Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday 30 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah become model dummies drawn to cleavage in Ronse thanks to Heidi's fashion designer friend Wout...

Heidi says:
She'll add details of this exhibit of Wout's later when she can...

Sarah says,
Saw Heidi again today at art exhibit in Ronse and we grabbed this chance to get a photo with this model in clothes made by frequent Face The Day guest Wout. Heidi can explain more later.

In the meantime, here's a good postsecret entry from this week. I can't help but stick with these sorts of themes. This Face the day site is pretty much about appearances anyway so it makes sense in this context. The below card expresses something all too common about screwed up body image sttuff. I can certainly relate. (as usual)

Saturday 29 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah shop till they drop and get a waffle sugar rush with the Gent waffle man in the red hat!

Heidi says:
Comments will come later

Sarah says:
Heidi and I spent the first half of Saturday in Gent together shopping for clothes. Heidi happily found a lot of handy pregnancy stuff and I found some goodies too. After eating soup and running into the lovely-haired lovely guy from the Gent band Secret Agent Man, we left to go home and needed a waffle bad. This waffle guy was happy enough to let us take his photo.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday 28 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah get Hitched and are tired because of it. WHO IS THAT CUTE GUY????

Below is an old photo of Heidi and Sarah with Mich from Hitch at a Vlas Vegas thingy last year some time. In this photo you can only sort of see how Heidi and Mich look alike (read below for more explanation). But trust us, they do. Give Mich and eyebrow job, grow his hair a little longer. Put him in a dress and Voila!
Can anyone tell us who that CUTE guy is next to Heidi in the below photo? Man was he good-looking! Being that Heidi and I are so shallow, we can post things like this here. We like pretty faces and this guy sure had one of those! And good style! He was sort of very Stef-Kamil-Carlens like, as Heidi pointed out. That works for me!

Heidi says:
As Sarah already wrote a whole book, I don't think I have to say anything cause nobody will read it anyway! Have a nice weekend all you crazy kooks!

Sarah says:
So last night Heidi and I met at the OC in Bissegem to see a concert organized by De Kreun of Kortrijk-Belgian band Hitch and Antwerp-Belgian band Millionaire. We're tired now and cranky. But it was a good time and GREAT SHOWS! I hadn't properly ever seen Hitch before -- just have always caught the last song of their gigs here and there. Hitch's singer Mitch lives in Heidi and my neighborhood and we often think that Heidi looks like him or he looks like Heidi. Heidi actually looks like a mix between Mich from Hitch and his girlfriend. It's strange. Sometimes when I see Mich passing my window (he lives right near me), I think it's Heidi. Not anymore of course ever since Heidi has become a pregnant woman -- but on her skinny days, Heidi could be Mich and Mich could be Heidi -- sort of, sometimes anyway. From afar.

So Hitch are impressive. A strong and tight sound. Nice to watch. Good to listen to. How Mich doesn't lose his voice, I don't know -- but I'd like to know his secret. Next to the music, which I can't say much about other than that I like it and its power, it's fun to see tall Mich on the left side of the stage, and the quite shorter bass player on the right side and then a cute drummer who looks almost too big for his drums. Something about it is playful to see, which is nice along with tough music like that. Is the drummer of Hitch related to the drummer of Rencontrez l'amour? They look alike and play alike a bit. Both are lookers for sure and full of energy. I love the repetitive parts in the songs Hitch played. They grip you - this heavy power sound mixed with some lighter guitar lines -- sometimes even like The Pixies sounds (melodic and repetitive) mixed with heavy Hole sounds (but less commercial) --only some songs -- at the start of the set -- later it got heavier.

