Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday 31 October 2005: Heidi and Sarah wish you a happy and hateful halloween!!!!!

Heidi and Sarah put on their halloween magic and costumes and get witchy on you folks! Have a goody and whatever you do, do not ring Heidi and Sarah's doorbells tonight and ask them for candy! They will cast a spell on you if you do!

Just for your info, Heidi will see this above photo and be just as surprised as you all!
HEIDI: YES SARAH, I AM SURPRISED! I see myself and I feel like I'm becoming Lizzy from the great show Undeclared! People who have seen the series may understand what I'm talking about...
Heidi says:
It's Halloween. That doesn't mean much to me as I am a right-wing-christian (just kidding! just kidding!!) but I will try to be a good friend to Sarah and be part of her Halloweenfest on this (face the) day. Be alert. The monsters are coming!

Sarah says:
Okay -- that's it! Decision made! I am getting lenses -- blue ones! Damn I look good with blue eyes! It's a whole new me! Heidi looks even more cat like with brown ones! We should switch our eyes more often. Hey Heidi -- can I borrow your body for a while? For once I'd love to be as thin as you are. For like a day or two? I tried to switch our noses but it wouldn't work for some reason! Anyway -- Happy Halloween everyone! Hold on to your body parts people!

As an ode to Halloween below...
From the fabulous site: (check it out, it's so disturbingly fun!)


Sunday 30 October: Sarah gets nasty and shows you what she's made of and her open wound as Heidi stands by...

30 October: Heidi and Sarah try to make these photos jump off the page a bit more by showing you more of themselves than usual. Here you can see Sarah's true, obnoxious self and Heidi's love of the spotlight...

Heidi says:
Help! The monster is out! And Halloween is only tomorrow...

Sarah says:
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah...
I guess I probably deserve an fresh open head wound! Look!!!! It's opened up again! My stupid slach on my nose bridge! This has been the year of unintentional self-harming for me. A few months ago, I got clobbered in the eyes with a golf club by a 7-year old kid! Today I walked straight into a very hard glass door and my glasses cut me once again and re-opened the skin that had only finally just healed. I guess I am meant to bleed and ache... See below for graphics.

To make you feel better and forget about the nasty above image of Sarah's pain and drama, Heidi sends you all the lovely, sunny flowers below and wishes you a great day!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday 29 October 2005: Heidi shows you everything she's got whilst Sarah only gives you head...

29 October: Bad pun indeed but it works here at this sight mostly full of mulle and totes. Heidi wanted to show you her whole shebang! Sarah stands by for support.

Don't forget to come to the Shore Leave, Greyn(Sarah's band) gigs with after party with Haydee (in her catsuit) and Mr. Nice at De Schaduw in Ardooie on Saturday the 19th of October at 20:30 for 7 Euro at the door and less than that if you buy tickets beforehand.

For details check out:

Heidi says: (as Sarah imagines)
Now you've seen it all! Tomorrow Sarah will show you her whole self.

Sarah says:
And there's a lot of me to see so watch out!!! Fact is, when you take a photo of your heads everyday for a year, you run out of poses and ideas for pics. Today we tried something new. Tomorrow we'll do the same but reversed. Isn't that so very exciting! ;-)))



Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday 28 October 2005: Heidi and Sarah are just another brick in the wall...

28 October: Heidi and Sarah look like two ghosts today in honor of Heidi's hating Halloween. Heidi is wearing a nice top as usual with a bloody knife through the head. Sarah is looking around trying to find her neck. Hey, teacher, leave us kids alone...

Heidi says:
I am a rock'n'roll bitch today! Hell yeah!

Sarah says:
Other than telling you that a little piece of my belly-button fell off today and that there are no floaters to speak of in the toilet and that I am glad it is Friday and that I am loving the new Sigur Ros CD Heidi gave me and I actually got a very long and lovely letter from my long-lost 20 year old brother today that made me very happy...All I have to say is the following today:

Hi all you real and imagined Greyn fans and followers!

