Friday, March 05, 2010

Monday through Friday 01 March to 05 March 2010: Sarah is back from Hannover, Germany and has a lot of catching up to do...

Above pic is from today - the 5th of March in my new hat - found on the window sill outside our house. Anyone know whose hat it is? I got back from CeBIT in Germany yesterday. It was a good week with students and colleagues. I am glad to be back though as I feel like I have been on the road a lot lately and want some time with my little family! I also want to start exercising again! I feel like I am not losing anymore weight. I am not gaining either but I want to start seeing results again. I am convinced that exercise is what I need most!
I still have to catch up on Face The Day and do the Flashback 1st of the Month from the 1st of March. I will do that!
You tell me what you see in the photo above? I see it. It's kind of odd. Do you see it? :-)

That's me and my colleague Klaus above on the way home yesterday - the 4th of March.

That's me above on Wednesday the 3rd of March bringing in Easter and Spring with some German rabbits...

That's me on Tuesday the 2nd I think - though I'm not sure anymore - it could be the 3rd as well - above with my colleague Jamie from Norwich, The UK and below with my colleague Klaus from Belgium.

That's me below on Monday the 1st of March with one of many stuffed animals at the hotel we stayed at in Germany. There was even a Grizzly Bear - a huge one - in the lobby among other stuffed beasts. And there were photos of the fresh-kills as well!