Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday 29 February 2008: It's sort of 1st of the month FLASHBACK DAY at Face The Day as Heidi and Sarah LEAP over one day on this LEAP YEAR!!! Planty!

Sarah says:

Above you can see us today, the 29th!!!! of February 2008. You can compare the above photo with the below one from a year ago today on 28 February 2007! Yeah, yeah, I know that doesn't make any sense but neither does leap-year so... And well we are on the subject of leap-year, allow me to say that we'll have to change the clocks pretty soon and spring forward, which doesn't make any sense either! Who makes these crazy rules!!!!????

Want to know what was going on in our worlds this time last year, well click here and go back in time with us...
In the above picture, you can see Heidi and me today again -- on the 29th of February 2008. And again, you can compare the above photo to the one below, which is of us two!!! years ago today (sort of) on the 28th of February 2006!!!! Hairy beast we were and hairy beast we still are - though with shorter hair! Tomorrow I'll get my haircut, by the way! It's time!
Do you feel like seeing where we were at 2!!!! years ago today on the 28th of February 2006!!!, well, Face the Day's archive allows you to go back in time and compare, compare, compare. Click on this link to see Heidi and Sarah two years ago! Very exciting, isn't it!!!???
And last but not least, meet our new office plant called Aimee-plant-too! It's not the one ASG gave me but one sort of like it, which we call Aimee. All plants like this are called Aimee by me and my husband and kid. So this particular Aimee-plant was dying!!! Yep- wasting away - but still alive and growing - just getting sad and ragged and dry and droopy! So I brought it into our light-filled office to pump it with life and love and it's already lifting all it's leaves up! We will track this Aimee plant on here. It might be part of our first of the month picture day! You will see it come to life and grow HUGE!!! So we are very happy to say that from now on here on Face The Day with Heidi and Sarah, you can actually watch plants grow! What an exciting idea! What an exciting blog!!!! Don't you agree?


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday 28 February 2008: Heidi eats a donut and Sarah censors herself!

Sarah Says:
No cleavage for you today ASG! There was just a little too much information but the Heidi part of the picture was good so I found a solution to censor myself. Heidi was so happy to eat a donut. Man - I can't even say when the last time was that I felt free enough to eat a freaking greasy, fatty donut! I equate donuts with being fat. Maybe because they are just so dang good! You just know they are bad for you. So hats off to Heidi who didn't give a damn today and just went for her craving! I crave salt and chocolate today - big time! I bet you know why!
And take note of my glasses - had to wear them today because my eyes just said no way to my contacts this morning! I have to say - I do think I look a whole lot better with my glasses than without. I look more vivid and awake and bright-eyed. With lenses I get all dark-circley under my eyes by the end of the day. Maybe I just have to get used to them still or get better ones. I will find out Saturday when I get my eyes controlled so stay tuned as I know this is all terribly exciting!! hahah

Heidi says: Luckily, I exercise and so eating a donut won't harm me! :) And Sarah didn't tell you why I wanted to eat a Donut! BECAUSE COOPER IS EATING DONUTS ALL THE TIME!!!!! AAAAH, COOPER...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday 27 February 2008: Sarah is 5 minutes away from pulling her aching eyeballs straight out of their sockets!

Sarah says:
Ouch!!!!!!!!!! My eyes ache!!!! Saturday I go back to control my contact lenses. I think these ones aren't the right ones for me. With that said, today is particularly bad - my head aches like Scanners and my eyes are so, so dry!!! Maybe because it is that time of the month and how! I feel like hell and in a rage so don't mess with me today folks! And with that said, I still had a great day full of fabulous stuff and the days only seem to get better and better - even when I feel like I do now. I love my life for the moment. Couldn't be happier! My eyes couldn't be sadder though! Good night! Boo Hoo....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday 26 February 2008: Heidi and Sarah are blurry today...

Sarah says:
Today is a blur! I was on the road in Brussels all freaking day in rain and wind! But was a good day nonetheless. My eyes feel worn out though. Maybe from first time driving so much with lenses in. Who knows. I have that need-to-be-lazy feeling again tonight. The days fly by and are stuffed with good work and being damn good busy. The nights are for relaxing. I just need a good sleep. Last night was far worse than any other! Really, really awful really! I gotta get some sleep!

I put the photo below because I have never seen a profile shot of me without glasses! It's weird!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday 25 February 2008: Sarah is freaking tired but has to play mom anyway, which is okay really, but man is sleep necessary!

