Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday, Sunday and Monday 15,16 and 17 August 2009: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICO!!!! Here's a shot of Heidi and Sarah together again!

That's me above today, Monday the 17th of August. As you can see from my eyes, I am tired and in some pain again! I went out for a few hours yesterday just to get outside as I have been stuck inside for more than three weeks now! It was great to get out and all I did was walk a little and stand around - but that was enough to make me feel tired, a little bit in pain and very defeated. You just want to feel better fast and then when you do and then all of a sudden you don't again after doing hardly anything, well, it feels bad! It's just a minor setback and I should know better as this point. Rest, rest, rest. As I said - basically all I did was rest yesterday - just in another setting outside. But maybe the chair I sat in for a while or the short walk I took was too much to ask of my stupid back at this point. I should know the drill by now! It just takes time. I want to rush it all along!
There above you can see Heidi and me yesterday, Sunday the 16th of August. I was in Kuurne at a flea market and Heidi was there too - so I grabbed a photo of us together while I could! My husband and kid sold a lot of stuff at the flea market. They liked it so much they will try at another flea market next week and again one in September. We put the money earned in an -out-to-dinner fund for me, Tom and Ayla. That way, when the three of us want a dinner out together, we can use that money! Money well earned! :-)

And that's me above on Saturday tha 15th of August longing to get outside! The sun was shining and I was getting so fed up with being stuck inside! This week I will take some walks outside? It's time! If I keep resting then it will be harder and harder to move. That's the feeling I have anyway! But it's wrong! I can still take walks and rest. Calm walks! I need a mix of both rest and movement! I need the right balance, that's all!

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