Monday, June 02, 2008


Sarah says:
Added above photo later than below ones to show you the flowers our dear, dear Heidi gave me today after she bought me a great big lunch - THANKS HEIDI FOR ALL THE NICE ATTENTION TODAY! I also wanted to show you one of the books I ordered for myself a couple of weeks ago that arrived today on my birthday. It's a VERY SPECIAL BOOK called Nice To Come Home To. My cousin's wife Rebecca Flowers wrote it! I can't wait to dive in. To know more about her book, click here! I had to censor part of the photo as you can see as some things were hanging out that you really don't want to see!!! And the confetti hat is from Heidi!

Sarah says:
Thanks Heidi! Time to look forward and back! Above is me today! My advice, never have a birthday on a Monday! I had such a bad sleep (as usual). I had some belly aches all weekend and I woke up with them today too. I woke up feeling old and achy to tell you the truth. It may be my 37th!!!!!! birthday, but I kind of feel bad today all over. I think I am a bit ill. Oh well, I have learned to not put so much importance on my birthday. In the past, I was a real birthday whore. I should be ashamed of myself! Now everything is more simplified! With that said, I am really glad I have Face The Day on these sorts of days to use to look back on the years before and to imagine the year ahead... Above I do look a bit different than the years before. I have lenses in place of glasses and I have to say I see that I look a bit older above! But I am older! I don't mind that. Faces change over the years and I think during the late 30s (which I am now in!!!), you start to have a slightly different face. The lines are coming in more. Tiredness is harder to hide. But that's okay. Today I don't mind!
That's me exactly a year ago today on 02 June 2007, looking all fresh and healthy! It was a sunny Sunday I think. I was a bit thinner. I would like to be a bit thinner again if I see the above photo. I looked really happy. There were a lot of good things ahead, like my new job. It was an exciting time... Click here to go back to that day.
And above you can see me and Heidi exactly two years ago today on 02 June 2006! I still had back pain in my eyes back then! I am soooooo glad those days are gone! I had an operation to be afraid of back then and I always felt bad! So good to live pain free now! That makes me feel younger than I did back then! Click here to flash back to two years ago today
And above and below is the best thing about my day so far! My daughter is my joy! Look at her card! Look at the picture she made of me! That's how she sees me! That's so lovely. And check out her English writing (in a very Dutch way). It's so sweet that she tried so hard. She' made my day right when I got our of bed this morning!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Gelukkige verjaardag!!!!!!
Valerie xxxxxxxxxxxx

rebecca said...

Happy birthday, thanks for the plug, and SHOW US YOUR TITS!!!