Sarah says:
After a long work day and a bad night's sleep, I kind of wish I didn't have to play mom right now even though being my kid's mom is what truly matters - and she's so cute, putting her hat and scarf on me...ANYWAY, I will sleep early tonight! There's no stopping me! Tonight had better be better than last night or I'm going to be worn out man. Good night...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday 24 Frebruary 2008: Sarah is still smiling after a simple weekend with not a lot to report and Heidi comes back from Antwerp with!!

Heidi says: this is Sabine, my friend from Antwerp. Looking good, being pregnant already 34 weeks... It was very cosy to walk around with her and to talk and eat.

Sarah says:
I'm still smiling! Not sure why. It was a very quiet weekend but I did get to spend a lovely day with my mother-in-law yesterday so that was good! For the rest, not much to report. You'd think that with the kid away - Marv and I would have taken advantage and gone out to the movies or wherever - but nope- we were more disconnected this weekend than ever - we dove into the start of spring cleaning! Glad we got some stuff clean but too bad we didn't have more fun! And it was sunny today but we were all holed up cleaning the kids room from top to bottom. Oh well - last week was so cozy every evening so I guess one so-so weekend together is still okay! It just wasn't the kind of weekend that prepares you for the busy week ahead, if you know what I mean...
Below you can see my Post Secret pick-of-the-week! I chose this one about fear because I too have that fear of falling down steps and it has gotten worse with my contact lenses! I just always feel like I'll slip or lose my balance. I'm not afraid of a lot but I am constantly afraid of falling - especially since I got my back operation...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday 23 February 2008: Want to get a giggle? Watch this video of Oscar Dioniso Smith! Heidi comes back from COTTON CANDY CLUB with lots of photos!

Sarah says:
Why am I smiling so much above? Because of the video below! You should really watch it if you can! It's so fun! My friend Erika Dioniso's baby Oscar is the star of the little film with his dad Neil Smith (and Erika is the director, filmer, etcetera ;-)!
Oscar's laugh is contagious so only watch if you want to have a giggle yourself!

where did the video go????

Heidi says: cudle before leaving...

Heidi says: my best friend Katrijn is a star!!! She is the greatest dancer!

Heidi says: frietjes at three!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday 22 February 2008: Heidi and Sarah are flower children and happy it's Friday!

Sarah says:
Do you like my marble eyes? Since my real eyes rolled away yesterday, I had some false ones put in today. All I see is the foggy dew...
It's weekend! While the kid's away, the parents will play! Fun! Fun! Fun! Have a good one!

Heidi says:
Do you like my sweet smile? I don't feel that sweet but I am a good poser. In fact, I feel evil, like Twin Peaks-evil! I am addicted to Twin Peaks. So bad I wanna be in it. I know, it's just TV. Can't help it. It has crawled under my skin and into my veins and I can't get it out!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday 21 February 2008: Heidi and Sarah's eyes are totally popping out of their heads!!! Watch your soup!!!

Sarah says:
Have any of your eyes ever popped right out of your eye-sockets and landed on the floor and then you tripped on that rolling eye and accidentally smushed/smashed it with your dirty foot and then tried with all your might to stuff it back into your dry, empty eye-hole but put it in backwards by accident and it gave your brain the internal evil-eye? Well this happened to me today! And to make matters worse - one of my eyes fell right into my soup and splattered!
Are lenses really worth it?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday 19 February 2008: Heidi and Sarah are tres chic!

Sarah says:
Oh la la! The sun is shining. We both have our shades on. Life is good. What more could we ask for the moment other than perhaps more moisture in my eyes...

Heidi says: rrrrrr! ROCK'N'ROLL BABY!!!!! Sons and Daughters rocked tonight in the Botanique in Brussels! They made me shake my hips! They made me yell! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday 18 February 2008: Sarah's Eyes hurt though she is very happy to have cheap sunglasses!!!!!

Sarah says:
My eyes hurt so so much! Is this normal? I look so tired! I think it's the lenses. I'm losing hope. BUT I DO LOVE MY NEW CHEAP SUNGLASSES!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday 17 Februari 2007: Mommy's little daughter

Heidi says: My little Poirot...

