Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday 30 September 2007: Sarah has a good get-stuff-done weekend as she gets ready for her first day at her new job Monday and celebrates MO's B-Day!

Sarah says:
Good weekend. Got stuff done. Ready for tomorrow. I think it is good luck to start a new job on the 1st of a month and on the birthday of my adorable and lovely god-daughter, MO!!! - who you can see in the below photo from yesterday, celebrating her 6th birthday! She's such a JOY! So are her parents, our good old friends Filip and Vanessa. Happy birthday Mo on the 1st of October! I'll be thinking about you on my first day of work!

Sarah adds:
Look at her up there! She's such a cutie-pie, lovely-head! What a personality!
And below you can see THE HAND!!! That's Claude. He's Mo's godfather and a good friend of Filip and Vanessa's too. That's his big, swollen, stitched up hand! I forget what kind of machine he was using when he broke his hand bone big time! Be careful while working on any machine! His hand looks rough! But he just keeps on smiling like always!

So it's Post Secret time and I have two favorite ones this week. The one below is interesting. I'm not really a believer but I do sort of like to believe that some people can tell the future and all that. I think some people are just so tuned in and have amazing powers of observation and pick up on stuff that everyone else misses and takes for granted. With that said, I think 99.9% of people with such said powers are charlatans and just earning a buck. And with that said, I believe 100% in the power of suggestion and that even if a charlatan is telling you some crap that it has a placebo effect and gets you thinking and gets your life turning in other directions - and that can't be bad.

With all that said, it is a relief to see the below post card that admits that it's mostly just a bunch of bull. And with that said, I think it sucks too because there are so many fields in which good bullshitters can get away with a hell of a lot. Of course there are good healers and see-ers and all that - but how to tell the good from the bad and is it really necessary to? I don't know. It comes back to suggestion. Any good bullshitter can convince even the biggest skeptic to believe in something... What do y'all think?

And last but not least, the below Post Secret was sent in by our very own Heidi! JUST KIDDING!!!! But she does love to spin and has bangs too so you never know.... Well Heidi?

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday 28 September 2007: Heidi and Sarah stop working at VTV after more than 5 years each! Throw out the old and bring in the new!

Sarah says:
No matter how you look at it, we are gone daddy gone. We rarely mention work here -- only have a few times lately because it was coming to the end for us and we happen to work at the same place... Now it has come to an end. We have had great colleagues and have learned a lot. Time to move on! It's very exciting. The good news is, we'll keep on working together. That's all we're going to say here as this really isn't the place to talk about work. It's been a strange day indeed! One chapter closed. Another one about to open for us.

Below you can see two of our favorite colleagues, KDW and ND! It's hard to say goodbye to them so we won't! We had a nice lunch together today and we'll stay in touch - all of us -- we hope! We must! It's some of the people we are really going to miss!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday 27 September 2007: Heidi and Sarah live in a plastic bubble and are READY to BURST OUT as it's WORKING on their nerves and they might POP!!!

Sarah says:
Today absolutely sucked and put me in a horrid mood. C'est l vie! Tomorrow will be better but even weirder I am sure! Life oh Life oh Life oh Life...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday 26 September 2007: Heidi fills up her day and Sarah has a major droopy eye! And buy Sarah's Mom's book if you want to!!!!!

Heidi says: In the background you see a very good babygirl. She was fantastically sweet today. I love her so! Question for all the parents who have more than one child: can you love the second child as much as the first? Cause sometimes I can't even bare the love I feel for Yma... It is so damn strong!
Heidi says: she looks like me!!!!!! :)

Sarah says:
I'll let my mom's comment on yesterday's entry do the talking today as my droopy eye means I am too tired to pontificate on anything...

"Sarah, you should announce it on your blog -- click on Rudolph, Frosty, And Captain Kangaroo and everyone, order a book on Amazon, Ebay, or Barnes & Noble. Read about Sarah's grandfather, called a "musical genius" who became producer of the world's most beloved children's songs including "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The memoir is filled with record business history and is set in the dramatic backdrop of McCarhtyism, the Cold War, and the Civil Rights Movement, and the sixties folk revival."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday 25 September 2007: When will Sarah ever learn that what happens there beyond the glass is simply none of her concern? DON'T FORGET TO LOOK...

Sarah says:
I'l let Nick Cave do the talking for me today. Man do I love his CD No More Shall We Part and this song As I Sat Sadly By Her Side!

