Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday 01 March 2006: Heidi and Sarah belt out some tunes for you in the shower!

Heidi says:
I have always dreamed a little bit of being a singer in a band. When I was 15, my friends (B, S and D) and me started a little band called 'de Halogeenverbindingen'. We all played something, B played upright bass and djembe, S played the clarinet and djembe, D played piano and djembe, and me, well, I played djembe... And we all sang. I had no musical training like the others, so the only thing I could do was hit that African drum. As I was sick of not being able to read notes, I decided to go to school. In the second year, I learned to play the flute. I only did that for one year, but I do remember taking that flute with me on stage. What was I thinking? Anyway, when I look back on those years, I had so much fun, it were actually some of the best years of my life thanks to B and S, but it was not what I would wanna do right now, if I'd ever decide to have a band again. I tried again, one year ago. There was a Gent band that plays 60's beat and garage and rock'n'roll that needed a singer. I jumped on it, sent an email to ask if I made a chance. They did invite me to one of their rehearsals and there I blew it. My voice was that of a little bird and the musicians' noise made it totally unhearable. They were nice about it, told me that I could always try again later, but I knew this was my last attempt to be a singer in a band. I could still try to sing folksongs but that's not my style. I wanted to be wild, ass-kicking, powerful on stage (like Sarah), but having and loving that style isn't enough to keep an audience interested... So i'll keep on listening to wild, ass-kicking, powerful music and imagine that I am the singer. A girl can have dreams... And if there is ever a Beth Ditto or a Karen O that wants to come out of me, you'll definitely hear about it!!!

Sarah says:
So Greyn is recording some singles as you may well know. For the last two nights I have been doing my vocals on three songs: Route 59; Loose Canon and Unarmed. We'll also record a song called Arnica in our drummers home studio soon -- live, so-to-speak. It's FUN! Recording I mean. But HARD! I love what Filip Tanghe our drummer and producer is doing with the songs. I wasn't convinced about two of the song but slowly but surely he's working some sound magic and I'm starting to be persuaded. Last night was particularly fun because I got to record some pretty "sexy" vocal parts. Loose Canon is about a woman who uses sex to build up her self-esteem and it doesn't really work. In one quite part I got to make a lot of noise -- bedroom noise let's say! I enjoyed that! Yelling out lines like: "it's harder than I thought" and "you push and you pull" and "I"m a good lay, I'm a really good lay"! Fun! Fun! Fun! That stuff will be great to perform! I love being another character. I love being able to pretend to be a woman scorned! A woman torn!
Unarmed is a bit less interesting right now but we are working on it. I have to figure out what that song is all about. Maybe that will help. And Route 59 -- well, Greyn is counting on that song to pay for their pool! (we can only dream:-).
Now back to singing in the shower with my pal Heiditje. TWO MORE DAYS TILL I GET MY HAIR CUT!!! Yippy! Hi snowbro! You'll be happy to know it snowed here in Belgium! Hey -- any chance you can draw me and Heidi as cartoon superheros? We like the photo below from your blog. You seem rather talented. HEIDI AND SARAH EACH LONG TO BE A SUPERHERO! CAN YOU HELP US?


Jason said...

Yeah, love too. That particular picture came from Adam Hughes so I am not THAT talented. :) But I do have my special program that I use and I'll be more than happy to add you to the heroes of Earth H.

and you said you wanted to know a little bit more about me. Would you like that in a post or an email?

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

HI Frosty
I think that other people would like to know more about you too, as you have become such a loyal visitor of our blog. Tell us whatever you want about yourself, maybe in a post (comment)?
And adding us as heroes would probably be too much but we would absolutely like it! :D

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Heiditje! Don't be so "braaf" -- "would probably be too much" -- screw that! It would be GREAT!!!!! I am a superhero in my mind and you in yours! If someone offers to add you to the heroes of Earth H. you say YES PLEASE DO SO THANK YOU NOW GREAT WOW!
Go for it snowbro -- but first tell us about yourself. Whatever you'd like. Cheers - Sarah

Jason said...

Okay, let's see, where to begin? I am 33 years old, amber eyes, brown hair (although most of it is gone *sigh*)Been a lover of comic books, superheroes and the sci-fi genre since I was a kid. Born and raised in Georgia. My hobbys are making art, writing stories and collecting junk I don't need. I enjoy entertaining people, which is why I set up my blogs in the first place. My parents are still alive and I have one brother. I had a cadre of friends I hang out with, that you already know about.

Uh . . .that's about all I can think of. I am open to questions, if you like.