Sarah says:
What a nice Sunday! Slept late! Drank a lot of coffee. Met old friends and walked outside in the cold sun for an hour. Went to a cafe and had a drink. Saw other friends along the way. Contact lenses feel okay. I have a little headache thanks to the sun I think. Too hard on my eyes with lenses. Tomorrow, if time allows on our lunchbreak, I want to go to Hema and buy big sunglasses! I have longed for fun sunglasses for so long instead of dark clip-ons! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Below is my Post Secret pick of the week - though there were many good ones to choose from really. I liked the one below because it's so simple and I am sad to say I 100% agree with it! I could have sent that one in!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday 16 February 2008: Sarah wears contact lenses for the first time without any problems so far but with a slightly weird face for sure!!!!

Sarah says:
The lenses are in! It's official! Got them out on the 3rd try and in on the 2nd. So far they feel just fine. My face does look strange though. I have to get used to it! And that right eye of mine still points upwards. I just have to get used to it. It's fantastic to be able to see this way though. It's amazing!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday 15 February 2008: have a good weekend!

Sarah says:
Tomorrow contact lenses! I'm very happy!!!! Picture above was taken at about midnight. I went out hoping to dance but it wasn't that kind of party sadly. Came home earlier than I thought but then spoke to a good old friend till around 2am and totally enjoyed catching up with him! Made me very happy! I have this urge lately to reconnect to good old friends... Not sure why but it feels right!
Heidi says: just playin'...

Heidi says: On sarah's request, here is a picture of Yma that was taken a couple of days ago. When I stare into those eyes, I feel totally in love! Nothing else to report, than that I feel happy! Still! And I am not on drugs!

Sarah says: My only real Valentine! Aren't we the proud mothers!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday 14 February 2008: Happy Heart-less Day from Heidi, Sarah and Billy Bragg...

Sarah says:
Heidi and I give you our hearts on this Valentine's Day! So does PJ Harvey below!
I would like to wish all you men out there a nice blowy (said in the voice of the Little Britain character) tonight and all you women a little extra attention today! As much as so many of us pretend we don't want to pay any special attention to our big love on these days - we all want love, we all want to be told we are loved, we all want some nice sign of being loved. And yeah - we want that everyday - but February 14th can bring that longing just a little bit more to the surface - even for the cold-hearted of us perhaps.

Sarah adds:
I just want to say loud and clear that I love my husband so much - almost as much as I love Marv really! My husband is such a good one. I feel lucky to have him. I really do. Life can be so fleeting. I am so glad I have the past with him and now. One can never be certain at all about the future.

I dedicate the below Billy Bragg song to him just because he's such a Billy Bragg fan - not because I'm planning on leaving him because he's a rotten bastard or anything like that... He's a goody and he loves Billy Bragg far more than he loves me so here you go Marv - this one is for you! (By the way - neither Marv nor my husband reads this blog so I am talking to air right now...)

Billy Bragg: Valentine's Day Is over

Some day boy you'll reap what you've sown
You'll catch a cold and you'll be on your own
And you will see that what's wrong with me
Is wrong with everyone that
You want to play your little games on

Poetry and flowers pretty words and threats
You've gone to the dogs again and i'm not placing bets
On you coming home tonight anything but blind
If you take me for granted then you must expect to find
Surprise, surprise

Valentine's day is over, it's over
Valentine's day is over

If you want to talk about it well you know where the phone is
Don't come round reminding me again how brittle bone is
God didn't make you an angel the devil made you a man
That brutality and economy are related now i understand
When will you realise that as above so below there is no love

For the girl with the hour glass figure
Time runs out very fast
We used to want the same things but that's all in the past
And lately it seems that as it all gets tougher
Your ideal of justice just becomes rougher and rougher

Thank you for the things you bought me thank you for the card
Thank you for the things you taught me when you hit me hard
That love between two people must be based on understanding
Until that's true you'll find your things
All stacked out on the landing, surprise, surprise

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday 13 February 2008: Happiness! is a...bidet, a fake Michelangelo angel... a BIG BATH!!!! A nice cloudy view out of a plane...ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Heidi says: I am happy. Truly, I am happy!!! I love my job, my life, my family, my friends! I have to write this down on this blog, so I can remember later, how happy I was this day, week, month, year!

Sarah says:
Nothing like a bidet to end one's day! That's me Tuesday night at my hotel in Milan.

There I am again in Italy with some fake Italian angels... A BIG BATH!!!! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!!! LOVELY! WONDERFUL! WOW! LOVES IT!
Very pretty view this morning from the hotel terrace! Now I feel like I am in Italy a bit... Or somewhere anyway - anywhere really!
The view from the plane above and below! I saw the sunset over the clouds. It was so cool!

Good night!