Shore Leave + Greyn + Nice'n'Haydee
2 concerten + party in de Cultuurkapel De Schaduw, Wezestraat 32 te Ardooie
Datum: Zaterdag, 19/11/2005 at 20:30
Prijs: 7 Euro (at the door); 5 Euro V.V.K.

Greyn has a gig coming up at Cultuurkapel De Schaduw in Ardooie on Saturday the 19th of November. Put it in your agendas now all you busy people!

Not only will you get to see Greyn but also another band: Shore Leave. Check out Greyn’s lovely keyboard player on guitar and banjo in that band.

As an extra treat, there will be an after-party with Nice ‘n’ Haydee playing music you can all shake your arses and swing your hips to!

Below you can have all the details in Dutch if you’d like to read on…

Also check out the following links to know more about Greyn, De Schaduw and about Greyn’s singer Sarah and DJ Haydee’s daily photo adventures and stupidities:
(check Greyn’s site frequently in November for a new recipe movie for the Greyn members’ much-beloved carrot cake!)
(also mark in your agendas that Greyn’s bass-player’s other band Brillantine performs there the night before on 18/11)
(hate them or love them or don’t pay them any attention at all, these gals can’t stop taking photos of themselves and maybe you if they catch you…)

Details in Dutch:
Muzikaal tapte Shore Leave in eerste instantie uit het vaatje van de singer-songwriter. Lichtende voorbeelden waren uiteraard Bob Dylan, Tim Buckley, Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt en vele anderen. Sinds de tweede demo (opgenomen in februari 2004) en vooral daarna is de klemtoon echter veranderd. Er wordt van het pad van het verhalen vertellen afgeweken, zonder het echter volledig te verlaten. Het resultaat is een vernieuwende kijk op harmonieën en een authentiek geluid. zang, gitaar, banjo: Merlijn Landuyt/ Gitaren, banja, bas, zang: Jan Dhaene / Violen, zang: Mathijs Bertel

Greyn speelt muziek om in het oor te houden, ergens op het kruispunt van pop en rock. Geen hapklare brokjes hitvoer, maar songs met weerhaakjes, drijvend op een donkere onderstroom. De spilfiguur van deze formatie is Sarah Markewich. Ze groeide op in New York, maar vond haar thuis in het West-Vlaamse Kortrijk. Met de kracht van de punkfolkie Ani Difranco en de nuances van Nathalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) brengt haar stem u in het unieke geluid van Greyn, de groep wil de wereld niet veranderen, noch verbeteren. Hun missie is spelen en muziek maken die dankzij de humor in klank en beeld toch licht te verteren valt. Zang: Sarah Markewich / Elektrische en akoestische gitaar: Peter De Wilde / Basgitaar en contrabas: Tom Deman / drums: Filip Tanghe / Keyboards: Jan Dhaene

Nice'n'Haydee (Fiesta Mestiza, De Kreun, AB, The Wharehouse,....). Dit Kortrijkse duo draait dansbare muziek en etnische muziek uit alle continenten. Met open blik voor nieuwe muziek laten ze u dansen op swingende mestizo en latin, pompende new-fanfare en Balkan, Aziatische, Afrikaanse, Jamaicaanse en Arabische grooves... Voor deze gelegenheid gaan ze vooral rock'n'roll!

Prijs: 7 Euro at the door; 5 Euro V.V.K.V.V.K.: Café OPCD Ardooie – ‘t Walhalla – Roeselare; Cultuurkapel De Schaduw: 0479.80.94.82; Tinck – Brugge

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday 27 October 2005: Heidi and Sarah like two deer in the headlights get caught in the rays...

27 October: Heidi and Sarah step into the light. They have seen the light. They know...

Heidi says:
This photo shows two healthy fresh-looking girls. This photo lies, at least it lies about me. I am fresh but in a sick way. This girl is on speed this morning, and I owe this state to my morning coffee (well, half a cup of coffee). I'm heading for a disaster this afternoon when my energy level collapses. Or maybe you'll all keep me awake?

