Sunday, February 01, 2009

Saturday 31 January 2009: Sarah gets a haircut and sees Heidi as the Hitch BHR gig at De Kreun...

Sarah says:
I ran into Heid at the Hitch / Black Heart Rebellion gig at De Kreun Saturday night and we got a photo with Mich, the singer of Hitch and our neighbor. It was a good gig all around. The Hitch gig was tighter than I have seen before and I really like there new album. I like there old stuff too but there newer stuff hits me more. As for BHR, I hadn't seen them live before and they certainly give it there all. All that music from BHR and Hitch makes you want to rock your head back and forth endlessly. It was kind of fun watching everyone's head bopping about in the audience. Some heads moved together as if there were no other way than that way while random heads moved on the 16th beat rather than the 4th or the 8th. No matter how all those heads were moving, the fact is they didn't stop from start to finish - and that's always a good sign! I think Heidi and I enjoyed the fact that we had a part in the making of the CDs and the LPs for both bands. That made it even more enjoyable.Above you can see another photo from the gig of me with the singer, Pieter Uyttenhove, of Black Heart Rebellion. He certainly has a strong set of vocal chords on him. He can really scream and he never lost his voice. Pretty amazing really.
Heidi and I can feel kind of proud and happy because though we didn't make everything you see on that table we sure had a part in making a lot of it and that feels good because it beautiful stuff and lots of great music and we like working with Vlas Vegas!

And there above was my before the haircut photo and below my after the haircut photo. No big change. Just a little more in order now and a lot more greys to be seen! I think I'll have the same hairstyle for the rest of my life. I just don't know what to do with it! I see so many people with fun haircuts and great style overall. I just stay the same forever and forever. I envy all those hipsters with a look. I guess I found one look and just stuck with it. I wouldn't know how to look any other way. I'm still trying to wear more color and less black so that is something. And I did go from glasses to lenses... I think when I go grey finally and fully I will just embrace it and let that be my anti-style or something... Some people just have it! Others don't! I don't and I guess I can live with that!

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