Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday 02 February 2009: Sarah got boots that don't hurt her back so far so she can dress like a "lady" again. Heidi walks in the snow!

Sarah says:
I GOT BOOTS AND I AM WEARING A DRESS!!! Imagine that! Since my back operation I have avoided all and any shoes that give me even the slightest amount of pain in my back. That means I have really only been able to wear my boring black sneakers, which has meant jeans, jeans and more jeans! I have a great pair of really nice and expensive black boots that I basically can never wear again because the minute I put them on, the thing heal gets my back hurting and I feel miserable and regret it! I hope, hope, hope these new "Clarks" boots don't hurt my back and that can re-discover all my nicer clothes again! Man how I have missed them! Maybe you'll finally see me in other outfits on here once again instead of the same old stuff as usual day after day - literally! :-)
Could be that I have a back ache tomorrow from these new boots and that all this euphoria is for nothing. But right now I am HAPPY as can be to be wearing a dress and boots. I have to say that I actually don't feel so great in this dress or in any clothes because I have gained some weight. On the other hand, I feel just fine. It's weird. It depends from minute to minute. I'd like to lose a fat roll or two and probably will come spring as that often happens without effort. Winter generally always means packing on some extra pounds. One day I'll be skinny and happy! HAHAHAHA - I'm really just joking. It's all down hill fromhere until a doctor tells me I have to lose weight and get fit or I'll have a heart attack! Anyway - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS! :-) That's progress!

Heidi says: walking in the snow at noon eases your mind...

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Anonymous said...

Funny because I was going to comment that you look really skinny in that dress before you went into the calling yourself fat tirade. Seriously - that dress looks fab on you. And I LOVE your new boots. Did your back ache? Please write me back.