Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 February 2010: Another quick hello from a busy Sarah who is off to Hannover, Germany to CeBIT for a the week for work...

Sarah says:
Below photo from yesterday - Saturday the 27th in Brussels with Tom seeing Frida Khalo exhibit which was wonderful. Great to be so close to her striking art. I recommend this exhibit to all you Belgians out there but it ends soon and you should reserve tickets as there are 1 hour slots only and they are all crowded - but it's open till 9pm every time I think.
Above photo from today - very rainy Sunday. Packing for rip to Hannover, Germany to CeBIT for work. Will return Thursday and probably post photos then!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday 25 February 2010: Sarah says a quick hello...

Sarah says:
Howdy folks! Not much to report. Very busy these days! Just checking in here. Off to German next week for work. Looking forward to weekend with kid away and time with Marv! :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday and Tuesday 22 and 23 February 2010: Sarah is wide awake!

Sarah says:
That's me above today on the 23rd of February. So far it's been a good week! I have been enjoying being back on my bike - even in the rain and I feel energetic - perhaps thanks to the jet-lag, I don't know. Anyway - I hope it lasts!
That's me above yesterday the 22nd of February. I forgot to go to my appointment at the Obesity Center to get weighed! I actually thought the appointment was on Tuesday night. Whoops! I think that was also due to the jet-lag! Should be over soon. I'll go to the center in two weeks instead. I hope by then I have lost another kilo or two. In American I am quite sure I gained a little weight! Oh well! I can only do the best I can and everyone noticed I had lost weight and said I looked good so that made me feel good!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday 21 February 2010: Heidi, Nico and Yma welcome MATTO to the world (on 19 February!)! FTD welcomes him too! Big time!

Sarah says:
Matto is so cute! He's a big baby! Heidi is very tired but doing fine and the birth went well! Nico and Yma are happy! Everyone is well!
Scroll down to see photos of Heidi, Nico and Yma with Matto but first you can see a few of me with Matto! I can't move them below! They are stuck here. It was so nice holding him. He's very alert and is loking all over the place!

The happy family!

Yma letting Matto know who's boss! :-)

Yma being a proud and happy big sister!
Yma discovering her little brother...
mommy and baby...
And me today wearing my new hat! (Ilost my black one :-( in NY)

Sunday 21 February 2010: Sarah and The Lool are back from New York!

Sarah says:
That's The Lool and me above on Saturday the 13th at the airport in Belgium about to fly to New York. I have so many nice photos of the trip but way too many to post so here's a link that will bring you to to them if you are interested!
We had a great time and man, man, man do I have lovely friends in New York. So freaking nice to see them! Hard to come back to a Belgium without them!!! Very nice to see my family too. Ayla had a great, great time!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday 18 February 2010: still...

Heidi says: one more day please. Or two maximum please...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday 16 February 2010: it can't be, shouldn't be, won't be long anymore before baby shows his face.

Heidi says: I am tired. I can't sleep anymore, eat properly anymore, I look waisted, I lack energy. I want baby to come! But he has to choose when. I understand and respect that and I think he has every right to sit in there until the 19th. After that, I might force him a little bit. :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday 12 February 2010: One week to go, one haircutting lesson to go before the baby arrives and check out The Lool's self-made hat!

Sarah says:
Packing! Almost ready to get on the plane tomorrow to New York and looking forward to seeing my family and friends and to seeing my daughter see them all! I probably won't post photos for a while until I'm back in Belgium - but you never know! I hope Heidi's baby waits to arrive until I'm back! That would be great!!! The 20th for exmple - okay baby??? :-)
Check out the hat The Lool made with the help of her oma for Carnival. They made it out of tomato cartons and left-over sewing material. It's fantastic! I hope my daughter's passion for drawing, designing and sewing clothes lasts forever! She's so lucky to have her oma teaching her how to do it all so perfectly!

Heidi says: waw! It's crazy if you think about it...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday 11 February 2010: Snowy!!!

Heidi says: Very nice snowy weather here in Belgium, for those who like it. For me it's great, as I can just sit inside and look outside the window and dream away. For others it is probably a bit hard to get to work or wherever. So not sure if I am allowed to like it, but I do. Yesterday and this morning Yma got a ride on the sled to school by her dad. Sweet memories for later!

Sarah Says: Snowy on our side of the neighborhood too as you can see above and below! Lovely to see! Hard to walk in with bad back! Thankfully I have good friends and family and colleagues that have been making sure I get to work and home lately! It's made all the difference to my back! I feel good enough to fly but am glad I'll be checking in with the back doctor tomorrow. I am taking de-swellers as a precaution this week - just in case! I am looking forward to the trip - especially because my daughter is so excited about it!

By the way - we had curtain rails hung up today in our living room and we hung up or red curtains that used to be downstairs but were replaced by longer versions of the same ones. They are totally beautiful and colorful in our living room! I will take photos and post them here!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday 10 February 2010: fat face or no fat face for Heidi? Sarah says no fat face!!!

Heidi today - about 4 days before baby is due... Or more? I can't remember your due date Heidi!
Heidi on 19 September 2006 - about 6 days before Yma was born I think - with face still kind of thin...
Heidi on 22 September 2006 - about 2 days before Yma was born - with fatter face for sure...
Sarah says:
Face not fat today...

