Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday the 14th of August 2009: Sarah is back at Face the Day after her longest time ever staying away due to back problems!!!

That's me up there today, Friday the 14th of August, feeling quite good after three weeks of terrible back pain - one that took place at my friend Erika's apartment in New York and one that took place at the hospital back in Belgium. This last one has been spent at home resting. Today is the 2nd day I am finally off the pain pills and you can see it in my eyes above. I feel awake for the first time in three weeks. I have some back pain but mostly neck and shoulder pain right now from three weeks of being imobile. I need to take it easy for two more weeks and try to keep the hernia away. It seems to be okay now. Really okay. I don't know what they did in the hospital those 6 days but whatever it was, it worked!
Finally! Heidi and I are back on Face The Day together after not being on here in so long! Heidi stopped by. It was so nice to see her! At the hospital I didn't want to see anyone because I felt so weak and bad. Now I am in the mood to be human again! I have had some nice visits since I have been home. I hope to get a photo of Heidi and me on here together every now and then! The one above was taken on Tuesday the 11th of August I think or maybe Monday the 10th. Can't recall anymore. All the days have blurred into one!

Felt tired and in pain above. Probably right after I got home from hospital around the 12th of August. You can see it in my eyes.

Ice and pills helped but there was no stopping that pain! It was a whole lot better after the hospital stay though. That was sure a relief! I was so afraid that something went wrong with my prostheses between my L5 and S1. Instead it was just a hernia above in my L4-L5 that we knew would cause trouble eventually but only expected to be a bother in about 10 or so years from now. It came a little too soon. But now I know the warning signs, the things to avoid and what to do if this happens again. If it were to come back, there is pretty minor surgery available that can be a real help. I hope I can avoid that because I know down the road, when I am older as my back ages - that I'llneed other, more serious back operations so I would really like to avoid them right now!
The picture above is from the ER on the 1st of August, 2009. I had pretty much just had the worst planeride of my life - 7 terrible hours of sitting after a week of not sitting at all. I got home from New York and went straight to the ER. Soon after I got two IVs with pain meds...
I feel so much better now!
I had a great time in America and will post some photos of the trip one of these days though my family and friends got links to the photos already and those of you on Facebook can see photos there if you are interested!
That's all for today! Time to rest!

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