Nick Cave - As I Sat Sadly By Her Side Lyrics

As I sat sadly by her side
At the window, through the glass
She stroked a kitten in her lap
And we watched the world as it fell past
Softly she spoke these words to me
And with brand new eyes, open wide
We pressed our faces to the glass
As I sat sadly by her side

She said, "Father, mother, sister, brother,
Uncle, aunt, nephew, niece,
Soldier, sailor, physician, labourer,
Actor, scientist, mechanic, priest
Earth and moon and sun and stars
Planets and comets with tails blazing
All are there forever falling
Falling lovely and amazing"

Then she smiled and turned to me
And waited for me to reply
Her hair was falling down her shoulders
As I sat sadly by her side

As I sat sadly by her side
The kitten she did gently pass
Over to me and again we pressed
Our different faces to the glass
"That may be very well", I said
"But watch the one falling in the street
See him gesture to his neighbours
See him trampled beneath their feet
All outward motion connects to nothing
For each is concerned with their immediate need
Witness the man reaching up from the gutter
See the other one stumbling on who can not see"

With trembling hand I turned toward her
And pushed the hair out of her eyes
The kitten jumped back to her lap
As I sat sadly by her side

Then she drew the curtains down
And said, "When will you ever learn
That what happens there beyond the glass
Is simply none of your concern?
God has given you but one heart
You are not a home for the hearts of your brothers

And God does not care for your benevolence
Anymore than he cares for the lack of it in others
Nor does he care for you to sit
At windows in judgement of the world He created
While sorrows pile up around you
Ugly, useless and over-inflated"

At which she turned her head away
Great tears leaping from her eyes
I could not wipe the smile from my face
As I sat sadly by her side

Heidi says: AT ME!!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday 24 September 2007: This is a very special day for Yma and Heidi! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET YMA!!!

Heidi says: I've got tears in my eyes... These moments are exactly one year ago. They were the greatest moment of my life... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET YMA!!!

Sarah says:At least I still turn Heidi's head! Hahahhehehehahaha... We are evil today. Can't you tell? HAPPY BIRTHDAY YMA YOU CUTEY-PIE!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday 23 September 2007: This is a special day for Heidi

Heidi says: This is Yma and me exactly one year ago...

Heidi says: This is Yma and me today!

Sunday 23 September 2007: Sarah has another sunny day and doesn't have much to say...for a few days already! Aren't you worried?

Sarah says:
Had a good and relaxing weekend. I can't complain. Knowing the weather is about to turn again does give me that slightly dark dip feeling. It's always at this time of year. It can't be helped. It comes and goes with the different waves of weather. It comes and goes when changes are happening. Tomorrow begins my and Heidi's last week of work at the place we have been for 6 years. It's time to move on. But any move comes coupled with strange feelings. I'm feeling strange...

I have two favorite Post Secret entries this week. The one below about ignoring your family and they go away is just plain funny!

The one below about getting to a certain age where you don't turn heads anymore - well, I'm sad to say I can really relate to that. I was never really a head-turner. But now I hardly get a look at all unless I wear a low shirt of course but that's too easy! Sad but true! Whoops - just noticed that in my photo above my shirt is pretty low! Sorry about that! It's truly a coincidence!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday 22 September 2007: Happy birthday Bart! Heidi and Sarah hope everyone enjoys their kids as much as they do!

Heidi says; tired! tired! tired! But not too tired to wish Bart a very happy birthday!!!

Sarah says:
I had such a great day with my daughter! She's so spirited and lovely. I can't believe that my husband and I made this little person. It's a wonder!
GREAT PHOTO OF YMA, HEIDI! I can't believe that little munchkin is going to be 1 year old on Monday!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday 21 September 2007: Heidi and Sarah are sunny gals! Thank God It's FRIDAY!!! It's about time!!!!

Sarah says:
Seriously glad it's Friday! I need a little rest and down time with my husband and kid! And it will be a very sunny weekend! Have a great one!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday 18 September 2007: Heidi and Sarah are feeling fierce today so watch your back Jack and Sarah lets you in on her hair removal... reader beware

Sarah says:
Heidi and I had it. Not much more to say. That's pretty much it. Growl!

Below you can see the woman, Christine, who zapped my face 10 times today at Botee in Kortrijk to start the permanent hair removal process with VPL techniques. Christine is at Botee doing this every Tuesday every 6 weeks basically with exception to the Summer months as tan skin isn't good for the process. On other days, Christine is in other areas of Belgium. I'm hearing only good things about this process but time will tell! This is a long commitment. At minimum 10 times, each with 6 weeks in between and with 10 zaps each -5 on each side. The zaps hurt more on the right side for some reason. They burn and feel like a fast and focused small jab to the face. The whole process is smelly. You actually smell the hair burning. It's kind of gross. I was nervous to tell you the truth. I was lying there for those 5 minutes thinking - what am I doing, what am I doing! Why am I doing this! I just hope it works! That would be fantastic! The woman in the photo is friendly and has a lot of experience. She is specially trained for this and keeps up-to-date. These days, there are so many charlatans offering similar services that you really have to be careful. She goes all over Belgium and this is all she does. She's an expert. Anyone out there in Belgium who wants unwanted hair removed can contact her. If you do, tell her I sent you! You can find her through this link to Vermoba.

