Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday 01 Febuary 2009 - It's FLASHBACK FIRST OF THE MONTH AT FAE THE DAY WITH HEIDI AND SARAH - Take a walk through the last 3 years!

Sarah says:
It's Flashback 1st of the Month here at Face the Day! That's me above today, 01 February 2009. Hopefully Heidi will post a photo fo her today too if she has time! I think you can see me getting older if you compare all these photos. It's normal - I am getting older. I am getting closer and closer to 40 and the face really seems to change in the late 30s as opposed to the early and mid 30s. My hair is greying at a wild pace. My eyes are getting smaller as my lids get heavier. I just see it. I feel okay about it but I guess I just feel the need to name it all nonetheless! I am very tired in the photo above whereas not so tired in those below. I find that I can't hide the tiredness as well anymore. With all that said, I always have this feeling that maybe next to the 20s, women often look their best in their 40s - as the kids get older and all. That's not always the case but I have a feeling it might be with me. In the 40s so many women just look so self-assured and like they feel okay with themselves and like they have found the style that suits them best. Their faces are between youthful and more mature and it's a lovely combination so much of the time.

There above you can see me and Heidi exactly 1 year ago today on 01 February 2008. Via this link you can return to that day in our lives and see what we were up to.
And there we are above exactly 2 years ago today on 01 February 2007. Click here to learn more about what was going on that day in our little worlds...
And there we are above exactly 3 years ago today on 1 Feebruary 2006! You can return to that day with us by clicking here!

And here's my Post Secret pick of the week. I chose it because I can relate so much! There are so many things I really want to do and learn but I just don't. Half the time I hae no idea why not! Is it because I am too lazy? Too busy? Too much of a thinker and not a do-er? I wish I had more energy and time to do all the things I dreal of doing. There are just so many things that often instead of just trying even one I end up doing none! I don't like that about myself at all! My "bucket-list" is ├╣mega-long!

And last but not least - I am truly sad to say that the tooth -whitener that I have been using as instructed twice a day for 7 days has had very very little if any result as you can see in the photo taken today just below as compared with the one taken 7 days ago. Of course the light is different in each photo which makes it hard to compare - but still - it doesn't work! My fangs remain as yellow as usual and I am not happy about that! My dentist refuses to help me find a solution because he says I have no teeth problems at all so just to leave my teeth alone and not invite problems. Sometimes whitening products and procedures can weaken your teeth and make your gums more sensitive. I have found the sensitive gums part to be true this week and have noticed that I have had a bad taste in my mough since I started using this whitener - and that food doesn't taste as good! This is the second sort of whitener I have tried - both without results. I might just have to give up and accept my ugly yellow fangs after all. Unless anyone out there has any good suggestions?
Above photo shows yellow fang one week ago and below one shows just as yellow fang today - which means the tooth-whitener DID NOT WORK!!!!! :-(

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