Sarah says:
Heidi lies. She passed her physical exam this morning with flying colours. I long to be so healthy! I'll keep Heidi awake this morning by slapping her around a bit.
It's surely time for an eyebrow plucking for me! Y'all have a lovely day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday 26 October 2005: It's a Heidi and Sarah EXTRAVAGANZA now that they are together again!!!!

HEIDI AND SARAH CHEER FACING THE DAY TOGETHER AGAIN ABOVE! 26 October: Heidi and Sarah are finally reunited after a couple of on-and-off weeks. Look at them above showing you more of their parts then ever! Sarah's boob is growing out of her head (happily looking high-up and firm ;-). Heidi is looking fit and fierce! Both of their heads are shining with Henna. Welcome back Heidi and Sarah together agian. We missed you!

Above Heidi and Sarah show you their complete selves getting up to no good as movie-stars in the spotlight should! And, as an added bonus, you can see the camera they use each day!

And above you find Heidi and Sarah showing you their various poses and looks for today in order to catch up with all the time they lost together in the last two weeks...

Heidi and Sarah wish you a FANTASTIC day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday 25 October 2005 Last day alone for Heidi...

... And she cannot wait any longer!!!! Sarah has been gone too long!

Come on, Sarah! Show me your face!

Sarah says:
Here I am finally Heiditje with my buddy CC who is in town from Russia, where she moved to in July from Belgium! It's so great to see her. Such a treat!!! I am ready to come back and out of my home and bed!!! I need human contact! I am losing my mind along with my belly-button!

Newsflash: Heidi and Sarah will reunite tomorrow finally!!!! It's about freaking time!!!!! Check back then for a Heidi and Sarah extravaganza!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday 24 October 2005: It's time for Heidi and Sarah to get back in the swing of Face The Day again! Too much time apart has taken its toll!

24 October: Heidi does her thing as Sarah does hers. The days of Heidi and Sarah doing it together are over -- at least for another day or so. Sometimes life just doesn't put them in the same place at the same time. These last two weeks have been rough for our girls! They look forward to meeting again on a daily basis soon! IN the meantime, Sarah is putting Henna in her hair again for the second day in a row and as you can see below it really does look like maroon caca! The results show better in yesterday's photo than in today's. Watch what happens to sarah's hair over the next few days. As for Heidi, well, she'll have to tell you herself what she is up to when time allows her to do so...

Heidi says:
This is a tough period. It's grey and rainy (actually, it IS raining!) and it is this fallweather and this early darkness that makes me feel a little nostalgic...

Sarah says:
My belly-button is still crusty but my hair is as smooth and glowing as can be. My greys are even redder today than yesterday. I hope my American buddy MS is out there reading this as she told me last night that she is looking for a way other than dying to get rid of her many greys. Coming from similar but diverging ancestry and lands, we have the same color hair and texture though she's curly and I am straight. Anyway, that's all for today! Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday 23 October 2005: Oh where oh where is Heidi today? Sarah hasn't heard from her even though they had a tentative photo plan. See Sarah's HENNA!!

23 October 2005: Heidi is A.W.O.L. and M.I.A. Oh where of where is Heidi? Has anyone seen Heidi today on this fine Sunday? Sarah and Heidi were playing hide-and-seek yesterday during their photo-shoot. Maybe Heidi is still hiding out somewhere waiting for Sarah to discover her.

Heidi says:
I am back! Sarah thought I was lost but I am right here! And I have not much to say other then: look how 'assorti' my guest and me are! Sarah hates this :)) (Is she going to hate me now?)...