I'm sorry - I just had to put some kind of proof of this whole hair removal thing on here or it doesn't seem real. If I am going to get over my shame about it I have to start here and now. The photo is foggy on purpose. I don't want you to see and know everything. It's a photo just after the 10 zaps. The skin is raw and red and spotty. Apparently this process also cleans up spots as it acts as a heat steriliser. Let's hope so! My whole face is a freaking mess. Today I was joking around wondering if I will ever again look good - but I'm half serious! I hope this leads to a good result and feeling!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday 17 September 2007: Heidi is starting to feel ever so slightly better and Sarah can't tell you anything as she's too shy.

Sarah says:
Heidi was at work today and I'm happy to report that though the animals are still eating away at her guts, she's starting to feel a little better. Speaking of animals and guts, my daughter came home from school today and couldn't wait to tell me that a good friend of hers had 20!!!worms in her you know what! Apparently that can happen when you eat bad raw meat - what the call American, (spelling?) here funny enough or prepèrè - or steak tartar. That, my friends, is one of the reasons I totally avoid the stuff. The main reason is that it is DISGUSTING! Don't forget I was a vegetarian for more than 15 years. There will always be some meats I stay far away from. As Marv once said: "It's bad for worms!"
I have something on my mind but surprisingly it is something I am quite ashamed of --even though I can't control it and it isn't my fault - or a fault at all for that matter - but it is something I surprisingly don't feel all that comfortable talking about. Imagine that! My having shame. So here I must break through it! I have mentioned it before here so I don't know why I am being shy now. Anyway - tomorrow I begin a year-long process of permanent hair removal on some parts of my face. It'll be with VPL lasers. They'll burn the hairs out. It's once every six weeks for a year. It's freaking expensive. But it needs doing. The nice thing about talking about it is once I tell someone about it I start to hear more and more stories of people with the same problem and I don't feel as ashamed or as alone with it. It's stupid really and no big deal yet the shame/stigma about it can be huge. Women are just not expected to have hair on their faces. It's never nice to see. This is the society we live in. It's like pimples all over your chin when you are in your 30s - yucky - misplaced. But when you start looking around you see pimples on so many older women's chins. Hair too. So why am I ashamed. I wish I weren't. I'm going to try to write about this long process of my getting rid of this hair because maybe just maybe some of you out there have the same problem and maybe just maybe seeing that you aren't alone will make your shame go away too! I know, I know, I'm making it sound bigger than it is. It's like hemorrhoids! So many people have them and suffer from them and feel ashamed of them but it's just not a topic people talk about so the shame stays. If only we could all talk about EVERYTHING and lift all those taboos. There would be so much less shame about EVERYTHING! If only Cosmo or Glamour or Flair or all those other magazines had lead articles about face hair and hemorrhoids! Anyway - I could go on and on but I won't and by the way, I do have facial hair but I don't have rhoids! Not for years and years anyway! hahahahahaha - not that I'm ashamed or anything :-)!

Stay tuned for the laser-hair removal saga starting officially tomorrow! I'll never take a photo of it up close for you all to see though - not until it's all gone anyway! See, even I have limits and borders!!!!! Barely, yet still! Then again, never say never. Maybe all my facial hair shame will deflate and I'll be more than happy to show you close up photos of my burnt hair follicles! I bet you can't wait for that! Especially you ASG!!! Maybe I'm on to something here. I dare everyone to leave an anonymous comment or reveal yourself - whatever - but in Post Secret fashion, leave a comment saying what your biggest shame is. Let's break these damn taboos and talk about everything!!!!!!! Come on - go for it! I challenge you! And ASG - you had better not write that you are most ashmed of ----(drum-roll) me! hahahahaha

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday 16 september 2007: Heidi is still ill and Sarah has a new feline pet, though a flat, dead one...