Speaking of Rencontrez l'amour, make sure to marke the following in your agendas and be there to see them play and to hear Heidi DJ afterwards. Their recent CD was produced by Filip Tanghe, the drummer of Greyn and the CD and printparts were made where Heidi and I work.
Cd releaseparty
De kreun
Vrijdag 5 mei
20:30 - support
21:40 - Rencontrez l´Amour
22:50 – Haydee
5 euro inkom

As for Millionare, it's the third time I see them now and I LOVE them. They are a wall of sound from beginning to end. Such POWER. They are some strange mix of T-Rex, Led Zeppelein and lots of rock-heavy bands from the 70s, with a little psychedelic mixed in and some rawness of The Stooges. That singer Tim-watever-his-name is is damn fun to watch. He's beautiful and freaky. He's full of theater. He's there to enetertain us and to seduce. He does both well -- too well. They are fun on stage too. And I love their long songs that never stop and merge with each other. I guess I am a Millionaire fan.
Anyway -- it was just good to be out for once. I used to go out so much but then I got cripple and old. Today though I am tired I feel revived in some ways. I should keep going to concerts always -- even when in pain (dang back!), even when tired. It's a must. I enjoy gigs so much! I want to gig with Greyn again soon! Man I miss that. I love the stage! I get envious seeing anybody up there on stage. I want to be there and be them. Actually -- I wish I was the singer for a band like Millionare. That's the kind of band I would love. Heavy and powerful and a bit nutty. But woman just can't do the whole cock-rock thing as much. Of course a few can and get away with it but I hate to admit that for this kind of music, a man's voice and look suits it more. Sad but true, not always, but mostly.

On a final note to take you into your weekend, if you, like I, have a job behind a computer, you will be entertained by this nonsense article in The Onion
This one is pretty damn funny too if you like Samuel Beckett and the existensial


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday 27 April 2006: Mirror Mirror on The Wall, who's the fairest of the all? Heidi or Sarah?

Heidi says:
Today started with a very bad mood but it's changing now. Bit by bit. Just have a little bit more patience with me, and all will get better!
I went to the hairdresser yesterday evening and the only comments I got was 'I don't see a change'. Nice, good for my bad mood! Well, as long as I see and feel the difference, I don't care about other opinions! Not today. Oops, my bad mood is coming back again... :)

Sarah says:
I think I have the upper body of an American football player in full-gear. Man is this broad broad-shouldered and no-necked. But I can live with that because I am a powerhose and can kick your arse mofo if you mess with me. Speaking of hair, mine is getting thick and long which means it is almost time for a chop!

We are so SHALLOW. Why do you even visit this site?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday 26 April 2006: Ugly. Heidi and Sarah. Ugly.

Sarah says:
Man -- I'm starting to look as bad as I feel -- everyday!! I hate this-- it is so confronting! I am becoming so worn out and ugly!!!

Boo hoo

In other news -- can anyone tell me if there is a Greyn rehearsal tonight or not?

Heidi says:
god I hate my mulle too!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


CHECK OUT HEIDI'S BELLY!!!! She's only 19 weeks!!! Wow! And yes I am calling her fat! But in a wonderful way! Doesn't she look great! Woo hoo -- Go Heidi!

Tuesday 25 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah reverse roles and go front to back and back to front on this sleepy day - watch your candy kiddies!!!!!...

Heidi says:

Sarah says:
I look ROUGH today man from front and back Jack! What up with that. I need SLEEP!!!
You do all know Heidi is my colleague and that I wish I could say I sent the below Postsecret card in from this week's entries and that it was about Heidi's bowl of candy, but it's not, sadly, because I love Heidi and would never do such a rotten thing. On the other hand, it does give me a good idea... ;-)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday 24 April 2006 : Heidi and Sarah meet again after a busy weekend.

Heidi says:
Not much to say really. Started the day really tired, but feeling ok now. I am drinking a coke light to get even less tired for the evening to come. I love nice sunny evenings. They make your day worthwhile.

Sarah says:
If I look bored it's because I am bored. I do look forward to Lost tonight and I did have a very nice lesson at Katho today with a great bunch of students. But I am still bored.

Sunday 23 April 2006: Sarah casts her Miss Belgium Beauty vote with the pretty Joke and cries out an onion...Heidi flakes out once again...

