Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wednesday 02 June 2010: Sarah turns 39 today! A good day to look back at the last 4 years in photos...

Later that day... Heidi and family stopped by with lovely birthday presents! Thanks Heidi and fam! Always great to see you all, especially when presents are involved! And look at Matto! Precious! I had a great and simple birthday full of so many birthday wishes from people from every part of my life - that's the fun of Facebook of course! The only thing rotten today is that I am getting nerve pain in my back again and that makes me feel fragile and old. Next to that, life is good at 39!
Sarah says:
A little more tired and a bit bigger bags under my eyes and fang teeth that are yellowing but otherwise, pretty, pretty, pretty good. I'm 39 today and I don't look much different from the last 4 years. Next year 40. Besides my dumb back, I feel fine and happy!

Sarah says:
There I am above one year ago today on my 38th birthday! Go back to that day via this link and see what a great day that was!
That's Heidi and me on my birthday two years ago - 02 June 2008 at age 37! Click here to go back in time!

That's me three years ago today on my 36th birthday - 02 June 2007! Via this link you can go back to that day three years ago!

There you can see Heidi and me four years ago on my birthday - 02 June 2006 when I turned 35! This link will take you back to that day so long ago!

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Unknown said...

sarah you look fantastic!