Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday 15 February 2008: have a good weekend!

Sarah says:
Tomorrow contact lenses! I'm very happy!!!! Picture above was taken at about midnight. I went out hoping to dance but it wasn't that kind of party sadly. Came home earlier than I thought but then spoke to a good old friend till around 2am and totally enjoyed catching up with him! Made me very happy! I have this urge lately to reconnect to good old friends... Not sure why but it feels right!
Heidi says: just playin'...

Heidi says: On sarah's request, here is a picture of Yma that was taken a couple of days ago. When I stare into those eyes, I feel totally in love! Nothing else to report, than that I feel happy! Still! And I am not on drugs!

Sarah says: My only real Valentine! Aren't we the proud mothers!!!

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