Sarah says:
Heidi FORGOT A PHOTO AGAIN!!!! Ding-dong that she is! I met up with Miss Belgium Beaty candidate Joke Something in Kortrijk and she let me take her photo. I told her my husband found her to be the prettiest one of the bunch. She was very friendly. If you vote, why not vote for her! Before that, I had to cut a bunch of onions and cried my eyes out. Here you can see the sad results.

Saturday 22 April 2006: Heidi goes A.WO.L. whilst Sarah becomes a true Belgian at the Atomium in Brussels where her head is surrounded by balls...

Sarah says:
Glad I saw that 9-balled Atom but found the organization there lacking and had a hell of a time getting there. Is worth the trp but requires a lot of patience I'd say. Couldn't really get good photos as hard as I tried... Heidi is a bad bad girl. She has no photos from this weekend at all. Obviously as her belly grows, her head shrinks!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday 21 April 2006: Heidi and Sora (Sarah's real Russian name) look GOOD today. My what big eyes Sora has. My what a nice arm Heidi has. Friday :-)

Heidi says:
I'm up to no good! well, actually the opposite is true but the photo tells a different story. Who knows what is real and what is not.

Sarah says:
Amazing my eyes look so big considering I hardly sleep anymore. It's great that even though I look like crap a lot, that I can manage to look awake with so little sleep. I guess I am a superhero. I miss Snowbro. Where did Snowbro go. Come back Snowbro.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday 20 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah are ugly on the outside and pretty on the inside -- well Heidi maybe but Sarah is just ugly all over today...

Heidi says:
MOEWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! It's us, Sarah and Heidi! Don't you recognise us? Oh, maybe that is because we look worse than ever. But we don't care. We are who we are and we feel better than we look. Actually, today we go through life like we look great and even seeing the reality on the pictures doesn't make us feel bad. Strong powerful superheroes is what we are! Yeehaaaa!

Sarah says:
Old and Ugly. Heidi is talking shit. I feel as bad inside as outside today to be honest. One of those days I'm afraid.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wednesday 19 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah are surprised to see you today! You caught them off guard! But do come in, grab a chair and have some cheese.

Heidi says:
Man my skin is bad! I know why that is. Since I'm pregnant there is nothing I like to eat more than Italian food. I love spaghetti, lasagna and pizzas and please, put extra cheese on top. The problem is that I am allergic to milk and cream and cheese. But don't let that stop me! Anyway, I twist it around for myself and say that it is because I need the calcium. It's for the baby.

Sarah says:
Why hello there! Wasn’t expecting you! You caught me by surprise!!! Come on in. Sit down. What would you like to drink? Are you comfy? Here’s a poof to rest your seary legs on. Yes, that’s right. Relax. My website is your website. You’re welcome anytime! Oh, what, huh? You have to run? Already? But you just got here! Don’t go! I haven’t shown you around yet. Oh okay. Should we make a date already? You will come back again, won’t you? Please feel free! No flowers or wine necessary! You are always welcome. I love having you here. Well, bye for now. I loved you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday 18 April 2006: Heidi has a new hair-color yet again and Sarah can't even try to look happy today!

Heidi says:
I look awake but I am tired. I didn't sleep very well this night. My new haircolor suits me fine, although you hardly see a difference (but you do in certain light).

Sarah says:
This is going to be a hard week. I have way too much on my mind to concentrate on anything. I am full of distraction. I do like this week's postsecret entries, such as the one below that is easy to relate to about feeling ugly your whole life and then one day realizing you actually aren't half-bad and deciding to be less self-punishing and therefore becoming even more beautiful... We are all so very hard on ourselves for so many things. Today, however, I mostly feel ugly from the inside-out. My spine is ugly. I feel like my spine has a very ugly zit that will never go away. To make it go away, I need to be stronger than I am right now. Today I feel weak as can be and when you feel weak, you feel ugly mostly and inadequate and then eventually you don't and you feel better I guess.

