Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday 30 January 2009: Heidi has a beautiful new coat and Sarah looks the same as ever on just any other day...

Sarah says:
I can't believe it is Friday again. Life just flies by! My daughter is sick and had a really high fever last night. Thankfully her grandparents here are taking great care of her! I can't wait to see her tonight. I missed her last night! When they are sick they are little babies no matter what age they are. Her little voice was so far gone today. I hope she gets better fast.

Isn't Heidi's coat beautiful there above? She got a majot bargain! Job well done. It's sp beautiful in person. When I see coats like that I wish I were 10 size smaller! I wish there were nicer clothes like that for the bigger girls like me out there!

By the way - to the pesron who made the comment about alternating clothes and all -- I am happy to be able to wear the same clothes here in Belgium a few days in a row here and not have to feel ashamed about it! The weather here keeps you pretty unstinky mostly so that's not a worry. That there are fewer smokers about helps a lot too! My clothes stay clean and I have to wash much less than I did in the past when I had to wear something different every single day. I do wish I had nicer clothes that looked better on me but that is something else all together...

have a nice weekend everyone!

Heidi says: yes yes, new coat, nice well done jippie hoorah... BUT... what you see below makes my weekend and my day and possibly my year!!!!!!!!! I did my first perm and it worked out so well that I want to do it again! And again! And again! The fact that I had a fantastic model helped a lot, so I thank Bieke a lot, for being so great and nice and beautiful! As for me, I am proud of my work. I had a fantastic time doing the work and I even felt happier when I saw the result. I can say that doing this really made me happier than I have been in a long time. Maybe being a hairdresser wouldn't be such a strange thing for me after all... ;-)

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