Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday 14 January 2009: Heidi and Sarah look darker than they probably feel... It's the camera folks! AND SARAH'S YOUNGEST BROTHER MATT IS ENGAGED!

Sarah says:
In the above photo both Heidi and I have headaches. Other than that it's been a perfectly good day! Notice I am wearing white, which is rare!

My little brother Matt is engaged to be married. You don't know how old that makes me feel as I am 17 years older than he is I think, which makes him 20 years old I think! My oh my! I can't believe it! I do look forward to the wedding!

Since watching the series Brothers and Sisters so much, I have been longing to see my 5 brothers again in one place. As strange as all our relations can sometimes be, I really do miss the whole lot of them sometimes and lately more so!

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