Monday 17 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah and a black curly poodle dog celebrate Easter Monday together...

Heidi says:
The only nice thing about the carnival in K-town was this poodle. Normally I hate poodles but this one was different. It was so interested in the crowds that were passing that you could almost believe it is human.

Sarah says:
It was a nice afternoon with Heidi and our Face The Day special guest Poodle. It was not easy getting this photo!
Below you can see a photo of an exhibit going on at Bakerstreet in Kortrijk. As you can see, it's a photo exhibit of lots of bands, including Greyn and Zita Swoon. I just love the fact that our shots are standing so close together! Yeah -- I know I am a loser for thinking these things matter because they don't but they do give me a kick! Go to Bakerstreet and check out this nice photo exhibit!
Here are the details from the photographers' site:

Du 1er au 30 avril 2006 : Baker Street
Sint-Janstraat, 15 - 8500 KORTRIJK (B) Tel : +32 (0)56 25 53 30
ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 12h à 19 h
et le samedi et dimanche de 14h à 19h

Also check out my Greyn Blog site that I hardly ever put anything on for another photo of the exhibit.

Sunday 16 April 2006: Sarah forgets a photo of her outside so offers you these of the inside of her back and Heidi is not what you thought she was.

Sarah says:
I forgot to take a photo of myself today believe it or not!!! So here I offer photos of my back from inside-out. One of the scans doesn't look like a back as it is an up-close dics between two bones. Am I going too far? Maybe. We all work our stuff out the way that works for us. I won't get into the details until I have more information and know what I am faced with but suffice it to say, it's been a strange weekend because of what these scans show and I'm feeling a little freaked out so please bear with me and take this ride with me if you so choose...
The one below is actually a close-up of a disc in my back I think, though it looks a bit odd and hard to figure out! The one above is my very own spine! Very strange indeed! Creepy even. Hope you all are okay with seeing this!

Heidi says:
I AM an alien! This is my confession. I landed on planet earth 5 years ago and adapted reasonably quickly to your world. But now that I'm getting older it gets more and more difficult to not out myself. So here I go! I have special powers, so whatever you do, you can't get me anyway so just let me be. An obsession I got by living here is changing the color of my hair...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday 14 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah hide in their shells with their own crosses to bear/bare today. Just leave them be!

Heidi says:
I am not feeling happy today. But I will get over it. In the weekend.

Sarah says:
Long weekend -- that's all I'm saying. Woo Hoo! We look yellow today? Liver problems or life problems. My skin is clearing up a bit though and that's grand. It's eyebrow pluck day. See the results tomorrow. And I see the brain doctor today about my back. Stay tuned to see what he says and if I will ever feel young and fresh again! I'm thinking about becoming a Dominatrix by the way. I think I'd be good at it. I could exploit my dominating talents. Trouble is that S&M really turns me off so I guess it will never work! Oh well. There must be something for me out there! Life is a constant search, right!? HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY! BAD FRIDAY! You bad boy!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday 13 April 2006: It's BELLYSHOT Thursday! Heidi and Sarah are very angular today and greeting the pretty flowers in the sky dude...

Heidi says:
I am a martian! Look at me! I have those weird shapes, and in my jumpsuit they look even weirder! I love it. I love my new body. Since I'm exercising again, I get everything tight except my belly, which will grow more and more. Let it grow! It's my task for these months and the reward will be magnificent. I can't wait to see this little creature. Can't wait! Can't wait!

Sarah says:
Howdy folks. All well? How ya'll doin'? I'm fine thanks! Y'all have yourselves a lovely day! Heidi is GROWING! Flowers are budding everywhere. Look how very pretty those pink ones are. Too bad they die so fast and so very soon!
Here's my weekly Post Secret fave card of the week -- it is almost tax dat in America which means I better go home today and fill out my tax forms. Only last year did I get all up to date with those after living in Belgium for so long. I had better keep it up. It's just a few forms but for some reason it's hard to keep up with. It's like -- why bother? I live in Belgium now and sure as hell pay enough taxes here! One of those things!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

wednesday 12 April 2006: We need spring!

