Monday, August 30, 2021




Sixteen years! The above photo is from 30 August 2021, the start of the 17th!!!! year here at Face The Day - so it's time for another major Face the Day Flashback! Below you can go backward in time with us. Though we don't keep the blog up to date anymore, it's really fun for us to be able to at least get a photo on or around the 30th of August every year. We’re trying to face our changing faces head-on! It’s a bit confronting as we do see the differences each year – but oh well, love thyself and all… It's still me, me, me - or rather us, us, us world here at Face the Day - but just once a year thankfully :-). We are proud (and ashamed) that we were taking selfies already way back in 2005. We were daily, selfie queens.

Since last year, and still under the cloud of Corona (but at least we don't have to distance for our photo this year), Sarah has celebrated her 25th Wedding Anniversary and 50th Birthday! She's still growing her hair to be able to donate it to ThinkPink again in mid-December as it wasn't long enough yet when she turned 50 in June. This is Sarah's first Face the Day in her 50s. Sarah is getting greyer every day - and is definitely pre-menopausal. Heidi has gone blond yet again - and says she won't be cutting her hair for a whole year now - we'll see about that, here, next year! Since last year, she's had a few different hairstyles and it might be one of the few times that she's wearing black in the Face the Day photo. The area in front of Heidi's house where we take the photo most years has also blossomed. It's full of flowers and plants that we had to squeeze in between to get the above shot! See you next August!

 The above photo is from 31 August 2020, the start of the 16th!!!! year here at Face The Day - and the first Coronavirus year at Face the Day - so much so that we had to stand 1.5m from each other then. What a crazy year it was and continued to be - and still is now!

 The above photo is from 30 August 2019, the start of the 15th!!!! year here at Face The Day 

 The above photo is from 30 August 2018, the start of the 14th!!!! year here at Face The Day!

 The above photo is from 30 August 2017!

                                            That's us above on 30 August 2016!

That's us above on 31 August 2015!

In 2014, we changed to pictures with no glasses (above) for the first time (see below) to really be able to track our aging over the years. We still plan to go for 50 more at least! Here's a link to our 2014 post.

The photo above is also from 01 September 2014! Our last glasses pic.

The above photo was on 30 August 2013.

The above photo was on 30 August 2012.

The above photo is from 30 August 2011.

Above photo is from 30 August 2010. Click here to flash-back to that day!

There we are above 11 years ago on 30 August 2009 starting our 5th year at Face the Day with Heidi and Sarah! We may not keep it up as much as we did in the past as life has changed a lot for both of us but we do our best to update it now and then. Via this link you can go back to that day 11 years ago with us!

There we are 12 years ago on 29 August 2008 looking fresh and alive! Via this link you can see what we were up to back then. Life was very different. So much has changed!
And there we are 13 years ago on 30 August 2007 looking short-haired and not that great! Use this link to check back to what was happening with us 13 years ago.
And there we are above 14 years ago on 30 August 2006 looking pregnant (heidi) and fat (me). Via this link you can see more about that day 14 years ago in our lives!
And there we are on our first day of this particular blog, 16 years ago!!!!! on 30 August 2005 right after our other one that we had started in April 2005 got hacked and disappeared! We looked younger but we both think we look as good or even better today! Via this link you can see exactly where and how Face The Day with Heidi and Sarah began 16 full years ago in 2005!!! Now we can have flashbacks that will include 17 photos from the consecutive years every time!