Sunday, October 24, 2010

16-24 October 2010 - Sarah goes to Sweden and back!

Sarah says:
I haven't had time or means to post on here for a while until now - hence the whole load of photos. The above one, a goody, is from today - the 24th of October. It's been a nice and calm weekend. Making food, seeing some family. Seeing some friends. Seeing my kid happy was the best part as always!
It was a full moon last night - the 23rd of October. Just look at that beauty. It sure made me want to howl!
And look at that lovely sight above! That's from the 22nd I think. She's getting all grown up! That and other photos from a nice expo on beautiful interiors, you can find via this link.
I think the above photo is from the 20th or 21st. I don't know anymore. I was home from Sweden and tired and a bit sick. My gall has really been bothering me. It makes me nervous. I need to get it taken out sooner than later!
Above photo is from the 19th when we were at the airport in Gothenburg waiting to get our flight back to Belgium. I hacked the wifi system and we were all able to get online. This project has turned me into a computer geek of sorts!
The above photo is from just around midnight between the 18th and 19th of October. I had had myself a great big laugh with colleagues and was in my hotel room afterwards still cracking up for about 15 minutes more alone. I don't even know what was so funny but I sure had a good time and it was a great and needed release!
Above photo is from the 18th at a pinball place. Before dinner, we all went to a pinball club of sorts in Boros, Sweden. It was cool! Had a blast after a long day of meetings and presentations.
Above photo is from the 17th when I arrived from Gothenburg, Sweden to Boros, Sweden and was just in my hotel room. It had been a fabulous, sunny weekend and now it was raining and really cold! At least I got to wear my great new coat and hat!

The above and below photos are from the 16th in Gothenburg with my friend Bjorn. I met him 18 years ago during my exchange program in Utrecht and Aarhus. I hadn't seen him since 2003 so it was so great having time to catch up and to see a new city. He was a great host! It made me so happy to have all that time with him after all these years and it reminded me again about that study abroad year, which was the best year of my life and which changed my life completely!
Via this link you can see a bunch of photos from my trip! Also via this link you can find more.

I love the above photo. I was so happy to have time with an old friend!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 22 October 2010 Ode to the Irrepressibles

The Irrepressibles make you forget that there is other music. But they remind you why you are human.
When you discover them, you want to keep them to yourself, but you shout it out and let the world know that you found them.
You need to know that others feel the same way, but when they say they do, you don't believe them.
You want to be crazy to understand better, to feel more, to undergo even more intensely.
You want to die on the music but want to live eternally to listen.
They crawl under your skin and you think you become them.
They are the solution.
They make you alive.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 13, 14 and 15 October 2010: Sarah is going to Gothenberg Sweden on Saturday the 16th and can't wait!

Sarah says:
above is tonight the 15th. I should be packing for Sweden but I am procrastinating...
above and below you can see Ayla's school photos. We got her one from 6th grade today. It's so great seeing her grow up like this. It's very clear!

Above photo is from the 14th and below one from the 13th I guess. Or maybe they are both from the 14th. Can't recall! Anyway - time to pack for Sweden! I will see my old friend Bjorn in Gothenburg and then go to a conference in Boras, Sweden till Tuesday! Can't wait to be in these places! I have never been!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday the 13th of October 2010: The rescuse of the miners is so emotional - every time!!!

Sarah says:
Man - each miner that comes out of that capsule makes me well up with tears! So emotional! What a great story! Thirty-three great stories to be exact! I wish I had it in me to stay up all night and watch them all get rescued! I hope they all make it out okay!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday and Sunday 9 and 10 October 2010: Sarah had fun video-syping her 5 brothers in The States... The world felt smaller for a second!

Sarah says:
My little hipster! We are both getting older...
Tonight we had a blast video--skyping with my brothers who all happened to be in one place at the same time! It was fabulous and fun. Made the world feel a lot smaller!

Above photo is from last night - the 9th. We went out on the town - our little family. Ate great food and had some fun together? Life has been a bit too busy lately so we really needed that time together. I wish we had more time to spend like that!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Friday and Saturday 08 and 09 October 2010: Sarah is working it...and looks forward to a night out with just Tom and The Lool!

Sarah says:
Above photo from today and below from yesterday - both taken at work. I feel like life has been all about work these weeks - which is fine and good and I'm not at all complaining - but I really look forward to tonight with just Tom and The Lool. We need some family time. We have all been too busy and distracted lately with odd hours and computers and TV and all those sorts of things and it seems like we are never all 3 in the same world at the same time. Tonight I hope we meet on the same planet! I also feel sad and weird - not sure those are the right emotions - about not being in NY at my dad's this weekend with all my brothers. I can't recall a time when I wasn't there when all of them were. I really look forward to Thanksgiving when we are all together in one place!
so pale and tired above - man I need some R&R!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday 6 and 7 October 2010: Sarah and Heidi run into each other on the street ...

Sarah says:
Man I look tired and old compared to Heidi's bright look. I am tired - that's for sure. I get no sleep lately! I can't fall asleep or I wake up or Ayla wakes up. But Heidi, who I ran into on the street today, said she also was woken up last night - yet she looks fab! I was hoping my new hair style would revive me but fact is - only some good night rest can!
I look pretty great there though - with my new hair - though still with small, tired eyes... Good night!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 03-04-05 September 2010: Heidi has cut Sarah's hair short!

Sarah says:
She did it! Heidi gave me a new hairstyle and it's nice! I might even want to go a bit shorter still. It feels good to have a change but now I want even more of a change. Life is funny that way. One thing moves and a whole lot of other stuff starts to shit too!
Via this link you can see more hair photos if you want!
So I went to Heidi's hair-cutting class with her on Monday evening the 4th of September. It was super fun! Heidi is so cut out to be a hair-dresser. She's talented and she's got the gift of gab too - which is a great thing for hair-dressers - and her big smile and enthusiasm! Go Heidi Go!
I love the back. My hair has never been so short!
Above photo is an after shot and below one is a before.

Above photo is an after shot and below one is a before.

Above photo is an after shot and below one is a before.

Above photo is from Sunday the 3rd of October. Was very tired. Still am! I long for some good sleep because I haven't been getting any lately!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Saturday 02 October 2010 - spaghetti squash is back in season and that makes Sarah happy. The idea of Heidi's cutting her hair Monday is scary!

Sarah says:
Spaghetti squash is in season again and in the shops in Belgium! It's my favorite food! I really recommend you all buy some and try some. It's so versatile. It makes me happy!
The Lool is using the iPad I have to learn to use the iPad on - from work. She turned it on and started right away. I - on the other hand - am afraid of it!

I like the above and below photos of me from today the 2nd of October. That's my hair - which is all going to be cut off Monday! Well - not all of course - but nonetheless I am scared! I hide behind my hair and I am afraid that my short neck, broad shoulders, round face and double chins will stand out even more with shorter hair - but I trust Heidi and want to go through with this! I am sure she'll do a great job and I will love the change!

Friday, October 01, 2010

27, 28, 29, 30 September and 01 October with a tiny flashback 1st of the month...

Sarah says:
Me above today the 1st of October and below 1 year ago today.
my potato friends
Above in Gent September 30th.

Above September 29th.
Above September 28th with The Loola!