Heidi says: Spring is coming but it comes oh so slowly. We need more sunshine and warmth. You can see it in my face :) But as long as I can face the day, everything is okay. Long weekend coming up!

Sarah says:
I'm back! Don't I look thrilled about it! Good night.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday 11 April 2006: Heidi looks tired but doesn't want to sleep and Sarah will show up later this week

Heidi says: I just heard that The Gossip will be playing at the Dour festival on the 13th of July 2006. That is great news but there might be one obstacle: I'm pregant, and will be more so by that date. I hope so much that I am able to go! The Gossip is fabulous!

Sarah says:
No matter how hard I try not to be, I am seriously disturbed. The English might say bothered. Did eat mushy peas, fish and chips tonight for "tea". Luverly... Now back to my lonely hotel room where there is no one to disturb me except my disturbed self. The Death of a Saleswoman!

monday 10 April 2006: This technical whatever is driving Heidi crazy as Sarah finds herself alone with her reflection in some hotel in London...

Heidi Says: I tried hard but it hardly works. I cannot upload photos, or sometimes just one and that's it. Almost ready to give up. Why don't my superpowers work with this kind of problems? Help!
WOW! I tried again and it worked! Ole!

Sarah says:
Mirror mirror on the hotel table -- who's the ... oh forget it -- just all alone in some hotel room in London -- don't worry about me...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunday 09 April 2006: Sunday as usual

Sarah says: I love my new bathroom! Love it! Bye for a few days! You'll hear from me again Thursday! Hold the fort Heidi.

Heidi says: I took my picture at the very last moment. That's why I look so worn-out. And also because I swam in the morning and I don't close my eyes in the water... A lovely Sunday!

Saturday 08 April 2006: Sarah has seen the light and Heidi feels sharp after a sharp haircut

Sarah says: I am God here. Have you seen the light? I am it I'm afraid.

Heidi says: I cut my own hair and I like it! It's sharp and I don't look so 'braaf' anymore (for the engish speaking people, take a dutch-english-dictionary to find what 'braaf' means).

Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday 07 April 2006: Heidi looks mad and Sarah is MAD!!! Enough is enough is enough. Screw the world! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Heidi says:
We are ready to harm the world! My evil look is a pose, Sarah's is not. She is very angry today and wants to kill kill kill. Can superheroes do that?
I am getting full of energy. Today only a little tired, and very happy that I could bike. I love my bike! I love the weekend!

Sarah says:
A picture says 1000 words, no? Good weekend you MOFO's!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday 06 April 2006: Heidi and Sarah are back in the saddle again! And it's BELLY-SHOT THURSDAY!!! Woo Hoo!

Heidi says:
Sarah just said 'You're all sick' or maybe it was 'we're all sick'. She's right! We are all sick in the head. Disturbed. Mentally ill. Does something like a normal person exist? I certainly don't feel normal right now, with my growing belly. Have you seen how fast it's growing? One more month and then you'll see something! I need more clothes! I need more clothes! Yippie for Darah! That's her new name for the celebration of her homecoming...

Sarah says:
I'm back Jack. Tired as a mofo. And it's cold as a bear here I'd say. But I am happy as usual to see Heidi. And let me just say that in just three days she got FATTER!!! It's a true joy watching her get bigger. I have always been the fat friend to everyone! It's time I had a fat friend! Of course I am just joking. Allow me to please! It really is a joy though watching this little critter grow in that BELLY of Heidi's! Heidi apologises for not keeping up with belly-shot Wednesdays. I'll slap her a bit silly for that you can be sure. My my my how long my hair looks and how young I look in today's photo! I guess the sun can do one good!

And as usual, here's a good one posted this past Sunday on my fave site Post Secret