Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday 28 February 2006: Heidi and Sarah do their best Ramones impression...

Heidi says:
1234! Hey ho, let's go!
Don't you think we look like the Ramones a bit today? I do! And if you would pull my hair away, you'd see that my face looks like I haven't been taking care of myself. Which is not true of course, I am taking care, but this weather is making it really hard to look good. Or maybe it's me. Maybe I'm lazy. And maybe I'm eating things that I shouldn't, like cheese. I'm allergic to cheese, did you know that? And to cats and dogs and guineapigs and horses, to milk, to hay, to dust, to soap (not soaps, or maybe I am but to one), to wool, to food in tin cans, to chips and candy, to make-up, to alcohol ... Yeah, that's me!

Sarh says:
Yippy -- it's haircut time on Friday and it's about time I tell ya! Woo hoo! I'm one hairy beast! I can miss my featherd hair days from the 1980s. One of these days I will scan a photo of myself with that sort of hair and my Van Halen necklace. I was such a rocker -- before I was a hippy -- after I was a metalhead. First gig I ever saw -- Iron Maiden and Accept. Last gig I saw Zita Swoon. Man have I come a long way. I still know almost every lyric to all those Iron Maiden albums I used to have. And I don't know all the words to all the Zita Swoon songs -- nor the name titles or CD titles or all of the musicians names. I must have been a bigger Iron Maiden fan that means than Zita Swoon fan. What I really was though was a major Van Halen fan. And let's not forget Living Colour. One of these days I'll have to post those photos too. Back in the good old days. Some things never change. So how should I get my haircut on Friday? Any suggestions?

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Jason said...

OH, MY GOD!!! THAT is a dead on Ramones impression. Dang, that is almost scary.