Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday 09 March 2009: Sarah is happy her daughter sees her like this even though for the moment they are both feeling pretty rotten on the inside...

Sarah says:
Today was one of the roughest I have had in years. Can't talk about it but not good, not good. It was nice to receive this beauiful drawing of me that my daughter made for me for Women's Day! Before she gave me this picture, she vomited in the car in a bag. She felt off when she arrived from school. I picked her up at a friend's home and she was already looking strange. I hope, hope, hope she's not feeling my stress. That poor bunny - she carries the weight of the world on her little shoulders so much of the time. I am glad she sees me as this great woman and role-model. I hate for her to see me fail in any way. But I guess she has to. That's life, isn't it!? I wish I could hide all my struggles from her but I simply can't. I also feel like throwing up today.
Heidi says:
Yma felt that I was feeling bad from the moment we picked her up in the evening. When we put her to bed, she hugged me for a long time and she caressed my cheek. She took care of me.

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