on 29 August 2008 looking fresh and alive! Via this link you can see what we were up to back then. Life was very different. So much has changed!
And there we are three years ago today on 30 August 2007 looking shirt-haired and not that great! Use this link to check back to what was happening with us three years ago.
And there we are above four years ago on 30 August 2006 looking pregnant (heidi) and fat (me). Via this link you can see more about that day four years ago in our lives!
And there we are on our first day of this particular blog, five years ago on 30 August 2005 right after our other one that we had started in April 2005 got hacked and disappeared! We looked younger but we both think we look as good or even better today! Via this link you can see exactly where and how Face The Day with Heidi and Sarah began five full years ago in 2005!!! Now we can have flashbacks that will include six photos from the consecutive years every time! Even if this blog stops or changes, we promise to at least take a photo every end of August for as long as we can!

More photos below from this week 2010...
Above photo is from yesterday - the 29th of August 2010. Heidi was the DJ at the koffiequeen 2nd birthday celebrations on the Vlasmarkt in Kortrijk.
And the coffee was good as usual and I was sure not to lose mine in the crowd!
The photos are all out of order - so the above one of me and The Lool is actually from the 27th of August 2010 I think!
And above photo is from the 28th of August 2010 maybe or 27th...
And above is from the 30th too maybe. I don't know anymore!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday 25 and 26 August 2010: the gall of it all!

Sarah says:
the gall - according to old wise men - relates to anger. Well - I am mad at my gall so maybe they are right! Above photo is from today and below one with bad ass bunny is from yesterday. I'd be in a better mood if it weren't for my gall and the fact that it needs removing. I hoped to wait until December vacation but as it could burst or something between then and now it might be a good idea to opt for sooner. I am sick of the things my body puts me through. I treat my body well. I eat well. I just don't exercise enough. Everything else I try to take care of well. But apparently - hormonal fluctuations can cause the gall to have trouble too so that seems to be the problem here. Even though I am overweight - I do not have a high fat diet and haven't for years. I eat well and really pay attention to my health in that way. Yet still - I feel punished and forced now to go through another operation that I could really do without. Oh well. Dumb gall.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday and Tuesday 23 and 24 August 2010: Sarah is going to be super evolved... more on that another time...

Sarah says:
Above photo is from this morning - the 24th of August and below picture is from yesterday the 23rd of August. I'm busy back at work and happy to say that this week I am waking up with a lot less pain and getting through my days better as well. I have some new health news that I'll save for when I have more time to write on here - it means another operation during the Christmas vacation I think - not related to my back this time. Just an annoying thing that has to be taken care of. I am queen of such little, annoying operations it seems. The good news is - I will be even more highly evolved! :-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday and Sunday 21 and 22 August 2010: Sarah wants you to scroll down to Friday's entry and read about Heidi as it's so rare to have her on FTD!

Sarah says:
Above photo is from today - Sunday the 22nd of August. I might look sunny and bright in that new green dress thing but I am kind of dark in my head - for so many reasons - mostly health-related. I a struggling. I have to keep my mind positive. It's enough my body fails me so much.
Above and below photos are from yesterday - Saturday the 21st of August. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TILLY TODAY! My kid had her cousin over and he brought his guinea pig along, which happens to be the mother of her two guinea pigs. So they all hung out and had a guinea pig bath.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday 20 August 2010: Being a mum of two and what it means to Heidi

Heidi says: So I am a mum of two now. What does that mean to me? It means less time, obviously. I can't think of the time I was on here daily. It's been ages. I think having two kids isn't always good for your relationship, well, for mine then. Not sure my partner would agree but I surely do. There is so much to do, so much to stress about. Anyone who knows me well, knows I can't deal with too much pressure. Well, the pressure you get from having two kids and a household, I think it'll take years for me to get used to that! And even then. How can you get used to a big amount of stress when you can't cope with it. I think the answer is: you can't, you just have to learn to live with it. Now let that be the thing that hasn't worked for me so far. I just stress about every little thing extra to do. I go crazy on one extra little bit of dust on the floor. I curse for every cry or yell of Yma that is too much for my head. I get angry when matto doesn't eat his potatoes fast enough. Yep, I think I have a problem. The solution? At this moment I'd say: a weekend away with Nico, a sauna, a beautysaloon, heeps of lavender plants around me, a selfhelpbook of one called Martin P Seligman, going dancing, or maybe simply having a run from time to time. Cause running means, running away from all that daily stress. That then? (or maybe writing some more on this blog, sitting in the garden, with the bells of the church ringing, and Matto attacking a lavender plant which releases its scent :-) )
with all that said... I DO LOVE THEM VERY VERY MUCH!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friday 31 July to Wednesday the 18th of August 2010: Sarah is back and with a whole load of photos from all the days she was gone...

