Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Monday 01 June 2009 - Heidi ran 5 km!!!! And it's Flashback 1st of the month!!!!

above: flying!above: with supporters Wout and Alexander Heidi says: I am so proud of myself for today I ran 5 km in 31,40 minutes and ended 365th of 947 running women! Not bad, if you think that I don't run very often and I thought I would end last. It was bloody hot out there! But I did it! I did it!!!!!!! My sister, wonderwoman, ran 25th of 730 women and did the 11 km. She is amazing!!! She inspired me to run and i will continue. Maybe i will run the 11 kilometer one day? See the results. Sarah says:y
There above you can see me and Heidi on 01 June 2009! We ran into each other at the Sinxenfeest of course! We both had a very great weekend behind us and were ready to go home!
There I am above on 01 June 2008. This link will take you there!There we are abobe on 01 June 2007! Via this link you can go back in time!

And there we are above on 01 June 2006!!! Click here to return to that very day with us!

I love the photo above taken on 01 June 2009 of me and Ayla and Tilly and her three kids Cato, Raven and Mila. It was such a well-paced weekend and all the flowery girls were happy and sunny!

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