Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday 21 February 2010: Heidi, Nico and Yma welcome MATTO to the world (on 19 February!)! FTD welcomes him too! Big time!

Sarah says:
Matto is so cute! He's a big baby! Heidi is very tired but doing fine and the birth went well! Nico and Yma are happy! Everyone is well!
Scroll down to see photos of Heidi, Nico and Yma with Matto but first you can see a few of me with Matto! I can't move them below! They are stuck here. It was so nice holding him. He's very alert and is loking all over the place!

The happy family!

Yma letting Matto know who's boss! :-)

Yma being a proud and happy big sister!
Yma discovering her little brother...
mommy and baby...
And me today wearing my new hat! (Ilost my black one :-( in NY)

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gefeliciteerd!! ;-)