Sarah says:
Wow! That's the longest I have ever stayed away from Face The Day! Today is Wednesday the 18th of August and the last time I posted on here was Friday the 31st of July I think. That's a record for me for sure! I have a good excuse though. As you know, I was in the hospital for a whole week thanks to my back again. Same problem. Same solution. When I got home, it was too uncomfortable to use our computer so I avoided it as much as possible, which meant no Face The Day! But of course I have been taking photos on most days which you can see below. I can't be totally sure about the dates... Hard to say! Anyway - I feel okay now - not great. I still need to rest or the problem can comeback fast. I am not that great in the head either right now. I always get depressed after I have been in the hospital. Too much time to think and the message that it can only stay the same and eventually get worse. Gets me down. My mind is always at battle with my body. My mind wants to go fast and do a million things and my body can't keep up. It is so frustrating. Eventually, when I have to be a little less careful in a week or two and life feels normal again, I will snap out of and away from the negativity and get on with my life and enjoy myself as much as I can. This seems to happen to my back during or right after holidays. I need to keep that in mind and adjust my behavior somehow during vacations so that I can enjoy them rather than being stuck in the hospital on pain IVs!

Photo above - by the way - is at our new, living room desk! I worked from home today and rested in between on the bed you see in the back there. Thankfully, I can do that. If I couldn't, I'm not sure I'd be able to work.

The good news is that our living room looks great! I will post a link to some photos when I have the chance! Paris was also great and I had some really nice moments with Tom during the vacation. With Ayla too - though less as she is a bit in her own world these days...

Above: Tuesday the 17th of August - our new living room wall color!

Above: Monday the 16th of August - first day back to work and rain, rain, rain! I have never been so soaked - to work and home! Hard day to handle!

Above: Sunday the 15th of August - last day of vacation - dark and blue...

Above: Saturday the 14th of August - a good day I think... Felt okay and had nice lunch with friends and bought new lamps!
Above: Friday the 13th of August - loving the new living room!

Above: Thursday the 12th of August - had a bunch of friends over for boterhams and games and Heidi came too! It was a really fun night and we used the new living room well! Happy Heidi and I are back on Face The Day here together! Always great to see her. Never enough anymore! Were so spoiled before working together...
Above: Wednesday the 11th of August - Heidi passed by to cut Tom and Ayla's hair! It was about time we got a photo of us on here!
Above: Tuesday the 10th of August - starting to feel okay...
Above: Monday the 9th of August - ehhh. Glad to be home but not comfortable...

Above: Sunday the 8th of August - pain in my veins! So many holes in my arm and so many bruises from the IV. So tired and drugged... But glad to be at home and not in the hospital anymore!
Above: Saturday the 7th of August - finally home!!!! It's about time! Maybe that's Friday above. I don't know anymore... All I know is that it was my first or second day home and I was so glad to be out of the hospital. That bed behind me was of course waiting. Rest is best and I should be resting and not working until the end of the month but I have to work or I'll go nuts... I'm going to try it this way and see what happens. Fingers crossed I can handle it! I will be careful...
Above photo must be from Sunday or Monday the 2nd or 3rd of August. Tom has come to the hospital with Ayla and they washed my hair for me. I really needed that and to see The Lool. It had been 10 days! She was at camp this year (like last year) and came home to the news that I was again in the hospital. Though we had to cancel our trip to New York to see my dad, Ayla and Tom did still go to Ittre in Belgium with Tom's parents for three nights while I was in the hospital. Thankfully, good friends visited me in the hospital during this time and kept my spirits up! Carmen came every day, the crazy girl!
Who would have thought that Tom would wash my hair for me! Felt so much better after that! Not being able to shower is one of the worst things about being in the hospital!
Above photo is from the 1st of August. I have to upload photo from last year - same day - same pose I think! Was in the hospital exactly a year ago that day for same thing. Crazy! I'll do flashback 1st of the month later. In the meantime, click here to check out the irony! And click here to see the photo!
I think above photo is from the 31st of July when I checked into the hospital and had to wait from noon till after 8pm in the ER till a room was ready! Bad day! Then I had a room with three people - too small. Thankfully they switched me to a two-person room the next day and I shared it with a lovely 82 year old woman who inspired me - which happens every time I am in the hospital. You sure can learn from older people about how to get on with life despite things working against you! Time to move on now!