Heidi says: I had the feeling this morning that my face was swelling up like it was the day my baby would be born. But now that I see the picture, I'm not sure. Actually, it doesn't look all that swollen... Tired, that's for sure. I am tired. I sleep badly at night and then I catch up in the afternoon in the couch. But I am always tired. That's how the end of a pregnancy feels. I'm okay with it. One of these days, all will change. (Heidi - hope you don't mind that I added those 2006 photos above for comparison! :-)

Sarah says: Well my face isn't fatter - it's thinner and I look older with a less fat face - now you can see all the lines and dryness and circles under my eyes. It's weird. I'm okay with it - I mean I am almost 40, so I expect my face to start changing soon... Just odd to see it so clearly!

By the way - I have to note this just so I can look back on it in the future - The Lool got her first "love" letter yesterday and in it she was told she was smart, pretty and fun... So sweet! She wasn't interested in more than being friends - she's so young after all - but she wrote back that she hoped the boy wouldn't be sad and that they could stay good friends because he's smart, fun and funny! :-) The Lool is growing up!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday 9 February 2010: a cold day but a fantastic BIRTHday for Sofie!!!!

Heidi says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah says:

Cold day indeed! Man, man, man - this cold is not good for my bones and back! Thankful there is soup - really good homemade carrot soup! I hear there's going to be a lot of snow in New York starting tomorrow. I hope this won't affect my and my kid's travels to NY This weekend! I hope we make it!

By the way - let's see who is really paying attention! What little thing has changed on this blog - within the main layout. And why? :-)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Friday 5 February - Monday 8 February 2010: Lots of photos on Face The Day - of Heidi, Sarah and special guests!

Heidi says: I am a fat-footed twat!!! (sorry I had to put this first, with this "#├ęking computer I don't know how to drag pictures)

Sarah says:
Above you can see Heidi and me today - Monday the 8th of February in our matching aprons. I wear mine to cook and Heidi wears hers to cut hair. Today she came over to cut Ayla's hair! You can see the results by scrolling down...

Above and below are also photos from today - of a very pregnant Heidi! She's due in a week!

Heidi says: You know, when I see these pictures of myself so pregnant, i think I look quite alright. I look different than when I was pregnant with Yma. Less huge, I'd say. Which is weird, considering that I weigh at least 3 kilos more now than at the end of my first pregnancy. Or maybe I just care less.

Check out Ayla today - just after Heidi cut her hair! Man she's growing up!

Above you can see me and Heidi yesterday - Sunday the 7th - at the Vetex School official opening. It was a nice event!

That's Yma above yesterday taking part in the festivities with a green face! Very colorful!

That's Heidi above yesterday with pregnant belly sticking out from under her coat! (Heidi says: with fat bloated face. Those eyes mean that it won't be long anymore :) )
That's me above on Saturday the 6th or more like early the 7th after a fun night with lots of good friends and food and games...

There's Dirk, Filip and Tom above - three old friends - all with beards now.. Maybe it's because they are all going to be 40 years old soon! :-)

And that's Ayla and me on Friday night - 5th of February, ending our week together in a good mood. Look how much we are starting to look alike. You have to admit you see it! :-)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thursday 04 February 2010: Sarah is busy...good busy...

Sarah says:
I like being busy! Feels good! No back ache right now! Bad sleeps because I am revved up but still feeling okay! Today I broke my diet though and I felt bad doing it because I have been doing so well! It was one of those lunches where I didn't have a healthy alternative - it was pizza, pasta or lasagna so I went for the salmon and spinach lasagna, which was great, but full of sauce and cheese! I had lots of fresh fruit for dinner with grains and a healthy breakfast as well - but still - I feel like I sinned!!! :-)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wednesday 03 February 2010: Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Sarah says:
The mirror shows my weight loss more than the scales do! :-( Slowly but surely though... And patience is a virtue and all that!) What I notice in my face is that the thinner my face gets, the older it starts to look - but I'm not complaining! :-)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

02 February 2010: Time for Sarah to get weighed...

Sarah says:
Cross your fingers for me! In 45 minutes I'll get weighed. I really hope the results are good. I have been trying so hard! On the other hand, I went from exercising and dieting to neither exercising nor really dieting while in the hospital and during my first week of bed rest I started dieting with the whole flash diet photo thing again and have been doing really well since - other than the no exercise! I feel like I lost some more weight and I really hope so! I'll let you know!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday 01 Febuary 2009 - It's FLASHBACK FIRST OF THE MONTH AT FACE THE DAY WITH HEIDI AND SARAH - Take a walk through the last 4 years!

Sarah says:
That's me above today - 01 February 2010 on Flashback First of the Month! Hopefully Heidi took a photo of herself today. Of course I forgot to take a photo until after I had already put on my PJs and taken off my make-up. Well - I am trying to wear less and less make-up even at risk of looking older and more tired. Oh well! This is my face and it's okay with me! I have been a slave to black eye-liner for about 25 years... Time to break that habit - at least some of the time! That's me above exactly one year ago today on 01 February 2009. Follow this link to go back in time to that very day at Face The Day...

There above you can see me and Heidi exactly 2 yearS ago today on 01 February 2008. Via this link you can return to that day in our lives and see what we were up to.

And there we are above exactly 3 years ago today on 01 February 2007. Click here to learn more about what was going on that day in our little worlds...
And there we are above exactly 4 years ago today on 1 Feebruary 2006! You can return to that day with us by clicking here!