Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday 19 February 2009: Is that Heidi's hair or an animal on her head and where did Sarah's neck and youth go to? It's UGLY day!

Heidi says:
Thank you, Sarah, for calling me ugly and calling my hair an animal.
I don't agree with ugly day!

Sarah says:
It feels like UGLY DAY over here at Face The Day! I feel so UGLY these days! Can't help it! Just do! Don't even know why! I have no neck. That might be one reason! And I see my self aging all of a sudden faster than usual. I am getting those brown aging spots on my face - or they have always been there but are surfacing more and more. And my hair is greying at a faster pace. It's just one of those weeks. My period is probably due and that's why I am feeling so rotten about myself. But it might also be from inside out. Who knows! This will pass!

With all that said, last night I took the below photo and I really like it! I think I will grow old quite beautifully strangely enough. That doesn't worry be so much! It's just the process right now! I just feel it and see it and know I'll be 40 pretty, pretty soon and I don't even know what 40 means and I think women look best in their 40s actually - but these last years of 30 feel challenging for some reason!!! Oh don't even listen to me. I'm just one of many women who is freaking out of her mind and way too hard on herself!

Plus I wish I were skinnier! But you know that so..... Sick, sick sick!!!

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