Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday 26 November 2008: Heidi and Sarah have an intense look in their eyes for some reason or another. Maybe it's due to 30 and jetlag!

Sarah says:
Long day! Today I felt very, very annoyed and tired! Might be because it is that time of the month! It caught me by surprise and is no good with my jetlag. I feel like going on a killing spree and I feel too busy in my head and feel so tired and have a buzzing rage going on inside. I need to crash one of these days - as in fall asleep for a long time. I have been going and going and going for more than a week now on so little sleep. This weekend will be busy too. I can't wait till Christmas week when we go to Germany to spend a few days with ASG and TSG. Sounds like a dream!!!! Can't come soon enough.

Heidi says:
1 day after thirty. I am over thirty now. It actually feels ok, really!
Got very nice attention and presents yesterday, and even this evening my sister and Bart brought me such a nice skirt. I will wear it tomorrow!
Thank you everybody for the great feeling I got from you all yesterday!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait too!!!
Not long now.