Sarah says:
Hmm... Odd... Uh, as this is sarah and heidi face the day and heidi is nowhere to be found, I'm just going to call it a night and hope, first of all, that heidi remembered to take a photo of herself today since we didn't meet (as the rule book requires) and second of all that heidi is okay.
How did I spend my day. Well, I gave in to my massive grey hairs finally and followed Heidi's lead and tried out Henna (Lush's Caca maroon). Not sure if my photo will show that, but my greys are now electric red. Not sure how I feel about that yet. I will repeat the dirty henna process for two more days beacuse that apparently makes it last longer and we'll just see how it evolves. Tell me what you think. Do you notice a difference? All I'm concerned about is the greys. I am not trying to get a new col:or. I like my dark hair. I actually want it to stay dark. But the greys were getting a bit unruly and at this point I refuse to really dye it because I am not high-maintenance enough to keep that ritual up and I hate exposed roots. I hope this Henna is a good alternative. I'll report back on that later. Now I must go medicate my belly-button. Oh -- and in case Fej was wondering, there were no floaters this weekend thankfully, although the Henna did sort of resemble many things out of the floater family!

Saturday 22 October 2005: Heidi and Sarah go wild in bamboo as they play a game of hide and seek. Can you find them?

22 October: Not much to report on this simple Sarturday except that Heidi and Sarah are having more and more trouble finding good places to pose for photos and good faces to bring your way. They are in search of better hooks and profiles. Give them time. They'll surprise you yet!

Heidi say: (as Sarah imagines):
It's about time Sarah and I get back into our normal rythym of seeing each other pretty much everyday easily rather than having to make time to do so! A few more days and Sarah will be out of her sick-bed and it should all go back to normal.

Sarah says:
MY BELLY-BUTTON IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!! It's not exactly gone, but it sure isn't the same belly-button that I had before. It's changed. I can hardly bring myself to clean the crust out of it. It's all scabby and much smaller than before!!! I have always had an uncomfortable and distant relationship with that damn unnecessary hole that's only been good for collecting dust and crust! And now this! Nobody told me I'd come out of this operation with a different belly-button! One day i'll tell you why I have always been afraid of my belly-button. Now I am downright terrified of the stanky thing!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday 21 October 2005: Heidi and Sarah have already had it with the mofo rain on this fuc*ing foggy Friday...

21 October: Rain, rain go the hell away would you! Heidi is all pink and shiney in her lovely raincoat. Her attempt to throw some sunshine your way. Sarah is back in black as freaking usual.

Heidi says: (as Sarah imagines)
I'll add my comments myself later, thank you...

Sarah says:
So the only way to really get rid of the floater problem is for the culprit to stop taking such fiber-filled vitamins. That's my thought anyway. Any other suggestions are of course always welcome. Especially from Fej and AS who perhaps know more about floaters than they are willing to share. As for me on this rainy day, I just got my period (can you tell from my photo?). I am crampy. I am bitchy. Today I get my stitches out. My belly-button hurts! Other than all that, all is well. Wishing you all a marvellous weekend.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday 20 October 2005: Heidi gets Sarah out of the house as they meet for lunch at Bio PLanet and Sarah stalks a bike-riding Heidi from afar...

20 October: Heidi and Sarah have a quick head to head at Bio planet for lunch and Sarah follows Heidi, stalking her as she rides her bike. Little does she know.

Heidi says (as Sarah imagines):
belly ache... ouch.

Sarah says:
It was good to see Heidi today and good to step outside my house, my cage :-). Last night and this morning there was a big floater in the toilet that was not mine and even with 10 flushes it didn't go down!!! Does anyone have any good suggestions as to how to handle such a floater? The culprit of this floater suggested cutting it in half! I'm not about to do that, not even if it were my own! The odd thing is, and maybe someone understand this -- someone good at physics out there, the really odd thing is that it did finally flush but only when some more of the same stuff was added. Why is that?????!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday 19 October 2005: Heidi and sarah will take today's photo tonight and post it here tomorrow. In the meantime, a photo from the past...

19 October 2005: Today's photo will be taken tonight and posted tomorrow since Heidi and Sarah haven't seen each other in a day or two and it's time they do. Please enjoy this temporary photo of Heidi and Sarah taken in April of last year -- or maybe the year before? We're not sure! Anyway, Heidi's hair sure has changed a lot and Sarah looks a bit different too. Hairstyles do determine a lot it seems. Sometimes this site can be painful for its makers. This photo was taken pre-Face The Day. It's a good way for Heidi and Sarah and their 5 viewers to see how they have changed and how they will keep changing no doubt.

