Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday 08 March 2009: Sarah shows and Heidi shows off with Wout!

Heidi says:
Look how assorti Wout and me are!

Sarah says:
I got my haircut and guess what - it looks the same as ever of course! It's very thinned out this time though. I'm okay with it. Same old same old!

Another view above. Can you even see the difference?

And below - my Post Secret pick of the week. It's sometimes good to remind oneself that things don't always have to feel great and good and fine. That life does suck from time to time and is painful and a drag. But it gets balanced out by the good times. It can't all be good! I think I get down - sad - dark - when things aren't going well. If only I could remembe that life is just like that. Very up and down. The good becomes the bad becomes the good becomes the bad. That's how it goes. It's just impossible for it all to be good all of the time. Note to myself: Relax - these are not necessarily the best days of your life and that is okay!!!!! Things always get better and then worse and then better and then worse and then better....

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