Heidi says: Boy, i feel ill... It's like my bowels are being eaten by some animal. That is the feeling I have. But what is the cause to this feeling? No one knows... On Saturday I went to the hospital, where a doctor did some blood tests and an echo but he didn't find anythinig. He calls it a 'functionele stoornis', a sensitive bowel that doesn't work that well all the time. I have struggled with bowel problems since my thirteenth, but it's the first time I feel what I am feeling now. This naggin feeling wakes me up at night, and keeps me awake for three hours. Painkillers hardly work. And nobody can help me. All I want, is to be able to take care of my little daughter and to go to work... I hate being sick. I HATE it!

Sarah says:
Dang Heidi! I really hope you feel better soon! Truly! By the way, it's not the animal that I'm holding in the photo above that is eating Heidi's bowels!
My day was nice and easy compared to poor Heidi's. We saw some good friends this morning for brunch on the highway hotel between our houses. It was relaxing. The food was bad this time around but oh well. It was very good to catch up a bit with our mates and for our kids to play together while we just hung out talking about the past, present and future. After than I went to 2nd hand furniture shops and I found some great stuff. Got some good ideas. And will see what I do with it all! I'm in search of some things and I'll know them when I see them! Today I think I found one sure thing. We'll see. Anyway, I love Second-Hand shops! Yesterday a pee-pot and today who knows what else! Perfect Sunday moment. Then it was a non-rehearsal with very little music in Gent with my non-band-band! It was good to see them again. Now the question is if we'll go on or not and if we do we have to put the pedal to the medal and meet more frequently and have a little bi of a plan. Not sure whet we'll decide. We'll decide Wednesday night. I could go either way. Life is about to get busier than ever for me soon and singing in a band is a great outlet for stress and a good time but it also takes up time and I don't know what sort of time I'm going to be keeping or having. So it's a big we'll see!

Below is my Post Secret pick of the week. It stood out to me and I'm not sure why or what exactly the person who made the card means by "you have no idea what it's really like". What it says to me is that we go through life assuming way too much about way too many things and people. And man do we misunderstand different cultures and the way we all go about our lives in different ways. The card just makes me think of all the assumptions people make about immigrants without really knowing anything about their cultures and lives and all that. We just assume way too much that we know so much when we don't know shit about shit. We only know our own struggles. We can't ever even begin to claim to understand other people's struggles. But boy do we all act like we know it all...especially news casters and the like - telling us what seems to be going on but not having any concept of what's really going on. I can't explain what I mea tonight. I gotta go to bed. I'm really tired and I need to have ENERGY this week! Good night!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday 15 September 2007: Sarah finally finds a cheap pee-pot for 50 Euro cents! She's been searching for one since she moved to Belgium! Woo Hoo!

Sarah says:
For years and years I have seen these very Belgian pee-pots at flea markets all over but for like more than Euro 40 mostly as for some reason they are very collectible as they don't get used much anymore since the advancements in the art of a good pot to piss in!
And today just like that by coincidence as I was looking for furniture at a second-hand shop there was this shiny glass pee pot and I HAD to buy it!
For all those out there who think this is gross - well - you pee in public toilets, right? My little cute pee-pot is far cleaner than that and will make a perfect vase for flowers! One day it will even be worth something no doubt and if our male guests can't make it to our upstairs bathroom on time from our downstairs guest room, well, VOILA! Just remove the flowers first please! I bet Marv that he would even one day resort to using it and he replied: "Nah, it's too small for me". Cheeky Marv. What would my husband say!

Anyway, I am 100% HAPPY with and PROUD of my pot to pee in! I know you all want one too!

Have a great weekend and send good karma Heidi's way as she's suffering with belly problems. She even had to get tests done at the hospital today, the poor girl. She'll be fine but it sucks she's feeling badly. GET BETTER SOON HEIDITJE!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday 14 September 2007: Sarah is trying to buy a stairway to the led zep concert

Sarah says:
I am sick in the head. All I can think about is the possibility of winning the chance to buy tickets to the one-off Led Zeppelin reunion in November in London! I can't get it out of my head - I'm obsessed! The chances are so very low but if only, if only! I want it so badly! But so do so many other millions! Please! Please? Pretty please oh one at the top of the stairway...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday 13 September 2007: Poor Heidi is ill today and Sarah is using her hair to hide a major zit. It's THAT time of the month here at Face The Day!

Sarah says:
It's the end for Heidi and the start for me but it's that time of month again and my face is making that very clear. Just when I thought my skin was clearing up! Damn! I am in hyper-active mode - as if I drank 100 coffees. Good energy! Exhausted but going, going, going. Glad it's weekend! It will be a busy one but also fun! And on Sunday I finally get to SING again!!!! I can't wait to SING! SING! SING!!!!!!!!!!! I miss it so much.
Poor Heidi is ill today with some bad stomache thingy! Get better soon meisje!

