Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday 01 June 2006: Heidi and Sarah are two little-red-riding-hoods not afraid of the big bad wolf with Sarah 1 day away from 35!!!!!!!

Heidi says:
I am happy because Sarah is back. Because the sun will shine in the weekend. Because I will see my child on Saturday. Because I have work to do. Because my parents are visiting me this evening.

Sarah says:
I went to bed at 20:00 last night and am still tired from missing two nights of sleep within 6 days! Travelling is a killer to the system but a feeder of the soul so... I had a great time with my family. I am sort of sad to be back though happy to see my husband and kid again and Heidi of course! Today is the last day of being in my early thirties! Tomorrow I will be in my mid-thirties! I am getting OLD!!!! I feel old but good. Wise. Wise-arse.


Anonymous said...

The name of your site of the web should be changed by you to The Day is Faced by Sarah and Heidi.

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