Have a great day from heidi and sarah at face the day!

Next day comments: so above you can see us trying to smile for today's photo and you can see Sarah staring into space as she discovers the art of being alone and discovers it makes her lonely!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday 18 October 2005: Sarah washes, shaves, masks and tans. What is Heidi up to she wonders?

18 October: Sarah does not feel like part of the living so she makes an effort today to clean up her act. She tries to revive her bad skin with Lush's Honey Brazen mask but nothing works! She can't have a real shower till this weekend so she does her best to get clean. Where is Heidi, she wonders, missing her badly...

Heidi says:
an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Sarah says:
I am not full of joy. I am bored and tired and feeling very ugly and smelly. I tried to clean myself up a little and pump some life into myself but no good results yet. In time I guess. In time. If I had to stay home all the time I would be very depressed. I need human contact. The life alone is not the life for me! Sorry to show you myself

Monday, October 17, 2005

17 October 2005 We keep on fighting...

Finally, Sarah and Heidi meet in the evening after a sickening day... (and they act weird)

Heidi: I feel sick. Sarah feels sick. I wanna hide myself until I feel better. I'll get better soon! have to have to have to...

Sarah says:
That's odd. I just uploaded the photo of me and Heidi's photo is just a box. where is Heidi's photo? Heidi, if you are out there, where is your photo? Anyway, I hope Heidi finds her photo or that I just see it wrong on this screen. As you can see, I am bored stiff. No good for this world. At home with little, human contact. This will be a bored-stiff week! Tomorrow I promise to at least look happy. Now, get me my pills and where oh where is Heidi's photo? If it is indeed here and I just can't see it, please give me more pills. The brain pills.

16 October: Heidi gets sicker and better and sicker as sarah gets better and sicker and better...

16 October: Heidi and Sarah meet on this lovely Sunday to eventually play a game and to pass some time as they are both not up to really being part of the world today. They take lots of pillsto heal their woes. They rock back and forth. They weep. Actually, they just do nothing of importance and having nothing to really report other than that they ate too many cookies.

Heidi says: (as Sarah imagines)
Pills, pills pills... I need pills.

Sarah says:
Can I have a pill that will make my BM's back to normal please? I did eat a fig and that helped a little. Now maybe I'll do a jig. I have nothing to say. After one week home I am already brain-dead. Heidi was surprisingly quiet today, the poor kid. She'll get her old kick back soon and so will I -- but give me the pills, now, I said now. Now. Really. Now.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

15 October 2005: Heidi feels bad today and Sarah feels a bit better as she takes her first walk outside in a few days over to Heidi's home...

15 October: Heidi and Sarah are both not 100% today. Sarah is healing and Heidi is feeling ill. Poor girls. Perhaps why they don't look their bests in today's photo. With that said, they sure know how to pick their colors! Checkout the green-pink thing going on in this photo. Nice work.

Heidi says: Nothing -- too busy riding my bike as Sarah does this site.

Sarah says:
That's really funny. I am at my buddy AVG's flower shop uploading these photos and doing this site and I look out the window for one second and who do you think I see on her bike! Heiditje!!! She didn't hear me knocking on the window at her -- she just rode on, the bitch. But I saw her in action. She's probably shopping at Delhaize right now if I know here. Well, it's time for me to return home and go to sleep for a while. I have to be careful and not strain myself. I have done enough today already. It's time to rest. Apparently, that scar tissue they had to cut out leftover from my appendix surgery could have formed because I was way too active after that surgery. In fact, my Belgian wedding party on a boat was 4 days after they took my appendix out and I had like 23 people staying at my house -- so I can't imagine I rested eough. Now I know better!