And I put the photo below from yesterday because it's another nice one! Look at Heidi's eyes. Weird, eh?

Time for freaking bed! What am I still doing up!!!!! I need some downers man!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday 11 September 2007: Sarah puts on an ugly face as her camera runs out of batteries and Heidi smiles away...

Sarah says:
Ugly! We were in a rush. My battery ran out and that was the only registered photo. So we flew with it... We can't be pretty all the time! Haha! (note to self: avoid making that particular face from now on ;-)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday 10 September 2007: Happy Birthday Joke if you are reading this and check out Heidi's body! Everyone else has today! Could it be the boots?!

Sarah says:
Don't look too much at the photo above of Heidi. Her head isn't important. Only her T&A! At least that's what one can think after watching people look her up and down today - starting at the boots and ending at the boobs. If looks could kill! The funny part was that I saw woman after woman checking her out today during our lunch break. Men were eyeing her too - her "fu*k me" boots anyway. But woman - well woman were looking at her with disdain and / or jealousy. It was weird to watch - interesting. These days, because our office is sooooooo cold, we never wear dresses. So it was refreshing to see Heidi arrive all in red, legs showing. Boots asking to be seen. Made me miss a real summer actually! We were only going to put the below picture on here because all that mattered today was Heidi's body, not her face. But you'll have to agree how attractive she looks in the above photo - so we went with it too. Also to show that there's a brain in there too.

Incidentally, as I was watching Heidi being watched - I noticed that people look at women who are wearing boots more than at woman who are not wearing boots. I saw a few women with boots being eaten alive with the eyes today. I guess boots are sexy. Boots fill men's minds with fantasies of whipping I suppose, and the like of course. I guess boots - big ones with a heal anyway - are hot! And boots trigger something in woman watching them too. I wonder what. Maybe all women want to wear boots secretly. Who knows. I'm just bullshi**ing you folks today...

By the way, my dark dip from yesterday has basically already passed! Imagine that! I guess I'm not a teenager anymore. I get over bad thoughts fast these days!

Heidi says: I didn't notice anything... but thank you Sarah, for the compliments. I felt good in my clothes today. I felt adult and feminine. Nothing wrong with that, so keep on looking if that is what you want.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday 09 September 2007: Happy Birthday to INE if she's reading this and Sarah has only a smile for y'all today... Where's Heidi?

Sarah says:
I'm starting to think my haircut is turning out okay! It just needed a little time. My skin is slowly clearing up too though it won't last long. And I look awake. I'm glad I look okay on the outside because on the inside I'm feeling a little lost today - so there you have some balance. I don't know what's going through my head right now. I think this happens every mid-September - just before autumn starts - as the days get colder - you just get a little darker inside and have a little Nietzsche dark-hole dip - at least I do. I think that's what I'm feeling right now. Good thing is it always passes...

Below is my Post Secret pick of the week. It just reminds you about how precious life is and that every word counts - or at least should - because you never know when it's the last word. Random. Unpredictable. Unfair! Screwed up! Those are just some words that come into my mind when I think about that thin-line between life and death. We really do waste so very much time of frivolous shit. I wish we could all be our best selves more of the time rather than the petty assholes we all so often become at times. I wish we really did treat every day as a gift and seize the day and all that. But we don't! We take everything and everyone for granted most of the time and are only blessed with scattered moments of deep feeling, connection and thought. I know, I know - how else can we live - we just simply live - and that's how we do it - moving through our days like there is always a tomorrow. If we didn't all live that way - well, we'd be totally lost and screwed I suppose. But I still wish there were a way for us to cherish each other more and spend more time on who and what's important and less time on gossip and back-stabbing and seeing people as bad because they see life differently than maybe we do. Mankind is such a strange and often rude beast.

See - I told you I was feeling darker than usual today! Incidentally - my theory about these dark holes we slip into from time to time - that I do anyway - well, my theory is that they are always triggered by some sort of self-doubt I'm experiencing. I guess that makes sense now too though I'm not very in touch with what the self-doubt is all about right now. It could be something as stupid as my blood test results that I got back today showing that my cholesterol is slightly higher than it should be. Seeing that struck a deep chord in me. The fat girl inside my brain got hurt by that result - frustrated because she feels she tries her best to eat really well and is pissed off because her stupid back doesn't allow her to get any exercise. I bet that's what brought on some self-doubt and has turned me dark today. Oh well as I said before, it will pass! And that fat girl had better start doing some major cardio! And there are other reasons I'm feeling a bit dark but I won't get into those on here...

Heidi says: late but here I am! :)