Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday 01 November: Heidi and Sarah put their heads together to hold you over till Wednesday... But they prefer their eye change from 31/10 below!

01 November: Above is the real photo from the 1st of November, where as below is the fake one. Just making sure you are paying attention. Above Sarah and Heidi frolic in the leaves of Fall and enjoy their day off and all the greens and rusts and browns...

Heidi says:
green greener greenest. Long live fall!

Sarah says:
Mush Heidi and I together and we are Fall! I am a Fall. Or am I a winter? Or maybe a summer? What's your favorite color babe? Living Colour! Woo hoo. Blast from the past. Bye for now. I think we look good above, better below and best on Halloween with switched and spooky eyes.


Heidi and Sarah did take a photo today but couldn't upload it due to technical problems so they will do that Wednesday! In the meantime, above they became Sareidi or Heisar, depending how you look at it. Look at their 31st of October photo below. Look the in the eyes. Notice how they have changed and how much harder and more intense they look. Don't be scared...

Till Wednesday!

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