Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sunday 31 May 2009: What a fantastic, super SUNNY day in Kortrijk at the Sinxenfeest!

Sarah says:
There above you can see my kid and I lounging out after a long, hot morning of a huge street fair / second-hand market in Kortrijk. The sun was glorious and the atmospere wonderful. Everyone was in a good mood! Ayla and I took a break while waiting for Tom to return as we sent him home with all the junk we bought at the steetfair early in the morning...
Look behind me in the above photo! We hung out watching this circus act practice their moves before their show. It was our own private show. It was so great to just sit around with friends soing NOTHING as the sun was shining and people we knew were passing and passing. Kortrijk never seemed nicer than today!

That's Hilde, Tilly and me hanging around in the park in Kortrijk as our kids ran around wild having a fabulous time! I so love days like these!!!!

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