Friday, October 14, 2005

14 October 2005 Viva Sène, Viva Fej, Viva Sarah!

First of all, I, Heidi, want to dedicate this day (well, this Blog-day) to Sène and Fej, for being such loyal fans. Today sène was asking me when I would update face the day. That only means that he was waiting the whole day to see how many more wrinkles we have got or how much older we look today. We appreciate your interest. And Fej deserves our respect for being the most loyal face the day-fan as he started to send his comments again. We couldn't ask for more! If, and I really mean 'if', we have other fans, you are all welcome to send us your comments again. We miss you!

Sarah says:
Heidi popped on over Friday night for the above quick photo. Not looking my best, I had to put on a face mask hat of course and glasses. Usually I am not so wooried about how I look in these photos - take the below photos for example where I am wearing no make-up at all and look tired, spotty and scary! But I looked way too sickly for this photo -- I haven't been able to shower or really wash myself or my hair since Tuesday. I just had to cover my mulle to spare you the pain of seeing me this way. I ache all over but am in good spirits. I am bored out of my brains and have no idea how to relax and just stay put and be lazy but I guess I'll learn in the next week while I am forced to stay home and not strain myself too much! Poor Heidi also wasn't feeling so good here. Something is moving through her system which is making our dear Heidi feel under the weather.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

13 October 2005 Heidi shows the top of her head while Sarah is lying in bed

Heidi: So here is the top of my red head! (oops, and nose...)

Sarah says:

Finally made it home after a very bad night at the hospital which featured almost passing out on toilet and then throwing up later. But the procedure was finished and I later found out that they found too much scar tissue leftover from my appendix removal surgery 9 years ago. Apparently, that scar tissue can cause some problems in your pelvic region. I hope now that's it is gone, I'll feel a bit better. Time will tell.

12 october 2005 Later that day...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

12 October 2005 Time goes by as Sarah is home feeling sick and Heidi misses her

Heidi: ... That's what I'm going to do! Send my friend an SMS. Ask her if she is alright. Ask her if I can visit her later.

Having friends is nice. Having fun with them is great. Taking care of them is even better. Everyone should have at least one good friend. It should be something you get as a birthright.
I have great friends. I know how lucky I am. I am grateful for them everyday! Thank you so much dear friends!
(oops, this is becoming way too mellow... Hold on...)

Pfew... that feels good...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

11 October 2005 What a beautiful day!

It's sunny, it's warm and I'm getting sick...
But I'm fighting against it! Neh!
Good luck for my dear friend Sarah who is having (or already had) her laparoscopy! I already miss you around, Sarah...

Sarah says:
Took the above photo at around 8am right before going into hospital for what I thought would be one day but ended up an overnight visit because I had a bad reaction to the anestesia (how do you spell that!?)

Monday, October 10, 2005

10 October 2005: Heidi shows you her family and her Henna copper hair and Sarah gets worry lines thinking about her hospital visit tomorrow...

10 October: Meet Heidi's mom and sister (who makes her second visit to this site). Aren't they one big happy family those gals! And so colorful at that. Above that, Heidi wants you to see her copper hair in the sunlight and Sarah has only one thing on her mind:

Heidi says:
Special effects in the sun!
it's a family affair...

Sarah says:
I'll be gone for a week or two recovering from what they do to me at the hospital tomorrow. I wish I could be all cheery and say I look forward to it and all but I can't. I really don't look forward to it at all not to being home. Anyway, Heidi will be in charge a bit of this site though I will do what I can. The first days Heidi will find me at home and shoot our totes there. See you soon! Send me good luck on Tuesday. Maybe I'll come back a man! That would at least be great for this site. One funny thing, when I talked to a certain man in my life and I don't mean my husband -- about the laparoscopy I will have tomorrow, his reaction was: "why not have them do liposuction at the same time!" I love you too dad! You see wwhy I call myself fat all the time? Between that and childhood drawings of me as a round ball with a tiny head and skinny legs, well, it all makes sense now, doesn't it!!! Bye bye, and if I die, I loved you all. Well many of you. And those I love I really love and you know that. Imagine if these were really my last words. Ughhh. They won't be. Nothing will shut me up.